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PrettyMuch & WDW Imagines

Do you want me to start a PrettyMuch and Why Don’t We imagines book on Wattpad? Do you guys use that? Lemme know

Slowly | N.M

Request: Prompt 10 on Wattpad Prompt List 2 (“Kiss me slowly”)

A/N: FIRST THINGS FIRST THIS IS TERRIBLE AND SHORT I SORRY! I had major writers block on this one and couldn’t figure out how to fit “kiss me slowly” into a sentence so i changed it up a little bit so it’s terrible :/

Secondly, Thanks so much for 70k reads on Wattpad! I only have a couple requests left to do (this is my last wattpad one) so request things so I can keep writing for y'all! (:

Warnings: None (:

Words: 201

Y/N’s POV:

“Nick!” I yell as Nick runs into our shared bedroom with my phone and holds it high into the air where I can’t reach. “Give me my phone!” I whine as I jump, trying to reach the phone. “Your not getting it back!” He laughs as he gives me quick little kisses all over my face. “Look your really cute n all but give me my goddamn phone!” I look into his eyes as he laughed at my failed attempts of reaching for my phone. I finally gave up and sat onto our bed, sighing.

After a couple minutes of standing and staring at me, Nick finally gave up and handed me my phone. “Fuck you” I giggle as Nick sat next to me, grabbing my hand. “I’m sorryy” He said, making sure to drag out the ‘y’ in sorry as much as possible. I laughed at his childishness and unlocked my phone before feeling Nick grasp my cheek, pulling me in and kissing me slowly. A few seconds later I hear the door of our room open. “Ew, cooties” I hear Zion yell as we both laugh, ending the kiss and continuing on with our day..

Love bites // A;P



He was smirking at you, leaning down placing sloppy kisses on your collarbone, and working downwards to your neck.

He knew that once he kissed your neck your resistance would crumble. After just a few delicate touches of his warm lips your hands would start to his bidding. They would fall down his back as your head swims, all previous thoughts stopped in their tracks. Now there was only one desire, one wish, and you both knew it’s just a matter of time before it happened.

„The others won’t know“, he whispered against your skin. You hummed in response, not in the state to talk.

He worked his way down to your breasts, sucking your soft skin with pleasure. He pulled away, a smirk lingered his face as he observed the red mark he left.

“I’m going to drive you crazy, then stop, then do it all over again until you beg me to finish it”, he said in a low voice.

No longer friends // N;M

Request: if you are taking requests can you write a nick imagine where you two aren’t really dating but you guys know you like each other and he slaps your butt? Lol thanks!

“Nicholas, could you wait?” You snarled “We’re not even late.”

You were trying to keep up with the big strides, your best friend Nick took.

You and Nick had a very different best-friend relationship. Both of you always argued or had many disagreements, but took care of each other. That’s just how your friendship worked.

“But we’re going to be late, if you don’t work your tiny legs” he scoffed, taking even bigger steps.

“Tiny?!” You hollered, still trying to close the distance a little bit between you two “You’re the one being 5”8! Zion looks like a tree beside you.”

“You’re 5”4, and Zion looks like a tree beside everyone” Nick insulted, still speeding up like he’s in a marathon.

“Slow down!” You warned, as your legs began to hurt.

The whole squad wanted to meet up. Brandon, Edwin, Austin, Zion, Tiffany, Nick and you wanted to be all together again and just chill out. Your best friend, Nick offered you to go together, and you agreed. But you wished you didn’t. All he said was, that y’all are going to be late, even though there were still 10 minutes left and the lounge wasn’t far away from your home. He was probably angry about something again, and let it all out on you.

Nick abruptly stopped in his tracks, and turned around to face you. You finally managed to keep up with him and tried to catch your breath.

Before you could try to breath like an healthy human being, he started to walk even faster. How could he walk so fast?

“Hell no!” You snapped, while you didn’t mind to keep up with him anymore “what’s wrong with you? I hate when you’re angry and let it all out on me.”

He stopped walking and turned around once again, taking steps towards you.

His eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard. In that moment, you knew he was already far away, while only being a few inches in front of you. Once more, you was the enemy. These swings from most loved to most hated would be the end of you. There was no in between, he either loved or hated you.

You drew in a deep breath, the burning hard stare from him feeling like fire. He just scoffed, while speeding up again.

