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JAN 12, 2019: The Jinnah Cultural Society (JCSH) is connecting the community . . . I'm happy to join them in for their event as a Guest Speaker 💙 Supporting

There are on here who are absolutely killing it. But there must be some as alone & terrified as I was when my son's symptoms first began. This post addresses things I wish I had known and takes a fairly deep dive into the process.

My thoughts this evening: "Came to for a few days with my son who has . Impressed with his photos after a few days with a smartphone. Don't ever tell someone you think is different that they can't!!" We both hear these words alot!

Miguelito Travel supports autism🌎 Game cards This group game helps them in the processes of empathy and communication. Where is Ontario?

"Being dependent on prompts can make it difficult or impossible for a child do things by themselves." From A Three-Step Process to Decreasing Prompt Dependency:

"Another fine and enlightening peek into Lauren's unique, often challenging world..." says of Penguin Days by and illus.

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When I was assessed for , the private clinician did two lengthy separate diagnostic interviews (several hrs each) + interviewed my parent and and a family member. He also looked at past records with relevant information. did NONE of those things.

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how do I shower without sensory overload™


I never knew I had autism until a year ago. I’m 18 years old now.

People only know the stereotypical symptoms of autism. But there is a reason why psychologists call it ASD, Autism spectrum disorder.

It’s called a “spectrum” disorder, because there is a wide variation in the symptoms people experience.

When you look at me, you won’t notice I have autism. In all these years I learned to “normalize” some reactions, because I felt like not everyone accepted people who were different.

Everyone needs to learn more about autism and accept people who are different.

Never ask someone with autism to act normal. Because when you understand how the brain of someone with autism works, everything seems much more logical.


It’s probably an aspie thing but I really feel uneasy about the fact that a stranger comes into my hotel room when i’m not here and changes my room. I know that she’s cleaning and that’s great but it still makes me uneasy…

Also wow !!! While i’m here at the school it’s super draining to spend around 11 hours with other people nonstop !! From breakfast at the hotel at 7 am to when we get back to the hotel around 6 pm. I love my class but that doesn’t make it easier because they’re still people and being around them drains my energy. It’s the most amazing feeling to finally get to my room, close the door, turn on some music and be ALONE. Words can’t describe the relief… 

I was also not in a very good place to be here right now but didn’t have much choice and I love what i’m studying so of course lectures are important to me. In some periods it’s like my social energy bar is at an extremely low point and things get more difficult for me than they already are. Last time I was here with everyone I was able to fake being social very easily and make conversation etc.  i’ve even kind of made friends with 2 in my class. This time I just can’t, i’m quiet and I just feel low and like there’s wall between me and them… I hope they don’t think I suddenly don’t like them anymore because i’m so quiet this time. :( I can’t control that like i’m guessing most others can. Best way to describe it is really that it feels like i’m in my own bubble even though i’m with them and i’m not sure how to connect with them. It makes me sad and frustrated because I like these people so much, if I didn’t I would most likely not have cared and just happily kept to myself.

Facts of life

There was a tapping noise coming from somewhere- Amy wasn’t sure where exactly, in the precinct. There was always noise going on, that was just a guarantee if you were working in a busy police station, but today the tapping was distracting her more than usual.

From the moment she’d woken up this morning she’d known it was going to be a bad day. The weight of her hair on her shoulders bothered her so she’d had to scrape it into the tightest bun she could manage, but even that was giving her a headache and she was constantly able to feel the stress of her hair follicles.

Even her contacts, something she was normally fine with seemed to be giving her issues. She had debated with herself about wearing her glasses but today she just couldn’t deal with the lewd comments she’d get from Jake. She knew he’d stop if he asked her but asking would just seem like a surefire signal that She Wasn’t Okay and Amy didn’t want that. She was fine. She could deal.

If only whoever was tapping - probably Boyle, would stop it.

‘You’re fine Santiago, get a grip.’ She tried to repeat to herself, again and again, but she could feel her grip on her pen getting tighter. Her bun was still too tight and her contacts still felt awkward in her eyes, but she was fine.

“Hey, Santiago! You okay?”’

She forced herself to turn and saw Rosa. Amy tried to smile, but it felt foreign on her lips. “Fine! I’m good! Never better! I’m on the top of my game!”

She tried to stop herself rambling, but the words continued spilling out. Abruptly, she stood up.

A cigarette is what she needed. She would just have one cigarette . Then she would be fine. Brilliant. Excellent. Perfect.

Amy barely registered how quickly she was moving until she ran into Captain Holt. His face remained emotionless but Amy still felt like she was failing him and everyone else. For a minute she felt torn in two between attempting to be polite to her superior and the urge she had to just Run.

The urge won out. Hopefully Captain Holt wouldn’t be too angry with her.

She got onto the roof and fished out a cigarette from her pocket. She looked for her lighter but she couldn’t find it. She sunk to the ground in a defeated way and almost screamed.

She was Amy Santiago. Queen of organisation. How had she forgotten her lighter?

She wanted to stand up and go back inside. She wanted to get on with her work, but her legs refused to let her stand up. She felt almost like jelly. Or yogurt as Terry would say.

She let out a slightly shaky laugh. No one used yogurt to describe wobbly legs. She was being dumb.

