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可愛い×可愛い 仲良し〜❤️

Amigo no puedo explicarte la felicidad que tengo de que vayas a ser papá y que me elijas como padrino! En todas los pibes te vamos a bancar y mas ahora! Te queremos brooo

This is NOT a dead but it certainly looked like one. In fact, declared “it” dead this morning and it wasn’t until hours later - during a full crime scene - that the determined it was a doll.

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Boys’ 8-Piece Towel and Washcloth Set, Blue/Green, One Size

Wow!! It is the middle of June. Are you going out to the lake or finding other things to do in this hot summer? Hope you are having a super Summer! Check out 🥰🥰🥰

This Paper Plate Snowman Wreath is adorable! With button eyes and a cheeky smile no-one will be able to resist! This simple paper plate snowman craft is a great Christmas and Winter craft. Hang them on the door, window or wall for some snowman craft fun!

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Bathroom selfies 😜

dreamingwaves  asked:

"I have something important to show you, please hold out your hands." - Mari


    Kimiko looks down at her little sister. Curiosity paints most of her features at the request. Thanks to her height, she doesn’t have to bend much. Her hands are placed out in front of her and presented to Mari as asked. Her eyes don’t move away from Mari’s, remaining attentive to whatever important thing she’s about to be shown. What is it?

The Daughter of a Righteous Man - Chapter 4

After her husband is drug to Hell, Ava Winchester and her brother in law Sam try their best to do right by Dean and raise her daughter, only to find that good intentions aren’t always enough. Loving someone isnt always enough.

Chapter Four, Tell Me How to Be in This World


“So I’m going home? Me? Not us?” I asked with my arms crossed. Sam was packing up my stuff, keeping quiet. Coward.

“Ava you know we have to keep her monitored. She’s been very jaundice. This happens with premature babies. She needs to stay under the light for a few more days and then she should be good to go home.” The nurse said gently.

I wanted to cry, but mostly I was pissed. My baby was only 3 days old. She shouldn’t be left alone.

The nurse looked to Sam for help before excusing herself.

“You May as well unpack because I’m not leaving.”

“Come on, Ave. let’s go home and get a shower and a nap and then we can come back.” He said gently.

“No way.” I shook my head. “I’m her mom, she needs me.”

“Of course she does.” He said, stepping behind me. He squeezed my shoulders. “But you both need rest. We can come back in a few hours.”

Sam was right. Of course he was. “Okay, fine, but I’m going by the NICU to say goodbye.”

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