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This Saturday we are playing CONQUEST (in Nagerakawa area) This is our last gig before we start recording our new CD so come hang out with us!

Specia thanks to @skin_buffet for supporting @benjandthecollective 🔥 see you guys on the 27th @donttellph for our music video and single launch ! 7PM FREE ADMISSION! &B

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Sonic Death preshow
April, 2019


💎 Nhẫn nữ hàng Ngoại
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Ok here’s the tea…

A biopic about Def Leppard should absolutely be made. Their journey as a band is seriously like no other. They all come from troubling backgrounds and the drummer became disabled after a car accident but he still continued playing for the band!!! If this wasn’t already enough, their songs are inspirational and have important messages behind all of them. They had to deal with a death of a band member which would have been heartbreaking.

In conclusion, their story would make a really interesting movie.

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Thank you and goodnight.


Throwback to last show at @rackemcapecoral to jam with us and @causewayentertainment @offsetera & @ksea13 🤘🏼❤️ Thank you to @brandon_j95 @colleenblackbirdstudiosboston and @mehlo_madala for the awesome shots!! #perfect #sequence #band #swfl #rackems #florida #orlando #fortmyers #tampa #miami #naples #capecoral #gainesville #follow #livemusic #bands #art #rockmusic #rockband #new #stage #bar #gig #rockshow #gibson #lights #event #show #shotoniphone #picoftheday

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Little Tease/\/\Michael Conor

Summary- You have been teasing Michael all day and finally get some time to yourself, but someone always ruins it.

Requested-yes :)

Warnings-some cussing, smut

Kenzie’s POV

I woke up with a smile on my face. Rolling over to check the time on my phone, I listened to the soft strums from Michael’s guitar. 8:17 am. Slowly coming out of the warm bed, my feet touched the cold hardwood floor as I slipped on a pair of fuzzy socks Michael owned. Tip toeing to a shirtless Michael as he played the chords to a new song the band was working on, I layed my hands on his shoulders and kissed his head.

Hello my baby.” He quietly says while still strumming his guitar, leaning into my stomach looking up at me. He sets his guitar down and I slowly straddle his lap as he wraps his arms around my waist pulling me closer. I slowly move hips back and fourth, his grip tightening. After a few more minutes, I can feel his bulge as I stand up and walk back to our room.

Baby! Were are you going?” He yells standing up, his bulge very evident.

“I’m taking a shower I’ll be out soon.” I yell back giggling.

~~time skip~~

It was show time for the boys.  Wearing a tight shirt and short, tight shorts, I watched from the side lines as the boys danced to their new song. After a few more songs they all said their goodbyes and came backstage. Michael immediately came over to me, hugging me as I quietly whispered dirty things into his ear.

I can’t wait for you to take me home. Throw me on the bed. Take off all my clothes. And fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk.” I whispered, smirking as I heard a quiet fuck leave his lips. I pulled away from him, walking over to the other boys giving them hugs and telling them how good they were.

After an hour of us all chatting we all slowly left, going to our cars, and driving home. Living with Brady while he looked for a new place to live was fun sometimes, but when me and Michael really needed each other, it was not fun.

“So how was the show Kenz?” Brady asked from the front seat, not feeling the tension between me and Michael.

“It was great you guys really did a good job.” I leaned forward and kissed both of their cheeks, something I did often. I looked over to see Michael’s hands grip the steering wheel tighter.

~~at home~~

“I’m going to sleep guys, see you in the morning.” Brady yelled running up the stairs to his room.

Michael grabbed my arm, pulling me up the stairs. Once we got to our room, he threw me on the bed as he closed the door. He slowly walked over to me and took off his shirt, soon hovering above me.

“What you did this morning was not very nice baby girl.” Michael said attacking my neck, making me moan.

“Clothes. Off. Now.” He hissed, watching me strip. He walked over to me, his hands roaming wherever he pleased.

“So beautiful.” he said kissing me. He pushed me back onto the bed, kissing his way down, pulling off my bra in the process. He stopped at my underwear, looking up in the process, as I nodded. He slowly pulled off the black lace underwear I had on. He licked up and down, side to side, and sometimes stuck his tongue in. He removed his mouth, as he stuck two fingers inside pumping them in and out, as he made his way up my body, leaving kisses everyone

“You gonna cum for me baby. C’mon you can do it baby girl. Cum for me.” As he said that he sped up the pace, taking his fingers up to his mouth and licking them.

“Tastes so good baby.” He said winking at me. He lined himself up as he slammed into me, wasting no time to go slow. He bent to down to pepper my face with kissed, gripping my hands above my head, his eyes squeezed close. The door swings open showing Brady

“Hey do you guys know where the…” 

“Brady. Get. the. fuck. out.” Michael yells hitting him with a pillow. 

As soon as Brady shut the door, Michael starts thrusting again, but this time at a slower pace.

“God I love you so much you know that?” He says kissing me as I moan loudly.

“Your gonna make me cum now baby. Fuck.”He says stuffing his face into the crook of my neck, kissing it, shooting his load inside of me as I cum a few seconds after him. He slowly pulls out, cleaning everything up, as I stay on the bed smiling,

“Come on baby time to get dressed.” He says as he puts on a pair of sweatpants, and grabs a pair of underwear and one of his larger shirts. He slowly lifts me up, slipping on the underwear and shirt, as we crawl into bed.

“Best day ever. I love you angel.” He says kissing my head as we drift off to sleep.

I just saw my fav band Catfish and The Bottlemen live tonight and I will make gifs of my lover Van McCann’s face from the videos I took 😆😆😆 and no one will care because I don’t think any of my mutuals or followers know them…but…just allow me okay 😆😆

I screamed so much and so hard tonight, I swear I lost my voice.

Mark it down, I’ve now seen them 3 times and they are always amazing 😍😍😍

Jin: Did you forget to do the dishes?

Yoongi: *drinking from a vase* No, why?