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Austrália está florescendo outra vez. 🦘🐨💚🇭🇲

is both full and in decline, so I guess there is some hope. 🌍

Happy Australia Day! Did you know that Wallabies like to break into Opium crops, get high and run around in circles to create a "crop circle", the more you know!

26 Jan 1788: Australians celebrate to commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet of ships at Port Jackson, New South , and the raising of the of Great by Arthur . Known as Day.

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Los incendios forestales australianos siguen ardiendo. Recientemente, una de arena a gran escala afectó a muchas ciudades del interior en el oeste de Nueva Gales del Sur.

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Jumpstart your pulse with “Crazy” by the Australian trio heard in the first hour of our show

Países y territorios que reportan casos del de : , , , , , , , , , , , y, desde luego, — donde todo comenzó. Son más de 2 mil las personas infectadas.

marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of . from 1547, is arguably the first known map of Australia -

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Eagle Eyed Tiger - Counting To Five - Stratford Ct. | ChillSynth / Electronic

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Feedtime - Ha Ha

“Feedtime”, 1985

My entire life has been ruled by Australians.

Here’s some information about one of the world’s biggest music group, a children’s television show and a young rock band who I swear are taking over the world, and how they’ve all affected me.

I genuinely have always had a thing for Australians.

We know about the Bee Gees, and my love for them, right? I would listen to Stayin’ Alive my parents made a whole cassette that was two sides full of the song.

Well the Bee Gees were originally British, but they moved to Australia during troubling times. Either they were trouble (the brothers themselves), or their band was in trouble or their family or something, but they moved to Australia, and were known as an Australian band. Their live album One Night Only is one of my favourite albums of all time. (Not that I have listened to many through lol) but it’s a fantastic album and fills me with joy and energy. Nearly 17 years later…

As a kid, I was a Wiggles kid! I loved the Wiggles so much, in fact, that in kindergareten, I DREW GREG THE YELLOW WIGGLE. my first piece of fan art ever was Greg from the Wiggles.

I remember watching the DVD’s we had of them on repeat and dancing to all the songs and being out of breath. The happiness and wonder they brought me. I can still see certain episodes in my head.

And finally, I like this band? Maybe you’ve heard of them, but they’re an Australian band called 5 Seconds of Summer?? They have this underwear song I like, but UM these boys are so inspiring to me, and motivating, encouraging, and they make me feel safety and love and empowerment. Their music is fantastic, and they are also so wonderful and genuine as people. What more could I ask for??

The point of this, is that my entire life I have been surrounded by Australia (I even have family in Tasmania). Even though I’ve never been there, it’s my second home. It’s where huge parts are who I am are from. Rebecca would not be Rebecca without Australia.

With that being said, happy Australia Day to my Australian followers and friends, the above mentioned Bee Gees, Wiggles and 5 Seconds of Summer, to the people of Australia and the lovely and beautiful country itself ❤️


Heartbreaking !
Wishing more power to the firefighters and rescue workers 💛
Worked on challenge - Draw this in your style by the talented artist peijinsart on instagram. 

 About 4 years ago, my BMI was around 14. And my doctor sent a message to the doctor saying i was under that, bc she was scared i was going to die. My mom was scared I was going to die. And apparently The Royal Melbourne Hospital thought i was going to die. They pushed me to the top of the list because my weight and height were so different. But I didn’t want to repeat history. I want to know if anyone is feeling the same. Particularly in Melbourne i would love to see you. 

Posting this because it’s Australia Day today (26/1) and this seems appropriate, as well as being one of my favourite ever Brian moments. I know this particular video’s a bit long, but I quite like the stuff he says at the start and this was the best version of it. Also bonus points for making a crack about Sydney, he knows how to get (non-Sydneysider) Aussies on side.

Funnily enough, I actually saw Q+AL on this tour, though not this particular concert, which was in a different city. I don’t remember Brian playing Waltzing Matilda at the concert I went to, though he may well have without me remembering it. At any rate the videos on YouTube seem to be from this concert and a couple from the last time they were down under back in 2018, so it seems like he didn’t.

If you’re not familiar with Waltzing Matilda I won’t blame you, I’ve got no idea how well known it is outside Australia, though I can’t imagine it’s too popular anywhere else (which makes Brian knowing it all the more notable, he would have had to go to a good bit of effort just to learn it, so props to him for doing that). Anyway, the key thing to know is that it’s not actually our national anthem, although it was in the running when we finally decided to stop using God Save The Queen (which was surprisingly recently, actually).

The original lyrics were written by one of our most beloved poets, the great Banjo Patterson, though the commonly sung version is a bit different to what he wrote. And those words may well be better known than those of our actual national anthem. Anyway, go and look it up, it’s a good song. There’s a Johnny Cash version where he talks through a lot of the Australian slang in the lyrics, which is probably a good beginner’s guide. Although he’s a bit confused about the jumbuck - it’s just an old slang term for a sheep. There’s no shortage of Aussie versions, of course, but I think my favourite’s probably Slim Dusty (he was a true-blue country singer, probably best known for ‘The Pub With No Beer’ but an icon of Aussie country music generally). But honestly, just google it and take your pick.


Habt ihr schon mal ein Koala Baby gesehen? Noch nicht…na dann wird‘s aber Zeit 😊😍 Einen schönen Tag euch allen 😊
Euer Bobbele Jens 😊🤟🏻

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