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The new !!! has a gorgeous design! I hope you like my >w<

Y’all may have wondered where all my went— Well it’s riiight HEREEE! This is Quinn, my newest ! Finished his design yesterday, actually, and I started his creation the day before^^ He’s very cheery and he loves the outdoors!

Urban Sketching is a cool thing I used to do when I had more time (excuse, I know) Now, you can teleport to any street with Google Earth. I learned that trick from and her amazing pixel art environments based on RL imagery.

Tuesday. Not even the middle of the week. Let’s perk it up with an ✨Post your art and links below ✨Check out other artists ✨RT this thread and each other’s work ✨Keep it SFW, please Looking forward to seeing your art!

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Indroducing a new kind of mimic! The result of Illithids experimenting on mimics. Still working on the design and colors but so far, looking great!!

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Hospital cup art!

Pen and ink on cup!
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More than I could chew?

In the past two weeks, I’ve created a new Twitter account, opened a blog on Tumblr, and revisited Facebook to catch up with family and friends. That’s more social than I’ve been in my entire life. 

I suffer from the same ailment that many artists do–I’m an introvert. I like to work behind the scenes. My art is my outlet.

I could gladly post nothing by my work day in and day out, but I’ve been told that doing that won’t allow my followers to get to know the real me.

So, here I am. Me. I’m indecisive because I want everything to be perfect. I take things too literally, because I’m my mother’s daughter and she’s not great being on the receiving end of sarcasm, either.

That’s not to say I can’t dish out a generous serving of sarcasm.

What else do you want to know?

I’m in my early twenties. I’ve been drawing since I can remember. I had my mid-life-art crisis at 12. In the past few years, I’ve been studying other artists online and developing my own art style.

I love dogs. And cats. And rats. Well, almost any animal. Almost. I’ll save that story for another time.

I’ve been writing since I was seven, but I didn’t tell anyone–not even my mother–until I was 15 (but she knew). We’ve been working together ever since. We have several projects in the works. We bounce around from book to book as the wind blows. That way, frustration never really sets in and we don’t have time to get bored.

I illustrate scenes from our books and if you keep a sharp eye out, you might be able to identify some of our main characters when I post them.

One of the skills I’m currently working on is aging and age-regressing my characters. In order to do this, I’ve been practicing on more familiar characters from a few of my favorite cartoons/TV shows. So, expect to see some fan art, soon.

Speaking of…

I started a project that I thought would take less than 2 days. But, it’s spiraled into what I’m now looking at as a huge developmental challenge. I plan to do a short comic strip (fan art), which is not something I’ve ever done before. It’s going to test me on how far I’ve come with facial continuity, proportions, and (my least favorite) creating engaging backgrounds.

I hope this can help ease me out of my comfort zone, kind of like this post is.

I don’t know how long it will take to get the comic in full up on here (because, life) but, know that I will be working on it continuously, even as other pieces go up. The first few posts on this blog will actually be reposts from my Twitter, as I want to transition my portfolio onto this platform.

Thank you for reading this far. I hope you enjoy. - Sketch (♠ JLB)

Nessa already has enough love, so much people are now complaining about her getting whitewashed on Twitter.

I know, let’s go back to sacrificing the lamb with lewd Wooloo art again.

Problem solved

End world hunger

The antichrist never comes,

you’re welcome.

Don’t take this so damn serious it’s a joke


So I just opened a YouTube channel for all my artwork videos and tutorials. Will also include my voice dubs, song covers, and more edits! Please hit subscribe! ♥ the channel will be full of art tutorials, speedpaints, and art material reviews!

Please kindly check this 20 second video out. The pictures and media used are all my artworks and make sure to turn the sound on because I matched everything with the music ;) Video editing had always been my hobby.

I wonder who bit his tongue…

I forgot I had this manga I made of him and my oc two years ago. It has about 23 pages. Anyone want to see it?

Oh wait… I haven’t finished the R-18 part

06.11.19 Levi A.

the full body scanned sketch. The one you’ve all been waiting for (or if ever anyone’s waiting for this.)

Everytime I draw him I die like 104 times >\\Δ\\<

le wet looking Ackercrotch looks delicious aye

/follow for more Ackercrotch! Join our religion now


☕️✨#mermaid, In a coffee break🌿 As entry to today’s #pixel_dailies
Also suited #mermay, #mermay2019
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