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a concept came to my mind: all the house parties the guys do change to a girl party and when they open the front row they found you, ansley and all the squad girls dancing so close to each other and drunk af- i dance so bad but i will die for living that scene

Hehehe omg this sounds like @bhabiiiegirl and I at ANY given time-

But literally would be so funny because they’d walk in and just stand there in SHOCK for 30 seconds because they’re just having the time of their lives.

Next thing you know they’re hyping everyone up, Zion’s dancing on a table, Nick’s bussing down with someone, Edwin’s hitting the woah, Brandon’s pulling out full on choreo and Austin is next to Z doing the jump thing they always do at parties skkskwkw

You and PRETTYMUCH were going on tour together, all because your boyfriend — Zion Kuwonu — convinced management to let you and you were grateful for it. For the first night of the tour, the boys did their songs, you did yours, did a little hype dancing, and then did some covers to songs. What Zion didn’t know was that you talked to the other boys and made a plan to do a little something at the end of the show.

“Alright, Houston!” Zion started into the microphone for Brandon to walk over and whisper something in his ear, “Alright Houston, we got one more special for you. Much love and good night!” Brandon stated, for Zion to be confused and the rest to leave off the stage. You pushed Zion into a chair that was left on stage from one of your songs choreo, he was even more lost even when the intro to Rihanna’s Work came on.

You held back a smirk, singing into the mic, “Work, work, work, work, work, work. He said me haffi, work, work, work, work, work, work..” The crowd went wild as you stood in front of Zion, whining to the beat as you sing the hits lyrics. When you looked over your shoulder Zion’s eyes meet yours and then traveled down your body to your hips. “Dry! …Me a desert him..” You backed up, placing your ass on his lap and started circling your hips.

“Nuh time to have you lurking, Him ah go act like he nuh like it..” You started to feel the rhythm even more as you copied a few moves from the video. Having heard it enough times and talking to Rihanna yourself, you were able to imitate her accent and moves well enough.

“You know I dealt with you the nicest. Nuh body touch me you nuh righteous.” You rolled your body as you leaned back against him. He tried to grab your waist, but you subtly would move his hands away, making him hot and flustered. You were really dwelling in the constant groans, curses under his breath, and the sharp inhale he gave when you perfectly sat your ass on his hard-on that you expertly avoided.

As the songs outro played, the lights started dimming as a cue for you two to disappear. The boys were already backstage getting ready for the meet and greet, they were all smug when Zion walked into the room clearly fuming and frustrated but they kept talking, you chiming in here and there, as they talked about the success of the show. “Alright guys, I’m going to go to my dressing room before we have the meet and greet.” The four boys acknowledged you before you slipped out and towards your dressing room. You sighed as you sat down, laughing to yourself, “I did that shit.” As you freshened up, you took your time, enough so that you were supposed to be out of your dressing room ten minutes earlier. Their was a sharp knock on your door, “Alright, alright! I’m coming now.” You threw open the door, ready to give your manager a mouthful, but instead of it being her, it was Zion who wrapped a hand around your throat, stepping in as he closed your dressing room door with his foot. You smirked as he backed you two into a wall, him pinning you against it with his hand still gripping your throat. He pressed himself against you, feeling his every inch of his print, his lips brushed against your earlobe, “You really think you can get away with that shit so easily, mama’s?”

“Zi-Zion, the meet and greet..” You breathed out, sounding more weak by the minute because you honestly needed him too.

“They can wait twenty more minutes. We got some business to finish.”

More | N.M

Request: “can u make an imagine of you wanting to learn how to dance and your friend nick really wants to teach you so he shows you and there’s like hella sexual tension between you guys kbniygcdsw” - Tumblr anon

A/N: I MISREAD THE REQUEST WHEN I BEGAN WRITING THIS BT I LIKE HOW IT TURNED OUT EITHER WAY I HOPE YOU ENJOY. Also im writing this during an all-nighter im doing to fix my sleep schedule before I start working for the summer lmAO im trying to get my remaining requests done before I leave so this might be rushed but im gonna try to do it as best as possible 

Words: 587

Key: Y/N- Your Name, 

Warnings: None (: 

Y/N’s POV: 

Determined. That’s one of the many possible words to describe my best friend of a couple years, Nicholas Mara. Nick has always been a very creative person, whether it was with music, dancing or anything else he does, he does it in his own special way and it’s honestly admirable. Along with being so creative, Nick is determined. Once he sets his mind onto something, he has to (and eventually will) complete it, no matter how impossible it may seem. 

One of the things Nick was determined to do was teach me how to dance. He has begged me multiple times to let him teach me how to dance, but every time I blow it off or make up an excuse to not do it, but now there was no reason to not do it. “Pleaseee, Y/N! Please let me teach you!” Nick whines, dragging the ‘E’ in please, standing over me while I lay on his bed. I take a couple seconds to think about it, but eventually give in. “Fine, you can teach me this once” I watch Nick as his smile grows and his fist bumps the air. “Fuck yeah!! Lets go” he says, cheerily as he drags me from his bed and to his car. 

After a while of driving, we arrived at the dance studio that Nick and the rest of the band frequent. “I’ll start off basic and teach you the choreography to ‘Would You Mind’” Nick says, pulling me into the room and putting down our backpacks. He turns on the music and starts explaining the choreography although I wasn’t listening to a word he said, just admiring him as he explained the moves and then followed up by showing me. I must admit, I do have a slight crush on Nick. I have for a while, actually, but it hits different when I see him dancing. Something about him dancing was really hot to me, which is one of the reasons I procrastinated letting him teach me.

