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Vintage Crayola Drawing Crayon Box, Binney & Smith, Rubens 48 Colors, Vintage Child’s Toy, School Supplies

After ~5 months in Boston, finally making use of Bates Hall in for my afternoon reading - a suitably grand setting!📚 – at Boston Public Library

Words of wisdom. International Relations and Cooperation Deputy Minister, Mr talks to learners about South Africa’s foreign policy and the possible career trajectory for an International Relations student.

The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to South Africa, His Excellency Mahash Saeed Al Hameli addresses guests during the with DIRCO’s Deputy Minister . He spoke about shared words of encouragement with the learners.

The Hartswater in collaboration with the Department of Education & other stakeholders handed out uniform to learners at ER Mocwaledi Intermediate School & CW Kies Primary School in Delportshoop today during the campaign. ML

Good morning, ! ☀️🦇☕️ Here's a tip: ACC's Student Life hooks it up with free coffee during Welcome Week and special events all semester long. Come refuel and make a friend! 🔗:

[PHOTOS]: Jubilant parents applaud as the learners are acknowledged by Deputy Minister , DIRCO senior officials and Westbury High educators. The learners felt honoured to be exposed to diplomats & get information on ’s work.

体育着に「森本慎太郎」って名前がある!!!! リアル感やばい😭😭

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ALL ARE WELCOME! Invite your family and friends who are interested in going this Spring: "Where Will You Be In 2020?" SDCE West City Campus Open House

In attendance, together with the learners at the with Westbury Secondary School, were members of the Diplomatic Corps, parents of the graduates and educators.

. is today hosting a campaign where Deputy Minister is encouraging learners to focus on education as well as to broaden their knowledge on South Africa’s international relations work

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Here I am!

Hi out there! My name’s Dakota, and I’m currently getting my general ed done at a city college to pursue a degree in Psychology.  I really enjoy crafting, reading, and acting, and am pretty social for an introvert. I’ve tried going to college twice before, and was still very much a kid so I kinda fucked around and didn’t take it seriously, and obviously never finished. I’m back, a lot more determined and focused this time. I’m also queer and poly (ask me more about that if you’d like!).


Back to School Season!

As all y’all go back to school this week after the winter holiday please remember that if you are seemingly out of whack for a while it’s because your body had time to adjust to the schedule you set for yourself on holiday!

Your body will take just over a week to adjust to resettle to waking up in time for your morning classes (if you have them).

Your diet might also go wonky during the first week or so when you get back into the routine of eating along with a class schedule.

Remember when it comes to eating that planning and pre planning your lunches is key. I honestly eat better when I’m at school than what I ate during the holiday, I’ve definitely packed on a couple of pounds over break (to be walked off within the first couple of weeks)!!

Also remember to stay active to keep your circulation up.

Here’s a couple of challenges to take back to school with you this week:

  • Walk more! Especially if you didn’t before, take the stairs to those second floor classes and if the weather isn’t horrible take the long way to your next class. Steps = brain and body workout.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Try to carry a refillable water bottle with you (not just a regular plastic bottle you refill). I try to drink at least 120 ounces a day to keep my brain nice and juicy.
  • Do your work when you get it. This is the fastest way to make sure your work gets done on time and helps you to not stress about it. It was a pain by the end of last semester when I held off doing stuff till the last minute and I ended up not doing as well as I should have because I slammed myself with work like a dumbass. Don’t be a dumbass

Thanks for listening to my TEDtalk y’all and happy back to school!

‪STREETDANCE KIDS ENFANT🕺🏻•Tous les samedis à 11h au studio @creadanseparis📍• @shayizi - Cocorico 🎧 •Chorégraphie: @maximegigan 💛#maximegigan #streetdance #kids #enfant #ados #cours #class #dance #danse #work #urbandance #fun #maximegiganchoreography #danceclass #backtoschool #2020NewYear #paris #paris16eme #creadanseparis‬ #shay #cocorico

‪RAGGA DANCEHALL🕺🏻•Tous les mercredis à 19h30 au studio @creadanseparis📍• @ahkanofficial - Obama Dance 🎧 •Chorégraphie: @maximegigan 💚#maximegigan #ragga #dancehall #cours #class #dance #danse #work #afrohouse #afrobeat #azonto #coupedecale #afro #house #fun #maximegiganchoreography #danceclass #backtoschool #2020NewYear #paris #paris16eme #creadanseparis‬ #ahkan #obamadance

HIPHOP STREETDANCE 15ANS ET PLUS🕺🏻• Tous les mercredis à 18h15 au studio @creadanseparis📍• @trvisxx - Highest In The Room 🎧 • Chorégraphie : @maximegigan 💙#maximegigan #hiphop #streetdance #ados #cours #class #dance #danse #work #urbandance #fun #maximegiganchoreography #danceclass #backtoschool #2020NewYear #paris #paris16eme #creadanseparis #travisscott #highestintheroom

HIPHOP STREETDANCE ADOS 13-15ANS🕺🏻 • Tous les mercredis à 17h au studio @creadanseparis📍@heuss_lenfoire - Aristocrate 🎧 • Chorégraphie: @maximegigan 🤎#maximegigan #hiphop #streetdance #ados #cours #class #dance #danse #work #urbandance #fun #maximegiganchoreography #danceclass #backtoschool #2020NewYear #paris #paris16eme #creadanseparis #heusslenfoire #aristocrate