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NOAA: Record warm January surface temperatures observed across much of and surrounding Southern Ocean, southern , ocean off south coast of South Africa, and across parts of Africa, Asia, and the southeastern Ocean

Sharehouses Not To Be Growhouses. Legal Cannabis: Plan to limit number of plants, verges off limits -


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Luego fueron camino a la embajada donde los recibiรณ el cuerpo diplomรกtico y hablaron sobre el trabajo que realizan y la relevancia de la diplomacia Argentina en Australia.

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Here's our next single, SOBER, let's get grooving! Out now via Mammal Sounds Records: Socials:

Futurist pop trio Daste share a sublime slice of futurism with SOBER–a wonky beat driven banger with solid vocals. The track will get you into the groove. Check it out above!


Quando um IRMÃOZÃO vai ao show do #maroon5 na #Austrália e ,na hora da apresentação / Improviso de um dos caras mais fooooooooodas das teclas da Atualidade( Mr @pjmorton )ele filma e grita seu nome , é Dukaralhooooo!! 🤟🏾

Muito obrigado pela lembrança ,pelo vídeo ,pela amizade e por tanto carinho ,Irmão ! @eder_ozzy 🙏🏾🔥
Gratidão totalllllll!
#Tecladismo #TecladismoBrasil #Keyboardism #KeyboardismWorld 🎹🔥🎶🤟🏾#pjMorton #brisbane #australia

#bandaterremoto #banda_terremoto @banda_terremoto @samba_brissy #sambabrissy (em Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

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i think, if anything, the most unrealistic part of Free! Starting Days was when Haruka was reading that letter from Rin and my boy sharkteeth was like, “Australia is amazing! There are kangaroos everywhere!”

like, mate you sure about that? you live in the middle of the city, you’re visiting the syd olympic pool and you (most likely, it looks like) visited bondi

there ain’t a single kanga out here 

it doesn’t show you visit the bush either

i’m just confused


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