“You good, Y/N?” Nick says, snapping me out of my loving daze. “Oh, uh, yeah! I’m okay!” I say, looking into his eyes and fixing my hair. “It looked like you were staring at me” Nick winks, chuckling lightly after. I bring my eyes to my feet as I laugh along, desperate to hide the light blush on my cheeks. After a while, he starts to teach me more of the dance. As we get deeper into the choreography, the sexual tension in the room elevates to a point where it is unavoidable. We finish the dance, both of us laughing lightly as we spin around, making fun out of the tense time we created. I spin around, bumping into Nick as I try to stop myself. I feel his arms around my waist, pulling my close to his body, our faces inches from the others. I close my eyes lightly as he presses his soft lips to mine, both of us melting into the kiss like a lit candle. 

I open my eyes and a deep blush falls onto my cheeks as I look away from Nick. “Y/N, I’ve loved you for a while. I know we’re best friends but I can’t help but want more. Will you be my girlfriend?” he says, his finger lifting my chin so he could look into my eyes. “Yes, of course Nick” I say, kissing him one last time before we leave the dance studio and go home.

Beach w/ prettymuch!!

Going to the beach with Brandon would turn into a photo shoot! He had a polaroid camera for aesthetics and a regular one for bomb Instagram pics. “Yes baby! You look so beautiful! Play with your hair some more.” He said, holding the camera to his face. Luckily for him, you didn’t mind having your picture taken.

If you were going to the beach with Edwin you better believe there was going to be food. Lots and lots of food. He would have a big picnic basket with selective fruits and mini sliced sandwiches. Feeding him a couple of grapes as he had some tunes playing from his little stereo.

Austin wasn’t a big fan of going to the beach during the day. He’d much rather wait until late noon where the beach would be pretty empty so that it’s just you and him. As the waves crashed on shore, Austin had his arms around you waist with only your feet in the water. His lips were left near your ear as they kissed your lobe with sweet nothings following behind.

Nick was all about fun when going to the beach. He wasn’t going to allow you to tan all day or read magazines. “Ma! Come play football with me!” He whined for the millionth time while nudging his head into the crook of your neck. You gave in only because you were tired of hearing him whine.

“You have to hike the ball. Bend over princess.” He says.

“Is that your excuse to see my ass?”

He laughs and placed a hand on your back, gesturing you to lean forward.

“Bend over and we’ll find out.”

Going to the beach with Zion would be romantic. The two of you weren’t too big on getting wet that day. Instead your hands were laced with one another’s as you walked along the water while sharing a few words here and there during the time of the sun setting.

Consept: Having this habit with your boyfriend of randomly putting a finger through his belt loop. You do it all the time, whenever the other one has their hands full, or you don’t really feel like holding hands. Like at the grocery store when you’re pushing the cart, he’ll hook his finger onto one of the belt loops in your jeans while you walk through the store together. Or when you’re walking down the street,it’s just something you two do without thinking


mocha-much  asked:

okay so i’m vvvvvv clumsy and i’m such an austin stan it’s not even funny but imagine him trying to teach you how to skateboard and you scrape your knee and he helps bandage it up afterwards 🀧

I am also incredibly clumsy but this is such a cute concept my heart 🥺 …

He held your hand the whole time, not comaplinging about how clammy they were knowing how nervous you’d been to skateboard. You were the clumsiest person he’d ever met, hence why even he was apprehensive for you to skate. Wherever you went you somehow managed to injure yourself, nothing serious but always enough to leave a light bruise. In the kitchen you always managed to walk into the table even though it was always in the exact same spot, climbing into your car you’d always bang your knee on the wheel, getting out your bed you’d always stub your toe on the side table. Austin found your clumsiness adorbale, don’t get me wrong he hated seeing you injured but it was never serious enough to not make him laugh.

He was guiding you along the drive, his hands had now moved to your waist to help you go abit faster and give you some confidence. With Zion zooming past you showing off you were losing your concentration without Austin releasing. He’d decided to let you go, believing it was impossible for you to not make it to the end of the drive. You attempted to use your right foot to keep you going, but when it touched the ground Zion came skating past, resulting in you screaming and falling to the ground with a loud thud. All you heard was the tall Canadian mutter “oh shit” followed by Austin’s snarky reply of “yeah oh shit, look at her knee bro”.

You could see his eyes were filled with concern, scooping you into his arms to carry you inside. There wasn’t a lot of blood but you’d scraped it pretty bad, a harsh red staining your knee. He gently placed you on the kitchen counter, careful to not bang your head like you always managed to do when jumping up to sit on them. Even though your knee was burning you couldn’t help but smile. “I love you you know”, all Austin did was reply with a sweet peck to your lips then his attention went straight back to your knee, which now had blood slowly escaping the cut. The pain of the antiseptic wipes was more than unpleasant, sending an even harsher burning pain throughout your knee. “I know it hurts love but it’ll be cleaned up soon, promise”, Austin said attempting to comfort you. Applying the white bandage to your knee, he gave it a kiss through the fabric and carried you over to the couch.

