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Many kids vd r highly attuned or even painfully sensitive 2 certain sounds,textures,tastes,or smells.Ex:Sm sounds-a vacuum cleaner,a ringing telephone,a sudden storm;will cause these kids to cover their ears and scream

The SENse Micro offers instant ‘plug and play’ operation with no setup required.

職員さんの観察力って凄い フラッシュバックみたいな感じになってフリーズしてるとき どうして良いかわかんなくてパニックになったりフリーズしているとき たまーに具合が悪いときとか過呼吸になりそうなとき そっと手を差し伸べてくれる優しい手に支えられて生きてます

「平等と同一は違う」 発達障害のある人は、配慮を受けたりすることを恐れてはいけません。 本書では、僕入試で実際に配慮を受けた話も書いてあります。

En la agradable compañía de Jackie Figueroa en en una charla informativa acerca de los indicadores y factores de riesgo del autismo por el día internacional del autismo, cuando además se le transmitirá 4/2/18 10:00am EST

こんにちは。高橋美穂です。 昨日、子どもが通知表持って帰って来ました。 『創意工夫』と『思いやり』があれば、生きていける!👍🏻 ですよね⁇

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Hate having #Autism. Do not like it. Do not want it. Wish I never had it. Nothing positive has come from it.

 #ASD #ASPIE #actuallyautistic #life #rant #employment #work #jobs #personalinteraction 

I am planning this April to scan my VIXX Ravi’s 2nd Real Live NIRVANA poster set. After scanning I am going to upload the watermark version first on Flickr and posting this on Tumblr while the unwatermarked version will put to MediaFire so you can download and edit if you want to but please credit me as @heart-baek-bleed when you are editing. Do not also steal and repost it anywhere including WeHeartIt, Pinterest, etc.

If someone who is reposting, please report.


“I’m feeling extra autistic today” sounds suuuper offensive but tbh I don’t know how else to describe it when this happens. Like normally I can work with/around my autism to still understand and interact with sarcasm and other things but sometimes I just find myself completely unable to interact properly with sarcasm even when I’m able to recognize it

L Frank Baum appreciation

For those of you who don’t know about Lyman Frank Baum, prepare to be inspired.

L Frank Baum was always a creative type. He was a small time actor and writer and spent his life trying and failing to profit from his creativity. Then he published his first moderately successful book: Father Goose.

With that success, he was inspired to write his next book, which would become a smash hit and would entertain children and adults alike for over a century: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

He wrote and produced several stage plays based on his books, and is credited with making the first children’s movies (also based on his books). His movies weren’t financially successful, but the 1938 Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland definitely was.

The story of Dorothy, the scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion making their way to see the Wizard of Oz can definitely be relatable for autistic people. Each one of them thinks they’re missing something (a brain, a heart, and courage), but learn that they’ve always had more intelligence, love, and bravery than they originally realized. I think that’s a beautiful thing.

I hope this creates a special interest in some of my fellow revolutionaries, and to artists who don’t think they can succeed because they’ve only experienced failure so far.

Do people know we’re human?

This really hurt. The ‘actually autistic’ tag on Tumblr is very friendly most of the time, and I thought “let’s check out the autism tag on instagram” since I’m active there as well. I type in “#autistic” and all I see is memes about “autism”. Memes tagged with #autism, #autistic and #cringe. It made me feel like shit. It made me feel like my entire existence is a joke to neurotypicals. 

Why is this even a thing? We’re human beings with emotions, and we understand things, y’know?

You might think that “its just a tag on a meme, why would you get so upset over it?”. It’s not only about the fact that its offensive, its about the fact that many of us struggle to cope in a disrespectful and nonunderstanding real life, and we want the internet to be safe, at least. It’s about the fact that we are constantly judged because of our interests and our existence in general. I can’t even word myself right now because this really upset me. And it has probably upset so many other autistic people. 

I just wanted to check out the autistic people of instagram, and what do I get? Memes tagged with #autistic like its some kind of joke, like my existence is a joke. Like I won’t be able to understand why its being tagged #autistic. 

Our existence is not a joke. We’re not stupid. We feel. We see. WE UNDERSTAND.

Okay, so my previous Tangle disappeared into the ether early last week. But I am pleased to announce that Tangle 3.0 has arrived today! And actually, I like it better than my last one (the green, yellow and black textured). I prefer the singular color, and it doesn’t creak or grind at all. It’s also a bit smaller, and the pieces feel smoother than the non-textured pieces on the textured one. But mostly I’m just glad to have one of these again, because they’re just… I need them.

So we had to discuss our FMP ideas today in college. They seemed to like my idea for zodiac themed portrait photography which I’m pleased about because I had my heart set on it since last year.