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I’ve been invited to a trampoline park tomorrow and I want to go but I’m so paranoid in case I’m pregnant. I know I’m not due my period for another week yet so it’s probably safe because there isn’t a placenta etc but I need advice. Would it be safe because it’s so so early on if I was pregnant? Or do I need to make an excuse to avoid it

Baby Fever

Trent’s P.O.V. - 2 Days Later

It’s not like her to not call me. 

I had a few hours before I would be heading to LAX for the first last minute flight outta Cali. It didn’t feel right to leave without saying goodbye, but I could just tell she wasn’t having it. I swallowed my pride. Whatever it was, I didn’t have a choice but to find out.

She answered on the other end of the phone, sounding a little calmer than I expected. “So that’s how we doing?” I demanded.

“Trenton, what are you talking about?”

“Nah, I’m just…on my way out I wanted to see you, and you weren’t home. Why haven’t I heard from you all morning? Where you at?”

“Rodeo…shopping…” she paused. “Did I missed your call or something?”

It wasn’t until I heard her sarcastic reply that I realized that I could’ve ended this unnecessary standoff a lot sooner if I wasn’t being so presumptuous. 

I fought against the idea of meeting her there, but that was the whole point, to see her before I left regardless of how irritated I was that she was avoiding me.

I walked into Jimmy Choo, where I found her trying on 5″ red stilettos. I continued closer, as she limped over to me with the other shoe missing. I swear shit happens at the wrong time, because seeing her smooth toned, caramel legs and her pretty toes in those high ass heels, turned me on. I wanted to lick her right then, and there. But I kept my composure and a slight attitude.

“Are you mad at me baby?” she asked, reaching for my shoulder to hold her balance. I looked away to escape eye contact.

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Sometimes, I’m out here living my best life, and then out of nowhere, my hindbrain pops up and is like, we should have a baby! And then my thinking brain is like, but we’re nineteen. We have no money, no job, no significant other, three and a half more semesters of university left. We aren’t qualified to have a baby. We have PCOS, we might not even be able to. And my hindbrain is like, eh, don’t care. We’re going to cry and feel very alone for a while now, because you won’t go get us a baby. And my thinking brain is like, it’s not like there’s a fucking baby store where i can just go grab one and my hindbrain is like, eh, still don’t care, cry bitch.

I don’t know why this happens but I Do Not Like It


I was fine when I found out my cousin is pregnant again. I’ve been fine every time a new baby has been born to a friend. But now my friend Amanda is pregnant, and I gotta say, I’m jealous! We don’t want our first two kids to be so close in age. We want to be fiscally responsible and get more time with Ike one-on-one, but the baby fever truck just hit me and I am flying through the clouds. I gotta get my head on straight because baby number two is not in the cards yet. And I was okay with that a week ago! Ugh.

Friday, November 9th, 2018

Lullaby from another

DPD X reader

A/N: you guys didn’t respond to the poll for who this should be with. It’s more fluffy based but there will be a bit of everyone from the Detroit Police Department. Please enjoy lovelies! Sorry I haven’t written as much. School and life are kicking my ass.

*** is a time skip

Warnings: Mentions of gore. Slight swearing.

It all happened so fast. The crime scene was a bloody mess when you arrived. Everything was just out of order. It was extremely early in the morning, you were in a haze as you investigated the scene. A small shriek is what pulled you to awareness, breaking your heart at the scene your attention was drawn to.

Which lead you here, back at the DPD with a bundle in your arms. You vaguely remember finding the little baby girl among the mess, blood contrasted against the pink blanket. You quickly took her to the hospital to see if she was injured. She was not however.

Children services were backed up and you were asked to watch her till an agent was able to come over. It was unusual but you agreed, already feeling a bond form between you and the now sleeping child. When you first entered the station, several people looked at you, confusion and shock at the small life wrapped in your arms. However it was still relatively empty due to the earliness of the hour.

You kept her close and safe, explaining to Fowler what was going on, he surprisingly agreed. You only had desk work left anyways. The child slept soundly in your arms. It seemed like it was going to be easy. Seemed, anyways.

Connor was the first of your friends to enter the department, stopping in his tracks as he saw you sitting with one arm wrapped tightly around the sleeping child and the other working on files. Dark circles hung under your eyes but other than that you were a picture of health.

Spotting Connor, you greeted him as you usually did. A large smile. Seeing him always made you feel like you had just taken a sip of a hot drink on a cold day. He took this as a cue to come nearer, questioning the life form that now slept in your hold. “Good morning” you whispered, looking up at the Android while moving both arms to hold the child.

