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They look so good


Yesterday (November 15) was my last day of babysitting. I’ve been babysitting two little ones for awhile now. One is two and the other is one. It’s been a pleasure watching them. I’ve grown attached to the both of them.

So sweet, the 2 year old will say “okay mom” to me when I say something to her like if I’m telling her to do something.

I was pretty much feeling sad and teary eyed yesterday. Their mom surprised me with flowers, card and gift card to Target. I feel so blessed. And so thankful for that.

I probably wouldn’t get back into babysitting them kiddos. It’s been a wonderful and handful times of watching them. But I wouldn’t trade it. I will forever miss watching them and taking care of them both. I have so much love for those two. I’ll be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

superdogbiter  asked:

The thing i don't like is that society still pressures women into believing that having kids is when you're happiest and as someone who has never wanted kids it get's really annoying seeing that message in entertainment over and over

Oh I totally agree with you.

Like I used to think that way but I’ve grown out of it. Plus, there is the fact that having kids is really expensive.

Now, my oldest sister has five kids. The oldest two are in college but before that, my sister would sometimes struggle to make ends meet. Now she was lucky that she never had to pay for a babysitter because she had me, my mom and her mother-in-law. Her kids got a lot of hand-me-downs and even to this day, I still give them some of my old clothing. And that isn’t even getting into how much schooling costs or hospital bills.

But I think what annoys me is how much is costs to have a baby. People are like ‘having a baby is a joy’ but they also fail to mention how having a baby could also send you into crippling debt. Just the hospital bills alone could destroy your credit! It feels somewhat….what’s the word? Sneaky? Like they don’t want to mention how much you’ll put in financially

Oh, primus!

Guess who just finished binging the entire first season of rescue bots academy?

T'was I!

Here’s what I’ve taken from the show so far:

-Whirl is my baby

-instead of saying “roll to the rescue” like the other bots, Blades says “Roll out” which means that he’s been working with Bumblebee more often than the other bots

-Hoist is my baby

- BumbleBlades is a THING

-Cody is still the most precious boi

-Okay, but did I mention that BumbleBlades is a thing and they even have signature moves named after themselves/ things they have done?

-Medix has SASS

-Wedge is a bit of an aft, but I still love him

-Whirl is my baby

-The truths about social media and electrical entertainment in there are gold if you’re willing to look at them in a humorous way

-Medix is also my baby because sass and sarcasm run in my biological family

-They’re probably never going to bring up Schnoodles ever again 😢

-Heatwave it tired of your scrap, children

-He also more unable to say the F word because he is literally surrounded by babies

See, I honestly and truly think that people who say they hate kids don’t really hate kids. I think they hate the idea of HAVING kids. I know people who don’t want to have children but they don’t loathe kids. They just don’t want to have them.

Now, if you have ever watched the Try Guys, Ned and his wife Ariel had a baby named Wes. Eugene had made it clear that he wasn’t a fan of babies but slowly, he warmed up to Wes. At first, he didn’t want to hold Wes but he got to a point where he could hold Wes and even change his diaper. He also said he would kill anyone who ever tried to hurt him.

I dunno, I have a lot of feelings about babies.

anonymous asked:

This is random, but can you imagine how freaking soft Ben would be with his kid(s)? He’s so gentle and sweet in his natural state that it makes me want to cry just thinking of him interacting with small children of his own. (I may or may not have spent an hour at 3 a.m. thinking about this lol)

Hey Nonnie,

Cuuuute head canon. I definitely see him being super soft with the people he cares about and it makes me so sad to think that he didn’t get a chance to grow into that person (and that Snoke/Palps was manipulating, always watching, corrupting). 

Of all the things I want, I want Ben Solo to have a happy ending the most (one that heals the generational wound of his family but also gives a satisfying conclusion to his character), so here’s hoping he gets a chance to be the person he was meant to be :)

Anyways, sweet thoughts, Nonnie!