What was all that about? What is his problem? You didn’t do anything!

Both of you arrived at the lounge with a huge distance in between.

“Aye, look who came” Zion smiled, pulling you into a bear hug “ What took y’all so long?”

“Nothing important” you shook off with a hand gesture, looking over at Nick, who was now ignoring you.

After greeting everyone, all of you sat down on some comfortable coaches and ordered food and cold drinks.

You were sitting between Edwin and Tiffany. But the moment you sat down, you regretted it because they were all lovey dovey together, while you were in the middle of it.

You were deep in thought, until Tiffany elbowed you. “Girl, what’s going on with you and Nick. All he does is staring at you and you’re acting like you ain’t even here” she worried, resting a warm hand on your shoulder.

“I don’t know he’s acting completely weird. He’s not just bickering, but giving me such an intense gaze for a few weeks now” you confessed, crossing your arms and looking over at Nick, who had his gaze already on you. His look was unreadable and you sunk down lower in your seat.

Tiffany started laughing and shaking her head. You quickly spun your head toward her, giving her an awkward stare.

“What’s so funny?” You perplexed.

“Nothing. Just go talk to him” she told you with a knowing look.

Narrowing your eyes, you observed her. “You’re hiding something from me, but I ain’t got no time for that. I just wanna have fun right now” you hesitated and took a sip of your drink.

“Hennessy!!” Austin exclaimed, pulling out the big bottle. Your eyes widened in suprise.

“Austin, since when do you drink that hard stuff?” Brandon blurted, as he sat up.

“I don’t. But let’s all experience it together, it’s been a while since I drank some” He was happy like a little boy. Everybody shrugged and Edwin told the waitress to bring some glasses.

“I don’t know, mate” Brandon doubted.

“C’mon, B. Just for once, what could go wrong?” Zion encouraged him.

Hesitantly, he agreed. Before anyone could do something, Nick opened the bottle and poured himself some. Everybody looked at Nick in suprise. They knew that he was the most mature one, but never really saw Nick drinking.

You wrapped your manicured fingers around the glass, and you felt your heat leaching into the drink. You raised the glass to sip, feeling the keen bun in your tongue and throat.

After the first shots, everybody was fine and talking. The second round was okay, except for Tiffany, who was giggling all the time and sat down on Edwin’s lap.

After the third round, Zion, Brandon and you started wincing.

“I’m out, I can’t take no more” Tiffany, Edwin and Brandon called out.

After the fourth shots, Zion and Austin capitulated, and hugged each other.

You looked up, to lock your eyes with your best friend who’s on the opposite side.

“Don’t battle against me, Y/n/n. You’ll lose” he smirked, holding up the bottle.

“You wish, Nicholas” You slurred, snatching away the bottle out of his hand.

Pouring in two shots, he watched your every move.

“Let’s see what you can handle, Mara” You provoked, feeling the fire going down your throat, your eyes swivelling towards the back of your head in a distressed sense of a headache. You sighed as the walls become part of a fun house, changing figure in a blink of an eye. Your breath was the underlying cause of the smell of alcohol that entered your nostrils, and your mouth was sore from the amount of alcohol you drank. You cleared your throat as you stood up, just to fall back down on your butt in an unbalanced attempt to walk home.

Nick quickly stood up to help you. You gripped onto his body, he was holding your waist, while you rested your head on his shoulder.

He called an uber for everyone and waited until everyone was on their way home.

While he did that, you sat outside the lounge on a bank.

You stood up the moment you saw Nick coming outside. “Everybody’s on their way home. C’mon, I called an uber” he muttered, without any emotions in his voice. He walked away from you to go to the taxi.

“No” you frowned “First, I wanna know what’s wrong with you.”

He abruptly stopped, sighing. “Nothing’s wrong with me, let’s go now.” He wanted to leave again, but you couldn’t let him go without knowing what’s going on in his head.

You faced him, as you grabbed his arm with your cold hand.

That’s when you became sober, his emotions telling you he needed more of a connection with you. His eyes were so different from the ones you saw just a few hours ago, more soft. The aggressive, hating eyes were gone, and the loving and caring eyes were staring into yours. If you wouldn’t drank that much, you would drop your gaze, but with him you’re drawn in closer, always wanting more. Then he says the words you needed to hear, “I never thought that I would fall in love.”

