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What are your thoughts on this picture?

There’s something so therapeutic about watching

 have to watch only one film for 24 hours straight. or ??? I’m sure we know what would pick

2 sisters have helped society with the and They have already cured 80 blind children, scientifically recognized !!! Now these kids can see !!! Unfounded police persecution is stopping their projects, Let's get the !!!!

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Imagine this

KATARA with braids and I mean like locs or dreads.

And maybe Sokka can have some too on top of his head but like imagine it

Their hair obviously has some curl to it but if it was curly enough to be braided or turned into locs

I have this hanging on my room

How to be Happy:

  • Meditate
  • Do anything artistic (art is terapeutical for human beings)
  • Sleep/ Eat/ Drink Water well
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Exercise
  • Sunlight
  • Social Interactions
  • Overcome Challenges
  • Stretch
  • Follow your own rules

I spent all day watching The Last Airbender on Netflix

Korra taking care of you when you’re ill would include…


Originally posted by yuujinchos-remade

• At first she would be worried about how serious it is, she would triple check the symptoms and frequently check if you’re getting better or worse

• Although she’s not the best cook ever, there are two things she can do amazingly. Water tribes’ soups and stews, and SnAcKs. Which is perfect as she would make you some delicious ‘feel better soup’ and cater to your occasional cravings

• She has an amazing immune system so you can bet she would not only take care of you but stay with you as much as you want

• Cuddles? Yes. Doubling as a hot water bottle? YES, that’s the advantage of having an Avatar girlfriend.

• Cuddles with (and unintentional falling asleep on) Naga is also, most definitely, a thing.

• When you’re stuck in bed and bored she will do anything to entertain you. Reading to you, showing you cool Avatar tricks, braiding hair, learning a new hobby together. Anything.

• Hugs when you’re tired or in pain or just feel like crying. Best hugs.

• She also knows some wonderful herbal recipes and will definitely make you the best herbal and/or spiced teas to make you feel better.

• After you fall asleep (and she will make sure you go to sleep early) she will try to clean the mess the two of you made. All the pots and pans, the cups, the pill bottles, the tissues etc.

• The moment you start feeling better she will make sure you take it easy at first, even if you think you’re completely fine by then. Cause you’re not. She will either remind you or just ask you to stay with her at home more etc. You may feel better but you still need to rest a bit.

• Just soft and calm and strong and sometimes goofy girlfriend taking care of you.

Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65

“Blue (Da Ba Dee),” is a 1998 single by Eiffel 65 from their debut album, Europop. Why do I have a feeling that this song was created complete by accident. Like one of the singers was just humming a tune for a potential song and the producer’s like “Wow, that’s amazing! Let’s use that!” Anyway, this should have been a song featured in avatar with all their blue cousins and all, and if it was I apologize,  I still haven’t seen the movie yet. It’s a blue rainy day so it felt like an appropriate time to post this song. It’s funny how surprisingly cheerful this supposedly “blue,” song actually is. Not to mention how catchy it is! I know this will be stuck in your head all day after viewing, so a tip to you is, if you sing the last words of a song, you will tend to no longer have the song in your head. You’re welcome!

  • Song: 6/10
  • Video: 7/10