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【1 tweet to know 】The four letters arranged randomly to represent the break line, implying the industry attributes. Rolling numbers reflects the liquidity of and the growth of . IDAX — born to be an !

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We are launching our crowdsale on the 26 December 2018. Come on in and start trading on TubiEx. The #1 community-driven exchange. To Be The Difference.

project strategic advisor Charles presented keynote speech about and in 2018 Summit at last week. Korn Dabbaransi, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand also gave keynote speech.

If you need a bit of magic this weekend, I just finished and published a new tileset: It contains 100 magical items, like potions, runes and gems!

With new for , companies gain insight into the location & of valuable assets such as cranes, trailers & excavators. As a result, they will be able to deploy their assets optimally & plan more efficiently

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How Cannabis Could Become The Next Real Estate Disrupter
Next month, the seven-story Green Street Building will open in Los Angeles, filled with tenants who all have cannabis somewhere in their job description. It will house everything from co-working spaces to an art gallery, restaurant, law firm, luxury spa and lounge.
By Amy Dobson

Just some random meme making material for people to use!

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The absolute best thing about my business is meeting business owners and hearing their stories. -
Over the weekend I had the complete honor and privilege to meet the owner of @teeclaw.
I knew I had to be in the LA/OC area and asked if I could come by and buy his product in person and I have to say that I am very impressed with the finished product but was Much more impressed with the owner. What a great guy and to top it off he is a Military Veteran. Thank you for your service!
His product, I believe, has the potential to replace the alignment rod. If you are a golfer you need to check this product out! I totally stand behind it. Go follow and purchase @teeclaw!
We are American Profit Consulting… Im a former business banking/lender looking to disrupt the business financial services industry by telling and advising clients with the TRUTH. I have a deep passion for entrepreneurialism but have spent the last 14 years working for business banks under their agenda. During that time I knew I was under serving business owners around me because of the bias guidance I was forced to give in allegiance to the bank that employed me. Now I have the opportunity to share industry secret and guidance that is so incredibly important to any business, new or old. I’ve followed incredibly inspirational pages on IG like @mannykhoshbin, @mcuban, @foundr, @thebillionairesclub, and @grantcardone and have been inspired by all the pictures and quotes but have yet to find a page that illustrates the “how to.” How to access capital, how to increase cash flow, how to lower overhead, how to scale your business, and build your balance sheet which in turn builds your net worth. This has led me to build this business and this page. I am going to tell you what the banks don’t want you to know. I’m going to give you insider information. This is @americanprofitconsulting.
Call or DM for details.
Follow @americanprofitconsulting for business advice and guidance you can use.
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