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"A.I. Policy Is Tricky. From Around the World, They Came to Hash It Out." by STEVE LOHR via NYT Intelligence, Computer Vision

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could using just a photo of a . built a , trained it on a publicly available data set of more than 17,000 photos of affected by more than 200 rare disorders

January 18, 2019 – Strategy and Tactics Visit: IBM lays out the future of : 2018’s IEDM promised to focus on AI and boy did it deliver. Most important, IBM blasted away preconceived notions of what AI is all about.

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Hey, finally I’ve made this. Here is the new content that looks more handsome (I think) than old one because of unexpectedly (but harmonically) colored pixels

Just look at it^^

Three pictures above have been made by slightly different method but still are more colorful than by old method

And the last picture have been made with using the real photo (I have already posted it). So now I can make, for example, psychedelic variants of photos, hehe (because I could use red-green palette or something like that)

I hope you will like this content type. I wonder whether to post old content type or not.. Rather yes than no, I think. Time will tell)


Vinyl sticker art from 2005 inspired in part by M.C. Escher’s ‘Drawing Hands’. 
Life into technology into art into life, etc.
After reading Ray Kurzweil’s book ‘The Age of Spiritual Machines’ in 1999 I began dreaming about little super intelligent machine people, artificial intelligence, and nano civilizations. Since then I’ve been following stories of new technological developments and creating art environments where nanopeople, robots, cyborg plants, and curious synthetic organisms live their lives.