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AUs have taken over my life.

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25 "Ya udah. Aku balik dulu. Jangan lupa, tawaranku bakal terus berlaku, Can." Jay pergi meninggalkan Can yang masih sibuk dengan ponsel. -- 20 menit dari yang dijanjikan Tin, tapi makhluk itu tak datang. Baterai Can tinggal 10%. Can perlu dibuat hilang ingatan sepertinya.

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23 Ada balasan dari Tin. Hanya berisi pesan itu, wajah Can berubah. Berapa lama ia akan bertahan?

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Here u go

Quick 5 min scetch

An AU that’s been floating in my mind alot, the shifter universe! 

Penny is an Omega deer, or doe since she’s a female, shifter, one of the most prey animals in her universe. Basically, she’s in the bottom of the food chain. She’s in the category of being known as helpless, and the very most likely to need an alpha to help her and take care of her. Of course, she doesn’t like this idea at all that she needs some stupid big dumb Alpha so she hides her scent and her shift as best as possible. This also goes for her personality, where she’s sassy, indifferent and fed up, and standing up for herself when facing a predator or any other Alpha she meets. She just doesn’t like to be seen as a small weakling. 

As for her spider powers, she still has them, which ups her on the food chain and makes her seem like a big Alpha or Beta. Plus, her scent is blocked completely when in the suit so that nobody gets a whiff of her true second gender. Her powers help in an assortment of ways but it can also cause trouble. Since deers are known for hiding and avoiding as much danger as possible, this causes some add on anxiety along with her spidey sense which, as known, senses danger. It helps but 9 times out of 10, it causes some anxiety on her department until she can control her animal habits. 

On a lighter and fact note, when she is in her half shift (Which she is in up above), she gets more freckles everywhere. They turn a very pure white but since she’s a bit pale herself, people will often miss it and maybe do a double take if needed.Also, when at the safety of her home (she thankfully got help and money from Tony and May), she prefers to wear tank tops and shorts because wearing normal, more longer clothes feels too uncomfortable for her skin and she feels freeing when out of them as soon as possible. 

Sorry about the word vomit, I just love making story AU’s. Also I did this because alot of fics talk about Peter having doe or Bambi eyes and lately I’ve wondered how fucking cute it would be for Peter to be a deer and still have those big Bambi eyes. As you can see, I’ve been thinking alot about this au and I’ll be doing Whitney next! 

Oh, before I forget, if you notice Penny’s necklace, I’ll explain it in Whitney’s bio because she’s the one that came up with the idea, surprisingly enough

Prom & School Dances Masterlist

A Dance With You (ao3) - afunnyworld

Summary: Dan is at prom when he spots his crush, Phil Lester. He tries to convince himself to ask Phil to dance with him.

A Night Of Normalcy - phandabbydosey

Summary: Dan just wished he could be normal again and is left heartbroken after his illness forces him to miss his school prom. Hating seeing his boyfriend so down, Phil finds a way to give him the perfect night he deserves.

Baby, They Ain’t Got A Clue (ao3) - cafephan

Summary: Dan, the shy new kid in school, is asked to prom, but his date stands him up. Phil, the popular outgoing kid in school, is stood up by his date too.

Best (ao3) - brookwrites

Summary: Punk!Phil is about as artistic as a rock. As hard as he tried to make an adorable prom-posal for Pastel!Dan, it still ended up a complete mess, of course. Dan doesn’t mind though, because Phil did his best.

Can’t Help Falling In Love - binaryhowell

Summary: Pastel! Dan and Punk! Phil go to a high school dance together, but instead of a night they want to forget, it’s a night they want to remember forever.

Dancing on My Own (ao3) - TheUKAmazingDan

Summary: Dan just doesn’t understand how anyone could love Phil more than he did.

Heaven Help The Fool Who Falls In Love (ao3) - glasseslouis

Summary: Dan is positive that prom is stupid. Until Phil agrees to be his friend-date, of course.

Here With You - waverlyangels

Summary: Phil drags a reluctant Dan to prom.

How Have I Not Noticed Before? - interrupted-by-fireworks

Summary: Dan and Phil go to the school dance together, as neither of them have a date.

I Got One Less Prom Without You - ticklishhpickle

Summary: Giving in to pressure from his friends to take a girl, Dan uninvites his boyfriend Phil from prom. As a result, Phil ‘uninvites’ him from being his boyfriend. Watch Dan as he tries to win the love of his life back.

I Taste You On My Lips - lionessphil

Summary: Dan and Phil are boyfriends who smoke in Dan’s basement together and go to prom.

Pink Roses (ao3) - roryonice

Summary: Popular!FootballPlayer!Phil comes up with creative ways to ask Pastel!Dan to Prom, but it doesn’t work out the way he’d hoped.

Prom - dxnhowell

Summary: Dan knows Phil Lester as the popular kid in his school who everybody loves and adores. They never really talk to each other. Dan is surprised when Phil wants to talk to him and actually ends up asking him to the prom, which Dan had no intention of going to… until now.

Prom Night - passionfruitwriter

Summary: Dan and Phil has been friends as long as Phil can remember. Then some girl gets in the way, and Dan starts acting weird. With prom coming up, what can Phil do to reassure his friend’s happiness, and try and avoid the painful jealousy that is erupting in his stomach, and the unrequited feelings he assumes he has for his friend?

