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Just got these new dual tip markers from Ross for $5 by Craftgear. So far I really like these!

I tried to paint a scene based off of a picture I took of the lake, obviously it needs a little work, but I'm pretty happy with it since I've never really painted before. If anybody wants to share any tips, I'm all ears!😁

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The Fagalde Collection of West African Tribal Art... RTplz Africa

New work in progress (detail) watercolour by NZ , Svetlana Orinko. Fine tips and an amazing watercolour demo with Svetlana Orinko on Colour In Your Life. Enjoy!

Tip 3 - Diagonals: diagonals lead your viewer's eye across the frame. Diagonals give image depth by suggesting perspective, they also add a dynamic look into the composition. To find out more photography tips, just click the link

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4 Body Types Tutorial

Note these are only 4 of the infinite amount of body shapes

Also, weight will change the proportions a bit, so watch out, the Square one has a little more weight so you can slim it if you have a skinny character.

Now, we’re ready to learn!

The Hourglass and Pear!


Weight is on both chest and hips, about equal and a noticeable curve at the stomach area


More weight on hips than chest, less of a curve at the stomach.

The Square and Triangle!


Like the hourglass, the chest and hips are equal in weight, however the stomach has a much less noticeable curve than the pear or hourglass.


More weight on the chest, less on the hips and most of the curve is on the chest with a less noticeable curve on the stomach.

Tip! Use the rib cage and pelvis bone as a base!Don’t make a super realistic one, you’re just gonna erase it anyways! Do a stylistic bone, like the picture below!

(Ignore Mr. Bones lol)

Note that this is not a good tool for everyone, this is a more cartoon style. Open to constructive criticism and ways to make bodies more diverse!

A few tips for GIMP 2.8

Yes, it’s an outdated version, but it’s simple while staying advanced. I saw the new versions, too many features. I dun like it.

-If you’re an artist who loves clean, smooth lines, the paths tool is your best bet. Even using the smooth stroke doesn’t have the same cleanliness.
-Don’t like the default brushes or need more variety? Photoshop brushes work for GIMP. Just download them (or make them) and put them in the “brushes” folder for GIMP. Simple.
-Always start with a big canvas (I use 1204 X 778) and crop as needed. Small canvases are harder to work with, since there’s less room to mess with your sketches and such.
-If you’re trying to blend, messing with opacity and the Hardness .25 brush are gonna be your best friends. There is no blend tool, only blur and smear (both are lousy, but blur works wonders when you’re actually blurring something.)
-Make a new layer for pretty much everything. Trust me on this one.

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Hi there! I’m a big fan of your art! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on your watermark?I really like it because it’s legible but doesn’t distract from your work. Thank you!

Hi there! Even now I’m still experimenting and figuring out what works best for me, but I made a watermark tutorial a while back that might be useful.

Super basic mini-tutorial:

Find a decent spot, write your name or paste your (legible) logo.

Lower the opacity of the signature so it’s less noticeable, but don’t lower it too much. Ideally you should still be able to read it even when zoomed out.

My watermark varies from case to case. It comes down to figuring out which of your art you think will get stolen the most (like fan art), and which type of theft would be the worst. For me, the worst would be people using my work to make and sell merchandise. For that kind of art, I’ll make my watermark bigger and more visible so it’s more difficult to erase.

With my other stuff, I’ll make it subtle enough that it’s not the first thing your eye is drawn to when you look at the picture, but big enough that if it’s been screenshotted and reposted on instagram a bunch of times and the quality is low, you can most likely still read it.

More likely to get stolen:
* Fan art, digital/full color art, chibis, standalone characters posing, comics (very popular in video compilations that often get monetized without permission from the artist), art from fandoms with younger fans, canon/popular ships (e.g. Marichat), art of a popular character, pics with smooching. 


Less likely to get stolen:
* Rough sketches, scenes from specific fanfictions, OC’s, rarepairs/less popular ships, crossovers, things that don’t make sense out of context/inside jokes, less active fandoms, side characters, villains. 


Everybody hates Rika anyway

I hope that helped :)

Just a thought

There is a common misunderstanding when asking for help getting better at art,  a lot of people say practice. Which is very true but probably not the answer most are looking for. I think, at least for me when I ask this question, what I’m looking for, is a bit of a list. I never receive the answer because of my poor choice in wording. 

What I think most are trying ask is:

-What are the best way for me to be practicing my art?

-What exercises do you think might be helpful?

-What are some things I can do to help sharpen my artistic eye?

-Are there certain ways of studying art that I should know of?

-Where do I go for good resources?

I think most people just needed form to the questions they’re looking to have answered, rather than just asking how do I get better. It’s a mistake I’ve made and been pondering upon. 

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can i ask for a tutorial on how you draw icarus' hair? I wanted to draw him but the hair is surprisingly a little challenging to get right.

Sorry for the very late response! here’s my process to dood the mophead

Hey so, can we start drawing guys like actual human people??? Idk maybe e could give them a little more,,,, what’s that word??,,,, shape?????

Bc like, most male drawings are like:

When actual guys are shaped more like:

So like, PLEASE for the love of all things good and great and humanly possible, please give men a more realistic body shape


If you follow Miss Anthology on Instagram or Twitter, you might have caught some of our #TuesdayTips! 

Miss Anthology crew member Jay uses both a highlighter and a non-photo blue pencil before inking! The highlighter is great for loose, gestural forms with small details added with the non-photo blue pencil. The ink lays nicely atop both, and doesn’t appear when you scan as a bitmap or text document! 