You froze, mouth tearing apart. Before you could say anything, he placed his thumb on your plumb lips. He leaned down closer to you, and you felt yourself becoming closer.

“You don’t know for how long I wanted this to happen”, you said in barely more than a whisper.

“I think I can relate”, he replied, his voice low and husky.

“Show me” your voices wavers, exhilarated from the tension between both of you.

Your lips start to dry, as he gently leaned down and kissed your warm lips. You pulled apart and took shaky, shallow breaths. Unable to contain yourselves anymore, you held his head in your hands and pulled him into a fiery and passionate kiss.

His hands worked their way around your body, feeling each part, each line along your perfect physique. Nick’s hands ventured over your curved body and exploring, and before you could protest, he smacked your ass. You pulled apart and opened your eyes. Your face became crimson red, and you deeply stared at each other. His eyes full of wonder and love, yours full of curiosity and passion. You rested your forehead against his.

No words are spoken, but a story worthy of you is communicated.


(A/N) This is so trash, I’m sorry. But thanks for the request ☀️

Imagine Zion has a crush on you and he finally ask you out on a date at the end 😍😍

What’s really going on inside Zion’s mind when he’s lookin’ like this

His favorite thing about you

•Brandon-  Brains: He loves how smart you are and how good you are at decision making , especially when he needs help with something

Eyes: He’s obsessed with your (Y/color) eyes , even though you don’t see anything special about them he just likes looking into them when you guys are talking

•Austin-  Outgoing/ Adventurous: He loves how you are open to do new things and you never back down/chicken out

Hair: He loves your (y/length ,  color & texture) hair And touching it no matter how many times you slap his hand away

•Nick: Sarcastic: He loves/hates how sarcastic you are , sometimes it can really funny when you point out the obvious but sometimes it’s really annoying

Lips: Nuff said , he just loves kissing you all the time

•Zion:  Goofy: both of you guys are pretty goofy and every-time you guys link it’s nothing but laughter between you two even if no one else understands

Thighs: HES OBSESSED WITH YOUR THIGHS, his hands never leave them

•Edwin:Your Confidence: When you two first met you weren’t really confident around him but later on in the relationship you opened up more to him and now your not afraid to let everyone your true self  whether your goofy , nerdy or even size wise

Hips: He loves grabbing ur hips in any occasion whether you are mad at him or if y'all are just standing in line at a store

Dirty Secret

Originally posted by prettymuch5

A/N: Should I do a part two? A series with the boys or just leave as is?

The sun peeked through the blinds causing him to groan as he rolled over feeling the empty side of the bed causing him to once more groan as he rubbed his eyes slightly noticing she had left. He knew she would leave once they were done, that was what they’d agreed to but for some reason he always felt a string of hope that the night they spent together would cause her to stay. But each time he would feel and empty space where her body would lay.

He rolled over to grab his phone to see a text from her that read “Morning Sleepyhead! Last night was the best! I just hope you’re feeling a bit better!” He read the message and smiled, they had agreed to the benefits but their friendship and care for on another came with the time they spent together. “Yo! Austin, breakfast.” Zion yelled from downstairs causing Austin to tie his hair into a messy bun walking downstairs to see the guys hovering over their plates “So.. another night with (Y/N)?” Brandon asked as he ate his cereal causing all the guys to look at Austin with curious eyes “Yeah, you guys saw her?” He asked pouring himself a plate.

“Yeah, she left an hour ago, said she had to rush to an appointment.” Edwin said as Austin was taken back “She left an hour ago? Not at like 4?” Austin asked as the guys all shook their head “Nope, an hour.” Zion said leaning back against the barstool. “We have practice in 2 hours so let’s ready.” Brandon said washing his dish before making his way upstairs to his bedroom as the boys all nodded following in pursuit as Austin sat there scrolling through his Instagram and as soon as he’d opened the app he saw her. (Y/N). Laughing in the picture, wearing a beautiful emerald green gown, she looked deliciously elegant.

And as Austin was going to like the picture his eyes skimmed across a comment from someone that he didn’t know “Looking fine as wine, when will you let me take you out?” It read as Austin scoffed, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy reading the comment. He felt the picture unliked and locked his phone to get ready for rehearsal, he remained quiet on the entire way to the studio, the comment repeating over and over in his mind. “Austin, we’re here man.” Zion said shaking Austin lightly looking at him concerned as Austin nodded getting out of the car. They walked into the dance studio playing “Would You Mind.” as they went over the choreography but Austin was so lost in his thoughts that he’d over step or even trip completely losing his footing over the comment.

