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Fan of seafood? Check out this gourmet food event celebrating sawara (Japanese Spanish mackerel) in Ashiya

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A few snaps from a recent hike up to the top of Mt. -dake in , height 565m The was glorious, the wind chilly, the experience wonderful

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Not so friendly reminder that next week’s Fukigen na Mononokeon is going to be even worse for Ashiya than this one

inkdexperience  asked:

You know there has been some Arash x Nitocris Comics popping up in places. Do you know why is this happening? Cause I kind of like it. I don't know it strangely works for me. It feels that there personality would work well together. Also do you have strange pairing that you for some reason like how this one is for me?

I really have no idea, funny pairing. 

Maybe… “unrelated people that Ramses’ care about start caring about each other while dealing with his antics”? I could see it work.

I’ve got tons of rarepairs, usually with little to no content or for which I started seeing the potential/shipping after finding an artist working on it and going “you know, that’s actually neat?”. 

Two I’m particularly fond of are Angra/Amakusa Ruler which, bless, got interactions in GO and that crack ship that’s Musashi/Avenger!Shiro. Fellow world-sliders solidarity!