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夏機種発売情報】 2019/8月下旬 TORQUE (G04) 当店もしくはネット予約受付中

Что насчёт role & age swap au по плэнсу???¿ Давно люблюобожаю эту аушку в одиночестве и вот сейчас сделала несколько эдитов на коленке вдруг кто-то ещё полюбит ее)) 00)

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Tony Dinozzo (RP) -UN: - -6+Years Of RP Experience- -Not New To Character- -Literate/Descriptive- -Ships With:( )- - Friendly- -DMs Open To Plot- -Banters And SLs Welcomed- - - - For This Dinozzo-

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опять скетчи порнухи......... бдсм ау как оно есть с:

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RT : There’s still time to drop by the ASE Booth at the in Berlin today. We were inspired to join by Dave Monk of and our technologists are sharing insights on our packaging portfolio for and for

"Trapped rabbit." An alternative image of Ava after the Titan's machine.

This is my own "Mr Bad Guy" shirt I've being working on these part two days! It finally happened! :D

機種変更キャンペーン開催!!あのiPhoneXRが機種変更にて10800円引きに(*´▽`*) 6月30日までの限定キャンペーンですのでお早めに!! (link: )

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I think that this song would fit male Sasha sooooooo much.

Yaaaaaay a Human!Xtreme. I dunno why, when I thought about drawing a female Human!Fresh, a design for Human!Xtreme immediately came in my mind.

Also, as Cross is fused with Fresh, he’s the reason why Xtreme’s skin is white, just like everybody in XTale.

And his hair is white on the right.

(Click for better resolution !)

Fresh by @loverofpiggies
Cross by Jakei
Xtreme concept by Jakei and redesigned by @accidentverse
AccidentVerse belongs to @bd8saku / @jasisbest / @lord-of-dust and @dryemiddi
Art by me


Heaven (Hybrid!Hongjoong x Reader)

A/N: I just felt like writing this. Please enjoy.

The door slammed shut as (y/n) walked into her apartment. She dropped her keys in the bowl. Normally by now, Hongjoong would have greeted her.


She kicked off her shoes and pushed them out of the way. Normally Hongjoong would’ve told her about his day by now. She wondered into the living room looking for her missing hybrid. He was sat on the couch, ears pressed to the top of his head, folded down in sadness. His tail thumped in discontent.

“Joongie, what’s wrong?” She said, reaching out to touch his soft ears but he growled in response. (Y/n) never thought she would adopt a hybrid. Hongjoong was in a kill shelter a few years back. Kill shelters ‘put down’ the hybrids that aren’t adoptable or untrainable. When her friend had visited, she came with him. What she didn’t expect was to see a gentle dog being carried to his death.


Tears streamed down his face as the guards were dragging him down the hallway towards a set of doors that read ‘employees only’.

“Please. She was lying!” He hiccuped and struggled.

“Shut it mutt.” One guard pushed him to his knees while the other strapped the muzzle on.

“I didn’t hurt her.” Was the last thing he said as they started to struggle to bring him to the back once again. He had fight in him, that was for sure.

“Sorry you have to see this. He’s a bad one, hurt his last owner pretty bad. We think he’s just feral.” The lady behind the counter twirled her hair with a pen.

“We have better ones for you to look at.” She said simply and calmly. The tears fell down the hybrids face more as he fought harder. One of the guards pulled out a syringe and stuck it in him. Within seconds, his body went lax. They started dragging him back. It was impulsive, so impulsive, but when he was starting to disappear behind that door, she had to do something.

“Stop!” She ran towards the door. The guards stopped.

“I want him.” She was out of breath.

“I want that hybrid.”

“He’s not safe.”

“And that would be my issue.”

The guards dropped the poor hybrid who was now sound asleep.

“You will have to sign a contract saying that if he hurts you, you won’t sue us.”

“I’ll do it.”

And she did. She signed for him, got all the documents, and had the guards drop him off in her car. He was still sound asleep when she got home. (Y/n) had carried him to the elevator and then to her apartment where she placed him on the couch.

