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My new Headingley artwork is now back in stock in the fabulous cafe after selling out in a week! The in this are

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Thank you for 25 years of laughter, joy, passion and inspiration. Heres to many more ! I am blessed to add this to my bookshelf!

On my way to my first wedding of 2019 this morning at let's go make some memories!!

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. The sea lives in every one of us.


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Year of Manifestation!!

Shalom Bishop and Harvesters!!

This praise report may be lengthy and is long overdue.

One Wednesday, Bishop called for us to do a “Go In” prayer before he started preaching. He instructed for us to walk around, clapping and speaking in tongues (if we could). For the entirety of the time, I did exactly as he instructed. Once we were done, going in, I felt so much better (and I don’t normally base anything on how I am feeling - we’ve been taught otherwise).

The day after the prayer, I woke up to an email from a national hospital that I had interviewed with a week or so before, they informed me that they wanted to create a position for me that was better than the position I had applied for. They even asked me to give them some details about what would be my ideal job and responsibilities.

The day after that, a major university that I had applied to over 90 days before, called and asked me to come in the following Monday for an interview. I went to the interview with the mindset that it was a dry run because I planned to work for the hospital that was creating my dream job and position. But once I left the interview, I was excited to also work for the university. Two days later, the university called me again and asked me to come in later that morning to meet with the dean of the department. Two days after that, they called and offered me the job!! 9 days after the ‘Go In’ prayer I had a new job!! But not just a job, it’s a huge leap in my career and my salary.

This position comes with a $1,000 a month pay increase over what I have ever made previously. (Quick note: Every time Bishop says, “A thousand dollar a month raise.” I ALWAYS SAY, I receive that. AND NOW I HAVE RECEIVED IT!) I now know what it means to be financially secure/stable. But it’s not just the money, I am working on groundbreaking projects with titans of the STEM industry. The meetings and networks that I have now, it’s like Bishop says, “The favor of God will put you in boardrooms and in front of people that your education can’t.” And in addition, I am a state employee, which comes with a bunch of amazing benefits and discounts.

I’m so grateful that Bishop has the Ghost and not the guess. I believe that because Bishop prophesied and spoke that this is the year of manifestation, that there is no other option but for it to be!!

Thank you Bishop, for always pouring into us and for teaching us to how to be faithful givers and Harvesters. We are so grateful for you Man of God! 


Weight Loss Journey

Shalom Family, I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember. This year I turned 24 and with the scale almost reaching 400 pounds I decided enough was enough. At this start of the month is did the “10 Day Green Smoothie Detox” and lost a total of 17pounds!!!!! I am so excited to continue my journey with more tools provided and of course the strength,love,and strong faith of God. Please keep me in covered Lord as I continue on this journey!