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Colour is the stuff of life. I love being an artist because I can paint whatever colour I need in my life ~ Carolyn Henry. Fine tips and a fascinating scratchboard lesson with Carolyn Henry on Colour In Your Life

Day Three of Mardi Gras mask making: students got to add some details and got to see their almost finished products. Tip of the hat to Ms. Tate for spearheading this amazing lesson!

Tonight! Join us for Night con at Studio in ! Thank you to for co-hosting with and to Frijolitos Mobile for sponsoring! We're getting our biz tips, embroidery and coffee on tonight! Go in !

Finally finished another page spread for an upcoming mini graphic novel series based on my narrative thesis works ! Want to see more? You can fuel me with a coffee :) Any tips/donations are always appreciated! Thank you so much! ☕

Creating an in Photoshop? Here’s a handy tip: horizontally flip the image, which helps you temporary see any mistakes and errors which you didn’t see before.

Are you crafty? Why not grab one of these fantastic DVDS/CDS with hints,tips and tutorials on how to perfect your art. Only 50p. Pop in to Reflexions, New Street, Darlaston, WS10 8DP.

A breakthrough moment for a grade 4 artist today when it came to raising the quality of his artist trading cards 🎉Thanks for the awesome quality tips on your blog 🙏 Look what spending more time on can do...(right=start, left=end)

Always happy to share our tips with you and the latest one is about using as a focal point - hop over to our blog to find out more by

Lilies and Glass Globes ~ Watercolour by multi-award winning , Lorraine Watry. Fine tips and a fabulous watercolour lesson with Lorraine Watry on Colour In Your Life!

Yeets a price sheet here because I'm a furry shitlord. Paypal only, extra characters are +$2, complex BGs are +$5, tips are appreciated. PM me for more info. I also have the right to turn down commissions.

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sheischerrybomb  asked:

Hi! Do you have tips for drawing/coloring in the arcana style?

I always have sprites of Arcana characters on the side when I draw my apprentice, so I can see how to make her looks more like Arcana style, especially those whos face features are similar to your character! For example, I have Pasha and Nasmira on the side when I draw Arles. It’s easier when you have something to refer to>:3c

About coloring you can tell that they love to use Highly Saturated Color, and I don’t know if it’s my illusion but I think they use a lot of purple?

Anyway, these conclusions were reached after studying(?) the sprites of characters, which I think is the most effective way for me to imitate Arcana art style.

I hope it helps💦 if it doesn’t, just let me know and I’ll try to explain it by drawings

constancetruggle  asked:

Hello! I've been showing my 8yr old your art. Shes talented and loves to make art, so I got her looking at different styles. She adores yours, and especially the way you draw dresses. I may have started with the Discordant Sonata art. But she really wants to know what tablet you use, and I want to know if you have one you'd recommend for such a young artist. Thanks!

Hi there! I’m so glad to hear that!! It always makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy when families can bond over the same things and share stuff like that with each other! 😍

For a young artist, I would recommend something simple and not too complicated, something without a ton of buttons or functions. Just a simple one will do. My first and second one were just basic, smaller sized ones with no buttons.

I’ve used Wacom brand tablets since I was a teenager, they’re built to last. The one I currently use is 11 years old (it’s a Wacom Intuos 4, I don’t even know if they still sell it??? 🤔)

But pretty any starting level tablet will do just fine, any brand, there’s amazing ones that are under $100 or even under $50 that would be perfect. A little while back I did a video review of a Gaomon tablet that’s just $33 and works great. (Here’s the video) 

iPads have special drawing pens you can buy, as well as apps like Procreate and Clip Studio that you can purchase; I’ve heard great things about those. Also you can draw directly on the screen, which makes it a little easier to get used to.

Getting accustomed to actually USING the tablet (like how much pressure to apply, looking away from the surface you’re drawing on, etc.) is a little bit tricky but doesn’t take too long. The main thing that most beginners struggle with is getting used to the software itself. How to change brushes, how to adjust pressure, how to move things, using layers, etc.

You might start out trying some free software like Krita, Medibang, or Autodesk Sketchbook. That way you don’t spend a ton of money on something you’re not even sure you’d like. I’d recommend watching Youtube videos for beginners once you decide on which one to use. 

Sorry this got a little long, but I hope it helps! Good luck to you and your daughter!!! :D


One of the many tricks to line-less art is that sometimes it starts off with lots of lines.