She had four hours till he woke up again. This was enough time to grab all the supplies she could need and clean out his new room. When all that was finished, she prepped dinner and let it cook. In the meantime she decided to look at her new roommate. (Y/n) rested on her knees in front of the beautiful hybrid. He was skinny and pale but his skin was soft and flawless. And his hair was a longish dusty blonde to light brown, as well as his ears. And his tail was long and fluffy. Clearly he was a dog but the type was unidentifiable. (Y/n) reached out and stroked one ear. It was soft and twitched when she ran her fingers along it for tip to base. Even his hair was soft, washed or not. His tail thumped a little against the couch. She leaned over him a bit more and dug her fingers through the hybrids hair, gently detangling knots. (Y/n) looked down to see his sleeping face once more but this time, his eyes were open.

“Oh. You’re awake!” She sat back on the ground once again and folded her hands in her lap.

“I should’ve asked if I could pet you before doing it. I’m sorry.”

“Am I in heaven?” He rolled over on his stomach and laid his head on his arms while observing the new surroundings. (Y/n) was confused.

“I like heaven.” To him, a beautiful person woke him up by petting him, the house was warm and it smelled like food.

“No little pup. You aren’t in heaven.” This time he was confused.

“What do you mean? They took me away and put me down. My last owner didn’t want to take care of me. She tried to make me do things I didn’t want to do so she took me back and told them I hit her. But I didn’t.” He pouted.

“I saw you and I wanted to help you. I hope you don’t mind.” He threw himself at (y/n), wrapping his arms around her waist and laying in her lap

“I don’t mind at all! You already are petting me and it smells good here and you smell good and can I have more pets?”

“Yes you can!” She put both her hands in his hair and started detangling again. His tail hit the ground in a constant thump.

“What’s your name little pup?”

He sighed.



That was the first time that he ever growled at her.

“Hongjoong. Tell me what’s wrong.”

His head whipped to look at her, teeth bared and threatening.

“When were you going to tell me that you were going to give me up!? And to them?!” He shouted at her, slamming papers in her hand. It was adoption papers for the shelter he used to be in. For the shelter he almost died in.

“Baby no!” She put the papers down on the coffee table and held his cheeks. He may have growled but he would never hurt her. She knew it and he knew it.

“I was going to talk to you about this tonight but I guess we can discuss it now.” She pulled his reluctant body backwards so that his head was on her lap. It was Hongjoong’s favorite position. Her hands immediately found his ears.

“Joongie. First of all, I would never ever ever give you up. I love you so much and you make me so happy. Okay?” He nodded.

“Second of all, those papers are adoption papers. To adopt. Not to give away.”

Hongjoong’s ears stood up.


“I noticed how lonely you get during the day and I wanted get you a friend. I wanted to expand our family.”

Hongjoong remained silent.

“So I wanted to rescue a ‘feral’ hybrid. You and I both know why. I found one I think you would get along with. He will be put down in a week if we don’t adopt him.”

Hongjoong sat up and rubbed his cheek against hers.

“Let’s adopt him!”

“Baby,” she pushed him off to look at him. Hongjoong’s ears were up and his tail was wagging.

“Let me tell you more before we decide. Okay. He is a cat hybrid and his name is Seonghwa.”

“Let’s adopt him. Please.” Then the eyes came. Those eyes where big and pure and full of hope.

“Okay Joongie. I’ll call tonight and we can pick him up tomorrow.”

Hongjoong started jumping around. He eventually settled down into (y/n)’s arms again, still wiggling in happiness. It was an endearing scene. But the next words he spoke, they made her melt and even tear up.

“I get someone to experience heaven with me.”

New Friends

Summary: Sunny meets Sian for the first time and it’s everything you’d expect.

[A/N]: I wanted to write an interaction between my oc’s and considering the closeness in their ages, I figured these two were the best match.

Requests are open! <3

Originally posted by aestheticcabyss

Sunny was upset. She was being dragged to who knows where like a scolded child to change her clothes last minute before going on stage. 

