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sohbabycanwedance  asked:

Hey, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Taylor's assault trial really got me thinking too. It's awful that in the world we live in something that can be traumatic for a lot of people can just be passed off as something that we should accept. I think you should be really proud of yourself for telling your parents & I'm sorry they didn't react the way they should have. Have you thought about talking to a therapist about it? They can really help you work through the feelings you're having xxx

thank you for your message! no I actually haven’t, though I did see a therapist for a bit a couple of months ago, I had kind of repressed the memory of that moment so it never occurred to me that this is something I should talk about with some one. I’ll think about it :)

anonymous asked:

Rex how long are you planning on staying with Emmet?

Rex settled in his room and laid back on the bed, hands on the back of his head.

“A.. Real long time I guess. I need him to toughen up and.. Stay like me. I wanna live, after all.. If I disappeared, so would the Rexcelsior, and the raptors, and this resort. I already shouldn’t be here, I mean, I rescued Emmet. That doesn’t make sense but.. I wanna be safe rather than sorry. So I’m keeping him here for a pretty long time.

….don’t tell him I said that.”

anonymous asked:

valkyrie, liz

what’s your favorite drink? since this is Valkyrie, I’m gonna assume they mean alcoholic drink lol. uhhh, I usually go for a bloody mary! but I’m currently entering a margarita phase so those are always good too lol

who was your high school crush? didn’t really have one! if you remember tom from my earlier theater posts, I was into him for a bit in like 10th grade, but other than that….idk I just didn’t really know anyone well enough to have a crush on them? other than my friends, but I never had crushes on any of them lol. there were definitely people I thought were cute and I wanted them to have a crush on me, but I didn’t really feel like putting out the effort if it wasn’t gonna go anywhere lmao

anonymous asked:

Imagine just flirtatiously playing around with boyfriend!G and he just pulls you to his lap and smiles like “Wanna try something I read in a fanfic peach” and you ask to see it so he pulls it up and it’s one of your old fanfics from this tumblr blog

Just a stuttering mess he’s asking what’s wrong when I confess that’s in fact your old tumblr blog and you were the master mind behind all the nasty ass fics he’s been reading. He’s so shocked because you’ve never once mentioned you love your ass played with or love being spat on or chocked 🤕

anonymous asked:

Hi! First of all, thank you so much for doing these transcripts, I tried googling for ages to find something like this and had no luck until I found your blog. Secondly, do you know where I can find a list of all the ghost-related episodes of Lore? I want to look specifically at those, and can't find anything like that anywhere.

You’re very welcome! Always good to hear that someone appreciates the effort I put in here. To answer your question, I don’t know that any lists like that really exist, unless someone has made one, but I’m not aware of anyone doing that. I would suggest going onto r/lorepodcast and making a post asking for a list of supernatural episodes, and people will probably suggest some, but most likely it won’t be a comprehensive list. Alternatively, I’m happy to make some masterposts like that covering the main themes of the podcast, but I would probably just add episodes as I transcribe them because I don’t know off the top of my head what the main theme of every episode is. If that’s something that would be useful to you, I’d be happy to do it!

anonymous asked:

Hei, tota mä oon lukenut sun ficcei aika paljo nyt viime aikoina, mut en saa ikinä oikeen kommentoituu, ku en osaa sanoo mitä mä aattelen ja sit mä aina turhaudun ja ahistun ja jätän kesken. Mut aattelin kokeilla tälläi koota näit ni toivottavasti siit saa jotai selvää :) Ensinnäkin mä rakastan miten sä kirjotat sun henkilöt ja keskustelut, ne tuntuu aina tosi luontevilta ja just siihen sopivilta, soot hauska, (1/3 miks tää antaa vaa 500 merkkii.. :/)

ja luin just Minä suojelen sinua kaikelta ja Tappiolla tappiin ehkä seittämättä kertaa ja luulen et luen nyt noi kaikki loputki uudestaa :)) Tää on nyt ehkä vähä sekavaa (en osaa sanoo ku oon käyny tän mieles läpi eri tavoil ehk miljoona kertaa ni en tiiä miltä se näyttää ulospäin) mut siis joka tapauksessa kiitos et ikinä päätit kirjottaa mitää ja oon pahoillani et en oo saanu kommentoituu, mä yritän parantaa jatkos♥ (3/3)

En tiedä oliko välissä joskus 2/3, tumblr on sen syönyt mutta ei sen väliä, oon niin otettu ja onnellinen tästä viestistä että ❣❣❣❣💞💞 KIITOS!

Noi tarinat on mulle niin rakkaita itsellenikin. Olen nauttinut niitten kirjoittamisesta tosi paljon. Mun kirjoitustapa on tosi visuaalinen, ikäänkuin “elän” ne kohtaukset mielessäni niinkun näyttäisin ittelleni päänsisäistä leffaa ja siihen tarinamaailmaan sukeltaminen ja sen pukeminen sanoiksi on yksinkertaisesti kivaa. Se että toisetkin siitä pitää on ihan mieletön etuoikeus.

Ihana että päätit lähestyä tällä tavalla ja kiitos kun oot lukenut!

anonymous asked:

Have you ever heard of the game “The Last Guardian” or seen someone play it? The game is old but it’s such a good game. For some reason I feel like I asked you this before but I don’t remember.~Detroit Anon 🗿


anonymous asked:

Do fandom moms even unironically call themselves fandom moms? (as in, not a troll/parody blog or not a fandom mom only calling themselves such to “own the antis” like how trumplings call themselves deplorables as a joke). The only “serious” fandom moms I’ve seen are....just actual mothers who happen to be in fandom.

yeah there’s people out there who seriously call themselves fandom moms and encourage their followers to call them mom, talk in a patronizing tone, think being 30 means they founded the concept of fan bases, stuff like that. I see them ironically call themselves grandmas to mock the Absurdity of 30 being considered old though

anonymous asked:

y'know i don't like the kind of people that endlessly complain about the taste of a food. like dude we get it move on. & when u complain about a food they like they attack u and are like "why don't u like it? it's honestly the best thing, u literally have the taste buds of a 5 year old"


anonymous asked:

Can I say that you're a fashion icon for me? Like you inspire most of my wlw ocs outfits <3

I LOVE THaT so mUch . My outfits are like my favourite thing ,thats so sweet