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BMW and Daimler join forces to build fleet of self-driving vehicles Find out about more great companies working on AV development at :

Strong performance by on just now talking about the UK car industry and the need to embrace new technologies

Combining Sensor Observations with Streaming HD Maps for Robust AD with Frans de Rooij, Regional Director Product Management, Autonomous Driving

Popular press continues to present the availability of , controlled, as ready. Media coverage about or GM/Cruise would make us believe that the future is upon us. We are nowhere near.

Tries to Play Catch Up On Tech. seem out of reach for both and VW who is in talks to invest in Argo AI at a $4 billion valuation. The race to master the is more a marathon than a sprint.

“Brokers should ensure their customers understand the capability of the car they wish to insure, and what responsibilities rest with them around safe use of the available technology"

The 2019 Advisory Board has been confirmed! Experts from , , & more are working with us to put together an unmissable conference agenda! Find out more here

presented the issues of perception edge cases for including the heavy-tail distribution of object types and brittleness to slight variations in images identifying fragility of perception algorithms. Brilliant work!!

Hear more from on 'Driver and cabin monitoring systems on the road towards an autonomous future' Auto Europe this April in Berlin.

Navigate feature of Autopilot automatically passes slow cars & takes highway interchanges & off-ramps. Impressive but is it ready??? Autopilot Full (Neighborhood) -

Bell Nexus teaming up with to bring flying taxis to seat 5 people. Elevate initiative plans scaling the flying taxi-amusing given road taxi is still struggling to scale to promise. What's the point really??

says we'll have from next year. has developed some impressive semi technology, but the idea that it’ll have by next year is misleading. Weather? Lighting? Pedestrians? Cyclists??

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Repost @lexfridman : Predicting future behavior of human beings is one of my favorite problems in AI. PerceptionRNN component of Waymo’s ChauffeurNet predicts the trajectory of other cars. Here visualized in red is the past & in green is the predicted future.
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💡 How do you think will 5G combined with AI, impact over lives? The 5G mobile cellular communications system provides a far higher level of performance than the previous generations of mobile communications systems.

The new 5G technology is not just the next version of mobile communications, evolving from 1G to 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G. 🎯

Instead, 5G technology is very different. Previous systems had evolved driven more by what could be done with the latest technology. The new 5G technology has been driven by specific uses ad applications. 💯

5G has been driven by the need to provide ubiquitous connectivity for applications as diverse as automotive communications, remote control with haptic style feedback, huge video downloads, as well as the very low data rate applications like remote sensors and what is being termed the IoT, Internet of Things. Source: Video Credits: World Economic Forum. 💡
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Este es uno de los vehículos autónomos que DiDi Labs está probando en California. Tiene 7 cámaras, muchos sensores y la cajuela llena de computadoras 😁
#AI #autonomousvehicles (en Mountain View, California)

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Última actualización del proyecto: prueba final


Here it is again! #autonomousvehicle #driverless #autonomousvehicles #lasvegas #dtlv (at Fremont East District)

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One single disruption

Predicting the future is a mug’s game. Nearly every blog about the future starts with that sentence. It’s true, the future is going to hit us like a tonne of bricks and there’s not much we can do about it. Or can we?

Here’s my general thesis: Work will change, jobs will be fewer, we need to figure this out before it becomes a real problem.

Let’s start with one segment of one single disruption, one we know is coming: self-driving vehicles. 

Scott Santens wrote a great article on the future of the Trucking Industry called: Self-driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-driven Truck 

About 10 million jobs in the US are part of, or dependent on the trucking industry, and then another million in Canada. This is one of the last good, solidly middle-class jobs that you can get without a degree. And those jobs are in grave danger. Self-driving trucks spell the end of long-haul trucking. And truck stops, wait staff, cooks, etc.; dozens and dozens of jobs in dozens and dozens of little towns all across North America.

This isn’t all bad, it will mean fewer accidents, faster shipping, maybe even cheaper goods. But the bad (aside from the lives saved); the loss of so many middle-class jobs, far out ways any good. How do we re-employ that many people?

And this is a single disruptive force in a single industry. The future doesn’t look good for employment.