Around an hour later Zion came bounding inside from having been playing out like the giant child he was. “Your knee okay ?” “Mhm don’t worry about it he took care of me” you said whilst turning to look at austin. Smiling, he tilted your chin up leaning in for a kiss. As your lips skimmed each other all you could hear was “MY EYES NO THEY’RE BURNING”. Once Zion’s footsteps and screams had died down behind his bedroom door you carried on were you left of, your lips in a sweet embrace with eachother.


Drabble List

Late Nights(Brandon Arreaga) - Imagine

Movie Night(Edwin Honoret) - Imagine

“I know what you did last summer.”|| A.P

A/N: by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. Enjoy! 💕

× × × ×

He knows. Dirty secrets that I keep. Does he know it’s killing me? When he said he wanted to talk. The tone in his voice, you knew it wasn’t good. Does he know? Another’s hands has touched my skin. But I won’t tell him where I’ve been. He knows. A wave of anxiety turned within the pits of your stomach as you rubbed your clammy hands on the legs of your pants. He finally opened the door after the third time the doorbell rang. He stood on the other side dressed in plain sweats and a t-shirt. Something about him was off. You weren’t sure what but you knew he was going to tell you. It’s tearing me apart. I’m slipping away. Am I just hanging on to all the words she use to say?

“How have you been? I tried calling and texting but you never responded.”

He shook his head, “I’m fine. But that’s not why I called you here.”

By his words, you felt your heart sink. For one he didn’t seem excited to fact that you standing in front him after months of being apart. Nor did he see like himself. Austin isn’t usually a person to get upset easily. Unless he found out something to give him a reason to. Which brought you to only one conclusion.

“You know don’t you?”

I know what you did last summer. Just tell me a lie, there’s no other. I know what you did last summer. Tell me where you’ve been. He nodded once as there was no trace of emotion written on his face. You weren’t sure if he was hurt, angry, upset. Of course he was.

Your mouth gaped open to form words of an explanation. But nothing came out. What were you suppose to tell him when he already knows?

He cuts you off from your thoughts, “I don’t care who he is y/n.” He says and tucks his hands away in his pockets while taking a few steps closer to you.

“I just wanna know why.” He said as if he read your mind.

The calmness in his voice, how he was being almost unbothered by any of it, took you by utter surprise. Can’t seem to let you go, can’t seem to keep you close.

Swallowing the lump that tried closing your throat. “I don’t know Austin. I never see you anymore because you’re always busy. I honestly feel like I’m putting in all the work to keep this relationship strong.”

When she looks me in the eyes, they don’t seem as bright no more, no more. “Sure, now everything is my fault.” He scoffed before adding,

“I told you from the get go how things were going to change once the band blew up. And I remember the exact words you said to me.”

And so did you. Would I promised her that night. Cross my heart and hope to die.

“And I promise to always support you. But Austin how do expect me to always be there for you when you’re never here for me?”

To this point, now you were getting upset yourself. You felt terrible for what you did. There weren’t enough words to describe how sorry you were about the whole situation. It was indeed your fault and you took full responsibility. But Austin failed to realize, it took two build a relationship.

“Once again this is my fault. Do know you how hard I had to work to even get where I am now? No, you don’t cause when something is finally about me, you somehow turn this relationship into being about you. Everything has always been about you!” It’s tearing me apart. She’s slipping away. Am I just hanging on to all the words she use to say. The pictures on her phone. She’s not coming home.

Shaking your head as you took a few steps back. You felt tears wanting to well out. The guy standing in front of you wasn’t Austin. How dare he make false accusations about your relationship only being about you? Is that truly what he thought? That you were selfish enough to do that? I know what you did last summer. Look me in the eyes my lover. I know what you did last summer. Tell me where you’ve been.

“You know what? I honestly don’t know why you’re getting so rowdy about me being a hindrance to you when you’re in a band who doesn’t even give you solos.”

You know I didn’t meant though. Tell me where you’ve been lately. Tell me where you’ve been lately. Just hold me close.

When the brickering stopped. You knew that you had crossed the line. He knew you didn’t meant. But it also hurt hearing from the one person he loved most. I know you didn’t mean it though. I know you didn’t mean it though. I don’t wanna let you go. Tell me you didn’t mean it though. Tell me you didn’t mean it though.

“Austin I- you know I didn’t mean that.”

Once again, he reply shocked you. “I know.”

Just hold me close. I can’t seem to let you go, can’t seem to hold you.

You didn’t wanna fight anymore. It was something you hoped that neither of you would have to encounter. You didn’t want to be upset with him. Nor did he.

“What’s going to happen to us Austin?”

He paused for what seemed like forever. Him being silent only stirred up the already worsen storm which was going on within you that you so desperately wanted to be calmed.

Austin than turned to you, those brown eyes that once held so much joy were dull, clouded with sadness.

“I don’t know.”

Consept? A day in London with your boyfriend Austin ~your instagram story POV~

Probably sucks BUT lmk in the tags if i should make more for the other boys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


HELLO my lovelies! i’m going to be writing imagines/blurbs/headcanons/concepts about the following:

• shawn mendes

• why don’t we

• prettymuch

• english footballers

if you want to request anyone else feel free to leave anything in my inbox and i will try to get round to it!

for me to write an imagine all you have to do is leave the concept in my inbox and i will try to get round to it as soon as i can!!

Hello this sucks im sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-consept :Cutting your finger on accident and austin taking care of it:


I yell out to Austin whose in the kitchen grabbing us some snacks. I’m bleeding a bit but blood makes me a little lightheaded.

hey baby whats up with that face?

