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Floral Embossed Leather Women's Wallet

waterproof Men Female Casual Functional Fanny pack Waist Bag Money Phone Belt pouch belt bag with 3 zipper bags large capacity

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roller skate backpack

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Scosche BoomBottle ships for $150, just in time to serenade fellow cyclists (video)

Scosche promised a soundtrack to our biking and hiking when it unveiled the BoomBottle back in January; conveniently, it’s shipping the Bluetooth speaker right as the spring thaw lets us give the peripheral a proper workout. The outdoorsy among us can now spend $150 to get a dust- and splashproof stereo system that fits into a bike’s water bottle holder, or on a backpack through a carabiner, and plays for 10 hours on a charge. We’ll have to wait, though, if we want a dash of color while we bombard other travelers with our taste in music. Gray versions are available now or very shortly at Scosche’s site and Walmart, but more season-appropriate blue, green, pink and yellow hues will only sell through Scosche in May.

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Ralph Lauren's solar-panel backpack charges your phone in hours, your credit card in seconds

We here at Engadget are in favor of hitting the books from time to time, but we can’t have lame gadget-less backpacks hurting our true techie rep. That’s why we’re excited to see Ralph Lauren outing its first solar-equipped knapsack as part of its RLX sports line. Four solar cells around back harness the sun’s power to generate 3.45 watts – completely juicing up an iPhone in a purported two-to-three hours, assuming you’ve got “proper sunlight orientation,” of course. Like the optional orange hue (it also comes in black), the sun-sucking cells aren’t particularly low profile – but for $800 don’t you want something, uh, recognizable? Still, if you simply must be that guy be sure to hit the source link and don’t look back, but for everyone else, might we recommend a portable USB charger for a little less coin? Read more
IRL: The Phorce Freedom is a bag that trades space for versatility

​At CES – the world’s largest tech show – the intrepid reporter faces many challenges. Most of them involve sleep (lack of), nutrition (lack of), human beings (abundance of) and coffee (usually lack of, but often, taste of). As such, it’s very important that you don’t go and add to that list of problems with some form of self-sabotage: the wrong cables, poor coffee choices, no backup power and, crucially, a P.O.S. bag. You and your bag are going to become close friends over the week, so it pays to get one that’ll do the job, with a minimum of fuss.

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IRL: Living with the Cocoon Slim, a backpack made for gadget hoarders

When you run around town with a lot of technology, a good bag isn’t just nice to have – it’s a necessity. In any one given day at Engadget, we might be attending a product launch, interviewing people or taking all those lovely sample shots you see around the site. A regular courier bag or rucksack will likely do the job, but do you really want all your work-essential kit rattling around in a cross-city spin cycle? No, us neither.

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Trek Support backpack promises to keep its contents charged

Sure, you can just toss an external battery in your backpack to keep your gadgets powered on the go, but why stop there? Some of the “influencers” over at Quirky didn’t, and have come up with this so-called Trek Support backpack as an alternative. As you can see, it packs a removable “gadget dock,” which can itself be charged up and then in turn charge up to three different USB gadgets simultaneously. You’ll also naturally get a dedicated laptop sleeve, plenty of pockets, and a TSA-friendly design. Of course, this is a Quirky project, which means it’ll just remain a concept unless it raises the necessary funding through pre-sales. Ready to do your part to make it happen? It’ll cost you $130 at the source link below. %Gallery-102950%

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IRL: TYLT's Energi charging backpack and the Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio

Welcome to IRL, an ongoing feature where we talk about the gadgets, apps and toys we’re using in real life and take a second look at products that already got the formal review treatment.

This week, Darren Murph, the man of many bags, is at it once again, trying out a charging backpack we got to handle for just a few minutes back at CES. In addition, we’ll give you a peek at Logitech’s suspiciously Surface-like FabricSkin keyboard case. Find it all after the break.

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Google shows off new backpack-worn Street View capture tool, may eventually rent them out

It looks like Google’s Street View will soon be expanding to even more places than it already covers. The company has today taken the wraps off a brand new capture tool it’s dubbed the Street View Trekker, which can be worn on a person’s back in order to map and photograph areas that are too difficult for even a bicycle or snowmobile to reach. Naturally, it’s Android-powered, and it packs two batteries that Google says will last a full day – although its 40-pound weight will likely necessitate a few breaks during that time. No word on when we’ll see the first results from it, but Google intends to take to National Parks, the Grand Canyon, castles, ruins, and more – even the ski slopes, as seen in another picture after the break.

Update: We just spoke with Luc Vincent more in-depth about the new backpack, and what we learned is after the break. %Gallery-157378%

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Ask Engadget: Best backpack for traveling with gadgets?
It’s that time of year again, folks (yes, summertime). Which also means vacation time for many USers, and that could very well pose a problem. All those gadgets you can’t leave behind have to be toted along somehow, so we’ll let Brendan explain his quandary further:

“My wife and I will be traveling to Europe for 5 weeks. Naturally, I have some perfectly portable gadgets which will need to come along, but I need a good bag (messenger or backpack style, preferably lightweight) to hold the goodies and also keep those pesky pick-pockets at bay. I’ve got a subnote, GPS, DSLR, PMP, pocket translator and a few other peripherals. What bag will keep all these items safe, yet not make me stand out like a big sore ‘tourist’ thumb?”

We’re glad you asked, and we have all ideas quite a few others are too. What backpacks have you found useful for carrying around gadgetry, and more importantly, which ones are comfortable for hours on end? If you’ve got a question of your own to unpack, send 'er over to ask at engadget dawt com. Read more