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Do you have to BE autistic to understand ?

All our fancy dress outfits are reduced to just £1 from tomorrow. Time to get ready for the party season

I know it's been hard, really bloody hard, but I also know that you're not alone

We have a massive collection of free information sheets to download & share, here is a small introduction to our ' Adults' info sheet, click: to see full version. Many more sheets available!

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We have a massive collection of free information sheets to download & share, here is a small introduction to our ' Care Assessments' info sheet, click: to see full version. Many more sheets available!

“Truly I dreamt that beautiful mom told others my secret about life. Nicely the secret was very easy to say but harder to do. The secret is: believe in your child and believe in yourself,” Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Our team works everyday to advocate and support families throughout . Learn more about our ASD support programs by visiting .

Great training on Visual Aids led by Schools 2 Schools this week. Staff and parents found it so useful. Thank you!

Because is a spectrum, each child will have their own combination of characteristics that will give them a unique social communication & behaviour profile. Learn how ASD is diagnosed and what types of resources are available:

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Progress Update/ Screenshots

I have all the prices changed for the armchairs and couches and I have Re-categorized some chairs that I personally think are in the wrong category aswell as hiding some ugly chairs I couldnt find sets for anyways, fjust got to edit somre more things because im ocd may end up uploading early tommorow just so everything is perfect feel free to message me if you know of any competer sets that arent in here. just got to check everything and make sure it all is in working order

A happy autistic thing

I just met a fellow autistic girl today!! She had more severe case of autism than me, but she was so happy and cute!! It was kinda hard for me to communicate with her bc she was mute and im not sure how to communicate with mute people, but she was smiling and laughing so i think we did have some sort of connection! I tried to give her a hug but she was shy! I hope i meet her again someday,,

I know that a lot of people really like ASMR; I don’t. For me, it is one of the worst sensations I know of. I think this is a sensory issue that I have. So, I’m curious, do other autistic people find ASMR to be a bad sensory thing? Is this common? Is this an autism thing, or a me thing? Is this just one of the many variations in human experiences and has no real relation to anything like having blue eyes instead of brown, or preferring caramel flavouring to strawberry flavouring?

I wish I was better at being nice/supportive. Like, I love all my friends so much but I don’t know how to do compliments. So instead I just end up either A) saying something sarcastic and hope they figure out why I really mean, or B) saying nothing at all. 

Today at PHP, another patient asked me why my eyes look so unfocused all the time

And I didn’t really know how to answer, I just know that my friends say my eyes look like that when I’m off focusing on other things. I know they try to drag me out of my head a lot, but I get so focused on thinking about my special interests instead of the social situations I’m in. Or I’m so worried about fulfilling my compulsions and rutiens I do to keep myself feeling safe. I look unfocused and distant as a result of being autistic. And I don’t know how to change it. I know it makes other people uncomfortable.

blossomophelia  asked:

"y-you remind me of this cute little black kitten i saw once." she told him in a hushed tone as though someone was going to listen in on them both. her index finger pointed at his face rather impolitely but the girl was trying to make a point. "your hair and eyes -- it's just like that kitten." (and that is why luna doesn't talk to people lol) -for versus


        glassy, faded - almost dazed, but too present for that;
       those eyes indicated assess her point. ( cats are great. )

“ yeah? ”

pad’s proximity does little to affect this mood / nothing she does has brought him surprise of less tolerant hues. the girl just is. in a more distinct manner than most. distance exists only to recreate an image drawn from windows, spoons, even the odd mirror–

        a touch to windswept locks, rubbed thin ‘tween thumb & forefinger.
       ( she must have a clear memory or sentimental ties to that cat. she saw it once. )

                  “ huh. i guess so. ” 

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One of my weird asd things is getting obsessed with things and watching/listening to them over and over and over again, and people are always like ‘oh my god, same!’ but we’re talking watching the same movie every night on repeat for months and I’ve just found my new favourite movie. I watched it earlier when my train was delayed and I cried a lot and it’s v gay and I’m living my best life over here