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Raising a in the 21st Century: new tools

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taehyung really wants a little herd of kids wow

Snapchat now has a “memories from this day”. This was one of mine.

I woke up today from a dream that was a headache and a struggle in a couple of ways.

It brought back a part of my past that I’ve been doing so well at moving on from. But today that time frame is all that’s on my mind, and I’m not happy about it.

It made my baby fever come back, it made me angry that shitty people are still rewarded in life with children they don’t deserve. I know I’m not God and can’t make that call for people but damn does it feel like a punch to the gut when you’re doing everything you can to try and be happy. Even when it wouldn’t take much to do so, it seems like a forever up hill battle.

Being back in Portland has changed my priorities, but my desires and wants are still the same. I still want my own family. I still want to move back to Montana and live there. But with so much being unknown I don’t know where I’m supposed to go anymore. Which way is the right way? Sigh* I hope God can answer me with an answer that I’ve been dreaming of for a while now…

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She hadn’t intended to say what she did. Mackenzie was only watching her boyfriend who was currently eating a Lunchable with childlike intensity. Somehow, that is what made her smile enough to spend the next minute or so just observing him with a smile on her face. Miss Jackson was aware that she was just a little obsessed with him but unaware that she was so much so that she found him snacking even the most endearing.

Or, perhaps it was the way he resembled a little boy when he did it. God- that would be nice, a knee-height little boy that looked exactly like his father. A cheeky, little troublemaker who she could take care of and admire while he ate spaghetti-os. Not to mention the way Jesse would dote on him all hours of the day, her chest filled with a warm and soaring feeling even at the thought of Jesse cradling a child, their child.

“I want a baby,” she blurted out, with surprised laughter that followed. “Now, soon, I don’t know - I want one,” she continued with a grin that spread even wider before taking steps backwards to hide the blush that began to form on her cheeks.

Was just talking to someone who is pregnant and impatiently waiting for her little boy.

Reminded me of when I was 37 weeks pregnant.. I knew from the start he would come on Jesses birthday. The day before, my midwife checked me and told me there was no way he would come any time soon.

I had contractions for 24 hours straight starting at his birthday party the night before.. I didn’t believe it though, so I finally called & told my husband “it’s probably nothing, I would hate for you to come home from work early for no reason.” And I was 7cm dilated. 😂

God I miss being pregnant.. 😂😂

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omg baby pulling on Silas's braid I'm in LOVE with that omg 8'( or chewing on William's collar and leaving baby teeth marks I'm crying

AGH ISN’T IT THE CUTEST IMAGE??? And dkaldfjnlakdwn lil baby teeth marks!!!! You know neither one of them would even care they’d just keep giving that baby whatever it damn well wanted omg. 

I worry for their futures. 

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11, 22, 32, 62 👀👀

11: Do you like someone?

not currently no

22: Do you want to have kids? How many?

yes! um at least 2

32: What is your favourite color?

navy blue

62: What makes you happy?

currently? hiho kids’ “kids try” videos 😩

I’d say I’ve got mild baby fever; unfortunately my kids are kinda a-holes at the moment and the idea of adding a baby or even pregnancy to that sounds incredibly overwhelming 😅

I’m so excited to be a mom. I’ve been so baby hungry the last few days, it’s a struggle. Unfortunately for Sonny, he’s never been around babies or pregnant women. Today in institute he asked if he could poke our friend’s prego belly. She said no. She took his hand and placed it on her belly and it hit him that it’s not squishy: there’s a person in there. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’ve had an awesome day

The 8yo girl I take care of told me today that I make her feel very comfortable and positive. My heart melted.

She also later said about something at school, “I’ll just say, ‘You do your thing and I’ll do mine.’”

We later discussed crushes and a little bit about sexual orientation (explained what gay, straight, and bi mean - I briefly mentioned ace and pan but this is only the first real talk we’ve had so I didn’t want to overload her).

Good gods, she is growing up so fast! I am so proud of her and I feel like my life’s purpose is being fulfilled. She is learning from the wisdom I have been able to impart. I have created a safe space for her.

My heart is glowing.

We got to help my friend sell hand-raised juvenile budgies at her animal-assisted counseling booth at a reptile & exotic pet expo on Saturday. I saw real live axolotls in the IN THE FLESH and I was so tempted to get one. I got info on hedgehog breeders!!! But right now I am too lazy to clean cages or tanks, my dog kinda runs the show. Those birdies were so damn cute, though, we just stood around playing with them and letting little kids hold them and they sold themselves, she did a great job taming them. Really fun! 

TBH they shoulda just called it Snake Con, never realized there were so many snake breeders in the region.

I have decided birds are a pretty cool pet and I want to raise a bunch of loving lil’ hens when I grow up because I eat eggs twice a day.