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If you think you can fool someone, you will and it will be you.

Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say. Contact us at 1-877-857-4083 and register today!

Now can be our best time to grow. "It is never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

If you think it’s all about ticking technical boxes to get a probably don’t understand how hiring managers assess candidates! It’s a much bigger picture concerning team fit, company fit, motivational fit and personality fit.....

तेरे से लोग जलते होगे . मगर मेरे पे तो लोग मरते है

Buenos días amigos y amigas, feliz Lunes! Good morning my friends, happy Monday! Bonjour mes amies et bon Lundi!! VIBE HIGHER together with me! 😎

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🌸 "No fue hasta tarde en la vida que descubrí lo sencillo que es decir “no lo se”." W. Somerset Maugham

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right!

Here's a little - "A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can't get very far until you change it." Hope you have a great day everyone!

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My attitude…Jabardast hai
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Time To Admit My Left 4 Sins 2 You

Alright children, no this isn’t something joocy like a planned robbery or cookie snatch.

this is actually how i’m affected by playing which characters in Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2)

Now, let me explain this in a way you might understand.

you know how eating a cookie can make you content? or how watching a sad movie can make you sad? It’s like that.

Except, each character gives off their own aura, and kinda changes the way i play.

often, i won’t get affected, but when i do, i’m actually feeling nice about it.

it’s weird, let’s just get into characters 🕺🏻

-L4D2 Team-

Nick : Honestly, he just makes me feel confident and strong. It’s like I’ll go into combat an already know what I’m doing. This sometimes comes with impatience for some reason, though impatience and bitchiness are VERY RARE. Even as Nick. I mean, i kinda feel like a guide in a way, trying to stay alive is the main goal though.

Ellis: When playing as Ellis, I feel excitable, humorous, and more of a protector. I tend to be making him bounce around and say more encouraging things like “nice shot” or “nice job”. He makes me feel so happy more often than not. I smile and laugh when he says something that makes me feel like doing so. I will honestly give myself up just for my team when I’m playing as him (though, this does occur when playing as Bill, Coach, and Nick). Got a horde coming up and they’re in no condition to fight? fend them off myself. Someone’s getting bullied by and tank and is about to get incapped? Get the tank to focus on me instead. Can someone not afford to be in spitter goo or fire? Sacrifice myself to get them out. I just feel like giving them all i have to offer in protection & support. Sometimes this doesn’t work as well since I can get so distracted in others, I may make a decision that could kill our whole team. Or i just forget how to L4D2.

Coach : As Coach, i feel like a regulator and a body guard. I use this protect my team and to show positivity. It’s like Ellis, except i get more serious. if some one is dragging the team down, i’ll try to help them as best as i can. i do get tired of bullshit in stressful times, like if we’re running on the rollercoaster in the campaign Dead Carnival and someone jumps off & gets incapped ON PURPOSE. i won’t mind if i know the person and we’re both joking around. but if i’m trying to get my shit straight, i don’t have time for that. i tend to take the blows of zombies if someone’s B/W (Black & White) to avoid unnecessary death. even if i myself am b/w.

Rochelle : As Rochelle, i honestly feel sassy but strong. i know i can get through the horde since i have GUNS. if someone messes with my team, mama bear ain’t holdin’ back. Sometimes i won’t feel anything with her, sometimes i will. It can be weird to play as her sometimes.

-L4D Team-

Bill : As Bill, I feel like a weak ass war machine. I’m all about combat, but i do get weak sometimes, which can get annoying. I feel like a sacrifice, but i am very serious. I like to poke at his age though and say his old man lines when most effective. It’s like those kids in pull-ups commercials. I’M A BIG KID NOW. except i’m really old and feeble. it has its positives and negatives.

Louis : Louis is my joke man. He makes me feel funny and sweet. Some of his lines are just so positive and caring, others are, well, hilarity ensues. I use him as a supporter and a healer, but also a lookout and a defender. I like to make people laugh with his lines and feel good while playing. I feel unstoppable. Though, i get slight annoyance when something goes terribly wrong and that laugh can hold something behind it. He’s my feel-good bby.

Francis : Francis is my big dumb bby boi. I feel thick skulled, but very strong when playing him. i know how to push and fight, but safe rooms are awkward. i do joke quite a bit to lighten the mood, but he’s really funny when annoyed or whining. i do get kinda whiney, but not enough so that i don’t play the game. more or less.

Zoey : A bitch. i feel like a damn bitch. i will annoy people without realizing sometimes it and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. fuck u that’s why. positives? idk.

~Extra Tidbits & Ficlets~

• As Ellis, i will go OVERBOARD in protecting Nick and will scream like a bitch at Zoey. Touch Nick and you will commit last ca caw.

• As Nick, same thing but to Ellis & same with Zoey.

• I do shoot people if they gone done something wrong, but only when acceptable. I’m not gonna shoot you any time i feel like it.

• I usually convey my needs and emotions through voice lines if i don’t type in chat.

• I have a vocalized which helps me with jokes, nerds, yadda yadda.

• Suwucide.

• Zoeys screams are the best though.

• Ellis’ pain screams are mainly used for his ‘crying’


Yes, all of this is so weird. But this is just how i feel. sometimes if affects the way i play, sometimes it doesn’t. what matters most is that i’m enjoying my time playing. It takes a while for me to notice and specific attitudes, but it doesn’t matter much.

