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No one in the world Can love a girl more than a father 🤗 A father's dreams are in his daughter's eyes most fascinating beautiful enchanting 😇😍 with hs cutie pie princess

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2018年のウィルスソフト総計が出ました😊 言うまでも無く、ボクは満点でかつ西側制作をおススメします... Real World(現実世界において)の結果が重要...   辺りがボクは好き😉

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Beatrix remembered the panic and chaos in the alienage during the Battle of Denerim. She remembered the pain of before - blood spilled and lives taken. I won’t let this happen again. I won’t. 

Seeing darkspawn attack Amaranthine seemed like a return to every nightmare from that time… the city was saved. Beatrix still wasn’t sure she had done enough. I’m so sorry we didn’t get there sooner, Avira.  

(My Beatrix and @lavellanlove ‘s Avira)

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Day Two for the South Park Theme Month. The theme was New Kid and while my main New Kid is Mike, I wanted to show off my newer New Kids.

Avira is my brutalist, she’ll beat you bloody and walks away from explosions without looking back. Cece is my pacifist healer, who rarely resorts to violence but when they need to can one hit KO anyone. (Yeah I mainly play Fractured but Whole, nothing against Stick of Truth.)


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You're a coward for having all your LGBTQ characters be in het relationships.

Hey nonny, the relationships my characters have ended up in are a function of their personalities being interesting together, not some preconceived idea that I only want my characters to date characters of the opposite sex. (If I did, I’d just write them all cis het.)

Maleus is pan. Katsuro is bi. Avi is ace but leans more hetero-romantic. Whether or not they actually date people of multiple genders has no bearing on that whatsoever, and being in a same-sex relationship in no way makes them ‘more’ bi/pan/queer than not. 

That aside, I am confused about the criticism. As it happens, both Mal & Katsuro actually do have pairings with people of the same gender, even if they aren’t canon. Katsuro and Dorian are together in several AUs, he and Thelrand (@saphyremelodies) are together in another, and Mal dates Ralon in the Dawn Lotus!AU (@thereluctantinquisitor). And I know you don’t know all my OCs, but there’s a veritable stable of them, many of whom are LGBT and exclusively date people of the same gender.

But thanks for the opinion! You’re definitely not a coward for telling me so on anon.

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