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as - Evening Downtown Flower Shop by Ronnie Strand

*LIVE SURFBOARD AUCTION* to support K9’s For Warriors at our Pups N' Sups dog surfing event! You could be the lucky winner of a handpainted board by bidding here:

New products including silk cashmere scarves are now available in my shop in . Just click on the link below to take you to my shop.


TREASURE HUNTER 💎✏✒ He is lovingly looking at my pen..Yep dude-you were created with that. 😅 *Drawn w/ technical pencil using 2B leads and inked w/ a mix of & @unipens_adria ink pens on Bristol Board paper

The Nexus Drawing Pad combines six smaller pads into one pad such that you can flip through the smaller pads to create different drawing surfaces.

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noel & eddy sketches!!!


Some professor membrane stuff i did, i have a whole bunch more to finish, i have a fond fixation fir professor membrane, it wasn’t that bad when i was watching the show but when i watched the movie my brain was like “yes, that one right there”. Now i have a shit load of professor membrane sketches and doodles, i want to make these into shirt or pins or something idk.


💯🙏FREE Drake x Lil Wayne x Dipset x Just Blaze Melodic Vocal Type Beat #old #throwback

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The Iron Fist Anarchist is a good jokester, inventive idea/scenario/story formulator, and chef, but he starts a lot of chaos among the others. That is, he begins a lot of conflicts, misplaces things, is randomly rude or discriminatory, etc. He experiments with religions and ideologies without really committing to anything (he’s actually just desperate for any sort of group, identity, and belonging). Flamboyant and unstable, he’s an anarchist with delusions of grandeur about becoming a merchant dictator.