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So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on from :

And of course = this One has ALSO Signed YOUR is heading toward THIRD World Standards under DICTATORSHIP Where YOU have absolutely NO Say in YOUR at ALL

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qualité sur ce produit , Porté quatre fois et cette chemise bouloche et s’effiles, mais le service client rétorque que c’est l’utilisation a croire que l’on a qu’une chemise dans son placard 😂 et que en 5 mois on obtient ce résultat

Reminder! We are closing early tonight (Tuesday 8/20) for a staff party. Cafe closes at 6 PM and store closes at 7 PM. Thank you for your cooperation! . . .

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Nothing is intrinsically more valuable or important than anything else. Give your full to ALL your doings. .

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Do you think that people who are really into villains, serial killers, and psychos are just fascinated by the concept of being solely loved by someone?

So think about it, right?

It’s human nature to crave attention from someone and the concept that this person is so destroyed to the point where they’re considered evil and will literally hurt and kill everyone except this one person because they love them and only them.

Not to mention just the idea of being the one person to impact someone’s life so much that they’re nearly a different person with you is like the ultimate version of attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a Jason Dean, but I’m just saying.

We really are a mess of people. It’s like our own twisted version of Stockholm syndrome when in reality if any of us were to face that situation, we would be a victim and most likely get killed.

All because we all deeply crave attention and being the center of someone’s world is pretty much that satisfying idea of attention that we all mostly lack.

But hey.. I can’t help but love me a “villain”, and if it ever resulted in death, I call that killing two birds with one stone!

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A lot of people flirt with the camera and call it sexual liberation, what is sacred takes place behind the lens and screen, not in front of it, a fun fact.