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Leichtbau innovativ! ist das Motto nächste Woche beim 7. Joinventure Leichtbau-Workshop Nähe München. Mit Fachausstellung!

How Is Changing Data Science is at the heart of a massive transformation for the modern enterprise. However, managing the data science process that powers AI can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive.

Milagrow RoboPhelps, India's Lowest Operating Cost Pool Cleaning Robot in Operation Fantasy Park, Mysuru. Operating cost only Rs. 3/hr. Book a demo or buy now:

Artificial Intelligence can collaborate with humans as effective partner in complex work and as substitute in routine labor. Link > via

To meet the standards of industrial manufacturing revolution, ITES is addressing all changes on the way with our media partners. Thanks for our partners. Listen to you. Plant Automation Technology

Producción de Hierro en México recientemente fue 0px; " tag="ulada en 13.5 millones de toneladas. Las principales siderúrgicas se ubican en estados de Coahuila, México, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Jalisco y Puebla:

Nuestro portafolio de servicios: Tecnología avanzada para control de procesos, control dinámico de alta precisión, soluciones Smart Factory 4.0, Robots Colaborativos y más:

Si deseas que tu industria esté en sintonía con avances tecnológicos, comunícate con nuestro equipo de venta que seguramente te podrá asesorar y ofrecer lo que requieres para estar a la vanguardia.

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Alfred v2 brings Workflows, automates what Automator might not

Anyone who’s heavily invested in the Mac ecosystem knows Automator, a built-in tool that can string together multiple computing actions without having to know a lick of code. Some of us may want a little more power, or just a different variety of power – which is where the recently launched Alfred 2.0 comes in. Those who buy the £15 ($23) Powerpack can take advantage of Workflows, which relies on an Automator-like concept of linking simple actions to run complicated tasks. They can be more ornate than you’d expect, however: for a start, you can run multiple app-specific tasks in parallel, such as telling Chrome to search YouTube, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes the moment you type in a movie keyword. It’s equally possible to feed results back to Alfred, launch scripts and trigger notifications (whether Mountain Lion’s or Growl’s), among other feats. Should you demand control that sits just outside of Apple’s boundaries, Alfred is waiting at the source link; anyone who just wants its core launcher functionality can grab the app for free.

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Obama talks social media and climate change in final address

During his farewell address President Obama tackled many different issues, from the importance of our democratic institutions and the lingering effects of racism. But he also took a few moments to briefly address the economic, environmental and technical challenges facing Americans of all stripes.

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Rethink's workplace robot is now smarter and easier to train

Think of a warehouse robot and a huge, cumbersome machine probably comes to mind. They’re reliable, but difficult to reprogram if you’re not a trained specialist. Rethink Robotics is trying to tackle the problem with Sawyer, a one-armed robot with a tablet for a face. A new software update called Intera 5 means it’s now easier to program for new, custom tasks in the workplace. At its core is a “behavior engine” that can be visualised like a logic tree. Similar to basic coding applications, that makes it easier for people to change specific movements and ‘if this, then that’ style reactions.

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Apple acquisition hints at deep automation in iOS

You’ve had a number of built-in options to automate tasks on the Mac over the years, such as AppleScript and Automator, but you’ve had to turn to third-party apps like IFTTT to do similar things on iOS. You might not have to lean so much on outside help going forward, though. Apple has confirmed that it just acquired Workflow, an app that lets you easily run multi-step, multi-app tasks from your iPhone or iPad. You can upload your latest photo to a cloud service by pushing a button, for instance, or tell a family member when you expect to get home.

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Honeywell's evohome puts a smart heating system in every room, is now available in the UK

You don’t need Google to tell you that fancy, net-connected and smartphone-controllable heating setups have caught on, blazing a trail for other home automation tech and the mysterious internet of things to follow. UK energy merchant British Gas launched its own wireless thermostat not too long ago, and now Honeywell’s upping the stakes with its evohome multi-room system (a bigger, badder version of an old evohome product sold for “specialist installations.”). In addition to the main controller that pairs with your boiler, you can also pimp your radiator valves with wireless nodes to create up to 12 different “smart zones” that can be managed independently.

As you’d imagine, this means you can concoct some pretty elaborate schedules using the tablet-like touchscreen remote or via the Android and iOS apps. The system will also learn things about your crib, like how it long it takes to heat up and cool down, so you’re only using energy when you need to. And, if you’ve left a window open, any nearby radiator module will know as much and shut itself off in protest of your wastefulness. Available in the UK from today, the basic Connected Pack (sans valve nodes) will set you back £249 without installation, which can’t be any more complicated than rigging up a Sonos, can it?

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LG, Control4 team up on HDTV automation system for hotels

The news is flowing hot and heavy from the hospitality sector today, as just moments after LG announced a slew of new LodgeNet-enabled flat-panels, along comes word that the aforementioned outfit and Control4 are teaming up to develop a swank new automation system for the lodging industry. More specifically, the two will co-develop an “integrated automation system for HDTV sets that will allow hotel guests to control lighting, room temperature, draperies and entertainment systems through the television with a single remote control.” Better still, the eventual solution will be integrated into LG’s hotel TVs, eliminating the need for yet another set-top-box in the room. Regrettably, there’s nary a mention of when this (amazing sounding) system will be available (nor where it will be available), but we can definitely see this swaying the avid traveler when it comes time to book the next business trip. Read more
Meet the automated triage nurse of the future

If you think that the march of automation isn’t going to affect jobs in the medical profession, then, uh, you better sit down. A Belgian company called BeWell is showing off WellPoint, a self-service kiosk that’s designed for patients entering hospitals or clinics. The WellPoint is a touchscreen-enabled booth that operates as a first port of call for visitors, quickly checking your basic vitals before you see a medical professional.

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automation should be the downfall of capitalism, it literally proves not everyone needs to work, and we can all survive perfectly fine, and with all to have access to education we can automate even more shit most people don’t want to do.

capitalists literally don’t want to advance our society, they want us to stagnate so we can pretend people need the threat of death to work towards bettering themselves and the future.

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I see this in my job now. It’s slowly being outsourced or replaced by algorithms. Stay ahead of it pp, learning is a life long process. That’s not going to change ☹️ #seconddegreehereicome @repostapp @theeconomist ・・・
Why populism and why now? An unseen driver may be automation #populism #politics #automation

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Nanoleaf Aurora …. Alexa controllable, IFTTT, iOS home kit controllable gonna have some fun with these #Synthjam #lights #automation #nanoleaf @nanoleaf can’t wait to get some more !!!

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Robots can do that.

When workers want better wages and comfortable, wealthy pogues inform them that robots will soon be doing that work…

…well, the world has no need for wealthy people to sit back and collect rent and cash in the dividends on their investments. Robots can do that.


درون يطير بدون طيار! هذا الدرون فيه خاصيه انه يعمل مسح كامل للمكان ويستطيع التفكير في اي الاتجاه عليه ان يطير الى ان يصل للمكان المستهدف بنفسه اي بدون توجيه من طيار فعلي… يطير هذا الدرون في المناجم والمستودعات وحتى في الاماكن الخطرة التي من الصعب على الانسان الوصول لها وايضا في الظلام

Automation threatens to render possible the reversal of the relation between free time and working time on which the established civilization rests: the possibility of working time becoming blahal, and free time becoming full time. The result would be a radical transvaluation of values, and a mode of existence incompatible with the traditional culture.
—  preface to Eros and Civilization
Herbert Marcuse