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Day 5: Crossover
…. .  … … .Am had to do it. X’‘D
Had to do Undertale!!! (am such trash)

Gloomverse- @loverofpiggies

Gloomverse week 2019

Day 5 : Fusion / Crossover

It’s a crossover with Celeste, a great video game ! I drew the end card with Rylie instead of Madeline. Here’s a close up on her :

Gloomverse Week, Day 3: AU
I’m so proud of this one! The lemon heads are freakin’ adorable and the thought of Rylie using a candy cane for a leg was an opportunity I couldn’t miss XD

  • Assistant: On a maybe related note: can Plankton have a sexuality?
  • Wallis: Plankton the character or plankton the living organism?
  • Assistant: Living organism
  • Assistant: That capital P sneaked in there.
  • Purple: I don't think that plankton has the societal structures necessary to form ideas of gender or the self awareness to have a sexuality ?
  • Assistant: And just assuming that it had the sentience required to potentially develop it?
  • Purple: Depends on the societal structure that will form, and what it has to say about the existence of a sexuality in the first place.
  • Assistant: What if they formed a collective and lived among humans?
  • Wallis: What the fuck are you reading?
  • Assistant: JoJo.

sarahjoferraro  asked:

Hi Jules, Cheers to you working in LA! I was wondering if you know of any resources or job listing sites for LA film things? I would like to do a film internship (my emphasis is cinematography and directing) next summer in LA after I graduate and I have no idea where to look. Thanks so much!

Thank you @sarahjoferraro!

As I’m currently looking for another assistant position, I relate! Here are some sites I use:

Anonymousproductionassistant has job postings and internships including the UTA job list. (Hot tip: if you can get the UTA job list elsewhere, do that! The site postings are a bit delayed. And apply ASAP, as those jobs go fast!)

Entertainment Careers. Great resource for jobs but might need to go elsewhere to get emails, as some listings are behind a paywall. and LinkedIn. These have a lot from bigger companies, but if you do some digging, there are some decent assistant jobs there for smaller companies.

Social media. I’m a part of multiple Facebook groups for filmmakers that will often post freelance gigs or PA positions. Even if you didn’t have much luck on those jobs, those groups are a good way to meet people and build your network.

Cold calling (or emailing). This is how I got my internship. I signed up for the free trial of IMDbPro, grabbed as much contact info as I could in a month, inquired about internship positions at 50+ places, then canceled IMDbPro. It’s easier to cold call for internships as you’re not necessarily asking for a job with pay (yes the system is rigged but if you nab a good internship, you do learn a LOT and then you have experience to add to a resume.

When looking for jobs, if your focus is directing/cinematography, you should look for PA/Runner positions for some on-set stuff. If you want to learn more about the production process (which I recommend), you can look for office/executive/administration assistant, personal assistant (“assistant to the ___”) or mailroom jobs at an agency (great way to make connections).

Some other quick tips when looking for a job/assistantship:

  • Check, recheck, and triple-check your resume. Make sure it’s free of grammar errors.
  • Have a cover letter on hand, but make it feel personal to each company you send it to. Places like to hire people who are passionate about there company.
  • Even if you are new to the film world, you have a lot to offer! Don’t restrict yourself to skills directly related to film (although those are always great). Some examples of professional skills you can bring to a job: Leadership, Time Management, Communication, Public Speaking, Scheduling, Organization, Project Management, Adaptability…
  • Send Follow up emails/letters. If you haven’t heard anything in 2 weeks, politely inquire as to the status of your application. It shows you are genuinely interested in the company, puts you ahead of other applicants, and keeps you in the forefront of the minds of the hiring team.
  • Send a lot of inquiries! As I mentioned, I sent over 50 emails and only got 2 positive responses. (A few negatives, but “no” responses are better than no response at all.) Stay positive and persevere. It pays off!
  • Don’t burn bridges. Even if you don’t get a position, stay friendly with the company and try to stay in touch with them. Connections are everything in this industry.
  • When you get an internship, ASK QUESTIONS. They are “paying” you by teaching you and giving you hands-on experience. Take advantage.

Hope this was helpful and best of luck! If you’re in LA, DM me! Always looking to meet new people in this town.



“Ms.Helpful/Madame Helpful”

“An experienced assistant who can fulfill any task she has set.”

In her Brightside form, Ms. Helpful is a humanoid demoness with yellow skin a small nose and her head is orange and tied in a bun that resembles a burning flame. She wears a navy purple suit with yellow buttons. The lower half of her body is a ghost tail. Her lips are red and has a eye-mask.

In her Darkside form, Madame Helpful face is wider and her expression more intimidating, she has horns on her head and a demonic smile with sharp teeth. Her eye-mask has long wings and her suit looks more military like, she’s always holding a red colored whip.

Design from Piper for:@littlemissdevil21


So proud of our new campaign for @oliverpeoples with legendary @isabellarossellini and her son @robertorossellini #directed and #photographed by @kat_in_nyc #assistant @roshaknie #hair and #makeup @claudiobelizario #stylist @annakatsanis @brydgesmackinney_official #assistant @paulinacastroogando #oliverpeoples #isabellarossellini #robertorossellini #glasses #annakatsanis #campaign digitech @baileysondag. thank you @mrtagliaferri and @suppjc ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ wardrobe by @apc_paris @acnestudios @maxmara @lafayette148ny

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Not OK, Google

At its hardware launch event in San Francisco yesterday, Alphabet showed the sweeping breadth of its ambition to own consumers’ personal data, as computing continues to accelerate away from static desktops and screens, coalescing into a cloud of connected devices with the potential to generate far more data — and data of a far more intimate nature — than ever before. Read More