Im bleeding

I say quietly not wanting to make a big deal. What, where? I show him my finger.

Lemme look at it

Baby It hurts

I won’t touch it i promise, i just wanna see it bub

I give him my finger

Oh baby its not that bad, just don’t look at it im gonna go get you a band-aid, okay

He kissed my forehead and went to the bathroom; he came back with a cotton ball and a band-aid.


I gave him my finger, he cleaned it up a bit and put the band-aid on.

He kissed it there, better? He smiled. Yes baby thank you.

Wait one more thing he reached over and grabbed a sharpie that was on the bed, he took my hand one more time.

He started drawing on my band-aid what are you doing I couldn’t help but smile drawing a lil somethin to make it heal faster

There, this lil guy will make it feel better. I looked down at the little alien guy he drew


If Austin had a mixed baby:

  • First off, the babies closet would be almost full of footsies that were animals.
  • He’d buy bear onesies for all of you to wear like on a special family day.
  • Saturday’s are family day, which is watching movies, playing, and literally doing anything and everything together.
  • When you come into the living room from being in the laundry room or doing a chore, the baby would be watching TV like this:
  • She’s so used to the animal onesies, she’d get angry if you didn’t put them on her after she got out the bath…and she’s only nine months.
  • Space name! Astrid, Celeste, or Luna, most likely Celeste.
  • She’d be soo independent and smart at a early age.
  • “Do you want mashed potatoes for dinner?”
  • *grunts*
  • “Alright…how about peas?”
  • *squeals*
  • She’d be the type of baby to be open to eating anything or everything, Austin would simply say, “Here, try it. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it.”
  • So she’d make a face and pull it out of her mouth, looking at it strangely and put it in his hand when he’d hold it out. Or she’d swallow, looking at him with a straight face, and when he looks at her with anticipation she’d babble something while squealing.
  • “Yaay! Senpai tried something new.” And she’d thrive in his praise.
  • Only. organic. products. or. else. Austin. spazzes.
  • She’d be laying in the bed while he’s doing artwork with soft hip-hop music playing.
  • She’d babble stuff while he painted, she wouldn’t need him to respond because she knew he was listening as long as they were in the same vicinity then to eventually fall asleep with her pacifier in her mouth when she watched him.
  • Posting Instagram photos for every month on the day she was born until she was one.
  • “Celeste Marie Porter” “9 months” “xxlbs, xxin”
  • First art project? Hand tree. He’d love it even more when she’d get the washable finger paint everywhere.
  • “She’s officially becoming a true artist if she gets dirty. That’s like the ‘designation’ of an artist.”
  • Mama Porter spoiling her little caramel grandbaby.
  • Everyone would be surprised she has a biracial granddaughter, “Oh she’s such a cute little bright baby.”
  • Mama Porter wouldn’t see color like that, she’s cute ONLY because she was mixed? Nah.
  • But she would admire the mixed attributes of the baby, like the curls, and pretty eyes.
  • Zion admitting he’s surprised he got with a black girl everytime he comes over for the Sunday familial get together.
  • “Damn Porter, you surprised me that day..I literally didn’t think you got a girlfriend that was one of the chocolates until I met her.”
  • “Zion you don’t have to mention this every Sunday.”
  • Edwin literally screaming when he’d see you holding her, “AH LA PRINCESA!” and grabbing her out of your arms.
  • All the boys - Edwin over the top - loving her because Austin’d be the first to have a family.

11. “Your friend who’s not your boyfriend is here for you.”

“So…the weather is nice…” I say as I exhale a breath I was unknowingly holding in.

Brad softly laughs “Yeah,I guess it is pretty nice out….”

We both just sat in uncomfortable silence for a little while.

“I know about you and Nick….or not you and Nick….but that you two were together Friday night when you canceled our date.”

He must’ve noticed my confused expression because he answered my question that was in my head before I could even get it out.

“My friend,Derek,he works at grocery outlet and he was walking to his car in the back after they closed,and he saw you guys get in the car in a supposed hurry….” he says,turning towards me to try and read my solemn expressions.

“I’m not angry….I’m just confused I guess.” He quickly says, softly chuckling to himself “Are you two like a thing or something?”

“No!” I quickly state as I furrow my eyebrows together at his conclusion “we definitely aren’t together! That was actually the first time I’ve even seen him in like 3 years,it was just a one time emergency kind of situation…..but I have seen him since….”

Noticing his raised eyebrows in assumptions as I let my sentence unintentionally linger longer than needed be. “But not in that way,he just drove my brother and I to where we needed to be Saturday since both of our cars broke down and we ran into them again later on that same day and my mom invited him to Sunday dinner….and I meant to tell you I just-“

“You don’t need to explain…I get it,you just have had a lot going on…” he says as he softly smiles at me.

“Exactly! I really didn’t mean to do it purposefully.”

“Plus….we aren’t really exclusive,so you didn’t really need to tell me…..”

“Yeah….I guess I didn’t have to,but I wanted to still” I say reassuringly “….can I ask you something? And you have to promise not to take this the wrong way.”

“Shoot.” As he gestures for me to continue

“How come we aren’t exclusive? I mean we do all the things people do in relationships…so how come you’re not my boyfriend yet?”