See, she and Jeongin had been jumping about backstage when she accidentally bumped into Woojin, causing the coffee he was holding to spill all over her shirt. How it didn’t get onto the elder too she didn’t know, but she was glad nonetheless as she definitely would have gotten into more trouble.

So now here she was, being taken to - presumably - a place where she would be given a new top and would have to change in record time.

Eventually, they stopped at a hallway with clothes on racks pushed up against the walls. Sunny noticed that the stylist was grumbling something quietly as she looked through the clothes hurriedly. 

“If you had just being acting normal for one second this wouldn’t have happened” the stylist scolded again as she picked a shirt and shoved it towards the maknae’s chest.

“If you do something like that again don’t think I won’t tell your manager. If I were him I would of kicked you out already, you not at all profes-”

“Yah, don’t you think you’ve scolded her enough? Calm down lady” Sunny and the stylist looked towards the source of the voice and saw a girl that seemed slightly taller than Sunny herself with her hands in her pockets.

The stylist scoffed and told Sunny to get changed in the room they were standing in front of before leaving. The maknae turned towards the other girl again and smiled.

“Thanks! Sorry to bother you!” she said quickly and bowed her head.

“Not a problem, go get changed before she comes back for ya head” she said before Sunny nodded her head and entered the room.


“Good performance everyone! Rest up a bit before leave” the manager said out loud when the group of 10 got back to their room. They had just performed their new comeback Side Effects for the first time and everyone was pleased with how it went.

Feeling a sense of boredom, Sunny shot her friend Yeji a message to see if she could visit ITZY’s room. Surprisingly, she replied quickly and told Sunny roughly where it was. The two were friends, but couldn’t see each other often due to schedules - so they tried to connect when they were at events.

“Channie, can I go and see if I can find Yeji?” Sunny asked the leader. 

“On your own? Sounds dangerous”

“Please? I’ll behave” she tried to give him the classic puppy eyes - which brought him to a sigh.

“Don’t be longer than 15 minutes, got it? And please don’t run in the hallway again - I’d rather not have you mess up your ankle for a second time” he said with a jokey tone at the end. Sunny smiled at him and gave the boy a quick hug as a ‘thank you’ before leaving.

It didn’t take long to the find the door with ‘ITZY’ written on it and Sunny contemplated knocking first before deciding that it’d be a lot more fun to just let herself in - especially since Yeji had done that to her before. Besides, they knew she was coming.

Sunny took the door knob and threw the door open with a huge smile-

Only to see 9 very confused people staring back at her.

They awkwardly stared at each other for a moment, which gave the girl a sense of deja vu from when she met the boys for the first time. In attempt to fill the awkwardness, Sunny spoke up.

“You’re not ITZY…?”

“Oh I remember you”

The two girls in the room spoke at the same time before the both of them started laughing. Sunny then realised that this was the girl that scared off the mean stylist.

“You’re the one that helped me!” she said joyfully and skipped over to her - not catching the boys’ confused stares.

“Is Sian some sort of superhero now?” a taller guy asked and Sunny was honestly kinda shocked by the height, none of her oppas were as tall as him - not even Hyunjin.

“Yah, don’t act so surprised Mingi. I can be nice” the names started to ring a bell in Sunny’s head. She had only heard of one Mingi and Sian.

“You’re Ateez!” she said putting her hands together, which caused everyone to look at her again. 

“And you’re Stray Kids Sunny, right?” a boy with red hair - she was pretty sure he was Hongjoong - asked.

“Yup! Chaeyoung or Chae works too though”

“So how did Sian help you exactly?” Hongjoong questioned as he looked between the two (very different) girls.

“Some stylist was being a bitch is all” Sian replied before Sunny could.

“Language!” A blondish-brunette guy (Seonghwa maybe?) scolded, but Sian seemed to brush it off. 

A sudden buzzing came from Sunny’s pocket and the girl took out her phone to see a message from Chan. Looking at the time, the maknae realised she was most definitely late.