- 3:36 AM


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Originally posted by blue-staple

Over the years I have grown increasingly frustrated at the nonsense spewed out by the BBC.

This an organisation that is well recognised and previously had a reputation for impartiality and standards. In the last 5-10 years, something has really shifted there.

Let’s not forget that at the height of its success this British institution housed a bunch of paedophiles and now seems to be the home of entitled neo-liberals who have some interesting tax arrangements.

The biggest issue about the BBC, unlike other outlets, is that they are paid for by an enforceable tax that people can be imprisoned for (if not paying).

I tend to think of things I dislike as being my responsibility to ignore or avoid rather than be outraged or annoyed. however, taking the point above into consideration: if you have to pay for something surely there should be some right to representation?

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  • They claim impartiality and trustworthiness but actually contribute to fake news.
  • They represent an agenda rather than actually stating the facts of an event that occurred - i.e. reporting the news.

  • They have a page on their website that makes claims as to why you should trust them. In the real world when someone tells you to trust them there tends to be a good reason why you should do the opposite.

  • They have a reality checker - the problem is they only check the facts against the views they dislike, not all the views including ones they support.

  • They play the game of divide and rule - pitting groups of people against each other and breeding division and online arguments to increase page views and such like.

  • Narratives of Brexit, Trump, LGBT matters, women’s pay, and child poverty are all played out in favour of their side and against the people who may have a different view.

  • The above point brings into question the whole impartiality argument as there is no balance to the views represented.

  • They no longer provide decent sports coverage and have instead started to ram women’s football and tabloid narratives to get football managers sacked.

  • The above issues are often interlinked with the agendas they love. Why aren’t women footballers paid the same as the men? They ask with implications of sexism - when the reality is that women’s football doesn’t have the same commercial coverage or following of the men’s game. It conveniently forgets that without the men’s teams and infrastructure none of these women would have any opportunity at becoming professional or anywhere to host their games. It’s a little sexist to have women-only panels for the women’s game and yet expect mixed panels for the men’s.

  • They seem to hate old people. There is a constant clamour to take money from the old and give it to the young. They recently got into hot water for taking away the free tv licenses for the over-75s, announcing this the day after commemoration coverage of the VE day celebrations that draw a large proportion of their viewers.

  • The hatred of old people seems connected to their belief that old people are the reason the country voted to leave the EU. The BBC funded a great deal of highly flawed research to show that older people were the reason that younger people were being robbed of their future. Much less coverage was given to the fact that said young people didn’t universally want to remain or that a huge number of them couldn’t even be bothered to vote. That seems newsworthy.

  • In their obsession with the gender pay gap, it emerged that the BBC itself was not only one of the worst offenders, but that rather than a pay gap that could be explained by different role choices, there was, in fact, a gender inequality issue in terms of pay levels and gender for the same role. The BBC makes the assumption that its flaws are universal, when in fact, it seems largely a BBC issue.

  • They kind of shot themselves in the foot on the above issue as public outrage was more focused on how this self-entitled bunch of cretins could get paid such exorbitant sums of money whilst being a public service and for simply reading an autocue. The BBC seems to have become so out of touch with the real world that they have been sucked up into the rectum of greed with the same bedfellows they claim are needed to be held to account: namely wealthy tax avoiders and politicians of ill repute. If only they had a mirror or moral compass.

  • The BBC has a habit of passing off as ‘news’ articles on tech companies that look more like a subliminal marketing campaign (see the obsession with Apple).

  • They regularly cherry pick the views of people on Twitter as if opinions are factual events in time we all need to be informed about - often these people are friends or staff.

  • The headlines they use are hyperbolic when in line their own narrative agenda and much softer when it contradicts it. For example, a 0.1% shift in an important figure would be written as ‘huge dip’ when the story shows an indicator moving downward because of Brexit, but in the adverse direction it would be written as ‘muted’ or ‘below expectations’. This does not conform with a view of impartial news reporting.

  • The quality of their programmes is akin to shopping at Poundland for a banquet. They rely heavily on personalities who share their world view in fronting this turgid shows completely oblivious to the fact that the majority of the world couldn’t give a fuck.

  • They choose their favourites and their enemies and go out of their way to create stories and press about each one respectively to build them up or knock them down. In this way, they operate like a gang of bullying school kids who believe they are part of the in-crowd, when in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • They condemn the hateful behaviour of the right of politics but don’t see how similar and equally vitriolic the left can be. The moral contradictions and superiority complex shows how far from neutral they have become.

The fact that they get away with the above and much more, trying to tell people what to think and lying to keep to their own groupthink narratives in play, make the BBC not only hateful but borderline fundamentalist. It could be argued that they are no better than hate preachers. they just wear tailored outfits, drink champagne and are paid well above their capability. The hypocrisy of the morally corrupt is a stench that should not be allowed to continue under the forced taxation of the public.

If the BBC continues along its current path it must be privatised (like Fox in the US) and then see how many people pay for the privilege that the bigwigs and ‘stars’ have grown so accustomed to. They are a bunch of SJWs with an entitlement complex. If people are willing to pay, then fair enough, but I imagine that they wouldn’t get many subs by choice.

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