“Maybe because you don’t want me to be…” a confused expression fills my face as he explains “I mean…I think we both knew this wasn’t really ever going to go anywhere,we were just too busy enjoying each other’s company to realize we were just in a friendship-relationship with some make-out sessions in the mix.”

We both laugh at the reality of the situation and how true what he said was.

We were both just filling a temporary void in each other’s life’s without even really meaning to.

“So….what does that mean for us? Now that we’ve come to this reality….”

“I think we just do exactly what we’ve been doing….minus the kissing and romantic dates.”

“Sounds great to me! But I do still plan on going to that art class with you on Friday! I’m really looking forward to being taught by the best art teacher around.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way! Now as fun as this conversation has been,I kind of need to get going….but um if you need me at all,don’t be afraid to reach out. Your friend who’s not your boyfriend is here for you!”

We both smile at each other as he begins to stand up from where he was sitting next to me. “Hey!” I say as I gently tug him back down to where he was before. “One more kiss for the road?”

“Why not?” He says as he shrugs and leans in till his lips meet mine in a short kiss that’s interrupted by headlights that were pointed towards us in my drive way.

As we pull away and stand up to look to who’s car it is,I see Nick and his mom in the car and I wave at them.

“Well I guess I’ll see you later allstar!”

“Bye B! Text me later about where the painting thing is going to be at!”

“Will Do!” He says as he closes his car door behind him and starts to back out of my drive way,as Nick and his mom get out of their car. Waving a last goodbye to Brad as he drives away,I wave towards the Mara crew again.

“Hey guys! I’m so happy you were able to make it!” I say with a beaming smile. I couldn’t help it,I felt like I finally closed a chapter of my life that was never even open in the first place….it weirdly felt like a fresh start.

“Hi girly! It’s so nice seeing you again! You’re so tall now!” Jessica says as she engulfs me in a quick tight hug.

“It’s nice seeing you too! You guys can go on ahead and head to the back,I think we’re all just going to be hanging out back in the backyard.”

“Okay!” She says as she kisses my forehead and walks inside

“Hey,how have things been since the last night?” I ask Nick,noticing his sudden quietness.

“Pretty good….I’m actually just gonna go ahead and head inside actually …” Nick quickly says as he offers a short smile and walks inside.

Okay then….I guess someone isn’t in the mood for small chat today.

Big mood: We all know how sweet of a boyfriend Austin is. Imagine him pampering you on a quiet night in. He would do it all; run you a bath with your favorite bath bomb while having you sip on a selective champagne.

“Austin, you’re doing too much.”

He silenced you with his lips ‘hush’ before proceeding to apply shaving cream to your other leg. His tongue darted out in concentration, being careful not to knick you.

“I should make you paint my toes while you’re at it.” You joked.

Austin smiled softly and kissed over your now smooth leg.

“Whatever my queen wants.”

Who should I post a concept of today???

Mother Knows Best (2) | A.P.

Summary: Its been a year and a half since the split of reader and Austin. Ever since then, she’s made a glorious name for herself and has moved on from her old life. Well, that is until she runs into an old acquaintance.

Word Count:

Pairing: Porter relative x Black!Reader

A/N: Austin isn’t exactly included in this part but you need to read it to understand the next fic. If not, you’ll be lost. Not too lost but a little bit. Anyways, hope you enjoy this one. Feedback is much appreciated! 💕

“So how exactly did you land the role for Black Widow?” Ms.DeGeneres asked.

I quickly lifted my brows. “Well, it all started with me having one of the lead roles in We Are Not These Hands and my agent, Mitch, happened to be at the first showing that evening. Of course, he was searching for someone to play my role in Black Widow and I caught his eye. Afterwards, he came up to congratulate me and we got to talking. Next thing you know, I’m at my first audition for a film two weeks later.” I elaborated. The audience proceeded to whoop and applaud my story.

“Amazing. Do you know how many people had auditioned for your role?”

“I want to say the number was around 150 females.”

“Goodness that’s a lot. Can you guys believe this number? I’m shocked by it.” Ellen turned to face the audience with the best expression she could muster to describe her surprise. Another round of applause before she turned back to face me. “Now, you’re a pretty,  young woman. In fact, you’re somewhat similar to Scarlett’s character who’s known for seducing them and then throwing them out the window possibly.” We shared a laugh at her remark, knowing the truth to her words. “But the question I have to ask is if you’re seeing someone?”

“Seeing anyone? Nope. I’m single and ready to mingle.” I chuckled, everyone else joining in on my enthusiasm. “But yes, I’m single. It’s really by choice though.”

“How so?”

“Well, I’m just beginning my career. Before I jump into a relationship, I want to focus on getting myself stable financially, spiritually, mentally, and any other aspect that deals with my well-being as a human being.”

“YES GIRL!” came the voice of an obviously moved fan. Tracking the sound of the person, my eyes landed on a white male donning a shirt that had my character plastered on it in her signature pose. “Self-love is important!”

I pointed my index finger at him with a smile “I need more people like you in my life.”

“So, no one special?” Ellen confirmed after another laugh.

“No one special.” I nodded.

“But someone soon?”

“Eh, maybe. Maybe someone soon”

I watched my television screen with amused eyes, mouth opening every time to release the much needed laughter for the episode of Friends I was currently watching.

“Come on. This guy’s great. His name’s Bob. He’s Angela’s… brother. He’s smart, he’s… he’s sophisticated, and he has a real job. Me, I go on three auditions a month and call myself an actor, but Bob is,” Joey explained to Monica as she picked up the mess in her apartment.

