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asks: "How are you holding up this crypto-winter?" Bearish and bullish, represent!

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anonymous asked:

Could u do an alignment chart with f(x) albums??

i’m…. wow ur minds

anonymous asked:

Some of finn's friends are problematic and have a nasty sense of humor, they make fun of ppl and act like they're better than everyone. i'm mostly just talking about josh and his group of friends. and then there are calpurnia members, IT guys, even lunar vacation, who all seem like a kind bunch.

I can’t really have an opinion on this one b/c I don’t really know a lot (or anything) about those members of finn’s life. like I don’t watch their youtube videos, I don’t really pay attention to them at all so I don’t know anything bad that they’ve done. I guess my only input is that they should be smart enough to know that what they put out into the world impacts how they’re viewed and that they should be old enough to know that it matters what they say. 

all the love to calpurnia & the IT cast!!!

tell me an opinion!

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someone posted a screencap of the insta of someone who is with them and jamie is with katie and katie is at a football game. that being said i don't know if they're together, but they're definitely together today.

they are literally on a couples trip. they’re together.

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I feel like crying bc I’ve been overthinking about being aro bc my best friend confessed to me today and I just couldn’t imagine myself being in a relationship, not just with her but with anyone ever? And all my other friends are either in a relationship, have been in a relationship or have a crush and I feel so silly fretting over something so stupid but I couldn’t help but think about finding out that I just don’t feel like being in a relationship is my thing. Hopefully not overreacting

Hi anon. Sorry we’re getting to this ask so late, our inbox is kind of overflowing. I want you to know it’s not silly to feel this way. Realizing that relationships aren’t for you, after being taught for so many years that they should be, can be pretty scary, especially if it feels like all of your friends are operating in a world that to you feels off limits. When everyone around you is interested in relationships and you cannot relate, that can feel really isolating. It can be especially hard when a friend who’s important to you confesses to you and you can’t reciprocate; I don’t even think that’s an aro-specific problem, though it’s one we seem to encounter more frequently by virtue of being aro.

What I’m trying to get at in this long-winded way is that it’s okay to be scared when you realize what you want is different from everyone else. And although it may seem like you’re the only one because you don’t have any friends who are aro, you’re not alone. I don’t have much by the way of advice, as I can’t stop your friends from being in relationships, and I wouldn’t even dream of trying. But what I do know is that these fears are temporary, and if you talk it out with your best friend, I believe everything will work out in the end. Good luck!

- Mod Techno

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why did you delete so many playlists of spotify? i loved them

I deleted some because I was unhappy with how many songs were in the playlist. I also realized I would play a music list and then only listen to 5 songs from it and skip everything else. So I’m recreating all of them!! I’m making them public soon and I’ll probably share them on here again. Thank u!!

chelseasdesk  asked:

hello mods! first and foremost, thank you for all the hard work you put into this resource. it is ridiculously helpful and i share it with all my writer friends. on to my question! is it culturally insensitive to use aspects of culture from different indigenous groups within my fantasy world? i am currently writing a fantasy world that is based on indigenous groups within canada. i am metis, so i want to see myself represented. the current novel im working on features a world influenced by (1)

(2) inuit culture however i pull inspiration from other canadian FNMI groups as well—i use cherokee names, blackfoot legends, plains cree-like words, etc. everything is rooted within canadian indigenous communities, but i dabble within different communities while constructing the one that will be the main focus. Is this okay? Thank you so much :)

Pulling from Multiple Indigenous Legends

If it makes sense with diffusion, it’s (generally) alright. 

The key thing for me, that has always been the key thing for me, is asking if it makes sense for these things to have travelled and ended up in the region the characters are talking about. 

I’m vaguely familiar with the Metis, and I know their region is heavily tied to Inuit, Blackfoot, and Plains Cree histories. I don’t know how Cherokee fits into the picture (best guess is where their reserves ended up), but as I said, I’m only vaguely aware of Metis history. You’re far more educated on the topic than I am, for how it’s your lived experience.

You’re pulling from a very real history of diffusion amongst groups, and thanks to that real history, there’s a distinct ring of truth to what cultures have mingled. Because of that basis for real life diffusion, these parts already mesh together in well-established ways, and won’t necessarily feel out of place.

I would personally like to see hints of the broader culture, so there are some areas that are more one way, other areas that are more another way. Basically showing where the original cultures came from, and showing the trade that happens (very readily, at that). But that can be as simple as a sentence here or there about where that particular tradition came from (“legend from the mountains”, for example).

It’s not an automatic no. It’s just something that has to be handled cautiously, but it would be denying a lot of very real intermarriage, alliances, trade deals, and cultural sharing to say that no two Native cultures can blend together. It would be ahistorical to deny the Metis exist, or that Natives don’t have bits and pieces of culture from other cultures from exchange.

Definitely use diffusion and cultural sharing in respectful ways. It’s not only great for mixed kids/cultures, but it also allows you to tip your hand at the concept that this world has more people than just those focused on in the story.

~ Mod Lesya

fandomaniac1540  asked:

do you know how long youll tag the spoilers? cause idk when ill get the chance to play it but i dont want to be spoiled and i want to know how long i can follow you before i have to leave :'(

I‘m gonna go with 2 months for general stuff like gameplay and minor plot stuff (such as gameplay, Disney content, etc) and 3 months for major spoilers (such as the final battle, plot twists, new/unexpected character reveals, etc)

five otps

“Hey my guys, gals, and non-binary pals, here’s a little game for us! List 5 of your OTPs and tag 5 mutuals!“

I was tagged by @enigmatickal :)

anyway these change all the time but right now it’s:

1. bruce wayne/jeremiah valeska - gotham

2. adam parrish/ronan lynch - the raven cycle

3. martin blackwood/jonathan simms - the magnus archives

4. edward nygma/oswald cobblepot - gotham

5. jonathan crane/jervis tetch - gotham

I genuinely hate that 3/5 of these are gotham and 2 of those are rarepairs but. I guess it’s just like that sometimes.

I’ll tag @theevilcactus, @flowerparrish, @p07a70-queen-gamer, and anyone else who wants to do it!!

anonymous asked:

I have kind of unusual question - which emoji do you consider as Grindeldore one? Which do you think fits them? PS Sorry for my English, but this isn’t my native language.

🙈 The see-no-evil monkey.

“Did I know, in my heart of hearts, what Gellert Grindelwald was? I think I did, but I closed my eyes.”

Cracking up at this ask! Thanks so much, Nonnie <3 (PS: Your English is great, don’t worry.)