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We love hosting at our street-level , where your party goers can spill out onto the sidewalk. info for at

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'And so the adventure begins...' We love this latest piece by Yorkshire artist Danny Abrahams. There's a large range of new paintings that have just come in this week.

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Persona 5

By: @societybrokemyheartagain


“Zion Awaits” by RoryReidArt 18x24 inches Acrylic on Canvas. CONNECT WITH ME: SITE ▶ 📷INSTAGRAM▶ 🐥TWITTER▶ 💻TWITCH ▶ by RoryReidArt

Today I just decided to clean this tumblr side and start it all over again. 🖤 Maybe some of you know me, maybe you don’t. But either way, you’re welcome.

Why did I clear all up? Because I never really used this side. I just like the style of tumblr and I used it as a simple blog to share randomly what I share on my website. Because of this, there was nothing really goin on here.

Maybe you already know that I’m a creative girl, an artist and designer. So I have more accounts on Instagram for my art community and my printshop. I also have my website, my portfolio with another blog. I share thoughts there too. So why using tumblr? This side will be more for my photographs that I make. I love taking pictrues, share them and somejust writing a few lines for it.

I love the little moments in live, their so important to appreciate. So, ift you’re still reading this text. Thank you for your time amd interest. There will follow more texts, photos and so on.

If you like my texts, my photos and you want to support, maybe you can look in my printshop on Society6 - I sell some photo prints and cards there. You can also just follow me, and leave some appreciation.

Hope to read you soon. 🖤✨









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