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๐Ÿ”Ž Buscamos con experiencia mรญnima de 3-4 aรฑos principalmente en . ยฟTienes conocimientos de PHP, HTML, Javascript, Rest CSS, Git y otros lenguajes del entorno LAMP? โžก

Do you have more than 5 years experience in development? Interested in working on solutions with industry leading companies? Weโ€™re a Senior Back-End :

Du willst wissen, wie mit einem spricht und warst bereits mit -App und konfrontiert? Lerne in diesem Video-Training den -Service von Angular kennen, der รผber die - eine Kommunikation gegen einen REST-Dienst ermรถglicht.

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Did you know that you can that you can connect with CONNECT using our angular package in just a few lines of code. Start connecting and making awesome apps!

Sequelize: If you need to include a model to your query, but you have renamed the relation - use `as:` in `include` object

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ยท Java 1.8 ยท Spring boot ยท Hibernate ยท MSSQL ยท NOSQL ยท Caching Technology (EH cache) . Interested and qualified candidates should WhatsApp/call: 08138307924 or DM on Instagram

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Onebox Ruby gem for turning URLs into website previews

There are plenty of useful Ruby gems for all tastes and needs. As Ruby on Rails agency, we use most of them. And today we’ll add one more gem to the collection. How about Onebox Ruby gem for turning URLs into website previews? It’s great if you want to make your application …

Monthly most popular JS repositories. It's hot outside!

We don’t know if there is any more challenging and inspirational task than picking JS (and Rails) monthly popular repositories. This is a huge responsibility and pleasure. From the moment you have found something useful and new, you need only a couple of seconds to understand whether you…

Key metrics of Node.js apps

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We gathered enough knowledge to share with you. Enough to provide you with a detailed custom software development consulting. If you decided to make a Node.js application you could face some difficulties at the beginning. If you’re not careful enough you can ex…

Are You Stunting Your Business Growth | MAKE PASSIVE INCOME GOLD.

You could think that your business isn’t growing since you’re not attracting the right audience. Or, you may think it’s because you haven’t discovered the collaborations. But, have you ever believed that it may be your systems?A lot of individuals overlook systems because it’s the job that is backend or it is perceived as not an urgent task.Whenever you don’t have strategies, you ARE your company. This occurs a whole great deal in the world that is internet.What’s a system? A platform is a group of processes, activities, or activities that could run with no. It is.It is doing exactly the very same tasks over and over again the same manner each time to get the wanted result.I’m positive you’ve thought previously,“If only I could clone myself"This is the point where a system comes into position.Systems allow you to automate a portion of your company, or even outsource it.Should you abandon your company look like?Can it endure? Can it keep working? Your company is built upon subsystems which you do every day you can not even realize you’re doing.By way of instance, writing content, replying to mails, taking to a new customer. All of them play a major part Although every one of these jobs is a portion of your company.Fighting to get thru your listing daily? As you want to put systems in place in your 12, its.Systems are essential to possess and play a role in your company.Here are a Few of the benefits of having procedures in your business:#1 Scalability - Systems give you the liberty to scale your company without having to trade additional time . Without needing to put in more work you can scale your company.#2 Hazards - Using systems enables you to make consistency when it comes to jobs you finish each and every moment. This might be even or your onboarding process how you compose your articles.#3 Save Time & Effort - If you produce systems in your company you are finally saving time. You won’t need to determine how to perform a specific task because you’ve made a system that it is possible to follow every time.#4 Automate - It is crazy several tasks we could automate in our organization, but hold it back. Trust me, I still waited a very long time since I always believed that nothing could be automated by me. I can almost bet that there are things that you are manually doing this could be automatic. For instance, your email advertising contents, or even. Does automation help you to save time, but it also allows your organization to improve.#5 Outsource - This can be when you employ somebody to do a job for you. It sounds easy, but it can be tricky to hand work over that you are utilised to doing in your organization. The important thing is figuring out where you are squandering time on tasks and find a method to outsource or quit doing it. Even 1 task will spare your time so you can concentrate on tasks in your enterprise.When you have systems set up you’ll be able to save yourself the time of doing jobs which are now automatic. Systems let you work with more time and freedom.You’re able to use your time more efficiently and productively.What are? Content Generation - Composing new material is a whole lot of work but it’s a vital part of your company. I can guarantee that you just simply do the very exact tasks each and every time you write content that is new. For instance you:Research & See Outline the postCompose the article Edit the postCreate images Schedule it to go liveShare on social mediaYou get the point?That is a process that you perform over and over again. Where a system will come into place this is. Or, you could look at this list and start to outsource some of the tasks every single week, to save yourself hours.Here are a few instances of where you can implement a system in your business:BookkeepingLead production Client support Writing contentScheduling social websites Gaining new clientsRevenue EmailsNew projectsPayrollHiringTrainingIf you’d like your site or company to be successful you want to build a solid base with programs.It is time. Having systems will make it possible for you the freedom to grow and accomplish your objectives.


AI powered robot playing against the world champion

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Procare Software acquires Kinderlime

We are happy to announce great news about Kinderlime, the ultimate timesaving software for daycare and after school, that we helped to develop. Recently we just shared with you that Kinderlime was in Top Leading Global Childcare Software Market Manufacturers and here it is, Procare Software ac…

Node.js best practices

As you can notice, from our blog and other resources, Node.js community is growing extremely fast. In this post, we’d like to share with you the most interesting Node.js best practices. There are great practices, style guides, and architectural tips to your services. Please use them and…

rom (Ruby Object Mapper) is a data mapping and persistence toolkit for Ruby

We are never tired to sing the Ode to Ruby. And that’s logical. Because we are Ruby on Rails agency! And as a Ruby experts, let us share with you another great thing. rom (Ruby Object Mapper) is a data mapping and persistence toolkit for Ruby. 
Ruby Object Mapper (rom-rb) is a data mapping …

Node.js 12

We are excited about new releases and especially when it comes about Node.js. Syndicode is extremely happy to announce Node.js 12 today! Highlighted updates and features include faster startup and updates and many more that we are going to tell in today’s material.
Node.js 12 is …

Gel is an alternative gem manager

As yarn is to npm so Gel is to Bundler and Rubygems. “Gel was written with the goal of improving the performance of common Bundler tasks.” Gel is an alternative gem manager that we are going to present to you today.
This gem is still a work in progress, it was written with the goal of improving t…

Continued chugging along through Colt Steele’s course tonight – I’m about 70% done with it! Finally being submerged in backend web dev is sheer joy. I waited so long for this. Tonight we coded a simple little movie database search app (JSON, APIs, the usual suspects), and I was so!!! pleased!!! when I saw it working. Going to go to bed satisfied as heck tonight. Can’t wait to be a real full-stack dev :D