“Aish I have to go, but it was nice meeting you all! We should talk again!” she told the group and they nodded happily at her before exchanging goodbyes. 

While she was on her way back, another message pinged on her phone - this time from Yeji.


hey sorry i forgot to tell u about our room change

i think the signs are still mixed?



mean. blocked. :(

met a new bestie already

airadrawzzztrash  asked:

That’s okay! Then do Yandere Flowey fighting Sans maybe??? If that’s okay with you!

Flowey: *Oh yeah! Smiley trashbag tried to take Angel from me…but i killed him and kept her to myself…hee hee hee~

(Tbh i have been thinkin about drawing sans vs flowey for a while)

so I may have made an AU.

I call it the ‘stuck together’ au, where Megaman from the Games meets the Megaman from the Archie Comics.

To express their dynamic, I’ve created a tag yourself meme:

archie comics rock:


would never hurt anyone without reason

“”pwease mistew wiwey i don’t wanna huwt you úwù””


probably cries during Disney movies


loves his brother and sister very much

likes to play guitar!

considers the other robot masters family

games rock:

almost never speaks

cold. tempature wise

does he have emotions? dDOES HE??

has committed murder and will do so again ( without hesitation, bitch )

he wants Protoman dead and he won’t stop till he has his head

his emotional programming got fucked up during the “”surgery”” to give rock his powers

watches Disney movies when no one is around

Snippet 3

Gonna continue this one.

Red, glowing eyes hotter than hellfire met his own. “You desire.” He stated.

Crowley looked away. Adam‘s gaze seared into him.

“Well of course I do! I’m a bloody demon! What did you think we do?”

“No.” Said Adam quietly. “You want something else.”

“Stop it.” Crowley snapped. His heartbeat, although unnecessary, quickened as though Adam was looking through him now. He felt a presence inside him that made him want to flinch and scream and cry as it poked him with inept curiosity.

How to Survive a Factory Tour - Chapter 7

A Sanders Sides / Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Crossover



I can’t believe this! I’m here! I’m right outside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and will be going inside when the clock strikes ten! Only half an hour of waiting to go…

I’m the first of the winners to arrive, of course. By the time I arrived at the factory, a crowd had already formed, and it had started to get bigger since, forming a semicircle around, well, me! Since no one else is here yet, I have some fun giving the photographers my best angles for photos. I notice Dad rolling his eyes and Pa chuckling at me from where they’re stood in the crowd.

“Nice poses. Maybe you should do the ‘draw me like one of your French girls’ pose next.”

I turn to see Ethan come into the semicircle, holding up his ticket so people will let him pass through. Almost immediately, all cameras turn to him. I’m not surprised, given as he didn’t have an interview, so no one really knew he had the ticket yet.

“Hey, don’t make fun of me for being dramatic when you’re wearing that,” I reply. “If I’d known fancy dress was a requirement, I would have come in my prince costume.”

Ethan straightens his bowtie. “What can I say? I dress to impress.”

Keep reading

Right back at you (Fred Weasley x reader)

A/n) this is a little Fred imagine I just thought of and I really hope you like it :)

Request? No (send some in if you’d like)

Word count:676 (there’s a part two)

Plot: an au where you and tour soulmate have a heart on the side of your index finger, when you have your first REAL conversation it glows their favorite color. When the two soulmates meet they still agree to be mortal enemies.

Fred’s POV

“I wonder who it is” I say “What if I’m the first one in our year to find her?” I say with a huge amount of excitement. “I think I’m gonna challenge myself to find her before the end of this year” I say to mostly myself but my friends hear.

“It could be a boy you know” a voice says


“You heard me”

And then she walked off. “What the hell was that?” I ask “That mate, was you getting told you have a chance of being gay” George says.

I punched his shoulder and he did the same thing, before we even knew it we were fighting.

Brotherly love am I right.

Time skip to breakfast the next morning

“Can you just sit down?” George asks me


And then I sat down.

