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I remember the first time I’ve heard of a man called Stephen King. We had ‘IT’ at home and as an attempt to conquer my fear, I tried to read it. I was 6 or 7 years old and the book was huge. I never finished, I couldn’t understand it, later it ended in a box with a bunch of other books for sale :( Needless to say that the movie (the first one) is a reminder of the closest I’ve ever been from a heart and panic attack.

To this day I still find a little hard to understand some of his stories, but what I like about him are the inspiring things he says to help and encourage those who want to do what he does: share the stories in their head. I don’t think you have to know 100% about a person (or their work) to like him or her.

Mr. King inspires me more than any other people I know in person, and I’m grateful for writers like him. 🍀

I just can’t wait for all the fanfics that are going to flood Ao3 servers after this season finale. It’ll be a year long wait until season three and I already feel that, no matter how it ends, season two will give us enough boost to get the authors going. I’ll be here, reviewing, promoting, cathegorizing each and every piece of work. ❤️

The Necromancer Project Update

I got at least one person to respond to my post talking about my idea for a story, so I’m writing it now. There’s actually been a few of you, so thank you everyone who liked the post or gave feed back, you’re all my new friends, you do not have a choice.

I worked on Chapter 1 today for about 5 hours, and was able to completely finish it. It’s sitting at 4050 words even (eight pages), and I’m taking a break to clean, then returning to my story for the editing process.

Pro tip for editing! You will forget facts and might accidentally change them which will throw off consistency! Be sure to make notes of important facts, and MEMORIZE THEM. That way you won’t change important things during the editing process.

First chapter will hopefully drop in July or August. I want to give myself ample time to perfect a couple chapters before I post it. Until then, I’ll post process updates and might post excerpts.

Also, in need of beta readers! Any volunteers? Please shoot me a message and we can talk!

Below is a picture of some notes I made to help with the editing process. Not very important, except you learn the name of some of the main characters, the name of some countries, and a few details. Some of my notes were made during the day, others were made at two in the morning. You can tell which ones were made when.

If you ever want to read something and the person who’s written it says no, don’t read it anyway. Do not. Ever.

Because quite often every time someone writes something, they don’t just write it. They pour their heart and their soul into it, they get pieces of themselves and their experiences and they stir it into some fabulous place that is theirs and only theirs. The real world isn’t that great, so they make their own. 
If someone tells you not to read their writing then they probably don’t trust you enough to see what they’ve put all of themselves into. To them, it could be like reading their diary.  

And also if you read it anyway you are a Dick™ and need to go say sorry otherwise I’m going to take out all your bones and set them on fire. 

I honestly love when fanfic writers divert from canon. Not just because sometimes you might hate the canon story, but because I love the way the authors can come up with a completely different way to tell a story. The creativity, the plot, the way they make characters better, or can make you hate someone, that was your favorite character. I just have so much respect for writers, that take the challenge to make an alternative universe, out of already amazing fandoms.