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Thanks for the shout, greatly appreciated .

Ready to go finish setting up for the Lebanon Trail High School Cheer Holiday Market!! Today December 7th from 9-2pm at 5151 Ohio Dr Frisco Tx.

We are delighted to have Ms Isha Singh with us at our store . Isha is a girl & a Fiction with her latest book "Where Do You Go in the Dark, My Love?" We wish her all the very best for the new book.

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“ Take the time to listen to understand and not listen to respond.. When you do that your response if needed will be more genuine and impactful….


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(at Slidell, Louisiana)

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I’m no J.K. Tolkien. Fitzek or Paolini. I am me. So I should write like me, without thinking about those great ones who started as little as I am starting. That, of course doesn’t mean that I am going to be one of them some day (even tho I hope so, every author does I believe). I want to be me. And for me, I want to be the best one I can be. Not only to show to my family that I can make it, and I WILL make it no matter what they say, but to live my dream. To do what I am born for. To write and never stop.

- Ghost
‘Sorry Not Sorry’ written by James McInerney, voiced by Laura Stetman
‘Sorry Not Sorry’ written by James McInerney, voiced by Laura Stetman Check out Laura: Instagram: laurastetman YouTube:

BRAND NEW! A massive thanks to the amazingly talented Laura Stetman who, as part of The Poetry Project, has voiced my poem ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and made it amazing! Thank you Laura!

Hate when you find a book you really like and all the others that follow it in the series are terrible. This is why I don’t have a favorite author 😓😥😓😥😓

Don’t Call it a Comeback

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What’s up people?  Author and publisher David H. C. Carter back at you again with some wise words and good news of things present, past and future.  Since I last logged on, the House began impeachment proceedings against President Trump; which part of I watched on television.  The last I’ve heard they have planned to continue them and have the Senate cast a deciding vote, which will probably go in Trump’s favor.

Politics aside, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I thoroughly enjoyed mine and am anticipating good times for Christmas and New Year’s.  My little brother, “irobotscott”, his Instagram handle, was recently nominated for five Grammys.  Congrats to him and his team, and I am pulling for the win.

Speaking of team, I believe it is good to have one in life; whether it be creative, your crew, or a tight knit family.  A while back I wrote down the phrase “Altered ego” on my iPhone.  I believe it expresses how one should go about sacrificing some personal gain for the good of the whole.  While it is great to be independent, we must remember that freedom itself is nothing without others to enjoy it with.

I continue to work on my latest writing project, a sci-fi novel, with the hopes of “putting it out” sometime in 2021.  In the meantime, if you’re interested, I have plenty of published material in the historical/fictional and autobiographical/fictional genres.  All works were inspired by God, and contain “hidden” wisdom along with action-packed entertainment.  If you’re looking for some good reading material you’ve reached the right destination.  Until next time, remember God loves you and so do I.


“ Because you all need to live this with me again.. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂


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