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Life drawing is great for total relaxation and switching off. Try it 😊

So there are now 47 oc's on mars yay! i still have 8 more to add and i have 45 spaces left. If you would like your OC to join mars let me know and i will tell you the details! ^-^

⭐AVERAGE ART MAGAZINE⭐️ Back Cover (January 2019) Average Art 30 is now available to order online (link in profile) Art by: Linda Aquaro

Think in generations. What is your favorite thing about your family? Let us know in the comments.

When it comes to choosing , bigger is usually better. your home with created by nature. Look for me at the 30th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Festival of the Arts Sat 1/19 - Sun 1/20- 10am to 5pm

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Got a name for her, say hi to Clementine!


I got an ask by @chimerasavannah and thought about how I could incorporate Grell into my mermaid au …

So I thought of him as a very ambitious reporter who somehow heard of Merwill’s existence and now wants photos. …how and if he’ll get them I won’t tell. yet. övö

I’ll definitely draw it at some point, when I’ll have time apart from uni work >D> I just wanted to design Grell’s outfit now !

Also, I didn’t draw Grell in a long time … ö_ö

Dare I say,,,, a wife.

K but this is the sister of that one king alien I mentioned earlier! Shes super sweet and was always really supportive of him, even when his other siblings werent. Of course, after the invasion and him becoming king, his family disowned him and he is no longer in contact with her or the rest of his family.

😔sad dab