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Model S Ritorno al Nürburgring con nuovi aggiornamenti

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Automaker forms a new joint venture with driving tech company . The goal is to develop Level 4 and 5 production-ready, self-driving systems intended for commercial fleets by 2022.

Exciting day at , Think , learning how captured carbon + cow berps = plastic and will be surveying the future of our oceans.

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Discuss the criticality of positioning fusion for V2X and navigation with Spirent experts Vehicle Test & Development Symposium on Oct 22, Room B, 3:00 pm:

Many car-owners would consider moving to a new area and/or giving up their vehicles in favor of mobility solutions such as self-driving buses or taxis and on-demand services.

Autonomous ‘Mayflower’ research ship will use IBM AI tech to cross the Atlantic in 2020, it will leave from Plymouth, England and head to Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA in September 2020. Read more here;

RCO breaks ground on new building dedicated to 3 secure flex spaces for our customers. A building of this size will have more than enough space for full-sized functional mock-ups, assembly, or low volume production. Available Q4.

The databases store critical business information and are essential for the efficient functioning of modern organizations. @ capital-minds

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Fahrenheit 451 predicted ASMR


Toyota e-Palette, Tokyo 2020 version. The autonomous shuttle will be used within the Olympic and Paralympic Village during the the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The vehicle is anticipated to feature automated driving (up to SAE Level 4). In addition to having an operator aboard every vehicle to monitor the automated driving operation, Toyota will also provide a digital control system to monitor the general operating conditions of the vehicle.


Annalee Newitz on Time Machines, Riot Girls, and General Nerdery

In Annalee Newitz’s The Future of Another Timeline, there is no such thing as undisturbed history. Time machines have always been there: like the cosmos, we can make hypotheses but will never truly know how this “technology so advanced it’s actually nature” was created. But we do know how to work it—“we’re actually pretty optimized for pounding rocks together”—and have been doing so since before written history. And so, time travel is actually rather mundane: from scammers to academic grants, Newitz uses the banalities of our world to frame time machines as “the purview of academics and spies and also insurance agents.” At the American Writer’s Museum in early October, Newitz spoke to Dan Sinker about their takes on time travel, secret histories, and general nerdery in their newest novel.

This book in some ways began with the riot girl scene. When Newitz experienced it, women of color were certainly involved—but the bands that went big were always fronted by white women. “What would have had to change in history,” Newitz thought, for the best bands to be fronted by women of color: for a more intersectionally feminist pop culture. They decided that a key moment would be if women had gotten the vote at the same time as black freed slaves, leading to a truly intersectional feminism throughout history. Newitz dropped “nerdery” Easter Eggs galore in this alternate world—Tim Burton in this timeline made Wonder Woman movies instead of Batman ones; people are in the wrong bands in the punk scene.

And mirrored with this riot girl edit is a showdown led by immigrant and women of color musicians and dancers on the Midway at the World Fair. Few people know the full history of how Anthony Comstock, who through the Comstock Laws had banned information about birth control, abortion, and more through the mail, came to Chicago and tried to shut down the Midway for obscenity. “It’s an alternate history that’s also a secret history,” they said—because many readers are uncertain of what really happened in our own, present timeline (they added an index to the end of the book to tell us what’s real). That’s the joy, they and Sinker agreed, of writing a novel set in Chicago: it’s a city with a huge rich history that’s slightly less known than other big urban areas. “There’s a secret city here,” said Newitz. “To have it be so unwritten is kind of exhilarating.”

It’s a famous question: is time edited through collective action or great men? Characters debate throughout the book. The Daughters of Action believe in collective action: if Hitler had been shot, someone else would have taken his place, because while one ‘great man,’ he was also backed by a social movement. But there are still hints throughout the novel that some people, such as Senator Harriet Tubman, are really flashpoints. Newitz toyed with the way the Daughters of Harriet view the past: they open their meetings by each explaining the history that they remember, because only the person who edited a timeline will recall the old version. For Newitz, that is “very real to how life actually is”: we all remember and experience the past in our own way, but here it’s literalized. That said, the Daughters believe they can change history with collective action, and Newitz described the book as a love letter to Direct Action by L.A. Kauffman.