Step 1: Once you got the general idea down you want to take all your layers and flatten them. Select everything on that flattened layer and undo the flatten. You then move those old layers into a group of its own and make it invisible. Then Paste the flattened copy layer outside of the group of layers. (Shown in the 1st layers image)
The reason you want to do this is so that it makes your paint program lag less because you might end up with more layers than you want. Hidden layers don’t use up too much memory and so flattening the base flat colors is to save you from bogging down your paint program/computer.

Step 2: Start painting over. One bit at a time. I usually start with the stuff that will be under other stuff so: t-shirts, skin, so on…

Step 3: shading and lighting layers. you want more than 1 of each because you want to give those different layers different layer properties.

Step 4: Painting over again. As you can see the foreground hand changed a lot from the initial idea. I put this hand on its own paint over layer as shown in the second layers image.

((The hidden group of layers between was the first, but failed, attempt at that ball of light in her hands))

Did this up for @imaginationstudios321, but I also hope it helps other people ♥

Art Tips for Art People

Okay so I’m art school student for like one and half year from now and I learnt literally nothing from school. So I decided to help myself a little bit and find some online lessons about perspective and shit. And guess what. I found it. I found really deep lessons where teacher explains literally why you do every exercise and that’s fucking great. For one and half year I didn’t understand why I should or shouldn’t draw like I did. Also my online teacher tells me that I shouldn’t spend all drawing time just for exercises but also for drawing just for fun and I should fall for process not result. And my school teacher never told me that. I started losing interest in drawing because of that and it caused me a lot of anxiety. That’s the fucking point with doing art and they don’t learn it in art school. I’m at the beginning of lesson one and I actually learnt more than in one and half year in school.

If someone is interested in these online lessons check

i got bored so i thought i’d share some art tips ‘cause why not!!

- start with a sketch. seriously no artist i’ve ever met starts a drawing with lineart

- construction lines like boxes and circles are a godsend and the more you use them the more you’re able to make different body types that are proportional. eventually you’ll be using them less and less as you commit different body types to memory

- study some realism first because it’s a good way to build skills in lighting and proportions. this doesn’t mean you can only draw realism obviously, but having that knowledge does help for future reference

- anime is a valid style and fuck anyone who says otherwise

- originality is a myth. take ideas and inspiration from other artists, movies, whatever and build your own style from that. it’s gonna take time but it’ll come i promise

- use references if you don’t know how to draw something. as long as you don’t trace it or claim it as your own, you are totally valid if you look at other poses online for how to draw something. if it’s heavily referenced just mention + credit where you got the pose from

- don’t be afraid to ask artists for tips and tricks. personally whenever someone asks me about brushes n stuff i get super excited and am like “yes here and here and here” and i’m p sure other artists feel the same

- flip!!! your canvas!!!!! you’ll hate it at first but it really does make your drawings 1000x better i promise

- try not to shade too much with black ‘cause it looks muddy. there are some exceptions, like light diffusion and differences in lighting, but if the object is colorful or around something colorful try to shade in a darker color similar to that one

- don’t be like @staff. learn basic color theory

- watch!! tutorials!! and speedpaints!!

- color dodge is so good for glowing. seriously. those glowy effects i use? all color dodge. it highlights the saturated colors while casting the rest in shadow

- overlay is your best friend

- use multiply for shading if you’re not sure what colors to use

- use many many layers, there is nothing worse than doing something wrong and messing up the whole thing trying to fix it because you don’t have a different layer for it

- draw what you want. no rush. no pain. it’s for you. it doesn’t have to be perfect

- practice practice practice!!! drawing is a skill, anyone can learn. y’all should see my drawings three years ago. it’s all practice.

- there’s this weird culture around filling up your sketchbook with only clean drawings and stuff which is, uh. bullshit. your sketchbooks can have whatever mess you want. that’s why it’s called a sketchbook and not a masterpiece book. do whatever you want

- don’t feel discouraged if your art doesn’t get as much attention. time zones + filters + a lot of things may be a factor and it doesn’t mean you’re not good

- don’t compare yourself to other artists unless you’re looking to learn from them because everyone’s style and level is different and you won’t get anywhere if you feel bad because you think you’re “not good enough”

- “not good enough” is also bullshit btw, art is fluid and creative and the standard is whatever you want it to be

- ignore cringe culture that should be abolished immediately anyways

- you don’t owe anyone anything. you do you.

