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Uber Said to Be Developing Self-Steering Bikes and Scooters

Our third generation Smart Corner was named a 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree. Smart Corner integrates sensors into headlamps and tail lamps to provide OEMs with the required functionality for autonomous driving. Learn more:

. and in talks to cooperate on and -driving commercial vans and pickups with possible shared platform.

Another industry first - we're the first Haulage System (AHS) in to run on private long-term evolution (LTE) in commercial operations:

Professor Peter Hellinckx: autonome wagens komen snel en ook al hebben ze ongelukken, het zijn er drastisch minder en geen excuus om deze technologie niet verder te ontwikkelen. #

We are developing an system. Are you the intern that can design, build and implement a smart “wall charging station” where multiple robot batteries can be charged in? Visit our website for more info: .

Colored-coded Doppler lidar instantly shows velocity and range of traffic and pedestrians. (Image credit: Blackmore)

There are two fundamental conditions to enable , and . The organization and any group/entity must have: Clear Clear if they are reaching their purpose To learn more:

has announced the FrontRunner Haulage System (AHS) is the industry’s first AHS enabled to run on private long-term evolution in commercial operations. Story:

“The exercise at Warrior 18 successfully showcased an integrated system of systems approach to executing autonomous defence tasks with little or no human intervention,” said Ian Campbell, Defensive Surface Warfare, . Full details here:

World's largest Artemis floor mosaic known. Right now enjoying the conference with lots of hi-tech research and innovation. Thanks for an excellent event. Visit our stand to talk super-vision cameras for and humans with

Autonomous driving will change the way we move - and the way we live and do business as well. : Which industries are to be transformed by driving? 👉

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Mercedes-Benz 🏎 Vision EQ Silver 🏹 Arrow Concept! Watch 👀 the full 📹 video ▶️.
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22.  Hello, Are You Still There?!...

You guyyyysss!!!

I’m so sorry I abandoned you!!!

A LOT has happened in a little over a year.  Last time I updated this blog, it was August 2017…It’s now January 2019!  

Originally posted by nmdogdaze

Let me think back to what was going on the last time I updated you…

When I started this blog, I had just tried my hand at the bootcamp once more.  I was so focused that I had even moved from my cozy one bedroom in Oakland to make my commute to San Francisco shorter.  This bit me in the ass because I was so focused on making it easier for me to do the camp that I desparately agreed to the first apartment that was nearby and liveable…There was a cat there with two other roommates, one of which lived in the living room.  I am allergic to cats but thought I would just not touch it and be fine.  Well, it wasn’t.  I was so allergic that I would wake up in the middle of the night because I would feel my throat closing up!  I requested to cancel my lease with the building management but ended up snitching by accident on my roommate!  She claimed she didn’t know the building was not supposed to have animals.  I certainly didn’t know that before reaching out to management to move so I looked like the snitch.  I didn’t care and became an enemy to the girl that had to move.  Oh well… *shoulder shrug*

Originally posted by theperksofperkiness

Problems did not end when the roommate and cat left.  Her replacement was worst and because of all the cat dander in the air, carpet and surfaces, I was STILL having allergic reactions that made it hard to live in the space.  Things got so bad that I had to call 911 and go to the emergency room.

To make matters worse, one night, I thought I would switch it up and wear makeup.  Well, since I am not a frequent wearer of the crap, I used some old makeup that was expired.  Eff-ed my eye all up.  The drops the doc gave me made my vision blurry.  This was the worst few months of my entire life.  I never knew when my health issues would end and felt like I was being punished for pursuing a goal…I’m a very spiritual person and felt all of this was happening because I was being desperate and unrealistic. Playing with my money.  Not making smart moves.  It’s okay to be passionate, but it must be in reason…I had to move…

So I moved, only this time, the roommates were just as bad and the rent was CRAZY expensive. I was so worn out though that I threw judgement and care to the wind.  

I had promised myself and you all that I would not quit…well, I had to quit.  I couldn’t get a proper balance between the camp, work and home.  

I was GUNNING for a spot on my team’s Data Analytics team and started to see how everything was taking away from my focus in my job.  It got so bad that I started getting called out by manager and teammates, many times embarrassingly in meetings with other teammates and teams.  