When they started the book in 2016, they were toying with an alternate history where the only difference was that abortion wasn’t legal, and it followed in their mind that in this story, teen girls would be murdering rapists. But it was a very different novel then. “Originally the characters were not going to be able to change history,” Newitz admitted, but after Trump’s election, “I watched the world change so drastically in real time, and realized that’s not even realistic.” And they then wanted to write about hope and resilience in the face of terror. They also, they said with a grin, added an extra murder. “I had scaled back on the murder,” Newitz said, but after watching the Kavanaugh hearings, “I added another one in.” 

I asked them about that shift to hope—noting that the villains in this novel are not actually trying to achieve the most dystopian timeline, but trying to fix the timelines forever. “Keeping history open is freedom,” Newitz nodded, because you can always salvage it. Modern politics is often a battle over the past, and outlooks such as MAGA are all about “freezing history.” “Love of an unchanging past is conservatism,” Newitz said. “Wanting to muck around is a more progressive view of the past.”


What a difference 50 years makes juxtaposition of Suzuki Carry Van L40, 1969 and Suzuki HANARE, 2019. The L40 was actually the 4th generation of Suzuki’s kei-sized van. The HANARE is a concept for this year’s Tokyo Motor Show that is an autonomous driving mobile room. An interior space likened by Suzuki to a detached cottage (“hanare” in Japanese), it proposes the fun and excitement of a car with the need to drive it. What could they mean…


Skydio 2 announced for just $999! Ships in November.


Nissan IMk concept, 2019. A prototype electrically-powered “ultimate urban commuter”. Nissan says “equipped with the latest ProPILOT advanced driver assistance technologies and seamless connectivity features, the IMk provides a glimpse of how urban-oriented cars may look and feel in the near future.” It will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show

Otonom taşımacılıkta önemli adım

Ford Otosan ve AVL’nin ortak Ar-Ge işbirliği kapsamında başlattığı ‘Platooning-otonom konvoy’ projesinin ilk geliştirme aşaması başarıyla tamamlandı. Geçtiğimiz yıl başlayan projenin çıktılarının kamyon taşımacılığını tekrar şekillendireceği öngörülüyor.

Proje kapsamında, konvoy olarak ve otonom (sürücü mühahalesi olmaksızın) halde yola çıkan iki Ford Trucks çekicisi, yapılan ilk denemelerde hedeflenen mesafeleri başarıyla kat etti. Ford Otosan Eskişehir Fabrikası’nda düzenlenen platooning teknolojisi lansmanına katılan Ford Otosan Genel Müdür Yardımcısı Burak Gökçelik ve AVL Başkan Yardımcısı Rolf Dreisbach, ‘Platooning’ teknolojisini başarılı bir iş birliği ile Türkiye’de geliştirmekten ve test etmekten duydukları mutluluk duyduklarını açıkladı. Söz konusu teknoloji, Ford Otosan ürün geliştirme birimi ile AVL’nin Türkiye ve Regensburg-Almanya’daki mühendislik ekiplerinin işbirliği ile geliştiriliyor.

“Otonom taşımacılığa öncülük edecek”

Bugün, otonom kamyonlar üzerinde çalışan, bu alana yatırım yapan ve en önemlisi gösterimini yapabilecek bir prototip ürüne sahip olan dünyadaki sayılı kamyon üreticilerinden biri olmanın mutluluğunu yaşadıklarını söyleyen Ford Otosan Genel Müdür Yardımcısı Burak Gökçelik, Türkiye’de ilk olan bu projenin, otonom araç geliştirme faaliyetlerine öncülük edeceğini de belirtti. Bu Ar-Ge projesinin karbon emisyonunun ve yakıt tüketiminin azalmasına, yol güvenliğinin artmasına ve akılllı ulaşıma olanak sağlayacağını da vurgulayan Gökçelik, projenin sonraki safhalarında ve uzun vadede ‘SAE-Seviye 4’ otonom sürüş fonksiyonlarını geliştirmeyi ve Uçtan-Uca (Hub-to-Hub) otonom otoyol taşımacılığını gerçekleştirmeyi hedeflediklerini söyledi.

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Scania AXL, 2019. A cabless autonomous concept truck for use in mines and large closed construction sites


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