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New cover art for

Artists, it’s that time of year! Join me for another fun and life enhancing @pleinairconvention ! This time we’ll be in beautiful San Francisco! Hope to see you there. . . . #…

Selling one of my favorite for 400 USD + Shipping, DM if you’re interested. All proceeds will go to my Father-in-law’s medical financial assistance who is in Intensive Care Unit fighting for his life after suffering from a cardiac arrest.

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Timelapse video of my experiement with a black and white style with ink from last may.

Zendaya for the MET Gala 2018.

Made with watercolor ink (@pebeo )

#zendaya #metgala #fashionillustration #spiderman

#ink #illustration #artist #art #drawing #dessin #artwork #timelapse #artvideo #artwork #pebeo #ink
‘I Ain't Afraid of No LYE! ’ by sweetpea73
“I ain’t afraid of no LYE!” soap making joke/pun. In rainbow colors and bubbles background. • Buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

Using lye in making soap can be intimidating!  But the best soap makers have no fear of LYE!  

Hello, Its my blog on tmblr, where im posting my artworks. I know that im is not good in this, but I still to be better. This art is not good and I see ths bt, u know…Sometimes we need a support, bt anyway.And.. Um… U know that push up auditory on tmblr is really Hard work, ya? My blog is go to die many times there cause I… Im dissapointed very fast in myself and in my works and not see the future in this way.

And, if u subscribe on ME, I must gonna thnk u so much, cause I can see that my works and blog is interesting for other ppls, yeah. So,see soon and good luck.🖤


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