Prom Plague - whiskersandquiff

Summary: Dan has the plague. Well, not literally, but he’s sick so he’s bound to be overdramatic. But a little fever and stomachache isn’t going to stop him from going to prom. He’s got a date (that he doesn’t even like) who he can’t let down and a rumor has it that he’s been voted prom king. Too bad his body has different ideas and decides to humiliate him in front of everyone. At least there’s Phil, the actual angel in the hell called secondary school.

School Dance - dxnhowell

Summary: Chris dares Phil to ask Dan out as a joke to the school dance. If only he knew that Dan and Phil were in fact, already dating.

Tattoo Boy: Formal Edition (ao3) - tahliaisnotonfire

Summary: Dan takes his boyfriend, Phil Lester to his end of year Formal Graduation and Phil makes the night special for the both of them.

Those Pretty Blue Eyes - rightinthephils

Summary: Dan and Phil go to prom but not together. They bump into each other and somehow end up in a hotel room.

Watch Me (ao3) - drxpdead

Summary: Dan and Phil are both ditched by their prom dates, so they decide to show them what they’re missing out on.

Wrong Date (ao3) - SweetHeavenlyFlower

Summary: Phil gets asked out for (English) prom, and his date finds a blind date for Dan, but no one is really happy with this arrangement.

From Pain to Love by Ashykins5678 - M, WIP - Voldemort is defeated during the Department of Mysteries Battle; there are no horcruxes. Voldemort’s defeat doesn’t save Hermione from the horror that is Antonin Dolohov’s sexual sadism. She tries to heal, but she feels horrible for everything she does. Her salvation comes from the most unlikely person.




In this au, White was in pink’s place. Yeah I got lazy and used the SU future poster as a ref.


Garnet is the leader and a fusion of a Padparadscha and Ruby. Padparadscha and Ruby was created by yellow and Pink. Padparadscha is very fun loving, snobbish and compassionate. Ruby is calm, a bit slow and cautious about her surroundings. Garnet’s weapon is a pair of brass knuckles


Citrine was created in the prime kindergarden and is defective. She was created by both White and Yellow. She’s the party animal to the group and acts like a sister to Nora. Her weapon is a citrine tipped spear.


Pearl was White’s second pearl after white broke her first one, she was created by Pink Diamond. Pearl is the mother of the group but she’s quite the daredevil and is skilled greatly in combat. Her weapon is a lasso.

Nora Universe

A super hammy chick, who’s in to rock and roll. She’s compassionate and ever loving. She’s the daughter of White Diamond/Crystal and Greg Universe. She has a crush on Jeff, a guy whom she met years ago and got trapped in a bubble with. Her weapon is a shield.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a 21 rper (i'm in my late 20's) looking for a reylo role-play, I can play either Ben/Kylo or Rey. Only writers who are 21+ need apply. Would have smut/kink. 1x1. I’m looking for AU’s and canon (mostly post TLJ). Preferred platform is discord or google docs. Please like this or reply with your discord handle and I will come to you!

phantompastries  asked:

Hiii, i looked through your recs but didn’t see any hogwarts aus. Do you know of any good ones?

Becuase I’m not an HP fan, I haven’t read any fics of the likes. Well, just one. So for this only ocasion, I will rec fics I’ve been told are totally worth the read. I trust these people’s writing and taste, so I stand by these.

The Hierophant by carrieonfighting

Summary: “So kids, for the last week, we’ve been discussing the fundamentals of duelling.” Shane lounged easily against his desk, robes hanging open haphazardly. Ryan snorted to himself, sitting at the back of the huge room, and he saw Shane’s ear twitch.

“So today, now that I have a partner, it seems like a fantastic time to demonstrate!” He announced. It was Ryan’s turn to twitch. “Professor Bergara is your new Divination teacher, he’ll be starting his classes after the weekend. Please stand up, Professor.”

“E-excuse me?” Ryan said, turning terribly red.

In which Ryan sees the future and moves to Scotland, meets his hero and isn’t impressed, hears strange noises in the night, and interrogates some ghosts. After all these years, the castle still keeps its secrets.

Rated: G

Chapters: 45/45 | Complete

Word Count: 94,402

Keep reading

deepestbasketballcreatorduck  asked:

What are the Noah's, Mike's and Doug's personalities???

Noah was kinda of a weird child, mistreated by the beach city citizens, because of his gigantic horn, he was very attached to his mother and thought she was the only one he could trust. That used to make him very upset. But mid season 3 he started a friendship with Connie and his relationship with the CG’s got better.

Doug is a sweetheart, tho he cries to literally anything. Lars has always been his friend, they were very attached. Mid season 3 he begun a friendship with Connie. He is kind, likes to help, but if you refine his help once, forget it. He likes being compared with his mother, she was so nice.

Mike started being very forgotten by the CG’S, he lived with his father until mid season 1. Connie is his sister who never left his dad’s house during the show. Starting season 2, he makes a best friend, Peedee. The gems didn’t liked him for “killing” his mom but they got through it. He was inspired by his mom and wanted to be as strong, brave and the best leader they had. Mike hates when listed as someone different than her.

That’s them before Future.