What’s your favorite method?

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Can you help? How do you draw hands? Yours always look so good! ; - ;

disclaimer: I have no clue what the hell I’m doing while drawing hands (or anything else in general)

Anon said: Will we see more of Bakugou’s Pokemon team? Would he have something like Scrafty (the Hoodlum Pokemon) or Primeape? They seem like reasonable picks. Will Kiri’s team be shown at some point? I wouldn’t expect the whole class but at least the two bois.

Well my friend aren’t you in luck, I have drawn the whole class with pokémon! and I’ll draw more of their teams if and when I’ll feel like it, as it is for every other thing I self-indulge with~

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No artist starts out the best! We all start out with terrible proportions, uninteresting backgrounds, bad colors, and other stuff!

What’s important is that you keep trying!

I’m not good at giving drawing advise, but here’s just so you can see where I started out

This was my first ever drawing I posted (into Instagram)

I wanted to SELL THIS

This is my first ever non abstract drawing

This is my first time drawing humans

And THIS was my first time drawing on the computer!

We all start out badly and not the best. Yes your proportions can be off, your poses stiff, your eyes to small ect, but what’s important is that you keep trying and LEARN!

No ones art starts out good, it takes practice and patients and asking for help along the way.

alrighty bois art tip

You want better expressions in your art?

Redraw scenes from western cartoons with people or animals. ie these

They may be sketches but it’s helping me out a lot in exaggeration. If your style permits it I recommend you do this then. But also remember to draw from life if you want good anatomy. K? 

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Can I have some Tips on Colouring Eyes?

I’ll be honest and say I just make it up as I go along most drawings, but I have a general way to color eyes if that kinda helps!

1. Eye! I like to color it in all the way so I can work on top of the line art!

2. Add in a base color, you want it to be kinda neutral so your shadows and highlights kinda pop up a little more. 

3. Add a new layer on top and make it a Clipping group! (Thus everything will stay on the original circle you just drew) You want to make a smaller circle where your purple will be and then color the top all the way across - slightly curved so the middle is higher then the sides. 

4. Using layer effects, turn your layer type to ‘Multiply’ to make the part you just did darker. Now add in a lighter color and make some small circles in the space you didn’t draw in before, you can add one circle in your dark zone just for fun though~! Now turn that layer to ‘Overlay’ to make it lighter. 

5. Grab a darker color then anything you’ve put down and make a little dark circle in the middle of the eye (fitting into the little half circle area you have from steps 3-4) 

6. Make a EVEN smaller circle with the color surrounding that dark circle to make a fun looking eye effect. Now on a new top layer grab a white and add in a light shine to add in some life! Plus add in a light color that kinda contrast with your base color to add even more light shine! 

And BAM you got an eye colored in a decently simple 6 step process. Since you will have 5 layers [Base][Dark on Multiply][Light on Overlay][Middle Dot][Shine]  you can use the hue saturation tool to play around with color combos until you find something you like! 

I hope that makes sense! Good luck!!

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Hi, I've wanted to make a web comic for awhile now but when I start it I lose motivation and or are disappointed in the results? What do I do about this if I may ask?

Gosh, that’s a hard question… I think motivation varies a lot from person to person, some have a really easy time staying on track while others aren’t that lucky. I can only give advice on the things that help me, this may or may not work for you but definitely try them out!

1. love the story

If you plan on making a longer story you need to be passionate about it. I can promise you 1000% that making a story based on what you think people will like or what’s popular at the time will make you want to drop the project right away. You need to love the subject, characters, and story!!

2. Look at other people

This is just a really stupid Najsigt tip, but tbh there is nothing that makes me more inspired than watching other people being passionate about their own projects. It doesn’t even have to be comics it can be weight loss journeys, indie game development, documentaries about beating addictions, seeing other people work hard towards a goal makes me want to work hard too! And it’s a great pick me up when I’m not in the mood to draw!

3. Consistency!

My plan for going home has always been to draw two pages a week. I’ve only broken this once (I had to make three pages the week after). Momentum and routine are key. Every day I get home from school I work on my comic, sometimes for hours, sometimes I just look at the script change two words and then I’m done. just don’t break the flow! it’s a thousand times harder to get back into your comic after not doing it for a while.

4. set a limit.

Don’t work yourself into the ground. Like I said motivation is a very personal thing. If you can’t manage a page a day then don’t do it. If you can’t make 6 backgrounds for every page then don’t do it. Make a page every two weeks, maybe once a month. If you need to get your story told then give yourself the tools to do it!

Yeah, that’s all I can think of right now, but here are two fantastic videos on the subject of webcomic motivation. So check them out as well! (x) (x) I hope this helps!

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Heck I’m sorry to bother you but how do you do side profiles? Your arts really good, but I’m barely figuring out the basics. Again, sorry to bother you

no bother!! well this is how i do them? it’s mostly laying out the basic shape then deleting over and over til i get it dkvndkj side profiles are hard 

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do you have any tips on drawing kids?

Well the obvious starting point is looking at photos of kids, and I also reference old Norman Rockwell drawings and vintage children’s book illustrations. Just remember that children’s eyes are further down on the head, and that all their features are kind of scrunched up close to their nose and spread out the older they get. The younger they are, the bigger their heads look, and the weaker their chins are (unless the child is especially skinny and long-necked, like I was).

But yeah just look up old “Good Housekeeping” magazine covers, ‘cause they’re filled with illustrations of moms and kids.