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I drew Puppet Habit and Dr. Habit in a turtleneck because of this post I saw on Tumblr.

Dows anyone know the artist of this piece? The header maker on tumblr said "credit to artist" and I want more.

“Ballet in half Light” painted by Tim Tompkins from . Painted from original photo posted by Bogdanov Andrey - Russia. Photographer unknown. on tumblr portrait

| Commission Info | No NSFW, animals, mechas and machines. Robotic parts are okay. Just DM me here, on my DeviantArt/Tumblr (MelodicDaemon), or send me an email at More info in next tweet.

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She's a universe in her own , creating a space within,For more artworks follow me on Insta:diviine.arts,Fb:divine.arts-meraki volonte ,Tumblr: himani0809

My roommate let do some line work on a few of her old sketches If you like her style you can check her out on blog name Lwolfgaurd

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