“Yo, what’s up with your head man?” Nick asked as the guys huddled near Austin as he showed them the picture and comment, the sigh let his lips as he licked “I know we’re not dating, so I shouldn’t be feeling this way, but shit. I didn’t know this would affect me like this.” He said running his hands through his hair “Austin, you know she replied to the comment right?” Edwin said looking nervous as he hand the phone back to Austin “Seriously tempting but I think I’ll pass, wouldn’t want wifey getting upset.” Her reply read as he saw the next comment “So it’ll be our dirty secret.” At this point Austin’s blood began to fume but her response was what he need to feel relief “Sorry, already got one of those and I’m happy where I am.” She replied causing Austin to laugh, she always knew how to make him special.

She must’ve felt her name in the air because her contact picture appeared on Austin’s phone “Give me a sec guys.” He said picking up the phone running outside “Hey angel, how’s your day?” Austin asked as he heard her smile appearing on her lips “So much better now that I’m talking to you.” She said as he smiled stupidly. “Yo, lover boy, practice!” Brandon and Nick yelled as they laughed causing Austin to fumble with his words “I… I um, I’ll talk to you later.” He said as she laughed “Bye lover boy.” She said hanging up the phone.

Here pt.3 *Nick Mara/Austin Porter*

“Aye, wait up” Eli heard as she sped walked down the hallway toward the restroom. She turned around to see Nick following after her. His silk shirt was unbuttoned almost down to his navel and his hair was messy.

“Oh hey! What’s up?” She asked in a rushed tone, looking around for some kind of hidden escape route. Once that awkward stare down had happened, Eli had been on the run from Nick. He had split away from his fling to try and get some time to talk to his friend, but she was everywhere he wasn’t.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere! We haven’t hung out all night” he laughed awkwardly, leaning against the wall and running a hand through his hair. Eli carefully thought about what her next words would be, because she really wanted to go in on why they hadn’t hung out. But she held her tongue and took the high road.

“Well I mean, you seemed like you were having a great time without me!” The girl replied in a joking tone. She could see nick blush, even in the dimly lit hallway.

“Yeah that was Alicia, she’s really cool. You know, nothing too serious”

“Does she know that?”

“Oh of course, she was the one that brought it up” Nick replied, shoving his hands into his pockets. The two stood in an awkward silence, nodding along with the beat of the music. Nick suddenly remembered why he had chased the girl down and stood up straight. His sudden change of posture caught Eli’s attention and pushed her to stand up straight as well.

“So when did you and porter become a thing?” He asked. Eli was so shocked at his assumption, she moved closer to nick and put her hand on his forehead.

“Uh are you sick or something?” She replied, shocked. Nick laughed and took Eli’s hand off of his face.

“No I’m not sick! You guys looked like you were getting pretty cozy in the kitchen. Even when you guys were just hanging out earlier, he had his arm around you! And even earlier than that, when we were setting up, you guys kept sneaking off”

Eli didn’t realize that Nick had been watching them the whole night. Her and Austin were sneaking around because she kept thinking about how hard the night was going to be, having to watch nick chat up another random girl and disappear with them at the end of the night. Austin was just trying to minimize the chances of nick seeing her cry.

“You know you can tell me if you guys are a thing, I know I tell you everything and I hope to God you feel comfortable enough to talk to me” Nick said, snapping Eli out of her thoughts. He moved closer to the girl, placing his hand on her forearm for what seemed like support.

“Of course Nick, you’re one of my best friends. I just…uhhh, I didn’t know how to tell you without making you feel weird” Eli smiled weakly. She just realized what she did and she knew that it was probably the worst thing she had ever done. Nick’s face broke out into a huge smile and he laughed at his friend’s comment.

“What would I have to be weird about? My two best friends are dating and I couldn’t be happier! It’s time you had a boo, you’re always helping me with my problems. But don’t worry, if he gets on your nerves and you need advice, you can still come to me, I’ll keep it confidential” Nick replied, pulling Eli into a hug.

