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Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ "Very cute outfit! Looking forward to seeing the little one wearing it." JanineIrene

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I have one too! 👊 ( No Shame 😉) It's one of my favorite things I own too!

Handmade Mix and Match Multi-Coloured Striped Crochet Baby Blanket - Nursery - Bedding - Cot - Crib - Baby Shower

[INTERVIEW] "We asked him about life after B.A.P, what does the new song title mean and more?" Heartfelt interview. (Cr: KcrushMagazine)

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Mom - Baby - Government Shutdown Will Affect How You Receive Your S -

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when did my lil baby get so big? 5 months old already 👼🏻

Stepping out the door

I send thanks that soar

That this day is here

Squirrels chase somewhere

Robins stop to eat

The world waits for my feet

Wind hits my face

Winter shakes the pace

Somewhere a baby cries

Down the street a paper lies

Unread in the walk

News is like vanishing chalk

A mother hurries by

The baby soon ends it’s cry

Two crows startle the robins

Red bellies leap to avoid sin

The crows settle like they own it all

But a wondering cat has a different call

Thoughts turn inward

Nature is but a word

But this life around me is grace’s blessing

It is a prayer to and from God, my confessing

The crows fly off

The robins return from their sendoff

The squirrels chase up the tree

The baby dances holding it’s mothers knee

I close my door with a prayer in my heart

Life’s grace blesses our part

In this world

Our prayers say thanks as it unfolds

And I walk down the path

Eager to take in existence’s wondrous bath

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I’m scared to ask what chase would do with the flaming baby... but it must be done. Can Sherry come along as well?

Chase would be like, “oh… interesting” but would be a little unfazed by baby catching on fire: I mean, it’s his kid with MC, what did he expect? “Proud of you, son/daughter!” Chase has an unusual sense of blase about life (as in he’s very confident that things will turn out in his favor, so he rarely ever panics) so he would calmly catch baby with fire-proof gloves and then feed baby a cookie!

Shery would panic and just start screaming her lungs out. But then she’d remember–she’s a mother now, she has to be strong! So she’d put on her big girl pants and try to calmly deal with the situation. Maybe she’d call Tallys, Ayla, and Lavinet if she really needed the help, but she’d view it as her first real trial-by-fire into motherhood and want to make MC proud, lol. 


Baby like a cat 作成者: 総一 Movie