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Let your creativity flow! "The world respects creation; people will get out of your way." Candice Carpenter

Best qoute ;) RT : When you need something to believe in start with YOURSELF.

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You can always spread positive messages with your words, but it's just as important for your actions and to be , too! ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣

Whatever you attempt is going to challenge you. The toughest things helpmyou to learn and develop your skills, resilience and belief.

Bruins force a Game 7, Tuesday night, in Boston. No time for negativity. We need confidence, people! Just walk into Boston like you own the town.

Send me your payment info so I can request and drain you pathetic fucks 👑

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Be a shot in the dark, a rabbit one can't chase, a total enigma that entrances yet maddens. Remember that this is strength, not an evil or weakness. Otherwise, how would one one know how to resurrect the thoughts of others in their own way?

! Get some rest, have a few cold ones, watch your , and then come out w/the same ! ✨✨✨✌🏽✨✨✨

"Good things happen in your life when you surround yourself with positive people." Roy Bennett

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FOTO FLASHBACK - Sept. 5, 2004 - Red.

by HikerEyes

Show Up!

Are YOU going to Show Up to your Work place today?…Most likely your Bones and Skin and Clothes will be there, but will YOU Show Up too? Will YOU bring your True and Awesome Self to your Work and all the Things YOU do?

If YOU are going to do it, if YOU are going to be there, Show Up with the Best YOU have…So many times we Defeat Ourselves before we even Start, because we Fail to Commit our Best to the Effort.

Anyone is Capable of Excellence…Anyone is Capable of Greatness…All that’s Required is to Show Up, to Truly Show Up and put the Whole of one’s being into the Effort…To go “All In” on Everything YOU Attempt…YOU are Filled with Value and Possibilities, with Passion, with Purpose…Whenever all that Awesomeness is Focused and Directed, the Result can be True Greatness.

Show Up with all YOU have…Go “All In” in Everything YOU do and Awesome Things will Happen.

Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive is the most “in character” modern Sonic has been since the opening of Unleashed (where the rest of the game he was a generic anime nice guy).

Look at this cocky asshole. So casually full of himself.

I wish they’d make him expressive like this in the games, INCLUDING body language. Games are an audiovisual medium, you’d think something as big as Sonic would take advantage of that more

Maybe they could have facial features like his mouth and eyes represented by 2d textures like in Smash Bros.

Something like this. It would allow the animators to get super expressive AND would solve the problem of having Sonic’s mouth weirdly on only one side

Like this. Seriously, I understand why this happens, Sonic’s mouth is made part of the model and animation rig so there isn’t so much time spent on animating mouth movements but this just looks stupid. Sonic is a CARTOON character. He was DESIGNED to be extremely expressive. He was MEANT to have his face deform and shift to emote better. Not only does this look super dumb, it’s actively wasting his incredible character design.

Here’s another example of Sonic’s face done well, taken from @BlueParax on twitter.

Just animate mouth movements on a different layer. It’s arguably easier than just rigging a mouth model and trying to keep it in a shot so it doesn’t look stupid.

And as stupid as something like THIS

looks, I can at least forgive it because it seems to be going for that super cartoon-y exaggerated expression

sorta like this.