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Do you have the the of in .

South Korea makes case against EU safeguard on imported , for exemptions for its products

Daily Wage Worker From Kerala Refuses Aid, Asks It To Be Given To The Needy Flood Victims via Wage Worker From Kerala Aid It To Be Given To The Needy Flood Victims Kanappilly George Kanappilly

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Still recovering from the con but happy to do this cute lil Q&A in the meantime!

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Just leaving this case anyone wants to give me some asks, or play along themselves <3

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Police asks citizens to inform them about illegal transport of meat

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I'll keep you company Sofi! at least i know how to drink 🙄 *coughs* not like certain hyung *coughs* - 세훈

fjskdnskfdn that sounds amazing!

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👤 - Reality stone (shit i realized you already answered the mind stone one lol)

Infinity Stones Meme

… I guess I’d use it to create a new reality where I’m… Normal. Normal, and I have parents. People who love me, you know? I mean, I wouldn’t want to live in it myself because I’m not… Right. But, I think it’d be interesting to see how I would’ve turned out differently.

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i know! yesterday's james reaction also broke my heart, he so used to people leaving and using him and he was so broken! When he said i'm dying alone i wanted to hug him so badly!!! HE REALLY NEEDS A FRIENDS PLS HO

I know :((( It was so heartbreaking how dejected he was, how he believed so fully that Harry was done with him now and they were over, that Harry felt nothing for him. It hurts me that he feels so alone. He was literally begging Harry to just see how much pain HE’S in, what HE’S going through, because he’s got no one, no one to share it with or help him through. I just want him to have a friend that he vent to and can understand all the things he’s going emotionally right now :(((

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Deine Mutter hätte dich mal abtreiben sollen

Und dein Vater hätte mal gegen einen Ofen spritzen sollen, dann hättest du nur 1x gestunken :)

Möchtest du dich nicht offanon bei mir melden, kid?

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kaede! what song would you pick to play for neb? and for you, kokichi and shuichi, what's your favorite thing about neb?

“Well they showed me a song called ‘The Little Doll’s Dream’ and I just knew I had to learn it on the piano! they really love when I play it!”

“Well…there is a lot of thing I love about Neb, I don’t think I could pick just one thing? I do admire how they can just, calm me? I could be so stressed and they can just…calm me down just by smiling”

“Huh? you want me to pick just one thing? that’s not very fair ya know! I can’t just pick ONE thing that I love about my Nebby! so I’m going to cheat and just say I love EVERYTHING about them! and I know I may be a liar, but that’s the truth!”

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“scars can come in useful”

A MEME I CAN’T FIND / @occultumfilia

               “   I guess it depends on the kind of scar,   ”  tonks supposed, head tilted in though and the first one which popped into her mind was harry’s scar. it was hard not to since it was, literally, the most famous scar in the wizarding world. a small grin pulling at her lips “ did you know that dumbledore has one on his left knee that he insists is a map of the London underground ? I mean, THAT, that has to be pretty useful.   ”

Autumn “This or That” Asks

  1. Autumn or Fall: Both
  2. Pumpkin Carving or Apple Picking: Apple?
  3. Halloween or Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving equals ham :)
  4. Cashmere or Flannel: Flannel
  5. Cool and Crisp or Warm and Foggy: Cool and Crisp all the way
  6. Yankee Candles or Roaring Fireplace: Uhh both?
  7. Scarves or Berets: Scarves
  8. Cinnamon or Nutmeg: Cinnamon
  9. Reading a book or watching a movie: Both because why not
  10. Halloweentown or the Nightmare before Christmas: Both for sure
  11. Hot Chcolate or Apple Cider: Hot Chocolate always
  12. Wool Socks or Slippers: I guess both
  13. Trick or Treat: Treat
  14. Marshmallows or whipped cream: Marshmallows
  15. Jack or Sally: Sally
  16. Goosebumps or Are you Afraid of the Dark: Neither
  17. Plaid or Neutrals: Plaid
  18. Coffer or tea: neither just no
  19. Studyblr or Halloween blog: uhhhh?
  20. Red or gold: Red
  21. Blankets or pillows: blankets
  22. Cabins or cottages: Cottages
  23. Scary or spoopy: Scary
  24. Sweaters or boots: I will never choose one or the other
  25. Caramel Apples or Candy Apples: Caramal Apples
  26. Hay rides or leaf peeking: hay rides

I was tagged by @katsherecc thank you so much!

