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He told family and friends that he had crashed a plane during training, which resulted in the silver plate in his head and/or a limp. Faulkner told this tale for decades only admitting the invention in 1950 in a letter.

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Although he had seen no combat and most likely had never flown a plane solo he allowed others to believe he had with stories of leg injuries and that he had a silver plate in his head.

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William Faulkner was an unreliable narrator of his own life. He was honourably discharge after WW1 without completing training. But purchased an officer’s uniform and a set of wings for the breast pocket to pose as a war hero in his home town.

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Un excelente compañero de viaje, este #verano2019 descubre esta emocionante #novela #Cambiodeitinerario nada detendrá su destino!

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Love you, Grandpa Rog. 💕”

“PS this is my grandpa. Over nine decades and STILL THE SLICKEST DUDE ON THE WEST COAST“


anonymous asked:

hii!! i know this isn’t really relevant at all but ive had this question for a while : i don’t know if its just me but ive never really been able to get myself in the mood to write despite the fact that i really wanna fuckin write?? it’s probably stupid but do you know any ways to like get yourself in the mood to actually write?


so I have been writing for about 9 years now (almost 10 whoop whoop), and one of my biggest things has always been just not being motivated or feeling in the mood to write. So I’ve started developing tactics to do so. 

Tactic 1: Sit down. 

one of the big things is to legit just at least sit down in front of the screen. Stare at the word. Sit there. Go read the last 3 paragraphs of your writing and see what it’ll trigger in you, any inspiration or changes. Feel free to edit the story a bit too. 

Tactic 2: add a distraction that doesn’t distract! 

So this can come in handy especially if you’re ADHD, to put on a relevant movie or tv show or task that’s not as interesting so that it almost feels like you’re procrastinating this new task rather than the writing. I write gay fanfiction so sometimes I’ll put on an LGBTQ+ movie and put it in the corner, and as soon as I do, most of the time, I’ll end up pausing it to write and then I’ll end up writing for a full hour and bust out 1,000 words. Other tasks you could do, is bring your laptop and write while you’re cooking, going back and forth from the stove to the computer and knowing you gotta write quickly can def help. Or do small chores as you write, like laundry or small cleaning. and then go back and forth. 

Tactic 3: find some mood music. 

A lot of times getting in the mood to write is finding the mood of the piece, and to do that music can be a BIG help. look for sad music, or happy music and just imagine the writing like a movie, the character’s narrated by the music you’re listening to. 

Tactic 4: fantasize (this can be done really well in the shower (for some reason))

one of my favorite tactics is to just sit up and think about the story, it doesn’t have to be about that scene, just think about the character, and act it out in your head, become the main character and have a conversation in the mirror with the other characters, make up an entirely irrelevant scene and fantasize about it, and then try to direct your mind to fantasizing about the current scene! talk out loud to yourself, get up and act out the actions. (you do not know how many times I’ve acted out kissing scenes in the air like a fucking weirdo,) it helps get your mind to enter the reality deeply and visualize what is happening by partly experiencing. This can cause inspiration and excitement and get you revved up to write. 

Tactic 5: contact a friend.

I have the most amazing best friend in the world, who when I really need to write but can’t bring myself to will sit on facetime with me and scold me whenever she doesn’t hear me typing (i type very fast and intensely). This helps me to stay focused and not get distracted by Tumblr and what not and to force the words on the page until they start coming out good. 

Tactic 6: Open up Tumblr search 

So I’ve recently found that if I’m on my Tumblr dash I will legit get nothing done, BUT if I’m in the search of my main ship, or character or anything I’ll be able to scroll for a bit, then write for like 20 min then scroll and then back to writing. and it’s easier to go back and forth for some reason.

Tactic 7: Develop a schedule and a routine

Experiment with the time of day you write in. I like to write actually all day, but I write the most intensely late at night. I also if I can’t feel like writing will use a routine of making coffee and putting on the music or movie and drinking while I start to write. The prep time helps your brain to transition into writing so you don’t just JUMP in but smoothly ease into with the intent to write. It’s kinda similar to warming up before doing a workout or sports.

Tactic 8: Change the environment     

I tend to only write at a table, and I tend to stay the most focused when I’m in complete darkness with nothing but the light of my computer. If you’re writing on stationery, try writing under desk lamp light and no other light from the rest of the room. It helps keep your eyes focused on the screen so your brain has nothing to be entertained by outside of the writing. 

Tactic 9: Have a cheerleader. 

