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: Reimagining Enterprise Decision-Making With :

Good morning! staff are starting bright and early with a summit arranged by on in and settings. There is an group of regulators, , and tech here to gain a common understanding of .

"Clear appetite for adopting , , Machine Learning . value increased operational efficiency and view high costs as key barrier."

*CES 2017: Artificial Intelligence to Take Centre Stage at World's Biggest Technology Show* The world's biggest technology showcase kicks off in Las Vegas on 5 January 2017. Here's everything we know about what will be happening at CES.

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Learn to Code in Python…

Meet Pepper the robot

When looking at the future of jobs and the fast-paced development of new technology, some people predict that robots and artificial intelligence will play a large role in the professional world. Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman and Dan Roberts are joined by George Pearkes, investment macro strategist at Bespoke, to speak with Kass Dawson, Chief Marketing Officer at Softbank Robotics and Pepper the robot.