I smartened up though.  After I quit the program and after a year and a half of doing data analytics, I was finally promoted.  February 2018 was when I saw the pay bump, but my day to day tasks had not changed much, further proving to me, that I was ready and that I was being slept on…

Then another curve ball came…my roommate situation was so bad (those girls were crazy and were NOT happy that I knew that and was not taking their crap) that yes, ladies and gentlemen, I had to move AGAIN!  

Originally posted by samanthalynngurry

I had build a reputation amongst my friends, family and colleague as a transient.  After graduation I moved to Jersey City for my first job out of college, then I moved to living room in Hoboken for a cheaper option since I became a traveling consultant, then I moved to an apartment in Chelsea, NY, after the living room situation was tooo savage, even for me :) then I moved to Daly City in pursuit of a tech role in the Bay Area, then I moved to Oakland when the old lady in Daly City started treating me like her son and going through my things without asking, then I moved to another place in Oakland when the old woman I lived with in Oakland became uncomfortable with me screwing with her schedule when I would ask her to clean up behind herself more and smoke in her room.  Confused yet?  No?!  Well let me continue :). Then I moved to Downtown Oakland when my roommate in the second Oakland place started disrespecting house rules we discussed, then I moved to one bedroom once the landlord in the Downtown Oakland spot refused to change the old water heater that would BANG loudly at 3 AM every morning and wake me out of my sleep, then I moved to San Francisco in pursuit of a shorter commute, then I moved back to Oakland this time, and for the first time EVER since I have been out of the house at 17, it was a place by myself, because my previous apartment was home to a roommate I shared a wall with that decided to have a 4-some without notice while my best friend was visiting and our other 5 roommates were in the house, then I moved from that Oakland place because the refried bean smell every morning from the Mexican restaurant below me would be so strong that it would wake me out of my sleep…and because I craved a shorter commute and didn’t think I deserved living on my own, then I moved once the shorter commute apartment almost killed me, then I moved AGAIN when the roommates in that place almost drove me to killing one of them :)

Originally posted by plasticbagbarbie

It felt so unfair that I was being labeled a transient though because these moves were mostly made mostly out of necessity, not through me being a bad roommate or being flighty.

In a convo with my dad about my promotion and raise, he encouraged me to start thinking of homeownership.  I had then planned that the next place I would move to would be a place of my own, but after not being able to reach a compromise with my roommates, I had to start an apartment search again.

This time, I wanted to go REALLY cheap.  I had burned up all of my money on moving and medical bills that I had to bunker down if I wanted to own a home…and do a bootcamp if I finally got around to getting my sh*t together…

Quitting the bootcamp prep for a second time and moving what was now my third time in a year did something to my psyche and I had to refocus.  I realized that I needed to get a lower-paced job if I really wanted to pursue this engineering thing.  Learning on the job was making me slow and screwing up my reputation, something I consider priceless.

So…that’s what I did…I snuck around, and through the help of some colleagues, quit my job.

Once I announced it, my manager then started offering things I could get involved in, such as project management.  Part of why I was where I was on his team was him pushing me to do things that HE saw fit for me, my work style and personality, not what I perceived those to be.  He is my manager, and yes, he has the upper hand, so I finally had to decide that I had to step away.  I was tired of taking the backseat for someone else’s goals and plans.

I switched over to Operations, which is what a naysaying, but still valued, mentor told me to do.  He too, like my manager, did not believe I would be a good engineer and thus encouraged me to do something “business-y”.  While I appreciate their advice and understand that they only want the best for me, I had to make a decision for myself.

I left the team on good terms.  I was celebrated and everyone was shocked.  It did not bother me much because I was locked into my plan.  This is the plan that was born when I first started playing Barbie CD-ROM games as an 8 year-old and  modified when I switched my major from Computer Science to Economics.

In between my role in Data Analytics and my role in Operations, I visited Japan for a little while.  I may or may not drop the link to that blog here in this one ;)

It was a freeing experience to meet my maternal grandmother’s side of the family and touch down on a place that I had only dreamed about.  I was welcomed with open arms by my family and I accomplished many goals during that trip, one of them being flying for that long in the air and reuniting my Japanese and American families.  I felt unstoppable and knew this was the drive I needed to complete this goal of becoming a software engineer.

