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Netflix you to , bug program is now 

It was a great day of meeting new folks at the PA Extra Learning Opportunities Conference. Will you be there?

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yumm yumm delicious !!!!

now that I’ve got your attention ,, send me a description of yourself (or your alter ego , whatever)

&& I’ll try and ship you with a mcu character!!

  • If you want a short :but sweet: “how we met” story of you && your character just add “ :) “ at the end of your description

I will do all!!

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Send a 💉 to turn my muse into a monster!

Into what exact monster the Seeker would become - no mech would know nor experienced. But… it was certain to be something of incredible danger. The camouflaged Decepticons ventilation rattles with a wheeze and a puff of fine glowing grit with the sudden rush of vertigo assaulting senses. Sinking to his knees Warpstorm raises his servos to cover faceplates to try and stifle the feeling but it only seems to get worse and painful

Pale corrosion with toxic greens manifests along seams - wings, claws, fascia, and a pained noise slips from the mech before he can choke it down. It isn’t long however until he actually does make a louder vocalization. Flaring wings previously pinned to spinal struts metal plating flakes off to clatter onto the ground, leaving bare mesh free to mutate. There’s dripping energon and oil from the exposed cables as they distend and reformat into avian-esque shapes, but once more glittering that sinister toxin. It steams and smokes where it touches the ground, the surrounding area gaining a rough texture quickly taken up by ripples and ridges.

Clenching fangs, as fangs his denta were at this point instead of just jagged derma, dull green peers through rusted claws and audials flick backwards in unhappiness. Curling wings around frame the corruption beast remains where he sits until he can find his balance again.

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Their shared dream of the ocean and desire for freedom created a strong connection between Armin and Eren but could their friendship have suffered post-serum bowl? Possessing the Colossal Titan gave Armin great yet unwanted power and burden. Would he have resented Eren for that or would it be something they could bond over with?

I feel like Eren’s and Armin’s relationship might actually be similar to Eren’s and Mikasa’s relationship right now. He still deeply cares about Eren, but wants to smack him for doing something stupid (that is if Eren really did act completely independently).

I feel like Armin wouldn’t be the kind of character to blame anyone for anything, but at the same time we see him questioning Levi for his decision, so maybe that could turn into blaming him?

Armin himself believed Erwin to be the right choice and Levi is their superior - someone who should make the most rational choice, yet here he goes and lets the most talented and experienced strategist within the walls die in favor of him.

He was already puzzled by this when he first woke up again, I can see him questioning it within his mind many times across the timeskip. Again, I’m not sure if he’d straight-up start blaming anyone, though.

I think Eren would even straight-up be out of the equation as a blame target because he wasn’t the one who made the choice (which is another odd opinion I see around - he argued that Armin should be the one to live and then was dragged away by Floche).

Thank you for the ask!

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I don’t really do the whole “ask blog” thing so I hope I’m doing this right!! So Gerard and Mikey! How did you two become vampires?

Gerard: Um…Our parents are vampires?

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could you make some aroace yurii on ice icons, please? and thank you. ♡

Of course I will, but what character(s) do you want on the icons? You only listed the title of the anime :0

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*spoilers* I just got Saeran's good ending, and I feel bad for Rika (as unpopular as it is) because she accidentally killed Ms. Choi. It's not okay, obviously, but it was undeniably an accident and she seemed so afraid when she did that I think from there she just fell apart completely. We all know she was already unstable but Ms. Choi was probably her tipping point where she felt she was a devil through and through (she says so herself). Killing is a big deal, even moreso for someone like Rika.

Rika killed in self-defense, since Ms. Choi was about to kill her, but it was still an undeniably jarring experience and not good for someone in such a fragile mental state as she was.  I honestly thought Saeran killed his mother himself for the longest time, so this was very interesting to learn.

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concept: school shooters with asmr channels. adam taps on a ddr home edition dance board and whispers the names of the mass shooters he ranked on that spreadsheet. eric does a whispered bomb-making tutorial with doom letsplay footage playing in the background. dylan films himself writing in his journal for the sounds of the pen against paper. pekka does a soft-spoken dramatic reading of his manifesto. tj does a personal attention skincare routine roleplay.

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I can't see the rules. I mean the rules link doesn't work (at least, for me) i am on my phone

As answered previously, our rules page isn’t kind to android phones because tumblr is stupid, so you’ll have to access the page through your web browser instead of through the app. Sorry for that!

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As a writer, how do you make other writer friends on here? Do you just strike up a conversation and hope for the best?? I'd like some, but I'm super shy/awkward so I don't quite know how...

Honestly it just depends, there’s not really a magical formula for it. Some people have messaged me or sent me asks out of the blue about my fics or other stuff and we’ve struck up conversations that way. Or I’ve messaged them which is probably less likely because I’m nervous and awkward. Like, I told @deanssweetheart23 it took me like 2 months or something to work up the courage to message her. Sometimes I’ve thanked people for the feedback they’ve left or something. @thing-you-do-with-that-thing came to my defense when some anon was badgering me all day about why I don’t write smut and I was clearly starting to get uncomfortable with their questions. @impalaimagining I think I like…went running to her messages to fangirl over something I don’t even remember. Some people I’ve met at conventions and we talk via tumblr or snapchat or whatever now. 

It’s ok to be awkward and shy. We all are for the most part. You’ll find your people and I think you’ll find it just kind of happens organically. 

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Northern US drunk soul best friend! I'm blasting some Appetite for Destruction and also a little drunk! Join me in spirit, dude!

DUDE YA I’m drunk and watching youtube video and bullet journaling. I work in the morning so I think I made a mistake ): but it’s okay I only work 5 hours tomorrow I guess

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It's weird for me to see evgenia being held as the standard for the "artistry vs. technical" argument when like a year ago everyone flamed her for backloading.

I didn’t know people were flaming her for that (I never really looked into figure skating fans’ online communities/posts until recently). I’ve see a lot of people criticizing Alina for backloading though, so it’s not surprising that Evgenia got the same treatment.