She wanted to scream. How could she let that happen? How could she tell the boy she actually loved that she was now dating one of his close friends? It made no sense to her, and now she had to tell Austin what she had done. She pulled away from the hug and tried her hardest to give nick a genuine smile.

“Thanks for taking this so well, I’m happy you know now. But you’re the only one who knows, so please don’t tell anyone yet” she rushed out.

“Oh no problem! I got you guys”

“Awesome! Well I better get back to Austin and let him know that you know about…us” Eli tried her hardest to cover up her awkward hesitation, but it seemed like Nick didn’t even catch on. He just smiled and shoo’ed her away. Eli walked away quickly, shooting nick a smile before she rounded a corner. Once she was out of his sight, she darted through the crowd of people, looking for Austin. It was like he was a needle in a haystack at this point. There were so many people and it felt like the house got darker, so everyone looked like everyone else. Finally, she spotted him hanging out with Edwin and Will, a guy they knew from the skate park, by the DJ booth. She ran up to him and grabbed his hand, scaring him enough to spill his beer.

“Aye! Damnit I just got that, Eli!” He groaned, letting go of her hand and bending down to clean it up with a towel he had in his back pocket. Eli bent down with him and tried to look like she was helping him clean up, so Edwin and Will wouldn’t be suspicious. Her plan seemed to work, because they both laughed off the situation and moved away from the pair.

“Austin, Austin, hey I need you to look at me” Eli said quickly, tapping on his knee. He looked at her with an annoyed glare.

“What is your problem? Are you on drugs?” He asked, rolling his eyes at her. He stood back up and Eli followed.

“No, I’m not on drugs! But Austin, I fucked up. I know I can be dramatic sometimes, but this time I fucked up real bad and I need your help” Austin could hear the urgency in Eli’s voice, which caused his annoyed look to turn into one of concern.

“Let’s go to my room” he said, grabbing her hand and navigating through the crowd to the staircase.


I think I’m just gonna finish this on wattpad or something, because I wanted to put so much more in here, but I didn’t want to make it a long ass post. Besides, I don’t think anyone really likes this one, but I’m so addicted to writing it, I just need to see it finished lmao.

He’s so cute 😍😍😍

loving is easy | bredwin

dedicated to @zaustins, for always believing in me and my writing. thank you. 

“Brandon, you know I’m in love with you, right?”

A smile crept onto the half asleep boy’s lips. “Yes, Eddie. I know.”

“Well, if you know,” Edwin paused, scooting closer to his lover underneath the sheets and hovering over him. “Then why don’t you prove it to me? Huh?”

Brandon chuckled, looking up at Edwin through his glasses. “God, you’re so needy today.”

The curly haired boy grinned back down at him. “I was kept away from you all day. What else do you expect?”

“I’d expect you to go to sleep,” Brandon laughed. He gently pushed Edwin off of him, causing the boy to fall onto the bed with a soft thud. “It’s almost three A.M.”

Edwin sighed. “I had coffee earlier. You should’ve stopped me, B.”

Brandon rolled his eyes. “Or you could just learn to control yourself.”

Edwin shook his head. “You know I can’t do that.”

Brandon yawned, stretching his arms and legs out with a low, tired groan. “Go to sleep, babe. We’ve got stuff to do in the morning.”

He rolled over to shut off the lamp that sat on the nightstand next to him, but was stopped by a pair of arms wrapping around his bare chest and pulling him away.

“Eddie!” Brandon whined, trying to hide his evident smile as he flipped around to glare at the now frowning boy.


“Will you just go to sleep? Please?” Brandon asked, exasperated. “We can fool around in the morning.”

Edwin reached up and gently began to run his delicate fingers through Brandon’s soft hair, admiring the way it felt in his hands for a few moments.

Brandon melted into his touch, but he fought the urge to close his eyes and fall asleep in Edwin’s arms, despite how much he wanted to. He knew he there wasn’t any use in trying, though. He had already fallen for him hard enough.

Edwin stopped curling strands of his lover’s hair in between his fingers and looked into said boy’s eyes. He carefully took his glasses off, leaving the boy in front of him bare faced and more vulnerable than before.

Brandon blushed, immediately covering his face with his hands. “God dammit—“

“You need to take ‘em off, anyway.” Edwin said with a shrug. He set them on the nightstand, then re-positioned himself to where he was propped up on his elbow.

