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Inspired by some awesome quotes post and gifs found on tumblr

She's a universe in her own , creating a space within,For more artworks follow me on Insta:diviine.arts,Fb:divine.arts-meraki volonte ,Tumblr: himani0809

My roommate let do some line work on a few of her old sketches If you like her style you can check her out on blog name Lwolfgaurd

A couple of expression practices from a meme on Tumblr featuring two of my OC's. ^^

Tips on coloring dark skin color by peachdeluxe on Tumblr!! (Part 1)

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Chasefox nos da la bienvenida a París con esta hermosa ilustración on tumblr

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Happy Easter aka a holiday that’s fun when you’re a kid but not as much as when you’re an adult

Hi, I’m a freelance graphic artist/illustrator trying to learn how to actually make a business out of my passion. I’m currently enroled in college, have a part-time job and am working at moving out. If anyone has any advice on tech, websites or anything that is useful for freelancing and getting out there I always appreciate advice. Thank you