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Women's Waterproof Barrel Cosmetic Bag

HPRC2400 Valigia in resina leggera, stagna e indistruttibile con interno personalizzabile!!! PREZZO PROMO Euro 85,00 + iva DISPONIBILE DA D1GROUP! Info o Ordini @hprc_cases …

 のトートバッグ★★ 黒のバッグに黒のスタッズがかっこいい😎💫          

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04/11/18 Retrospect London (Kilo Sale; 4 items cost £10.84 + £2 entry fee):

Cream floral textured oversized jacket

~not usually one to go for daisies (even though I realised after I left that I picked up two daisy printed things!) but I just really liked how the pattern is embedded into the jacket through a texture and not a print.

Mixed print blouse

~loved the colours in this one and the peasant style cut is really flattering

Red and orange floral print blouse

~just thought that the colours and style of this piece would make it great for layering - sometimes you just need a couple of pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that are a bit ‘meh’ on their own but when layered with other things become something even better

Mustard cami top with crochet detailing

~this is so cute I just could’t leave it behind - another good layering piece (can you guess it’s getting colder in London?)


Embroidered drawstring bag £1.99

~when I found this bag I did an internal jump of excitment - the embroidery, colours and texture are me. If I was I bag then this would be me 100%.

Nude-coloured abstract printed scarf £1.99

~couldn’t believe I found two amazinggg things in the ‘£1.99′ basket but that’s exactly what I did (its true - good things do happen to good people! I jest of course - well not about the good person bit!).

~this long thin style of scarf is so versatile; I’ll either use it in my hair, through the belt loops in my jeans or - of course - on a bag