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  - Aleksei Bogorjanov

The best thing about ? As well as all the art and history, every now and again you find yourself somewhere that makes you forget you are in a european capital 🍁🍁

Drawing prompt Day 14: Board game Inspired by the wizard chess room in the first Harry Potter movie. Care to join in for the glory? Enjoy the leaves of autumn Prompt by Art and characters by

Backlit trees, calm water and some fog creeping in, could not ask for more this autumn morning in Oslo😀 A beautiful morning for photography!

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you give me butterflies. every time you smile, i feel like i’m floating. you make me really happy. i appreciate every little thing you’ve done for me from being a member of my support system to making the effort to see each other again. you make me all shy and giddy. every time i get off the phone with you, i’m smiling and jumping around. i don’t know where this is going to go, (i’m hoping we’ll be friends no matter what) but i want you to know that you are so special and you’ve made me feel hopeful again.