Whoever wants to, go ahead!

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queer-nonbi-gremlin  asked:

Waxflower, Golden rod, hyacinth, poppy?

so many omg! thank u sm!

waxflower: are you a bee or a butterfly person? a dog or a cat person?

im a bee person for sure! honeybees especially. i love them and their fat fluffy bodies and how they do so much for our environment. also i love honey so, big fan of their work. and i guess im not a cat or dog person? im kinda both. i have a pet dog and id love to have a cat one day but im allergic as hell to cats. itll be a price i have to pay for love tho

golden rod: are you more of a baker or a cook?

baker! I got really into baking this past summer actually and made tons of fun desserts for my family. its a pretty calming hobby tbh. i liked just being able to get into it and ignore the rest of the world for awhile, and then have some tasty cookies as a result at the end :D

hyacinth: do you name your plants?

i try to but what usually happens is that i eventually forget their names. ive got some plants at home that i still remember the names of, but right now ive got 4 succulents on my windowsill, only one of them is named, and her name is Baby!

poppy: do you like to dip your fries or do you like it as is?

this question feels so ominous… dip my fries in what…… i like to think they mean ketchup but bc its not specified im sitting here like “milkshake? oil? whole big tub o salt??”  

but yeah i dip my fries in ketchup. im from pittsburgh we practically breathe the stuff 

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I love Yuri on Ice

i mean how could you not? ngl it was my equivalent of an anti-depressant–it came out during a hard time of exams and sadness yet somehow i’m so happy when i think back to that time :’)

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Have you ever experienced homophobia/people not believing you when you say you’re bi? I was getting really flustered when someone at my lunch table was preaching about “aDaM aND eVE” And they noticed me fuming and asked me why I was so pissed and I told them *privately* that I take offense to it and they tried to tell me that I was “confused” and all that crap. Advice? I’m a really shy person so it really stresses me out. Thanks Tilly! <3

ok so personally no!! literally half of my friend group is bi/pan so we’re obviously accepting! but one of my friends has experienced shitty people in her class so here’s my very shitty advice :) also none of these are from experience so there’s a high chance of them not working oop

this one’s pretty bullshitty but if someone is being homophobic/biphobic, chime in and say how you don’t believe in heterosexuality. use the same arguments they use against you, and when they start to get angry, just say how that’s how you feel when someone’s being homophobic. again it almost definitely won’t work but I’ve always wanted to try it.

ask them: “if it was adam and steve, would you hate yourself for being straight?” I feel like that would really perplex them. and if they reply with “but it wasn’t so it doesn’t matter” ask them which man’s rib they were made out of. like if that bitch is gonna take the bible literally then use it against them again this one won’t work

this is a more serious one but just. tell them. that love. is love. and tell them how they would feel fucking awful if they were hurt and assaulted due to who they wanted to date. and if all goes wrong. and are the same gender as you. kiss them

fuck I wanted to be more helpful but like. my best advice is to just leave. find other friends to eat with that are accepting, and learn to laugh at the ignorance of some people.

muffet--channel  asked:

Okay, I got a lot of questions! Does Alicia have crush on someone, or with who she likes to traveling? (don't include Mathias as traveler for her, cuz it's obviously), and the same question for Mathias

Alicia: Well, for someone I like traveling with, I have to say Boone or Arcade. They’ve got good heads on their shoulders and I don’t have to constantly babysit them. Boone also gives me pointers for shooting, and he’s a good spotter. Meanwhile Arcade and I swap medical tips and he teaches me more with medicine. The only one I believe I’ve had a crush on, a small one, was Daniel.

Mathias: My favorite person is definitely Lish, but I’m guessing that’s not allowed. So I have to say Veronica or Cass. Damn are those ladies fun to travel with. I like hearing Raul’s prewar stories too. As for a crush it’s 100% Arcade and Cass.