- if someone tells you you can’t draw something, that’s a perfect motivation to draw lots of that thing to spite them

- drawing is supposed to be fun. if it’s super stressful for you, it’s okay to take a break

- experiment!!! there’s so much you can do for art, don’t be afraid to try new things!!

- ily you’re valid

- keep drawing, i believe in you

some questions i have for any fellow, more experienced artists:

  • Zines
  • where/how do you find out about new/upcoming zines (either fanzines or original content zines) with open applications and whatnot?
  • usually i don’t ever hear anything about the sort of projects i’d be interested in either until the applications are already closed or until the project is entirely complete.
  • i’ve heard sometimes of zines reaching out to artists they’d like to host, but i was wondering if anyone has any tips on seeking out those sorts of projects.
  • Shops
  • what is your advice on opening a shop/selling your work?
  • i know about some sites like redbubble and society6, that some of them do all the printing/manufacturing for you but you only get small percentage of the proceed, and then i know there are some sites where you are responsible for having your own merch made.
  • in the case of the latter, how do you look into getting those products created? what’s your personal experience and recommendations?
  • Websites
  • similar to the previous bullet, what is your advice on setting up a website and/or portfolio? 
  • any advice on formatting them or the type of content to provide?

none of these are asked with any real sense of urgency, but they are all things i’ve repeatedly thought about so i wanted to ask for some advice if anyone has any!


ok cuz apparently ppl don’t know how to draw busty characters


Busty characters are often fat!!! they have chub!! and folds!!! And fat!!!

You want big boobies? Big butts? You also get big tummies!! Big thighs! Big arms! chubby cheeks!!! 

This!! This is what you often get alongside big breasts and butts!!

“B-but Konsta!! There r big boob women who r not fat!!!”

Yuh but y’all don’t know how to draw those either!!


Don’t let anime and horny comicbook artists fool you! Women do actually have ribcages and organs! (also ditch the beachballs…)

“B-b-b-b-but K-konstaaaa!!!! It’s just my artstyle!!!”

Listen doll. If I, a person with THIS

As their artstyle and I can still draw fat people correctly (or as close as possible)? Then you can too! It’s okay if you just don’t know how!

It Just Takes Practice!!


New art video up! Some helpful tips on posing your characters. This was my first time doing a voice over. So it’s not the best video ever. I’m learning as I go with all this recording and editing stuff!
Still, it should have some helpful stuff in it if you’re character drawing! Please like it, comment, share! It helps me so much!

anonymous asked:

hey! i feel kinda stuck with my drawings, and dont know what to do. i mean, they are nice but i feel like they all look the same? like dont have any feeling on it. thanks! love u (sorry bad english)

Hi Anon!!

Thanks for the great question! I know it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to my asks, but here we are. Just to let you know, I do see them come in! I just get a bit busy and want to make sure I take the time to answer each ask thoroughly. 

To vary your art, try using different base shapes. For example, if we are discussing people, maybe you use a round head shape all the time. Try using a triangular shaped face. Or for eyes, don’t do the same style, there’s so many different variations on facial features. 

If you’re drawing a landscape and they all look similar, incorporate different sized objects than normal, or try a different type of environment all together. Like instead of square buildings, go for rounder ones. Or go for a different type of tree instead of the ones you typically draw. 

You might also want to sit down and experiment with a new medium or technique. Usually use pencil? Go for charcoal! Colored pencil? Swap for some markers or pastel! Maybe you do cell shading, try cross hatching! Or try realistic rendering! 

Or try varying your color schemes from the norm, and stay away from pure white/black and instead get out there and mix different shades. 

You might also want to experiment with subjects you don’t draw usually. That’s a good way to make your art look different! So if you are into drawing people, go for a still life study or two. 

For some idea generators, I made these two: Idea Generator + Reference Boards. These could help you vary the subjects you draw.

I hope this helps you out! Best of luck in your art journey!

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Artist tip!

If you find your pencil case is getting too stuffed, buy a new one and sort through your supplies. Leave the supplies you don’t use often in the old pencil case and put your frequently used supplies in the new case to carry with you. It really helped thin out my absolute hoard and I ended up leaving behind coloured Fineliners and all my prismacolour pencils, along with several alcohol markers I don’t use.