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has a cute character and I drew him. He has a very fun design. Sorry I missed some details, Plastic. <3

When you come up with a new OC and then subsequently brainstorm a whole lot of world building. Bless those creative juices 🙏

We’re officially ONE WEEK from our first chapter! Take a sneak peek at some of the characters you’ll be meeting! 👀

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"learn to be a better person or draw 25" im glad that out of all scenarios, this is the debut of one of my most serious characters: valdus.

Just something simple for today. I wanted to draw an oc of mine. They are currently crushing on someone who is obsessed with lemons, thus the themes! ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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Star Sentinel

A cosmic being that exists inside this suit of armor. He emits gases to buff the party and debuff the enemy.