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My personal website. Senior Software Engineer. Specialized in Technologies including &

The new β€˜Cloud Volumes’ service developed by will offer enterprise-class block storage for use with & computer plus a replication store for & DR. Read more on the dev. with in :

Get certified in cloud basics. Attend the Training Day: Fundamentals event on 23rd January. Register here:

The illustration on the right showcases dotted analytics on a black background and on left the session name is Microsoft Azure Training Day: Fundamentals.

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could be a perfect place to keep metadata across all processes but doesn't update it anymore...

We've got a really exciting Solutions Consultant opportunity in London at an award-winning managed service provider! Be a key part of the team and have the chance to work on some of the latest technologies from , , and .

When scoping for the value of a property must be with the boundaries of Int32...

Red_Hat_APAC: Access customers now have the ability to access gold images directly in Azure via your Subscriptions tab.

Tutorial: Synchronization of Dynamics CRM Database with Azure SQL DB via Data Export Service - Step By Step with required

Red_Hat_APAC: Access customers now have the ability to access gold images directly in Azure via your Subscriptions tab.

Access customers now have the ability to access gold images directly in via your Subscriptions tab.

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From beginning to end, Azure’s growth as a person and trainer! She hates the cape, but oh well.
Microsoft Azure for Beginners | What Is Azure? | Microsoft Azure Training | Intellipaat

in this Microsoft Azure for beginners video you will learn what is Azure, microsoft Azure fundamentals concepts like Azure architecture, Azure subscription and resources, core Azure services and how to architect an application on Azure in detail. We have also covered all the Azure certifications available and which one you can choose for your career.

looking at some of my old kuro stuff from like 2011 is so wild. I posted a crack drawing of grell having just given birth to two babies and one looked like will and the other looked like UT (back when both of those ships were almost even in popularity) and in the comments people were like ‘haha thats so funny it reminds me of my rp where Will just got pregnant for the 3rd time by Sebastian and he wont pay child support’ 

and now its 2020 and people are like. ‘dont interact if you believe this headcanon’ 


Azurite Nightmare Cards

Greeting Cards:


Does one dare to venture into the ancient forgotten lair of the azure dragons?


Azurite Nightmare Water Bottle


  • Stainless steel bottle holds 20 oz (590ml) and comes with a leak proof cap
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to carry
  • Reusable, so it’s safe for the planet
  • 360 degree full-wrap vibrant print

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Top three ships: Sigh…. aged-up+outside of canon Sebaciel (Kuroshitsuji), Gladnis (FFXV), and lately GaloLio (Promare). 

Lipstick or chapstick: It depends; I don’t wear either much, but I wear lipstick more thank chapstick. Cosplay. 

Last song: Painkiller - Dreamers  … big mood. 

Last movie: Parasite (2019). No spoilers but; psychological thriller with eastern economic and cultural themes. Subtitled. Leaves you utterly mindfucked; not for the faint of heart. Brilliantly written.

On Amazon Prime: Whew… I think I bought Hannibal (NBC) from Amazon Prime a while ago, and that was probably it 

On cable: Don’t have cable haha /// 

Last book: I started re-reading All Quiet on the Western Front and then immediately remembered how sad it was and stopped LOL 

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Can you tell us a tiny bit more of the story pls

Their mission consists of various outcomes for each member, the main reason for this mission is because they have dreamed of being a protecters for so long. The thing about becoming a protecter is you need to be chosen/called on, and all of the members are fighting their inner selves. So, they go through this whole journey fighting this version of themselves they’ve never seen before, but are they really evil?

new bab!!

Species:Dragonkin jester
Abilities:Ice,black hole,ice arrows
Info:A energetic girl who loves cold weather but doesn’t mind hot weather as well,much like hoku she is also a wyvern as well but looks angelic.In matter of fact azure is hoku’s mate and they love each other very much!

Art & Oc by me
Dragonkins by TheHonorlessRavage,adopted from TheHonorlessRavage
Please don’t trace,repost or claim my art as yours