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Businesses understand the value of big data, but employees aren't being trained to use it via

Deep Learning Containers Updates for SageMaker Debugger and Tensorflow Serving AWS

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Thank you and for certification preparation. It was really helpful and I made a huge step in my career growth

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A couple of AWS basics questions

from Reddit What is the difference between Bootstrapping (making an EC2 with “user data”) and an AMI?How does an API tie into that?What exactly is a “key pair” and what do different key pairs do.How often do people who work frequently with AWS at a low to medium level actually go into the CMI or SDK to do shit? Or does most stuff get done in the actual interface? via /r/aws
How to speed up Fargate container update?

from Reddit Hello!I’m fairly new to AWS and I use a Gitlab pipeline to build code into Docker images, and then push them to AWS Fargate with Terraform. Everything is fine, except for the time it takes to replace the active containers with new ones. There’s an ALB in front, and I use 2 replicas. The containers are tiny = 0.5 CPU, 1GB of RAM and about 100MB in size. Still, it takes like 10 minutes to see the code changes being pushed to Fargate. Is there a way to speed this up?Thanks in advance! via /r/aws
AWS + Credentials + Powershell

from Reddit I’ve been banging my head against the table for over an hour trying to understand the appropriate way to set my profile when use the powershell toolkit for AWS. We use okta today which generates several profiles:Get-AWSCredentials -ListProfileDetail:ProfileName StoreTypeName ProfileLocation———– ————- —————default SharedCredentialsFile C:\Users\\credentialsmaster SharedCredentialsFile C:\Users\\credentialsmst SharedCredentialsFile C:\Users\\credentialsidentity SharedCredentialsFile C:\Users\\credentialsid SharedCredentialsFile C:\Users\\credentialssandbox SharedCredentialsFile C:\Users\\credentialssbx SharedCredentialsFile C:\Users\\credentialsproduction SharedCredentialsFile C:\Users\\credentialsprd SharedCredentialsFile C:\Users\\credentialsBut when I run say: get-s3bucket -ProfileName sbxI get:get-s3bucket : Error reading source profile [default] for profile [sbx].Curious what process folks use with powershell when dealing with multiple accounts/profiles and how you setup your env to handle it appropriately.Thanks via /r/aws
How to connect new Node.js (EB) to existing DynamoDb table?

from Reddit I have some existing DynamoDb tables built with AWS Amplify (should be irrelevant). And I want to stand up a new Node.js server no Elastic Beanstalk and read/write to those same same DynamoDb tables. The only problem I am having is connecting to to those same tables with proper DB permissions.I know how I would create a new DynamoDB instance from the Node.js server, but connecting to an existing one has proven much more difficult. via /r/aws
Cloud Map API, updating service takes at least 30 seconds

from Reddit Hi all,I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. We’ve been doing some POC with the Cloud Map API and we’re finding that it doesn’t support some of the things I would expect from a SD tool.For example, one of the things that’s attractive about Consul at the moment is a TTL health check. My app checks in every 5 seconds and if 10 seconds go by without a check-in, the instance is marked as unhealthy or removed. With CloudMap’s custom health checks, it takes a minimum of 30 seconds (based on failure threshold) to update the status. So if my service says it’s unhealthy then it’s 30 seconds before it stops receiving traffic.Probably worth mentioning is that our app is not a web app and speed is critical.I’m hoping some of you all understand Cloud Map better than me and can shed some light on any way to use it that would be closer to something like Consul.Thanks! via /r/aws
API error rates and latencies in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Sydney)

from Reddit I was getting following error when doing CLI operation today morningAn error occurred (InternalError) when calling the DescribeInstances operation (reached max retries: 4): An internal error has occurredNext checked the status page and found that there was API Error and Latency error for EC2 service in Sydney region.4:41 PM PST We are investigating increased API error rates and latencies in the AP-SOUTHEAST-2 Region. Connectivity to existing instances is not impacted.One of my College rebooted a workspace and its still rebooting from past 45 minutes, but does not effect currently running instance or workspace. via /r/aws
Choosing service for MQTT broker

from Reddit Hello,I need to build IOT MQTT broker that should work on secure MQTT protocol. I also need to manage users that connects to this service and manage subscription access control. Idon’t need MQTT via web socket.At first glance I was planning to use EC2 service in order to create Ubuntu virtual machine and install Mosquitto service in it. But later I found Internet of Things section that contains set of services.Is it possible to construct MQTT service according my requirements by using Internet of Things. By choosing Internet of Things I hope to get more specialized functionality. via /r/aws
RDS Certificate Warning Emails - What Am I Supposed To Do Here?

from Reddit I keep getting these emails that start with:We previously sent a communication in early October to update your RDS SSL/TLS certificates by October 31, 2019. We have extended the dates and now request that you act before February 5, 2020 to avoid interruption of your applications that use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) to connect to your RDS and Aurora database instances. Note that this new date is only 4 weeks before the actual Certificate Authority (CA) expiration on March 5, 2020. Because our own deployments, testing, and scanning to validate all RDS instances are ready for the expiry must take place during the final 4 weeks, the February 5th date cannot be further extended.You are receiving this message because you have an Amazon RDS database instance(s) that requires action.I have no idea what this means. I am tempted to just go in, backup my db, delete the RDS instance, launch a new one, and go on with my life. I do not independently manage any certs for db connectivity in my apps.Would that solve it? via /r/aws