His gaze jumped from yours to the little one. “Good morning detective. I see we have a guest” his response matched your volume and you suppressed a laugh. “Come on Con, how many times have I told you that you can call me by my name?” His smile was warm. A hot drink on a cold day. “Old habits die harda lilt to his voice made you smile and you shifted, holding the baby so that he could see better, smiling at the look of wonderment on his face. “I found her at a crime scene this morning. She has no where else to go right now, so I’m watching her. I don’t suppose it will be long before child services can come, but until then she’s in my care” your gaze was caring as you looked at her sleeping form. He gave you a quick scan. “You are showing heightened levels of Oxytocin” you looked up at your friend “hmm?”

Before he could repeat himself, Hank walked in, grumbling slightly. “Connor! Come on don’t bother y/n while-“ he trailed off hearing the distinct coos of baby as you tried to calm the squirming. His loud voice had disturbed the child. He stepped closer and around Connor till he could see what was going on.

“Sh sh sh it’s ok there. It’s alright” you gently rocked back and forth, turning your attention to Hank, a sly smile on your face “mornin’ Hank”. Hank gazed at the swathe of blankets, his face solemn. You weren’t sure what to say or do, uncomfortable as you realized that he may not have even held a baby since…

You watched him close, not wanting to upset him. His face settled in to a solemn expression. “Who is this?” His voice soft. You mimicked the tone as you explained once more what has happened. The child stirred, freeing her hands from the blankets. you tutted, setting her on the desk to re swaddle the squirming child. Connor explained as you made the child comfortable again.

You went to pick her up, lifting her when Hank’s voice surprised you, turning your head to give him attention. “May I? Hold her that is.” His voice was serious, a mixture of emotions swirled inside his words. Nodding, a soft smile spread across your face, you handed the child over to Hank, being careful. He took her with the utmost care, cradling her immediately and keeping her close, looking at her sleeping face. 

You watched in soft awe at the interaction between the two, warmth spreading through your body. You thought it would be hard for him to interact like this. If Hank were honest, it was hard, but it was also needed. He had almost forgotten what it felt like to hold a child like this. He swallowed tearing his gaze away to look at you, handing her back with out disturbing her again. She wiggled in your arms.  “What’s her name?” Hanks words were barely audible “I haven’t looked at her file just yet, I was just about to do so.”

He only gave a nod, then turned heading off towards his desk. Connor gave a reassuring smile then followed his partner to their work space, beginning their day.

The day went on, Gavin and Nines later showed up to work. You gave them their usual smile of a greeting and was used to not having any in return by now. You noticed Gavin did freeze when he saw the now fussy child with in your arms, squirming and cooing and taking all your attention. You didn’t mind however. You had grown so close in these few hours. You could have sworn you thought you saw Connor’s and Nines’ LEDs flashing, as if communicating, but you chose to ignore it. Gavin avoided you, act like you didn’t exist, which was unusual and a little hurtful. However, questions about it were soon thrown from your mind at the small hands gently tugging on your clothes.


It was around mid-day when the baby had gotten really fussy. You were now in the break room, stress skyrocketing as you tried to rock and soothe the screaming child, tears running down its soft cheeks. It hurt to see her like this. You had, earlier, gotten some materials for the child and was currently waiting for the formula to be ready. “Shh… Shhh i know I’m hungry too” You laid a gentle hand on the back of her head, your motions interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. You turned to be met with Gavin, he seemed about as stressed as you, but not upset.

Apologies spewed from your mouth before he could speak “I’m so sorry Reed. I-I know shes makin’ a fuss.. I really am trying to calm her down I just-” “Hand her to me” “what?” your eyebrows rose and the soothing pats you were giving stilled. He held his arms out, the corner of his mouth quirking up slightly “You can trust me Y/n” Hesitantly, slowly, you handed the child over. He took her, wrapping her in his arms and warmth and began to rock her just like you had done earlier. 

You turned around quickly, maybe it was to hide the growing rose-like hue that was spreading across your cheeks, maybe it was because the formula was now ready. You checked the temperature, composing yourself. Bottle in hand, you moved to take the child back, only to have Gavin hold out a finger “ah ah ah… give me the bottle.”

You felt almost powerless, helpless as you did as he said, watching him feed the baby who now calmed in his grasp. “Nines told me what happened. Connor told him.” He looked up at you, amusement sparkled in his eyes as he shook his head “You’ve got a bleeding heart you know that right? It’s fuc-” “Hey! not in front of the kid” you half laughed and he rolled his eyes “admirable is what I was going to finish that sentence with. But you got to be careful, Don’t want you getting too attached to the kid.” A pang of pain sat in your stomach, smile faltering as you remembered that children services would come.

You nodded, brushing it off and watched as he continued to feed her until the bottle was empty.


