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Bracelet Italy 8 Inch Dainty Anchor Link

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Happy 💘Valentine’s Day💘 everyone❣️ Here is a preview of a video🎥 we made on how we made our Valentines charm bangle bracelet❣️ Bracelet is available at our Etsy🧡 shop. ✨Link in bio!✨ The full video🎥 of this DIY charm bracelet is on YouTube❤️ (LittleBlessingsByKC) 😇
💕♥️God Bless!♥️💕
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Bracelet, Poplar (combine); pigment lacquer, metal flake, gold green interference finish. cuff diameter at center of piece 72mm (medium-large/large). This piece is MUCH larger than it appears.

In an attempt to assure accuracy of color, I try to use the nearest Pantone color codes, however this finish is too layered to get an accurate reading.


Latest Silk Thread Bangles Set Designs

Latest Silk Thread Bangles Set Designs #SilkThreadBangles #SilkThread #SilkThreadJewellery

The beauty of the Indian woman is accentuated with jewelry and bangles are a main part of that. Bangles are worn by Indian women everyday and these are of different types. The most common ones that women wear are the glass bangles that come in all colors. There are other types too like lac bangles, silver bangles, gold bangles, metallic bangles, etc. 

Among the most common thread bangle designs are ones that are made with silk thread. These are colorful, rich bangles that are great for parties and occasions. These come in so many colors that they can be easily paired with your favorite outfit. These silk thread bangles are different types like thin and thick. Among the latest thread bangles are these stone work thread bangles that are beautiful, charming and stylish. 

They are also quite cheap but pack a lot of character. They come in many colors and the stone work on them makes them quite modern too. Stones are bright in color or may be transparent. This lends a graceful effect to the bangles and gives the whole look a brilliance that is unmatched. Pearl is a beautiful addition to all kinds of #jewelry

The silk thread bangles that are wrapped with tiny pearls lend a lovely charming look. Pearls are also part of earrings and necklace sets. So to have the same pearls in the bangles that a woman wears only helps to complete the look.

 These lovely handcrafted Silk Thread bangles can be adorned with any traditional outfit. A pair of Multicolored Silk thread Bangles that can suit any attire. 

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The signs as random The Bangles’ songs!

Aries: Tell Me

Taurus: If She Knew What She Wants

Gemini: The Rain Song

Cancer: September Gurls

Leo: Nickel Romeo

Virgo: He’s Got A Secret

Libra: Everything I Wanted

Scorpio: Through Your Eyes

Sagittarius: How Is The Air Up There

Capricorn: Grateful

Aquarius: Steppin’ Out (Demo Version)

Pisces:  Dover Beach