I returned to my job but in a new role.  The role was heavily Finance but it was Finance for autonomous vehicles.  This was something I had aspired to get involved in ever since I heard my company was opening a facility.  I felt pretty special and privileged to be able to build the budget for 2019, be in a role working with the directors of the org, get new experience in an industry I did not know any other Black women in…but I felt slightly guilty because I knew I would be leaving soon…I had tried to hop on technical projects to keep those skills strong and it felt great.  It is something that I am good at and I received many compliments by the engineers I had worked with on these projects.  One day, one said, “We’ve gotta get you to learn Python!,” to which I responded, “Trust me!  It’s been a goal of mine for a while now…”

The commute for this role was 2 hours…ONE WAY…however, this was what was attractive to me about the role.  It was in Silicon Valley and that long in one place means I HAD to be productive.  Also, because of this, my manager was pretty lenient with me and my schedule.  I started work around 9 AM and was off of work at 5 PM…everyday.  Some days shorter.  This was the consistency I needed to take another stab at the bootcamp…Third time’s a charm, right?…


Delivery dogs, take 2. Signup to Welcome.AI to stay updated on AI changing your industry.

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In 2018 Railroading entered a brave, new world as the first fully-autonomous freight train completed its initial run in Australia. Stay updated with AI companies and technologies at Welcome.AI⠀
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Decades ago, many suggested that by 2012 the world would be well into the electric, self- driving, and flying car phase. We aren’t quite there yet but the industry is rising, and the noise is loud!

Electric and self-driving vehicle manufacturers are drooling over the positive impacts that the segment will have on the world. Not only are EV’s and self-driving vehicles better for the environment, but they also drastically lower oil and maintenance costs. Along with this, what is considered to be most important, autonomous vehicles have the potential to completely eliminate human driving errors that cause some 90% of all vehicle accidents (according to a 2013 study conducted by Stanford).

Resulting from the hype, electric and autonomous vehicle registrations are up 55 percent worldwide and the total number of electric vehicles also rose to approximately 3+ million cars, up from 2 million previously. The China vehicle market leads the way with 1.2 million EV’s on the road, followed by the US with 750,000 (These numbers were found in a recent survey conducted by the Centre for Solar Energy).

It’s easy to see these statistics and think that we are witnessing an EV and autonomous “takeover”, especially considering all of the news and hype surrounding the industry but not so fast! Taking into account that there are approximately 260+ million vehicles registered in the US, EV sales are still quite low at only about 1 million, which is not even 1 percent of the total.

According to Bloomberg, this will change drastically by 2040, as 54 percent of all new vehicle sales are expected to EV. If this information proves to be true, and the growth continues at the current rate, we are still decades away before EVs amount to majority of the vehicles on the road. Yes, the sector is positioned for enormous growth, but there are many factors that have slowed the worldwide adoption of electric and self- driving cars.

The first, small, factor that didn’t allow the sector to get going sooner rather than later were the regulations. People feared cars being able to drive themselves with no assistance, although human error causes 90+ percent of accidents. People want control, but because of the millions of miles worth of testing, people are very close to feeling that as the technology continues to advance. Electric and self-driving vehicles are one of those things that has to be almost perfect to even launch, let alone gain worldwide adoption.

Contributing to these safety hazards, the batteries that power these vehicles have been a major issue and concern over the years. Not only have they resulted in many vehicles catching fire because of faulty batteries, but the charging and driving capabilities have yet to meet expectations. The technology is here, but it has yet to be fully figured out. I personally know multiple people who won’t yet settle for a Tesla or electrical vehicle because of the battery ranges. Constant travelers have problems with the time that the batteries take gain a full charge, along with the distance that they are able to drive without having to find another charging station.

Problems such as these are reasons that companies such as Tesla are just recently taking huge strides. Tesla launched 15 years back, in 2003, and not until 2012 did they launch their flagship vehicle, the Tesla Model S, and started toward mass production. Yes they launched the (first) Tesla Roadster in 2008, but only selling 2,500 isn’t enough to make any noise during this day and time.

Concluding, many industries can almost disregard the alarming and many false reports that claim the EV and autonomous takeover is here. Oil, gas, mechanics, and even independent auto shops will be in high demand for decades to come. Yes the takeover is coming, but there is still a lot of time to get prepared or even contribute to the greatness thats coming!

Documenting a city

Starting in the late 1930s, New York City began hiring photographers to document each and every building in the city. It did this to improve the accuracy of its tax assessments, and so every photo was taken with a sign board indicating the building’s block and lot number. The photos looked like this (taken from here):

The initiative produced over 700,000 black and white photos, all of which have been recently digitized according to the New York Times. The Times also recently published this interactive piece where they go back to these archival photos to see how the city has and hasn’t changed. 

