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Only Medical 온리메디칼 🌸 뷰티팁.건강팁 🌸 💁🏼‍♀️기초대사량을 높이는법 💕 ✅ 아침식사하기 (단백질위주) ✅ 반신욕(족욕) ✅ 운동하기 (유산소,근력운동) ✅ 수분섭취

Some art for ‘s 130K contest that I may or may not have lost the motivation to finish. I might attempt to finish them at some point but I’m just gonna post the unfinished ones here for now.

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I thought Monday was Friday so here's my day-late for one of the many fragmented stories garbling through my head during . It's a fairy tale, obviously. And it's so, so blue with smears of red roses and magenta carnations.

"But you still hold me When I fell apart, You see my heart, every weakness and shame, and you still love me, You still believe, a girl like me Could be worthy of a King! 👑 By: Julie Elias (made by  )

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