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La sta nelle piccole cose. L' importante è riconoscerle e apprezzarle per quello che sono.

If someone calls you out of the blue about your pension, the call is illegal and likely to be a fraudster. You should end the call immediately and alert the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

This baby is so sweet. Just 3 months old. Found at outside of Cape Town. Rhinos are still being poached at a rate of 3 per day in S. Africa. It’s so important to help bring up their numbers & save them from extinction.

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They are all around you...if you stop complaining long enough to notice them ;)

Our budding photographer Debbie Parr, whose work featured in the latest Lancashire and North West Magazine that features an article on homelessness and The Ashley Foundation

Is your brain replaying an old version of you that you are not anymore? Don’t stop nature from doing what it needs to do in your life… it’s time to wake up and observe the magic all around.

Are you based in or near Oxford? Root Experience are looking for people to help with their project. It would be great to have SPD represented. Contact them directly via the information on the poster.

Enjoyed another Nutrition and Hydration Week planning meeting yesterday! Lots of exciting things to come at 11th-17th March!

November interview with More Than a Face . Meet Ahila as she shares her story and incredible attitude towards life with

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You and I are the same. What I have done is surely possible for all. You are the Self now and can never be anything else. Throw your worries to the wind, turn within and find peace.
—  Sri Ramana Maharshi
The Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) from a smart phone & ants..
Anyone who really wants to know the impact of their wireless devices should purchase an EMF / RF meter for personal use. it will change your life

This reminded me of the Circling Reindeer,  links below…



Sometimes you have to dance it out💃to maintain…😍

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The fact that there is a thought does not mean there is a thinker who exists before the thought. It works the other way around: the thinker is produced by the thought, and, since it wants to survive, it fills the gap between two thoughts with another thought and the whole mechanism gives the illusion that there is a continuous entity thinking thoughts and you call that ‘I’.
—  U. G. Krishnamurti

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Mind can be the enemy and mind can also be the friend. It is the mind that binds and it is the mind that liberates. When the mind is attached to objects, which are transitory and impermanent, this is the mind that binds. This is the mind that is an enemy. But a mind that does not abide anywhere, on any object, is a mind that is your friend. This is the mind that liberates. It all depends on you, on what kind of company you keep in your mind.
—  Papaji
But Buddha was not interested in the elements comprising human beings, nor in metaphysical theories of existence. He was more concerned about how he himself existed in this moment.
—  Shunryu Suzuki