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Ne çok var ortalıkta, Kimsenin alıp koymadığı, Ama, hiç düşürmediği.. – at ankara aşti

: 47 yıllık eşini kaybeden teyzenin : _ “ Ben artık derdimi anlatmak için konuşmak zorunda kalacağım -“ demesidir .

👉Artık zamanı geldiğini ve hayırlısıyla karşınıza size uygun bir adayın çıkmasını istiyorsanız . . 👊 adresinden baktırmalısınız. . .

Giden gitmişti çoktan. Rica etmek umut etmek hayal etmek boştu.. Eksile eksile öğrendik.

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I set have an out of context clip of Adam Pacitti saying “I prefer smaller guys” sksksksksk

omg FDFDGFGFG well

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i mean. never mind i guess? i've not been following long and i'd just never heard of it

ghjkljkh sidestep is the mc of the CoG Fallen Hero: Rebirth

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Remember ur old rat au......... Consider: plastic ball instead of collar/bell

AKSNDKEMBDIDND rusty just rolls over longtail like a wrecking ball

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((NSFW)) May I have Reiji’s and Laito’s reaction to wanting to treat their s/o for once but accidentally giving her a ruined org*** in the process?

Reiji: Good grief… You should have spared yourself the embarrassment and told me sooner, instead of making me out to be a fool.


Laito: Bitch-chan~♪. “Ruined orgasm”, you say? Don’t be so silly, any orgasm is a good one, isn’t it? Fufu, I think so anyway.


mgrgfan  asked:

About reproduction of Legendary Pokemon - that sounds like a very interesting topic. Is there any data about how Silver the baby Lugia from Whirl Islands came to be? Or about Alto Mare Lati twins? Or, heck, if Mew do reproduce (because they definitely do die, as shown by the Team Rocket's excavations, when they've found corpse of Mew and extracted remnants of DNA from the fossilized eyelash... though I might be mistake here...)? By the way, me and Mew (who took name of "Trace") are fine.

Glad to hear you’re doing well.

There’s very limited data on how Legendary Pokemon come into existence because it’s a very intricate and precise process. For example, new Lugias are, we think, formed in a deep underwater ocean current during a specific time of year under specific circumstances. We’ve never been able to observe the whole process because we don’t have submarines able to dive that deep, but we believe that as ice melts in the spring and chunks break off into the water, ancient particles of DNA and chemicals travel through this current and react to the microorganisms deep within the ocean.

This is… a stretch, to say the very least, but since Lugia are usually rather reclusive Pokemon, we don’t have enough observable data to know how exactly they come into existence.

The Lati twins are even more extreme—there’s been absolutely no record of the reproduction of Latios and Latias. That being said, we have observed young Lati traveling with their families, so we know they do reproduce.

With all of this being said, the science around Legendary and Mythological reproduction is still in the testing stages. Until technology advanced and grants us access into lava caverns and deep sea abysses, this topic will likely remain mysterious.

—Professor Cherry

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Sorry to bring up “is alvis dead” question after few days but I think the Japanese version of book said it in a way more like “he disappeared, well, as a manager. But as a dude Alvis himself? I’ll leave it up to you” So I do hope he isn’t dead, and like to think it as he quit his job as a manager and now he is just chilling somewhere or something. I apologise if the French version says the same too, I cannot read french...

hmm inch resting,, the french version does just kinda say he disappeared,, id say whatever the japanese book says is more accurate though but i cant read japanese

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What is your inspiration for create stalker ?? :o

Creepy stalker stories from youtube inspired and I also felt wanting to try create a weird/not the cleanest and kind of creepy oc who has this dangerous vibe. Not sure did I succeed but I still like him.

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What are your tips on drawing/animation, like where to start and stuff, because your stuff is so good I just-

Tips? Yikes… I’m usually the one looking for tips rather handing them out…

Well I can help with the animation/animatic front and where to start. Music. To simply put it. Everything I do with drawing and animatics are all inspired by music. Name a genre I probably like it. Be it opera or heavy metal, J-pop to classical etc etc. If it has a good tune and melody and I will stick by that mf until I’m sick to death of it.

All my stories and ideas originate with music so when I get stuck or lose inspiration I scour the internet for more songs to inspire me. My current music library on my phone has over 4,000 songs and my dad has a lot more (he once almost accidentally downloaded all his music on my computer and began to panic because it would have broken it because there’s so much of it)

My animatics don’t happen until I have chosen a song put it on repeat and go on walk. On this walk I play out in my head what I want to happen, like a movie. I do this over and over again until I’m certain of what key scenes I want in it. Then I sit down with some cheap printer paper and draw out little thumbnails of what the keys and main flow of the stories of the animatic will be. Then I get another set of several sheets of paper and scribble out each frame connecting together with lyrics written around them. Then finally I go digital on my iPad.



Music is so important to me. I myself have NO musical talent but I love it.

I hope this helped a little… went on a tangent here oops 😅