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Human Labor vs Labor. The value of process . by

Digitalization and the future of in Report by via Africa could be hit hard by Cost of American robots may undercut African labour inside 20 years

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Market leaders within are now prototyping innovative solutions, with pilot projects, to engage clients and benefit from value-added technologies ranging from and

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A dark prelude to the comic book event of the year. Available MARCH 28 online and at your local comic book retailers. Starring Jason David Frank as Lord Drakkon. Written and directed by Kyle Higgins. Produced by Kyle Higgins, Jason David Frank, J.J. Vazquez, Ramon Palermo. Natalie Frost, Adam Nelson, André Mulligan Production design by Calder Greenwood Music by Ron Wasserman Edited by Alec Siegel Sound by Matthew E. Taylor VFX by VFX Legion Title design by Joshua McDonald Cinematography by Michael Nie

We are just beginning another dark, disruptive and transformative transition in human work. The next step in the evolution (revolution) in work will be the application of robots and artificial intelligence to the work now done by contracted workers. This change is just around the corner and will explode on all our lives: whether the change results in chaos or nirvana is an open question. The current jobs of contracted workers, and many others including those of the software engineers, will be eliminated and the work they used to do will be done by robots and computers. If you think income inequality is bad now just wait.