Brandon didn’t move for a few moments, then finally glanced up at Edwin in anticipation. Once he saw the smirk that was plastered on the boy’s face, he groaned with defeat. “Okay! What do you want?”

Edwin giggled. “Can I get a kiss?”

“Oh, do you want me to make it last forever, too?” Brandon asked sarcastically. He noticed the way Edwin was lying across the bed, then immediately copied the position so he could be eye level with him and try to be intimidating. Try to.

“I mean, sure, if you want to,” Edwin shrugged. The boy stifled another laugh once the other gave him a glare.

Brandon sighed, biting his lip. “Is there any way I can get out of this?”

Edwin grinned. “I don’t think so, buddy.”

Brandon rolled his eyes, trying not to smile. The things he did for this boy…

“Don’t call me that, babe.”

Then, a slightly trembling hand came up to gently caress a cheek, because no matter how many times Brandon touched him, the beauty of Edwin’s face and of his entire being was too much for his hands and his mind to handle. Soon, two pairs of soft lips connected. Then, two pair of hands went to grab equally curly and equally soft hair, two pairs of bare legs intertwined, and two hearts began to beat as one. And underneath those sheets that night, two boys fell a little bit more in love with each other.

somebody direct me to good prettymuch writings

a nigga be bored and I can’t seem to find any …everything is noah centenio these days.

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So my requests were closed before but now they’re open.

I’m gonna try to write as much as I can for you guys cause I start school next week so keep those requests coming.

New PrettyMuch Blog!

Hi, my name is Jocelyn! I’ve been a fan of PrettyMuch for a while now, and I’ve just decided to finally make a blog dedicated to them. I feel like there isn’t enough imagines or just posts in general of PrettyMuch. I feel like we all need more, and that’s what I’m here for! I write for several fandoms, and wanted to start writing for these boys. So if you have any requests or just questions for me or anything go ahead and ask away. My inbox is open! I also make some edits, so i can try my hardest to make you a phone background, icon, and header. I made my own header if you want to check it out.


him being your boyfriend💓

-he sings to you everyday

-he always takes you shopping for clothes

-you lowkey get upset because he’s more stylish than you

-he always spoils you with a ton of gifts

-you guys always do photoshoots together

-you go on spontaneous adventures

-every time he performs in new york, you come with and get to hang out with his siblings who love you and treat you as if you were part of their family

-even though he’s ‘short’ he always wants to carry you around either on his back or firemen style to prove his strength

-you get your nails done together

-you have mini dance parties where you get lit

-you look at his old dance videos/musicallys/singing videos/whatever else and laugh together

-he braids your hair for you all the time

-he ALWAYS hypes you up to the max

**found this old thing in my drafts; enjoy~



Brandon Arreaga

Edwin Horonet

Austin Porter

Nick Mara

Zion Kuwonu

Dolan Twins

Grayson Dolan

Ethan Dolan

Why Don’t We

Corbyn Besson

Daniel Seavey

Jonah Marais

Jack Avery

Zach Herron


Jack Johnson

Jack Gilinsky

Alex Aiono

and I don’t know if y’all have caught what i’m throwing yet but they deserve the world and nothing less for all the things they have blessed my ass with

when elom said “why don’t we only blew up bc of logan paul “ I felt that 😩

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being cute - n.m

“Nick, do you know where my phone is?” I asked. I had it a moment ago. Where the heck did I put it? I’ve been looking for a good 15 minutes. “Found it!” Nick walks into the room. “Thank you,” I gushed. But, while I was about to take my phone back, Nick decides to play a game.

“C'mon. This is the third time today.” I whined. I jumped and then stopped. I wasn’t going to play along. “I’ll stop. I won’t upset the love of my life.” He says while wrapping his arms around me.

“What are you doing?” I questioned. Feeling one of his hands grip my ass. “I’m just putting your phone in your pocket,” he chuckles.

Sure… “You grabbed my ass because you were putting my phone into my back pocket.” “Exactly.” He says. Hearing how proud he is. “Okay, well you can see so more of this ass later tonight. But, we are going to the store.”

This human being right here is probably the horniest, passionate, kind, talented boyfriend that I’ve ever met. And I will never get enough.

“I love you.” “I love you too baby,” I say while giving him a kiss on his cheek.

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