The rest of the day was taken over by you taking care of the little girl. Eat. Burp. Change. Sleep. Repeat. You didn’t mind it, however you felt eyes on you the whole time and caught who they belonged to. Nines. He watched like a wolf, hunting down a lone animal. It sent chills down your spine, his face almost emotionless. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking or why he kept watching, only that it made you uneasy.

There came a point where you had to run some files down to another office, but couldn’t possibly take the child. Frantically, your eyes scanned for Connor, Hank, or Gavin but all you could find was Nines. You swallowed and walked up to him, child in hand “Nines” nervous energy rolled off of you, causing the girl to fidget. You tried to remain confident “I need you to watch her while I do something-” He took a step back, an icy glare shot your way “No” 

You swallowed and took a step forward. This wasn’t happening today. You swallowed down your nervous energy, straightening your spine “Nines. Take the child. All you have to do is hold her, I promise. I will be back soon” your words were crisp, but you softened them “I am trusting you Nines. I need your help” His gaze now averted yours, shoulders seeming to stiffen. You moved to place the child in his arms and he held up his hands.

“I was not made for this!”His words had a bite to them, but his gazed skipped yours again. You could almost pick up a slight guilt from him “I don’t know how..” He grit his teeth, seething at his own words. Understanding washed over you, placing a hand on his arm you smiled up at him “I’ll show you.”

Slowly, while holding the squirming child against your hip, you moved his arms to form a cradle. At the same pace, you shifted the baby into his arms, making sure that you were still supporting her just in case. “Do you have her?” A nod and a flash of LED that didn’t last long “I need to hear you say it before I let her go.” His gaze met yours  “I have her”. 

Satisfied that he did you let go at a snails’ pace, watching as this android you’ve personally witnessed kill people hold this little girl. It made you nervous, but you trusted him. You grinned “Thank you! You are a lifesaver!” You didn’t catch his reply, practically running to finish your job quickly.

Nines looked down at the now sleeping life-form in his arms. Deviancy was new for him, it was difficult and painful form him at first. Almost like it was now. He of course would never tell any one about his feelings, seeing that he himself didn’t understand or want them. But people knew. They just didn’t talk about it out of respect. Feelings, still being knew, often aggravated him because they would confuse them. He felt like he shouldn’t be able to be confused. Yet here he was, watching you interact with this being and was confused as to why you had connected to it.

He didn’t want to hold her. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he found the longer you were away, the more he could slightly grasp as to why you were growing attached. He shifted, holding her closer and holding her more secure.

You honestly weren’t gone for more than ten minutes tops, but you returned as quick as you could. “Alright I can take her back now…” He became defensive “No”. You were gobsmacked, absolutely stunned “I can take her-” “No”. was his answer once more. You chuckled awkwardly, letting him hold her for a while longer.


The day was nearing an end, the sun setting outside the windows in glorious bursts of red, yellow, and orange. You were in the break room, making another bottle. Gavin was making some coffee and Hank was in there drinking from his own mug. Their android partners were in the room as well, a comfortable silence hang between all of you. 

You gently rocked back and forth as you feed the child once more for the day. As the bottle was finished a smartly dressed woman walked in, carrying a car seat. Your heart dropped as your eyes meet with the sweet smile of the child protective service agent “Hello!” her voice was low pitched and soothing, though it brought you none. She introduced herself, explaining why she ran late. You were half listening.

Introductions were made. Paper work was filled out and then the moment you wanted least happened. The small baby was handed over, rather unceremoniously. You were reluctant. You wanted to be defiant. But deep down, you knew that this would be best. You watched, wrenched feeling in your gut as the woman left with the child. The once comfortable silence was now stale and difficult.

Then, lightbulb. You broke the silence with a determined voice. “I want one. I want to have a baby.” Actions domino-ed around you. Gavin spilt his coffee, a slew of curses poured from his lips as the hot liquid touched his skin. Hank choked on his drink, coughing and spluttering. Connor’s head snapped to look at you and Nines’ eyes just shifted towards you.

You turned to face them. Hank, now recovered, looked at you wildly “You can’t be serious Y/n. I mean, a child is a lot of work and you can’t just-” “I am serious” you glared at them slightly, a challenge for them to question you. “I can do it”

“On your own?” Connor’s voice was full of concern. You swallowed, thinking for a moment. Your head shot up, looking at all of them once more “I’ll have to find someone, but I know I can do this on my own.” with that you moved out of the break room, formulating a plan. Their eyes watched you.

Gavin shook his head “She’s fucking crazy” They avoided eye contact with each other “.. and determined” was Nines’ reply after a pause. Hank gave a rough laugh, shaking his head as well. “Know what’s even fuckin crazier? She’s actually is going to do it, and she’s going to do well.”