A snicker slipped through my lips because of his rant, reminding me of the life I once lived. “Can you believe I was somewhat similar to Joey?” I shouted towards the kitchen behind me.

“What?” Mitch replied. Dishes were being placed in their rightful spots due to the clinking my ears could pick up from the living room.

“Me and Joey. Can you believe I was like him?”

More dishes sounded throughout the vast apartment. “I wouldn’t say you were just like him.” One of the cabinet doors closed and the soft pattering of sock-clad feet made their way to me. “At least you had legit roles for plays. Joey went through a lot and still didn’t end up with the life he wanted. You, on the other hand, are now living large.” Mitch placed his hand on top of my head, roughing up my hair as if I were a good dog.

“True. Sure, there was that Days of Our Lives character he almost had but still… you’re right.” I tilted my head back to look at my agent, who gave me that soft and warm smile of his. “Thanks Mitch.”

“No problem kiddo.”

He sighed as he stepped away from me to make his way over to my dining room table. His belongings were over there, so I stood to my feet to escort him to the door of my apartment. “I gotta say Y/N, I am extremely proud of you.” he said, reaching for his bag.

“Really? What’ve I done?”

“Aside from having an amazing acting career so far,” he said with his bag clutched in his hand and jacket draped over his arm, “you haven’t changed in the slightest. You’re still that kid I met a year and a half ago. I’m proud of you remaining sane throughout all of this.”

I followed behind. “Aww, thanks Mitch. I mean, I can’t forget where I came from. Always stay true to yourself.”

“Exactly.” He turned to face me. “And like I always say, if you need anything, let me know.”

“Sure thing, Mitch. Goodnight.” I leaned forward to hug him.

“Goodnight sweetheart. Lock the door.”

I saluted him. “Yes sir. You do the same for those babies in your house.”

I closed the door and locked it immediately. At this point, I was tired and decided rest was much needed for the day ahead. Turning off the television, I headed to the back of the apartment where my favorite room awaited for me to sleep inside it.

“Y/N!” greeted my former co-worker, Jimmy, as I entered the small Italian restaurant. “Wassup girl!”

“Hey Jimmy!” I greeted back but in a softer voice that still had room for the same amount of enthusiasm he exhibited. “Nothing much, just dropping by for my usual breakfast pizza. Didn’t feel like making my own breakfast so, what better way to eat than drop by here.”

“Those are words I like to hear.” he chuckled. “Tater Tot breakfast pizza?”

“You know it.” I placed myself on one of the stools near the bar.

“Alright! You know, you’ve got a new life now. I don’t want you to keep coming back here when you can get some better food.”

I scoffed. “Jimmy, come on. We’re in L.A., the place where people often forget where they came from. I’m trying to stick to my roots. Plus, other restaurants won’t charge me an arm and a leg like they should.”

“I know but still. Branch out a bit. You don’t wanna be like my cousin who kept eating salad for breakfast and when she decided to switch it up with hash browns, girl threw up everything in her body. Lungs, veins, intestines, you name it. ” Typical Jimmy; he told true stories but exaggerated so much, you began questioning how real the tale actually was.

“Pretty sure that’s not what happened but okay.” I chuckled.

He laughed. “I never lie. Your meal will be ready in about 30. Get comfortable.”

“Kay.” I chirped as he disappeared behind the swinging kitchen doors.

I stood up from the stool to take a seat in my usual booth of the restaurant. The battery of my phone was low since I forgot to charge it the night prior. Underneath the table of where I normally sat was probably the only outlet that existed out here for customers.

Jimmy’s dad and my former employer, James, was a cheap man. He wanted money to come in but wasn’t willing to apply it for anything customers would need except himself. When people sent in their complaints on items that needed upgrading, he’d fix their worries but with little effort. This outlet was a prime example because when everyone started “whining” about needing something to charge their technology, James installed at least two; one at my booth and the other hidden somewhere out here.

I placed myself in the booth, blindly searching for the outlet while allowing my eyes to roam around the empty restaurant. It wasn’t exactly empty with me in here. There was a guy furiously typing away on his Macintosh as he sipped his coffee. An elderly couple read the daily newspaper with a bowl of strata placed in front of them. And last but not least, a group of teenage girls sat by the front door idly chatting away, probably about BTS or a pop culture reference.

My hand eventually found the outlet and pushed my charger inside. Since I often dropped the adapter, I was relieved to hear the ding of my phone and see the animated battery turn green. Just as I settled into the booth to browse through my phone, the bells above the entrance door jingled. I lifted my head up but immediately regretted my decision to do so.

Not too far from where I sat was Mrs.Porter walking up to the counter. Of course, she still looked the same; brown hair that was a little below her shoulders, thick framed glasses to guard her brown eyes, and the same inviting vibe she gave off because of her appearance.

I never resented Mrs.Porter for coming in between Austin and I. Sure, she said some no-so-nice-words about me back then but I took that as my cue to begin my journey on self-discovery. If I stayed with Austin any longer, I would lean on him for everything and not be where I am today. Although I was fine, I was still miffed about how everything went down a while back.

Turning away from her presence, I browsed my phone like I originally planned. Doing this easily distracted me from the old issue at hand for about five minutes. In the time I was scrolling, I could feel something on me. Not physically but mentally.

