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Raising a in the 21st Century: new tools parenting

here is my list if baby essentials on a budget! newest blog is up and it's oh so good. . baby fever is 10/10 here. could come any day, could be weeks, hospital bag is kinda of packed, car seat base still not installed...but we are ready for you

*Edited to say this post states FEVER and / or DIARRHEA, this not the same as a slight increase in temperature and/ or some mucusy stools.

Kızılötesi ölçüm özelliğine sahip Rosio Temassız İnfrared Ateş Ölçer ile bebeğinizin vücut sıcaklığını kontrol altına alın. Control your baby's body temperature with the Rosio Non-Infrared Fever Meter with infrared measurement.

Totally different from my last posts, but here’s my first newborn session. Those tiny fingers and squishy lips give me baby fever!

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Me and my mom talking about babies..

Mom- “I had baby fever once, that’s why I had you.”

That’s wild.

I have a baby nephew who’s almost two who lives in central Florida with my niece and her husband. His name is Elijah and he’s just the sweetest baby ever. We sent him a huge package through the mail a few weeks ago with all his Christmas presents from us. Between me, my Mom and Sister he probably had over 20 gifts. My niece told us that they opened each gift one at a time and he freaked out he was so excited. He’s just learning to talk and she said that after they opened each gift he looked at her wide-eyed and said “Why”??? Mama Why"??? He was so happy but confused at the same time as to why he was getting so many toys. I love it! Such a sweet baby. I always say I don’t want to have any kids but dang….😍😍😍

Jealousy At Its Finest

My friend whose like a sister to me had her 4th baby today. Of course I congratulated her, told her i was happy for her. Ive been very grumpy all day. It’s not like I’m not happy for her, i just hate that it isn’t me. I started spotting a couple days ago, the same day she told me she started having contractions. I figured it was my period. Well for 2 days i had extremely light flow, basically spotting. Today she had her baby and it stopped completely. Now i know I’m an empath and all, but it kinda feels like the universe just said FU in a massive way, letting me know it was her not me having the baby. And i have no one to discuss this with because everyone thinks i obsess too much. Maybe i do, maybe I’ll never be that lucky and i should just accept it. I hate feeling this way, i truly do. I feel like I’m not good enough.

Not to sound too hetero here but there is something strangely attractive about seeing a dad do that bicep curl/ diaper sniff check thing. Sorry y’all my baby fever is off the rails.