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And the next one! Same story, same , even some same questions but they added a few more technical ones on . For me still no specific training required Feels like a "welldone". Next week I'll have a shot at (pre)sales exams

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is Septentrio's smallest ever multi-frequency multi-constellation . No compromises made. A fit for your positioning application?

Hear more from on 'Driver and cabin monitoring systems on the road towards an autonomous future' Auto Europe this April in Berlin.

We've held exams for our new operators in the beautiful sunshine today 😎 Throughout the day they've been tested in technical knowledge, communication and operating the bus 👍 Great way to finish off the week!

says we'll have from next year. has developed some impressive semi technology, but the idea that it’ll have by next year is misleading. Weather? Lighting? Pedestrians? Cyclists??

expression control nano device will contribute to ! Please share at International Conference on and in health care, scheduled during May 27-28, 2019 Istanbul, Turkey

Automaker Jaguar is changing the game of communication in the auto industry by developing a language between vehicles and pedestrians through the use of intelligent technologies via

“Each Vertical has a specific role to play in achieving the ultimate long-term vision of providing fully and fully shared fleets.”

As early as 2020, commuters in the Stockholm area may be riding buses. has announced its plans to deploy buses on a 5km route next year. They will be driving in a special bus-only lane on a public road.

Chemical are problematic! 🤨 Hence, the 2018 Bavaria regional challenge winner Acrai has developed robots for the detection, localisation, and automatic removal of weed. 💡

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Miso Robotics develops and manufactures artificial intelligence-driven robots that assist chefs to make food at restaurants. Stay updated with AI in your industry @uchouz_
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Music by Nordgroove (at Cardiff)

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Despite over 50 years of research in robotics, most existing robots are far from being as resilient as the simplest animals: they are fragile machines that easily stop functioning in difficult conditions. The goal of this project is to radically change this situation by providing the algorithmic foundations for low-cost robots that can autonomously recover from unforeseen damages in a few minutes.

The current approach to fault tolerance is inherited from safety-critical systems (e.g. spaceships or nuclear plants). It is inappropriate for low-cost autonomous robots because it relies on diagnosis procedures, which require expensive proprioceptive sensors, and contingency plans, which cannot cover all the possible situations that an autonomous robot can encounter.

It is here contended that trial-and-error learning algorithms provide an alternative approach that does not require diagnosis, nor pre-defined contingency plans. In this project, we will develop and study a novel family of such learning algorithms that make it possible for autonomous robots to quickly discover compensatory behaviors. We will thus shed a new light on one of the most fundamental questions of robotics: how can a robot be as adaptive as an animal? The techniques developed in this project will substantially increase the lifespan of robots without increasing their cost and open new research avenues for adaptive machines. - Jean-Baptiste Mouret, PhD

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What a difference 48 years makes juxtaposition of Volkswagen Passat Typ 32, 1972 and Volkswagen Passat Typ 3G, 2020. VW have revealed the facelifted 8th generation European Passat. The new Passat will be the first Volkswagen to offer partially automated driving at cruising speed via IQ.DRIVE – VW’s new umbrella brand for assistance systems

The days of going to the grocery store will soon be a distant memory

Not long ago, imagining a self-driving delivery vehicle seemed to be a ridiculous fantasy. 

Fast forward to 2019 and retailers are starting to test autonomous vehicles. Companies such as Stop & Shop plan to deliver a selection of groceries via a driverless vehicle.

The process will work as follows: Customers will use an app on their smartphone to request a shopping visit. When the vehicle arrives at the desired destination, customers may go outside, simply unlock the vehicles doors and pick their groceries. The products purchased from the Robomart are then recorded and charged. A receipt will be emailed to the customer within seconds.

Companies like Shop & Drop intend to make shopping easier and more convenient for their customers. Other retail companies are quickly catching on and are looking to invest in self-driving delivery vehicles.

Are we becoming too lazy or is this the future of grocery shopping?  


Amazon Scout is a fully-electric delivery system. Designed to safely get packages to customers using autonomous delivery devices. Stay updated with AI companies at Welcome.AI

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Delivery dogs, take 2. Signup to Welcome.AI to stay updated on AI changing your industry.

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In 2018 Railroading entered a brave, new world as the first fully-autonomous freight train completed its initial run in Australia. Stay updated with AI companies and technologies at Welcome.AI⠀
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