“Y/n.” interrupted a soft voice. A familiar one.

Already knowing who it was, I plastered on my best fake smile before looking her in the eyes to greet her. “Hi Mrs.Porter. How are you?” I asked, not missing a beat. Couldn’t wait too long or silence would engulf us. Awkward silence I mean.

“Good, good. Well actually. How about you?” Her fingers were playing with each other. A nervous habit anybody resorted to to comfort them when in a sticky situation.

“Same as you. Well. Just waiting on my food so I can get on with my day.”

Her head bobbed up and down in a nervous manner as if she were agreeing with me. What about, I don’t know. “I was going to ask what your plans were for the day but I can already guess. What with your status and all, you’ve probably got a million interviews a day and other things involving promoting your film.”

“You got that right. Five interviews for YouTube channels and one later in the evening with Mr. Kimmel.”

“Amazing. That’s just… that’s just wonderful to hear. I’m really happy for you.”

Grinning so much began to hurt the sides of my mouth. I simply nodded and said, “Thank you.”

“Tater Tot pizza for the Mademoiselle L/N.” Jimmy intervened.

I tore my gaze away from Mrs.Porter to look at my food. Eating here wasn’t the best idea right now, so I made a last minute decision. “Um Jimmy? Could you actually place that in a container for me?”

He didn’t argue. Only nodded and sent a worried stare in my direction as if confirming  everything was all right. I threw him my genuine smile so he could move on and I could quickly leave. I’d inform him later.

I reached underneath the table to unplug the phone charger and neatly roll it up for the sake of not damaging it. “Well, I need to head on out, Mrs.Porter. Gotta eat and immediately get ready for later. You have a nice day.” I didn’t even wait to hear what she had to say, whether it be wishing the same to me or halting my actions of abandoning her. I just shuffled my way between the table and booth to grab my food.

It was when I reached for the bag Jimmy placed the container in did she finally speak. “I know you were struggling back then on landing a spot in this career. You… I just wanted to tell you that I’m happy for you. I really am.”

My hand gripped the bag tighter, sudden anger circulating inside. “Mrs.Porter… while I appreciate the compliment, I can’t tell if you’re being genuine or not. Last I,” I faced her, “Last I remember, you were begging your son to stay away from me… because my struggles would interfere with his career as a singer.”

“I didn’t–”

“You did. You made it sound like I was on drugs or something and that Austin needed to get as far away from me as he could. He didn’t tell me this… but I was there. And I heard it all.”

My hand pulled the bag off of the counter and I pushed past her for the entrance. Her hand lightly grasped my arm to hold me in place but quickly removed itself when she witnessed her actions and my grimace on the contact she gave me.

“Sorry, it’s just that, that I needed to apologize. For what I said. I shouldn’t have come in between you and Austin. I was just a–”

“Mother worried about her son.” I finished. I took a step back from her. “I know. I’ve heard it a bunch of times from my own mother. But at the end of the day, she left the decision up to me. She didn’t fill my head up with ridiculous predictions because that wasn’t her job as a parent. She protected me when I was little but now that I’m older, everything I do is up to me. She can support it but not demolish it.” I huffed.

Mrs.Porter shook her head, forehead creasing in distress. “I know, I know, I know. And I’m sorry. I realized it wasn’t my place to step in when Austin came downstairs and wasn’t talking. He’s normally energetic in the mornings but that next day, after you left… he was quiet. I thought he would get over it but for the rest of that visit, he wasn’t the same. He came clean and told me that you left and demanded he not speak to you again.”

“And that’s my problem?” I scoffed. “It seems like no one is taking responsibility for their actions. I told him to not speak to me again because I didn’t want anymore justifications. What you convinced him to do was wrong. Be it any other girl who was Instagram famous or related to the Kardashian clan and you would be perfectly fine with them over me.”

“Please Y/N.”

“No Mrs.Porter. I’m done listening to your excuses for what you said. You just,” I deeply inhaled. “You just don’t say that about anyone.”

I stared at her for a bit longer, shaking my head as I did so. Huffing, I turned and left the shop. In that moment, I wiped my eyes.

I hadn’t cried like this since the night I left Austin.

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beautifullybeau  asked:

I absolutely loveeeeeeed “Mother Knows Best” you’re a phenomenal writer! If you get the chance can you please write a part 2?

Thank you so much, that means a lot! I’m just getting back into writing so I was a bit hesitant on posting the fic.

Of course I’ll do a part 2 to “Mother Knows Best”! Once I finish writing it, I’ll tag you and the other readers who enjoyed it.

You have a blessed day! 💕

Mother Knows Best | A.P.

Summary: A visit back home to see Austin’s family suddenly turns sour when readers life is exposed.

Word Count: 1.2k

Pairing: Austin Porter x Black!Reader

A/N: This is a bit of an AU fic. I know Mama Porter would never be like this towards Austin’s lovers but the idea came to mind while I was at work today. And I used him because our hearts need more Austin content on here so here you go.

“Be yourself, he said. She’ll love you, he said.” I angrily muttered as I tossed a T-shirt of mine back into my suitcase. “Love me my ass. I’m getting the Hell outta here.”

