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It's been two years since Attention was released and it still remains as Charlie's best single so far

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hey y’all, i’m going to have my ib exams in less than a month so this blog will be … semi-hiatus / less active during that time.  however, i’ll still try and post around once a day.

thank you for your support!

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Don't worry if you don't wanna answer this! I just wanted to know what are some aspects that make someone feel like they're Aphrodite, or just aspects that attract (good or bad) attention. People are always looking at me and I feel weird :S do they hate me? Do they like me? Idk 🀷‍♀️ lol thank you

why would i not respond? everyone should feel like aphrodite, to me, beauty is a state of spirit and not one’s appearance, attraction to me is also more about someone’s energy, and why care if people like or hate you, that’s their problem

there are a lot of aspects that attract good/bad attention, some specifically unwanted attention, if any of you know more placements feel free to add to this!

  • leos
  • scorpios
  • 5th house placements
  • 1st house placements
  • 8th house placements can drawn people too
  • people with a lot of 10th house placements, they are bound to be seen
  • aspects to the ascendant with jupiter, venus, pluto and mars (conjunct, square, opposite)
  • pluto in 1st house/10th house can bring unwanted attention 
  • libra, leos, some aries and gemini placements love attention and love to love
  • sags and aqua placements usually also have attetion drawn to them but i think is because they express themselves in such a unique way and rebellious, while aries placements is a mess but they like attention
  • mars in 1st house/pluto in 1st house have crazy presences
  • some 11th house placements

“colors attention is just the studio version lipsynced theres no way he sounds that good”

hes singing the same song just in a different studio. its still a “””””studio version””” of course its gonna sound good jefoksajrenjaeth

if u actually listen to them back to back (colors youtube vs spotify album v) you can notice the different sounds in the words its not rocket science

ppl wanna hate joji so much they cant forgive him for being self conscious and not self confident enough to sing at the top of his lungs at concerts with no backtrack i hope the fuck he puts the mic on one of you fuckers 

Ahoy, folks. Harry here, the fellow known in yesteryear as @please-like-me-i-am-nice. 

I’m making a cursory sort of effort to rebrand, to renew, and to really start setting myself up as an artist. Undecided, for now, as to whether I should start doing so on this account, or a dedicated art one. My drawings’ll all be under the ‘scribbles’ tag on my page.

For now, have the first successfully-recognisable tree I ever drew.