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Of course if BMW is presenting a top secret car, we will be there to review it! So we did with the all-new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé 😍 …

Just Pinned to Salads, Dips & Dressings: A delicious lima bean dip recipe, inspired by the lima bean book "A Bad Case of the Stripes". Kids are going to love making & eating this after school snack. …

+ i’m one of your soon-to-be-daughter here and i really hope we can mingle well together. Dear , & .. Nice to meet y’all 🗣📢 Thanks for your attention. Arigatou, ariuntung👋

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Good night from us here at the headquarter! 💤 We hope your dreams are filled of blushing brides, happy bridesmaids and sweet, ballet flats. 💙📷 by @billiejoandjeremy 👰🏻 by @katemcdonaldbridal . . . . . . . …

仕事の同僚から写真が 送られてきました📷 なんて羨ましい出張先( •̅_•̅ ) ’z

Yum! You and your family will LOVE this super simple and seriously delicious Homemade Banana Ice Cream recipe. It's so easy to make and is an easy homemade dessert recipe. ⁣ ⁣ RECIPE: ⁣ ⁣ …

Lisa Everett & her husband refurbished this house built in 1888 & opened &b. Check out my story tonight on @pgctvnews &breakfast &b @cityoflaurelmd

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今到着ーー💦 とにかく朝から暑い😵 とりあえずグッズ列に🏃‍♂️ 一般は前に15人ほど並んでます。 #2019 6/19 'z

coinmetrics: 2/ This week’s feature looks at the stable coin wars. Facebook’s upcoming stablecoin (Global Coin / Libra) will be entering a crowded market that, as of today, is still dominated by Tether …

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Thx 4 your compelling answer! You made me curious about what do you think Guts and Griffith would be like as a couple, how do you imagine their dynamic would develop and grow. Not super chill I agree lmao but it's very interesting given their respective baggages. And kind of unrelated but I was soo mad that Casca insisted Guts to leave the 2nd time even when Guts was like: HEY I WANNA STAY FOR REAL. But Griffith never knew that. Hurts but that's the kind of element that makes for a great tragedy

ikr! Man that scene where Griffith overhears them is so painful. Like it makes sense that Casca would tell Guts to leave imo for a few reasons (mainly because Guts successfully convinced her after they had sex that it was what he ~really truly wanted~ lol, and also I think there’s some interesting selfishness on her part there too) but man, it’s tragic.

Anyway back at you, thanks for the interesting questions. lol idk where to start with this one really because like, there’s so much to potentially say, and so many potential ways for their relationship to go, like I don’t really have One True Concept of their relationship, there are so many possibilities and options.

Holy shit this got ridiculously long lol, sorry. I just used the opportunity to throw out like as many of my griffguts opinions as I could reasonably fit lmao.

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To whom it may concern,

There’s this certain person, that used to be my person. They’re not any longer. Is it bad of to think of where where we’ve would have ended up if we stayed together? Would we have a kid or 2 by now? Would be happily ever after. We were Highschool sweethearts and now we’re nothing to each other. I still think about you. All the bs I put up with you and all the times you’ve dealt with my bs and issues. I miss coming to your house ever day that I had off chillin at the house or with the homies.

Anonymous asked: So, all of you have been around for a long time... so I wondered, did anyone of you ever need any replacement parts? Toaster I would figure, since he was so badly damaged from the crusher gears, but what about the rest of you? What about, for example, Radio as the oldest, or Kirby, since there sure are parts that wear out on a vacuum?

Toaster: Yes, you are right about that. A lot of me that’s here now wasn’t originally mine. Yet, I don’t care about that, because what matters is that I meant more than, say, a toaster oven.

Blanky: My dial, but that’s not a big deal. Otherwise, most of my repairs had to do with my fabric. 

Lampy: Well, my cord was replaced, then my whole circuitry was reworked to be compatible with 60 watts (an upgrade!!), and then, another cord replacement!  Luckily, all those incidents are years and years apart from each other.

Radio: I chose to give up my original tube to someone who needed it far more than I. Several years later, there went my backup battery. Everything else is still raring to go!

Kirby: I don’t want to talk about it. All I can say is: Kitty litter.


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(Killing Eve anon) twitter*com/sckberry/status/1135919822833766407 / twitter*com/sckberry/status/1135928916437286912 / twitter*com/sckberry/status/1137145902399926273

thank you for the links!

cut because it’s about Killing Eve, not Berserk

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