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Gut health, Microbiome & fitness preliminary data presented symposium — evidence around “Max fitness” (aka plateaus) & differences between athletes microbiomes. via

Another example why & apps can be dangerous. Use w/ caution. contents of same products differ between countries. Apps based on different food lists might show wrong results of your intake.

We work with athletes to improve training and reduce injury risks. Call for details 602-438-9773.

🧠🧠🧠It’s critical that understand the seriousness of prior to the athletic season, and that safety is ingrained in the culture of the team so athletes are encouraged to report .

Our had outstanding success at yesterday’s Stockport Schools’ Cross Country event. 52 pupils over six age groups took part with approx. 18 of them being selected to represent in the Greater Manchester Championships at Heaton Park in February.

A fantastic leadership opportunity for our @DESCPE students at the @DESS_PE sports day’s this week. Lots of enthusiasm and support given to the younger students performing.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has said it will investigate all athletes who trained with Farah's banned former coach Alberto Salazar. Salazar was found guilty of doping violations and banned for four years!

💡 Athlete Social Media Tip 💡 Do your homework on brands before accepting projects to ensure they align with your values. Learn more about working with brands at - .

Special Olympics Bharat will host a Youth Activation event on 24 January 2020 at the Auditorium, PHD Chamber, New Delhi.

Why do you think you need protein? There are many different reasons why people need or should have protein in their diet. I run through them here for you >

Our Valiant Ultra is becoming increasingly popular for training in competitive sporting. It has become an ideal sporting treadmill used by top athletes training for the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, among other things.

A nutritious food is the fuel that helps athletes perform their best. Without it, endurance, strength and overall performance will be down. . . 🎥⚽️🇺🇸🇬🇭

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This weekend I will leave it all on the mat. This will be my last competition with my amazing team! So everyone that will be at SOH when we hit the floor cheer us on as loud as you can I need to feel the love right now.


No time to stop now! Blessings come and go but, the passion in the grind helps dictate your next move towards Success!!


Why College Athletes Don’t Get Paid | VICE on HBO

iSH KNows…I’ve been following this topic for years.  This was done well, but, yet again like other articles, interviews, documentaries, and the like, it doesn’t go deep into questions I’ve had for years: If players get paid, will they then get a union? How will insurance work?  Do they get a 401k? Is there a salary cap? Are they university employees now or work for hire/contract workers? What happens w/ other sports that don’t generate money but are kept alive from the money made from football/bball/bigger sports; will they be cut?  

These are all details that no one’s really touched on.  So, I’m sure most people would agree that players should get paid but really how is the better question? It’s hard to really say “Oh pay players” w/o a concrete solution that answers many of these questions. 

 I will say, though, the folks getting screwed over the most are the football players b/c at least hoops players have a good number of paid options from g league to playing overseas.  As far as I know, if you want to make the NFL, you only have college football and nothing else as an option after HS.


‪Slow feet don’t eat….What a great way to finish our workout today!

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Some of you absolutely need to learn to love and respect dancers as much as you do musicians and vocalists. We all know how to idolise musicians and vocalists, but for some reasons dancers are relegated to the back up; the invisible faces in a music video.

Nah uh!

Dancers are in fact an extensions of the music, no, they’re more than that. Dancers are! the music.

One of the first people I ever stanned was Sofia Boutella, in 2006. She was in those Nike commercials that made a point to introduce them as artists and athletes. And they did with a voice over. Changed my whole outlook on sports, what was an athlete, and the way I perceived dancers on stage and on screen. Suddenly dancers had personalities. I heard her voice and that made the profession so much more approachable. Even just to know her name made such a difference. Soon after her epic Nike commercial she was dancing for Madonna. Now shes a famous actress.

So, yes, listening to dancers is essential. I mean, they are working in a cold, uncaring, exploitative industry. A lot of them are young. It’s truly sad how little people care about dancers, and their anonymity makes it easier for others to exploit them. So that is a other reason to care.

Anyway, pls learn their names and stan dancers.


#Idaho - a great place to go #golfing in the winter! Well, a little hard to get on the course. Can’t wait for spring to come!
? What is your favorite winter sport?

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