“I just really want to meet her you know?” I vent

“She’s probably the most amazing person out there, and I’m sitting here wasting her time”

“How are you wasting her time?” Jordan asks

“I’m wasting her time because” I was stalling, oops “because if I knew her already, I would be treating her like a queen, and hugging her and all of that, but no. I’m sitting here” I kept rambling on and on about what I would be doing if she was with me. Nothing sexualized of course, but like, the cute soft fluffy stuff.


“Yn come on! Ginny and I have been waiting, wasting our time!” Hermione yelled

“Just go, I’m not hungry” I say burying my face in my pillow. “That would be wrong of us to just leave you” she says more quietly “I’m asking you to leave so therefore it wouldn’t be wrong” I say trying to convince her to leave.

“Incorrect, I just heard your stomach growl, I think the whole school did” she says with a ‘I told you to get up, so GET UP’. You can’t make these things up.

“Alright, alright” I say groaning, along with my stomach.

“Will you ever stop exposing me?” I say to myself.

Ginny popped up behind me saying “nope, now let’s go”.

Something I’ve always noticed while being Ginny’s friend is that my heart (on my finger) always tingles. Its odd, but it also happens with Ron. So with that I’ve always came to the conclusion that one of the Weasleys is my soulmate. Which one though.

“Finally, where were you guys?” Ron asked

Ouch, its tingling again.

“Yn? What’s wrong?” Hermione asked

“Oh its nothing” I lied

“Yes it is, I’m not dumb!” She said again

“I know, I know you’re not dumb, its just my finger is tingling” I say mumbling the last part.

She and basically the whole table gasped.

Fred came up to me. “How? What’s it feel like? Answers, I NEED ANSWERS!” He yelled. Now my finger is literally burning.


Now everyone was looking at us, and I looked down at my finger, it was turning a dark red.


“What the hell?” Fred says, looking at my finger.

“I-i don’t know” I say, my lip trembling.

I looked down at his finger and what do you know, his heart was turning yfc.

“Uh-oh” we said in unison.

Cheers erupted from all of the tables (well not a lot of people were cheering from the Slytherin but there were a few).

We looked at each other and made a silent agreement.

That agreement was “we are still enemies, no matter, NO MATTER WHAT!”.

Adam’s adventures in Wonderland

Hear me out. I love Alice in Wonderland and Good Omens sooooo…AU?

Imagine “Adam’s adventures in Wonderland

Adam as Alice: of course, only he have a dog named Dog and not a cat named Dinah. With his blue jacket and maybe he ride across Wonderland on the bike?

Aziraphale as the White Rabbit: white fluffy hears and a waistcoat and a poket watch. Always worrying about his bosses.

Crowley as the Cheshire Cat: grinning and wicked cat, only with sunglasses that cover cat’s eye (instead of snake eyes). Really allergic to orders and caos loving.

The Them as the Mad Tea Party: can’t decide the roles, but really a joyfull tea party and instantly Adam’s friends

Gabriel/Beelzebub as King/Queen/whatever of Hearts: the same, can’t picture who would be the best screming Queen and the tired King, but still perfect in red. Also Aziraphale bosses

Agnes Nutter as the Caterpillar: old and sage, but still sarcastic as ever. Plus for Agnes for smoking a narghilè

And soooo…Anathema and Newt?! Which characters can they play?! And Shadwell and Madame Tracy?! (Shadwell as the Dodo make me laugh still)

anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your blog <3 BUT I need help.. I was reading this fic about Dean, who was a prostitute, and got harassed by some guy, but got saved by Cas. It's very short, 3000 words or so... I just can't find it anymore! Thanks 💞💞

That sounds a little bit like:

Hide and Seek by persephoneshadow (E, ~4.9k)

Dean’s been living on the streets and turning tricks for a while. Most of the time clients just find him. After a job goes wrong he goes looking for work and finds more than he expected with a married man of faith with blue eyes and a trench coat.

Maybe check that one out.