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May 20, 2019


I have plans for this bee🐝

But I got sleepy and didn’t finishing.. check back tomorrow.

My apologies for being absent.

Here are a few of my paintings I have created since my last post.

Starting from top left…

1. “Cheater, Cheater”


2. “Night god”


3. “Love Struck”


4. “Farewell, my love”


5. “Ellipsis Devil”


6. “Cloud Nine”


7. “They don’t like me because I’m different”


8. “Trippple High”


9. “Dreamy Blues”

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A video of my drawing Rotterdam - 14-05-19
Graphite pencil drawing on paper (10.5 x 14.8 cm)

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Here are my Tomstar children! I originally started with Ardens, but I made more because why not? Here’s a quick summary!

Prudens the Wise- 16, Wise, Polite, Currently in possession of the wand. Her cheek marks are triangles because she is sharp, but calming.

Tenebris the Mischievous- 13, loves pranks, doesn’t mind a little chaos, would KILL if anyone touched her brother, violent at times, constantly in trouble.

Ardens the Passionate- 11, Determined, sharp, precise, looks up to Prudens, loves doing her princess duties. Has a slight rivalry with Tenebris.

Tacet the Timid- 7, sticks to Tenebris like glue, quiet, looks up to Tenebris and Prudens, has a hard time fitting in, a slight cry baby

Thank you for reading! If you want, I started over my Instagram @/_.mediocre_art.