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The magic and beautifulness about through iterating data and applying a conditional inside of it Thanks to it's template engine Here 👉 you can learn more about it

Falling in love with learning as I prep for next week’s material for dev portion of persistence! 😊

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📰👨‍💻 Trends #8: why we migrated our cli from to golang, , and reflection, goroutines and how they work, why should we use Go in 2019? and introducing - multiplayer game backend

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Rubyfmt is a Ruby autoformatter

You could have noticed already that Ruby is our language of choice. It’s too awesome not to using it! And we are never tired of reminding you that. But it seems we never told you about Rubyfmt before. We will try to fix that in today’s article. Rubyfmt is a Ruby autoformatter that we …

Start with Node.js on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a host of options for Node developers to easily deploy the apps. If you read our blog, it means you’re familiar with developing simple Node applications, working with the command line, and have some high level understanding of deploying apps to cloud servi…

Using AJAX with Rails

Using Rails you can sometimes face some tricky situations. For example, the normal flow of visiting a website is that you load a page and if you want to see new information you have to either reload the page to update it or click a link to visit a different page. But what if you don’t want this p…

Que is a job processing library in Elixir

If you are interested in Elixir, we have good news for you. We have a lot of useful information about this programming language. Que is a job processing library in Elixir that we are going to explore today closer.
Que is a job processing library backed by Mnesia, a distributed real-time database …

Join KharkivCSS 2019!

There are 1000+ events for IT specialists, startups and investors are organized in Ukraine every year! That’s why we always try to visit as much awesome and useful tech events as possible, and we couldn’t miss the next one in Kharkiv! On April 20, 2019, you’re invited to join…

StringScanner Ruby gem provides lexical scanning operations on a string

Ruby is not only a fun language, but it also comes with an excellent standard library. Some of which are not that known, and are almost hidden Gems. Today we’ll pay attention to one of them. StringScanner Ruby gem provides lexical scanning operations on a string.
So what does…

RubyGems updated due to some vulnerabilities

As there are no perfect things in this world, there are multiple vulnerabilities in RubyGems bundled by Ruby, and we just shared with you the news about RubyGems 3.0.0 package manager release. But today here we are again with some news. Good ones! RubyGems updated due to some vulnerabilities, so …

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. March, 14

Yesterday we’ve made a scope of great JavaScript repositories popular this March. But as Ruby on Rails agency, we definitely are about to create the new digest with interesting and useful Ruby/Ruby on Rails open source projects. And we did it! Meet monthly trending Ruby on Rails…


I have waited so long for this day!!!

Remember when I started coding my German trash-sorting app back in April or May or whenever that was, last year? I ran straight up against the issue of data persistence and basically haven’t returned to it since then. But now I know how to handle the situation :D I can just put everything in a database and it will last forever, woohooooooo ~~~

58 Node.js meetups

Just recently we discussed with you why Node.js is so popular. And we would like to expand this topic by the description of 58 Node.js meetups that will definitely help you to find out more. Enjoy!

Africa Meetup
Buenos Aires Meetup
 Melbourne Meetup
 Sydney Meetup
 Brussels Meetup
São Paulo Meet…

A little behind-the-scenes preview of how the Art Tracker works. An admin can create an ‘Art Request’ which will either be claimable or created for a specific artist (the two purple tags). The artist can then accept it, submit it and await admin approval, and modify it as requested (the three blue tags). Once it has been approved it can be freely viewed and then eventually pushed live to the site (the two green tags).

Flipper Ruby gem for enabling/disabling features or parts of your app

If you use Ruby, this article is just for you! There are multiple vulnerabilities in RubyGems bundled by Ruby. And today we are going to look closer to one of it – Flipper Ruby gem for enabling/disabling features or parts of your app.
Feature flipping is the act of enabling or disabling …

10 best Node.js Frameworks

Being a developer, you can manage the same language for both client-side and server-side scripting, and this has brought huge adoption and use of Node. There are so many top programming languages available in the market but the best Node.js Frameworks of 2019 have drastically changed the dev…

Protect individual resources in Rails with a password

User authentication in Rails is a solved problem but how can we protect individual resources in Rails with a password? It turns out that all we need is not that much code.
Solution 1: HTTP Authentication
HTTP authentication can be implemented with #authenticate_or_request_with_http_basic. It …

Developing Ruby on Rails web application

We spent many hours improving our skills and knowledge and created Ruby on Rails web app development guide to share our experience with you. Rails changed a lot since 2005, but without even going that far away, things changed a lot even in the last five years. Today we will pay attention to the d…