In the few hours I’d been inside of Austin’s childhood home, I believed everything was going according to plan. We flew from Los Angeles to Charlotte, North Carolina because somebody had been begging to meet me, Austin’s girlfriend of six months. I bonded with Ryan over simple guy topics; sports, TV shows, the latest video games, you name it. Mason wasn’t here due to prepping for his wedding but Austin promised to FaceTime him later for the introduction. Mr.Porter resembled my father; chill but made sure to remind his sons who the man of the house was. Mrs.Porter? Well, she was a different story.

I went along with Austin’s words prior to us flying out here: being myself. And I believed she accepted that. Like any other kid with their parent, I revealed my goals and dreams as an individual, how school was panning out for me, what I did to earn money, what my parents did for a living, and so on. His mom attentively listened, like she was genuinely interested in the life I was raised in and built for myself when my parents set me free. She offered advice when my struggles were exposed and throughout her speaking, Austin held my hand like the caring boyfriend he was.

I scoffed. Caring. It didn’t even fit him anymore! He was more than likely downstairs plotting how to tell me things were over.

Moments before I commenced my repacking, I was headed downstairs for the dessert Mrs.Porter promised was “the best in the household”. What stopped me from entering the kitchen was hushed but frantic whispering.

“I don’t know Austin. Something doesn’t feel right.” whispered his mother. “I don’t think she’s the right one for you.”

“Mom, what the Hell?” he responded. I knew that phrase with him. When said, it was laced with confusion and frustration because Austin was currently at a loss for appropriate words to fit the scenario.

“Watch your tone! I am not one of your friends.” A deep sigh was heaved. “Sweetie, I don’t think she has her life together yet. From the looks of it, she’s having a difficult time with obtaining auditions.”

“So? What does that have to do with me?” By then, he was probably crossing his arms.

“Your career Austin. You’ve been placed in a band by one of the greatest music critiques on the planet. Y/N is just your average girl trying to make it as well but it’s not working for her. She’s not getting anywhere.”

“Mom, one of my duties as a boyfriend is to support her in anything she’s determined to do. Of course, she’s struggling but at the end of the day, I’m picking her back up so she can try again and eventually make it.”

“The last thing you need to be doing Austin is taking care of a child. Y/N is still in college and you’re not. You’ve got a job as a singer and you can’t let her lifestyle pull you down. The minute that happens, there’s no coming back up for air.”

Then there was silence and my stomach dropped. Austin wasn’t saying anything and when he didn’t say something, it meant he was mulling over his opponents response. It’s what he did with me before he agreed that I was right.

The silence was cut but the words pooling from my so-called boyfriends mouth didn’t cure my nerves. “Alright, I’ll um… I’ll talk to her. I mean, I didn’t even think of it like that.”

“Good. I just hope she understands that what you’re doing is for the best. For you and her.”

Who was this woman? Who was she to be judging my relationship with her son? Oh, that’s right: she’s Austin’s fucking mother. And like the old saying goes: “Mother knows best.”

I had just zipped up my suitcase when the bedroom door opened. Knowing it was Austin because we were supposed to be staying in his room for the time being, I refused to look at him as I heaved my bag off of his bed and onto its wheels.

“Wh-what’re you doing?” was the first thing he said. The nerve of this guy, I tell you.

“I’m leaving.” I simply answered.

“And going where?”

“Back to Los Angeles, Austin.” I turned around to finally look at him and immediately regretted doing so. His eyes held sadness behind them, something I rarely caught a glimpse of when he was doubting his skills as a singer. But then I remembered why my hand was gripping the handle of my luggage so hard that my knuckles lightened. “Don’t try to play the Guilt Card on me. I heard every single thing downstairs between you and your mother.”


“Yeah, you forgot that I was coming back down for dessert? Seriously, if you’re going to talk about me, the least you can do is wait until I fall asleep or I’m at least a five minute drive from your house. You and her both had the audacity to question my life and how it would affect yours.”

He sighed in realization, placing his head in his hand. “Y/N, it’s not what you think.”

“Then what is it exactly that I’m thinking Austin? I heard her clearly: I’m not the one for you because I can’t get my shit together. And instead of you defending me, you side with her. What kind of bullshit is that?”

“Baby, you have to understand–”

“Don’t call me that, you do not get to call me that name after what I heard down there.” I snapped with my index finger pointing directly at him.

He huffed. “Fine. Y/N, you have to understand that she’s only looking out for you and me.”

I shook my head, appalled at his response. “Are you fucking kidding me right now? I’m the last person she’s thinking about. I’ve only known her for a few hours and she’s judging how our relationship is gonna end up because I’m not like you. I’m not famous and living on my own. I’m just a kid trying to graduate college and begin my career and she’s assuming my young adult life is going to ruin yours. Austin, she’s only thinking about you.”

“No she’s not!” he argued.

“Yes she is! And you’re too oblivious to see it because she’s your damn mother!” I yelled.

Both of our eyes widened in shock. I’d never raised my voice before, let alone Austin. And thinking about it now, my cheeks were wet from tears. Fuck, this is really screwing me up.

I shook my head and wiped my cheeks. Austin made a move to come forth and comfort me but I shoved his hands away, grasping the handle of my bag again.

“I have to go.” I spoke, a quiver obvious in my voice. Before I could exit the room, I faced Austin one last time. “When you finally go back to L.A., don’t even bother trying to hit me up on some friendly bullshit because that’s not what I wanted between us. Delete my number right now and don’t even think about getting your friends to contact me.”

He only stared with furrowed brows and watered eyes. All I could do was shake my head in shame and move on.

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