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.!! 💪❤😃 Obama Please RT.

BJP Wants Ban On Kedarnath, Asks Why No "Hindu Character" As Lead via Wants Ban On Kedarnath Why No "Hindu Character" As Lead ka sath sab ka vikas

Ye nae dykha to kuch nae dykha Do watch this master piece from . There's a reason why he's my favorite. DG had no answers to his simple logical questions Hats off ❤❤❤

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RT GoMcGillMedia "It's nice to have someone who simply asks, "how was your day?" Simplereminders BryantMcGill JenniMcGill_ "

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glitchykitcat  asked:

Dove for the soft ask

I express my love with compliments and hugs (If the person is okay with it!) I’m actually not that good with expressing my love. Heh. Than I you for sending an ask! 💜💙🖤

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I feel ya, promise you next week will be better. Now go to bed x

Idk who you are but you’re right. About how I should go to bed, idk about next week, mate

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Hey I wanna ask something for you and your mutuals(i follow most of them): if you see the spoilers that apparently leaked please please please do not post it pleaseee

I wasn’t going to dw! and yeah I avoided the spoilers because i don’t want to be ruined for a book that’s 18 days away

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We know full well there's just time so is it wrong to dance this line? Could you give it up us? Don't give me up, please, and our love. Stay strong <3 - katherine

Ainda que o tempo esteja se encurtando a cada respiro que dou, Katherine, saiba que todos eles sempre me fazem pensar em você, então, não, não acho que seja errado. Não poderia desistir de nós, jamais, nem de você, princess, mas eu sinto muito por não conseguir ser forte. Ao menos, não ser forte o suficiente para ficar ao seu lado, não acho que seria capaz de vê-la desperdiçar seu tempo dessa forma, Katherine. 

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Você sempre será o príncipe encantado do meu conto de fadas, jagi. Saranghae <3 - katherine

Katherine Caine, você sempre consegue me deixar envergonhado, sabia? Você é perfeita e eu agradeço muito por ter entrado em minha vida, espero que jamais esqueça o quanto você é importante para mim, ok? Saranghae, princess. <3

kindled-blue-soul  asked:

I actually wore a red one during Halloween. I could give you that one. I am not letting you freeze.

F!C: …Well, that definitely improves your offer~ I’m thinking bout it real serious now~

F!C: That could be good, actually…~

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I definitely appreciate this ship, but since I'm still a newbie, I feel like there is a lot I'm missing? Is the actor playing TJ not contacted for the second half of the season? Do the actors playing Cyrus and TJ support the ship- but we have to deal with the morals of Disney? Like, the fandom was really upset last Friday, but this weekend everything is somewhat acceptable? Thanks for the help!

Oof hello anon, yes a LOT has gone down in the fandom, especially in the past week. I actually just did a lil summary of Tyrus fandom stuff in a paper I wrote for my independent study — should I post it??

Anyways, yes, the actors and the crew support the ship. Luke (TJ) and Josh (Cyrus) are the kings of the Tyrus fandom. There was drama last weekend bc Josh was tweeting cryptically and people got concerned that Tyrus wouldn’t actually happen in the show, despite the build-up so far (like the lookback in the S2 finale which CONFIRMS that TJ has a crush on Cyrus)

I personally believe that Terri had Tyrus planned from the start of TJ’s arc, but had to be subtle bc she liked didn’t have approval from Disney. The lookback scene was probably edited ambiguously in the final cut BECAUSE they didn’t have actual approval yet. I’m HOPING that at this point, there is finally approval for a Tyrus romantic relationship onscreen, but it will be very tame. I think the most they’d allow is them confessing they like each other and holding hands, but GOD do I want there to be a Tyrus kiss… even if it’s on the cheek… but it is SO hard to get that approved.

Rebecca Sugar, of Steven Universe, has talked (podcast and interviews) how she had to FIGHT and FIGHT for each gay moment on her show, and she had to be willing to walk away from the show altogether in order to get Cartoon Network to allow a wedding and kiss between Ruby and Sapphire. So this is what I always keep in perspective.


As far as I’m aware, Luke is still in S3 but he’s just not on set as much as the main characters. He’ll probably get more development with Cyrus in several upcoming episodes, and then Tyrus will get pushed to the background. A lot of people have written analysis and speculation about how the season will pan out, but honestly, I think we’re better just waiting and seeing what happens as it airs

There’s a running joke that Luke is gonna get fired bc he keeps posting low key inappropriate comments on social media. @persongoingfast (Josh) was like “yep Disney yeeted him to the moon” which is a JOKE; Luke hasn’t actually been fired haha

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Você falou que não me fazia feliz, mas sabe o engraçado? Meu sorriso nunca mais foi o mesmo desde que você sumiu da minha vida. Minha vida perdeu a cor que tinha, e voltou a ficar a preto e branco. Você é meu pincel de cores, o dono da chave do meu coração, o motivo do meu sorriso. E amar você jamais será um erro, e acredita, que meu amor por você jamais terá um fim, Hansol Chae. - Katherine

Oh… Eu sinto muito por tudo isso, você pode não entender agora mas um dia irá, e quando esse dia chegar eu espero que consiga superar para poder se permitir ver que sua vida colorida só depende você. Princess, eu lhe mostrei que você era capaz de amar novamente, está na hora de descobrir que pode sentir isso sem ser comigo e sim por si própria, dessa forma você, Katherine Caine, ainda que não acredite ou não queira enxergar, irá poder ser o seu próprio pincel.

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I dont really care much for qpr/qpp but can you pelase tag all the posts with with full word in with "q slur"? it's a huge trigger to myself and so many other people

sure!!! sorry abt that!

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Hey! I just read your text post about why tumblr is toxic and I was wondering, what is “purity culture” and “communities”? I’m kinda new so just trying to understand what you meant!

hey hun!! purity culture kind of just stands for how there’s this mentality present on Tumblr where no one can make mistakes; cause if they do, they’re automatically cancelled and who ever likes em, are garbage. for communities, I just meant how we all make it seem as a community full of love, but rather there’s drama in every corner and its exhausting and people are just trying to have a good experience. but I honestly hope you have a good experience because you deserve one!!