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Boom Sleek Smart Confidence Courage Mindset I'm SPEECHLESS ... LIFE'S a journey thrill Adventurous & challenge one has to meet it Thanks 4 shinning & sharing

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I’m creative, not artistic

✨✍🏻 I was looking for inspiration while recovering from the cold that I caught this week. So, I found Hanune’s account and this is part of the initial result. Thank you! ☺️🌾 @hanune_official @hw.cp_

🔸Please, remember it: don’t copy. Don’t repost without giving credit. I’m the owner and the creator of it

Most of the people don’t care if the software developer changed three times style during the implementation process. Instead the developer cares about it and if he doesn’t now, he will soon. For these situations obervations considering the artistic expression of the subjects catch directly to the point. 

Paul Vixie in Open Sources


I have great time doing dtiys and I love Good Omens to death, so I couldn’t resist this drawing. I mean, angel Crowley??? Creating stars?? With soft smile and all those beautiful colors?! Someone, please, give me tissues and have fun watching me cry. I am just physically unable to deal with such a big amount of softness 😭❤

Original by @ellie-mars


This took at least 7 hours. Listening to Melanie Martinez albums an absurd amount of time. And It’s still not finished.

But… I’m kind of proud of this?

I think it really turned out well.

Do not repost on any website. This is my art.

Posted: 15 January 2020


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