My amazing best friend also happens to be my biggest fan. She reads all of my works, knows all my stories, even the ones I don’t post or even get to writing. She beta’s my work and gets to read things as I write them sometimes. She’s my cheerleader whose basic role is to just tell me how much she liked the story. She doesn’t do many other things, cause that’s all I want her to do, and I love that. Having one person who will always love reading your stuff can be such a good motivator. I write my fics for you guys, but a lot of times, when I haven’t told anyone about the fic, I’m writing it for her, I’m writing the story so she can read it and I can get that list of detailed reactions she writes as she reads. We’ve been doing this for years, and I know she’ll always be the one who gets to see each chapter of my novels before anyone else. Having those friends can always help you get it the mood, cause they’ll like talking about it, and that positive support can be really motivating.  

I hope these tactics help, I know the struggle of writing, but a lot of times it comes down to just getting started and having at least a little interest in the characters. I use a lot of these, and some I used to use but still recommend. Try out different ones, and experiment with your own ideas. If you can’t come up with ideas to write about maybe try out prompts, or steal movie plots and rewrite them to be better. In my experience, the key to writing is a clear visualization of the movie you want it to be and then finding the descriptions that fit it all best. Hope this helps anon! And no, your question is not stupid, it’s really important. And I’ve honestly been waiting years for someone to think so highly of me that they’d ask for writing advice. So thank you, you’ve made me really really happy!!!    

I dreamt of running away, to foreign lands where

I was free to play

To run barefoot in the grass of the Scottish Isles

To sip coffee at a cafe by the Eiffel Tower

To dance in the streets of Barcelona

To laugh along side the darling Mona

But I was never alone

You were there by my side -

Holding my hand as we landed in the grass

Clinking our cups as we sip from the glass

Dancing with you, as if no one can see

Looking at art with true art beside me

Running away is half the fun

As being with someone

Who allows you to run.


Do Great Things When You Connect

Flow my tears, the newly-built robotic head of Philip K. Dick said

Yes, this is definitely a post (and video!) about a hand-built, robotic head of author Philip K. Dick, who died in 1982, leaving the world a trove of literature which could be turned into films like Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly. Sadly, he did not leave a robotic head of himself. It may surprise you to find out that this is actually not even the first robotic head of Philip K. Dick, it’s apparently the second. This newly-built robo-PKD is meant to replace one that was famously lost in 2006, and was built by Hanson Robotics and Dutch public broadcasters VPRO. The video after the break is creepy and amazing, but it’s nothing compared to the VALIS Trilogy. Read more
Apple docked $118,000 by Chinese court for violating authors' copyrights

Apple will have to pay three Chinese authors a total of $118,000 for stocking their books in its App Store without a proper say-so, according to China Daily. A court ruled that it was Apple’s job to verify that third-party uploads met copyright requirements and that it had the means to do so since all the books in question were best-sellers. Apple’s attorney declined to comment, but the court also suggested that similar online retailers should learn from the case “and improve their verification system” – bringing perhaps another headache to would-be e-book stores in that nation.

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Luz de un amanecer distinto, hoy existe un absoluto bienestar, nada ni nadie puede herirme, si asumo una posición de receptividad, emocionada por risas de momentos perfectos, experiencias que adicionan desde la sublimidad, bendigo cada suceso, respiro la gloria de la eternidad, instalo una bandera blanca en cada pensamiento, hago las paces con la incomprensión, fui desbaratada en un combate, donde mi principal oponente fue la indecisión, y así permití acceder a todo, olvidandome de la resistencia, liberando decretos que liberan, que generan resplandor, agradecida por la consciencia, que me eleva sobre una aletargada multitud, empiezo días que me estaban esperando, siempre han entendido mi peculiar exactitud, nada de esto ha sido en vano, sucedió por razones que obedecen a mi inspiración, que nadie me diga nunca como levantarme, pues seguiría el metodo que no se adaptaria a mi versión, prefiero reconectarme desde mis anclajes, para aprender nuevamente porque llegué hasta aqui, esparcir verdades que dan fe de Gnosis, emerger desde el fondo hacia una vida feliz!

Horror writers are a strange breed when you think about it

Edgar Allen Poe: Married his 13yr. Old cousin ( sweet home Alabama)

H.P Lovecraft: was highkey scared of interbreeding and the possibilities of the unknown ( basically terrified of everything that man had an extensional crisis every fucking day)

Stephan King: once wrote about orgies conducted by children to defeat a demonic clown