Amy could feel herself spiralling and when she heard the roof door open it took all her strength to look up.

“Santiago?” Amy turned her head to see Rosa who’s mouth was in a deeper scowl than normal, even for her. “What’s wrong. Do you want to,” Rosa paused, clearly not comfortable, “talk?”

“No! Like I said before I’m fine! Nothing’s wrong, I promise! It’s just one of those days you know!”

Amy continued rambling, yet again, but this time she was unable to stop herself and run. The words flew out of her mouth, quicker and quicker until they were barely words anymore. “Fine, fine, fine!”

“Santiago! ¡no te preocupes, esta bien!”

Amy managed to close her mouth and sigh, breathing deeply. In and out. In and out.

When she was a child, sometimes she’d get her English and Spanish mixed up. When she forgot a word she would begin to write it on a piece of paper. Again and again and again. She would fill pages of just one word or phrase. The pen would begin to feel hot in her hand, but around her the world would disappear and all she’d be able to focus on was that one word. She would do it for hours, the pages black with smudged ink, her neat handwriting becoming a mess. Her mother or one of her brothers would have to stop her, physically taking the pen away from her shaking hands. She would kick and scream.

Her parents were worried. None of her brothers had ever had that reaction. They took her to countless medical professionals. She had to sit tests. She had to talk to strangers. She didn’t mind this too much, although sometimes she found it hard to get the words out, but eventually she was diagnosed.

Amy loved binders.

Amy was a lightweight

Amy was Cuban.

Amy was autistic.

Amy was allergic to dogs.

Amy had anxiety.

They were just the facts of life and Amy understood that. It wasn’t like she needed to be open about it- well everyone knew she loved binders and it you didn’t exactly have to be a detective to figure out she was a lightweight. She almost never had panic attacks anymore and she was even off her anxiety medication. She was in control.

Until she wasn’t.

“I’m okay now,” she took a deep breath. It wasn’t true, but at least she wasn’t rambling anymore. “You can go back in, I’m going to stay out for another few minutes.”

“Don’t worry.” Rosa gave her a smile, so quickly it probably wasn’t even there. If Amy asked she’d probably claim Amy had imagined it. “I’ll stay too if that’s okay,” she paused, “Charles is trying to eat some kind of animal testicle and Hitchcock and Scully are being Hitchcock and Scully.”

Amy smiled, a real one, and resisted the urge to search for her lighter again.

Today she wasn’t okay. But Rosa was by her side and she knew she would be.

So, this Is my first Brooklyn 99 fic. I’m really sorry If it’s wildly out of character. If there’s any glaring mistakes please tell me- especially with the bit of Spanish. I was 11/12 when I last took Spanish and I failed so bad. I tried to use google translate but that’s a pretty big risk to take.

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About the electric shocks to autistics you and Cyndi were talking about. Yes people do that to us and use that as an argument. Look up judge rotunberg center and Jennifer Msumba. Trigger warning for disturbing talk and images if you choose to look them up.

Grrr JRC… *Angry growling*

Pro-dx update:

So, this week went much better than last week. I was much more articulate, the psychologist liked The List and found it very useful. Mostly we talked about the things I put in the list, with a few things I hadn’t, and things that she had observed. I was surprised when she said that my face doesn’t move much; I was convinced that it moved a lot. At the moment she is thinking that I am correct and that I am autistic, which is good to hear; it means that I’m not so wildly wrong that someone who makes diagnosis’ for a living thinks that I’m wrong. The main thing that she still needs to do is go through the data systematically and work out what is PTSD and what is ASD. She’s given me some tests to do which I will try to do this week to take back to her next week before I have an eye test. I don’t have another appointment yet, but she needs to work out when she has time for it, so that isn’t a problem.

I’m glad that this week went much better than last week. I think the biggest difference was that she actually seemed to listen to me this week.

This is success!

I’m making it to my mat in just the way I planned. Making the time, and journaling is a nice way to spend some of that time with myself.


Today I wrote about my dreams for the future. This is a two-fold struggle for me. 1) I’m in a big time of upheaval, figuring out what I want to do with my life. 2) I’ve always had trouble really connecting with my imagination do think about these things - it’s not uncommon for people on the spectrum! (It’s also not uncommon to excel at it either! :P).


Today though, I was really inspired about somethings I’d like to do with my future! It felt totally amazing to get those ideas out. I’m definitely feeling a little bit better about all the change in my life and the direction I’m starting to go. 



super sexy when a neurotypical tells you that a common symptom of autism isn’t actually to do with autism because they have another autistic friend who doesn’t have it! okay cool but seeing as it’s more commonly found in autistic people than neurotypicals, and it’s often described as an autistic trait, have you considered that you’re wrong???

Me at work: sits down to type notes into the computer

Boss: do you want to sit down now or later?

Me: if I can only sit once a day, I pick later



Boss: I meant do you want to sit down and talk about making a training manual now or later

Me: 🙄😔 oh

New Blog

With the mass exodus from tumblr underway I’ve decided to make a stimblog on wordpress! 

You can find it at . (No link embedded sorry, i don’t want to risk this post disappearing.)

I’ll be posting there in the future. Probably stim gifs and maybe videos if I pay for that feature.

Anyway I thought I’d just tell you all where you can find me if I disappear!