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, documenting a city and its buildings was clearly a manual endeavor. Today we have Google Street View (launched in 2007), which has now photographed much of the world. Many countries, including all of North America, are reported as having “mostly full coverage.”

But already autonomous vehicles (and their supporting services) are starting to scan and map our cities in new ways. So it will be interesting to see what ends up getting built on top of this data. I am certain it will empower much more than just better tax assessments.

Happy New Year, friends. Thanks for reading over the last year.

The future we've seen in movies is getting closer

Autonomous freight and Moon 44

I remember when I was younger (gosh, sounds so weird but you get the idea) and saw this movie (yes, I like to watch sci-fi movies no matter if they are B movies) about a moon exploration that was sabotaged and a team of convicts were sent there to investigate the whole thing. Now to our current subject, we have this news:

First autonomous freight train network fully operational announced by Mining Co.

On Friday a mining corporation named Rio Tinto just announced that its AutoHaul autonomous train that operates in Western Australia had logged more than a million km starting from July 2018. This also makes it be the biggest robot in the world (nice, right?).

Few small details:
- Mines served: 14
- Port terminals: 4
- Built time: 10 years
- Cost: $1.3 billion ($916 million USD)
- Remotely monitored: YES (from 1500 km away)
- Length of the train: 2.4Km long
- Increase in productivity: Yes (1mil since July 28 vs 1.5million / year with drivers dues to shift changes)
- Average return distance: 800km
- Time for average return: 40 hours

Now, another interesting thing is that the trains are 6% faster due to the fact that the autonomous train does not break or accelerate like humans do. They tend to do it closer to perfection.

Now, for the comment at the beginning of this article. If we can do more autonomous things, including freight trucks (as seen in another sci-fi movie) and also the fact that in the US there is this trend about freight trucks that will act as a fleet to cut down highway traffic and multiple other projects we probably know nothing about at the moment I think, I really do, that at some point we will start to look up. Truly look up.

Looking up,


Alphabet’s Waymo on Wednesday launched a significant development in its costly, decade-long quest for autonomous transportation: self-driving taxis that actually generate fares.

The company has begun charging passengers to use its driverless vehicles in a roughly 100-mile (160 km) zone in four Phoenix suburbs - Chandler, Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert - where it has been testing its technology since 2016.

To use Waymo’s service, dubbed Waymo One, riders must download an app and provide a credit card number, similar to ridesharing services Uber and Lyft. A human driver will be behind the wheel, but only to intervene in case of emergency.

“Over time, we hope to make Waymo One available to even more members of the public,” Chief Executive John Krafcik wrote in a blog post. “Self-driving technology is new to many, so we’re proceeding carefully.”

The company has been testing its driverless cars for a decade. Its fleet, now numbering 600 vehicles, has logged more than 10 million miles on public roads in and around 25 U.S. cities.

Video by @seeker

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BMW developed a self-driving version of its R1200GS, a motorcycle that it spent more than two years developing. The motorcycle, sans rider, can start, accelerate, lean into turns and stop all on its own. The company explained that it created the self-driving motorcycle not for consumers but to learn more about how it can implement new safety features.

Stefan Hans, a BMW safety engineer says “The prototype helps us to expand our knowledge about the vehicle’s dynamics so that we can classify the rider’s behavior and determine if a future situation will become dangerous or not, If so, we can inform, warn or intervene directly.” The bike will be used to develop new safety systems aimed at supporting inattentive drivers.

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#Repost @superincrediblebot
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Meet the WingtraOne - the safest and most accurate drone for mapping & surveying 😉👊😯👍🔥 If you like it, don’t forget to follow @superincrediblebot and to tag a friend :)😘💕💕 WingtraOne is a professional #VTOL (vertical take off and landing) #surveying #drone . WingtraOne offers large coverage, high resolution and accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in). 😇

The Vertical Take-Off and Landing capability allows the VTOL mapping drone WingtraOne to ascend and
move like a helicopter. For the #mapping #mission it transitions into forward cruise flight and
matches the endurance and speed of fixed-wing airplanes. In order to land, the WingtraOne🤓

switches back to hover flight and descends vertically.👊 Wingtra was founded in 2016 as a spin-off from Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart’s #Autonomous #Systems Lab, at ETH Zurich in #Switzerland 😇

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