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【BENNYLOOKS】 . Summer sale!!!

朝から晴れ間が見えたので、自転車で まで⛵️ でかいクルーザーが泊まってた。奥に見えるのは超セレブ会員制ホテルのAshiya baycourt club 庶民には縁がありませんが…

締切に追われて缶詰めだった1週間。 久しぶりに美味しいもの食べました🇮🇹🍽️

ロシア語難しいね 😨多分答えは1番だったと思うけど。

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Mochi was accompanying my OC Shinon on her little shopping trip~



s appreciated]

Hi everyone :D 

I’m finally able to open Pre-orders for the charm designs I’ve made lately :’Dc I’m not sure if Tumblr allows links anymore…But the link to my web store is on the first image and on my blog’s sidebar~! Made a bunch of Genyatta stuff that I’m quite happy about it too :’Dc 

Genyatta is love~ Genyatta is life~!

Thank you so much for your patience, interest, and support!

P.S. It’s my first time using BigCartel as my store front, there might be some hiccups here and there, please bare with me ;A; TicTail being gone really did a number on me ;A;

Today’s episode of Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki :

There are [mostly] parts that didn’t occur in the manga but they probably animated them to elaborate the story or to buy time to avoid catching up with the manga so soon [doesn’t really make senses ik].

  • Why does Rippou (Legislator) looks really sly in the anime?
  • Rippou is really out there telling Itsuki how to break in the White Sand Prison which is where Shihou (Justice) lives.
  • Stealing is bad for your health, Itsuki.
  • Itsuki actually did what he normally doesn’t for the sake of finding out more about Ashiya Sakae.
  • I’m utterly curious at how Itsuki looks the same as Sakae [putting aside Sakae’s bowl cut hair ofc]
  • This scene breaks my already broken heart.
  • This is when we know that Yahiko has gotten himself a sugar daddy. get it?
  • Ashiya is Yahiko’s sugar daddy cuz he bought him sweets everytime he visits Yahiko to make him transform into Sakae.
  • Little did Itsuki knows….

Fukigen Na Mononokean manga

So I’m catching up in the manga right now because I need to know about Ashiya’s father and can’t wait for the anime to get there soooo!

I have a fun theory that I think is unlikely but I enjoy lol

So since we know what Sakae looks like, which for reference is almost identical to Abeno, I have a fun theory that he’s secretly both Abeno and Hanae’s father! Making them brothers lol

I mean look at the facts!

Sakae disappears before Hanae is born, Abeno looks just like him and his own “parents” have never been referenced or identified by anyone in canon (or even on the wiki), he’s also been with the Mononokean since he was a child and maybe that’s because he was entrusted to Aoi by Sakae?? I dunno but I think that would be a fun twist lol

These are what we missed from yesterday’s episode of Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki:

  • Mononokean being Mononokean by over-panicking at the sight of…
  • … this
  • We can see Itsuki’s bleeding here.
  • My poor cutie.
  • Here’s Itsuki being himself by trying to do everything on his own.
  • I was kinda surprised when i saw Itsuki actually made an effort to wave.
  • Tsundere Itsuki mode onnn.
  • Itsuki trying to hide the job he got from executive to protect Hanae.
  • And this was the scene that i was waiting for but guess what, IT DIDN’T GET ANIMATED!!
  • I love Itsuki’s reaction to Hanae when he compliments him.

i was taken by surprise at the anime’s transition to another scene and was like wait… waitt.. whattt. I thought for sure my phone was having it day but it wasn’t. This is what they get when they tried to put several chapters in one episode.