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Art tip: Inspiration and creative energy don't just come from art. Expanding your horizons and taking multiple interests can benefit your overall design choices greatly! Challenge yourself into discovering new cultures, like this one (dogon, bandiagara) :

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Drum and dance school - here getting tips from the drum master who made the drums by hand.

New work in acrylic by , Mark Waller Fine tips, techniques and a fabulous demonstration with Mark Waller on Colour In Your Life!

“I see beauty in the simple things. There is a poetry in simplicity." Peonies ~ Oil on linen, Svetlana Orinko Fine tips and a fabulous watercolour lesson with Svetlana Orinko on Colour In Your Life

To the person(s) who spray painted these around town, THANK YOU. Adding a bright spot to the day of people you'll never see? I tip my hat to you. No, more than that. I send you a .

📌6 tips para ser mejor Artista y pintor. En Isern´s Gallery pensamos en ti, si quieres publicar tu portafolio en nuestra pagina ingresa a ➦

Running Repairs ~ Oil, John Bradley. Fine tips, techniques and a fantastic demo on how to paint nostalgic landscapes with John Bradley on Colour In Your Life!

Inspiration + motivation for empath/HSP/lightworkers who want to create digital art + graphics. Video:

A solar eclipse 🌚💖🌞 (if the quality is bad, try to see it on my tumblr: or dm me with some tips 😭)

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A nice little tip for all you artists out there who would like to enjoy a nice, sweet, cold drink on a hot summers day😊


anonymous asked:

Hi Astro! Where did you learn how to draw? Do you use any references? I'm asking because you draw expressions and emotions better than anyone I've seen. Especially the latest drawings with bayomom's picture. Ren's crying face killed me. Thank you for blessing us with your wonderful art and ideas<3

Omg? you are so sweet baby doll? Thank you so much!! I really love drawing expressions. It’s my favorite. I think “where I learned to draw?” is a difficult question to answer because I am always learning and honestly I am not where I want to be so it’s just a lot of practice hon’. I do have a huge folder of references and it keeps getting bigger every time I find new ones.

I can give you some brief examples of what I use. If you want to learn how to really get some expression practice I advice you to not be afraid to look outside of your comfort zone. Personally for me I watch a lot of drama tv shows because those give you the best expressions out of actors and animated series. here is something for example:

I also use a lot of manga panels as practice. One main one I use a lot to this day is Naruto. Kishimoto knows how to draw painful expressions. Another manga that I personally use is Tokyo ghoul.

I do however, tend to use more of actual actor faces to practice the expressions of sorrow and pain. Where as I like to use manga panels more to do more with happy expressions and fluff.

I hope this helped out a little bit! <3 Thank you again baby doll!! <3

What I will say about Intuos Art Creative Pen & Touch Tablet

Mine is cracked, just putting that out there before I even start the review. I was dumb and put all 190 pounds of pressure on it with my knee on accident and it cracked, BUT-

My old tablet has been threw hell and back. Absolute hell.

Countless amounts of dropping on carpet, countless amounts of me accidentally rolling over it or falling from my bed. 
This fucken tablet can stand everything but the weight of an adult female.

These things will last you a LONG LONG time. Much longer then a Huion or a Bamboo by a long shot

Its wonderful first tablet that I can recommend for any first time artists who are young and kinda reckless.

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So this is what two years of improvement look like. As an added bonus, that image in 2016 took me 4 hours to draw. The one in 2017 is a half body image with a full cat in it and it took me 2.

Keep practicing. You’ll git gud if you always use references.

If you’re struggling on a face don’t spend more than 10 minutes on it or just restart.

You don’t have to look up a face that matches your OC entirely, just a portrait where the lighting is good.

Draw things that are hard for you. For me, I’m notoriously shit ass at people and I’ve still got a long way to go.


anonymous asked:

hey dude!! i love u and ur art so much its so wonderful!! i was just wondering, do you have any line art tips???? your lines are so smooth and fluid i love it so much!!!! also sorry if youve already answered something like this before!!!

Oop, okay

So, what’s pretty important in having more confident looking lines is a good sketch. I typically put more detail into parts of my sketch that I know I can’t freehand as well, like faces and expressions and stuff. Then, when I go in to line it I don’t have to worry as much on how the whole should look and instead I can focus more on the line variation.

Which is really important to crisp lineart. And by line variation I don’t mean having super think lines and super thin, while you can go to that extreme i personally don’t. I typically push my lines into two categories, the bordering lines and the inner lines. I typically make the bordering lines thinker and sharper, so that it’s easier to tell where one part of the drawing ends and another begins. The bordering lines are the outsides of clothing, hair, and faces, especially the lines that border the entire piece. Inner lines on the other hand are typically thinner and more rounded. These are mostly wrinkles, since those aren’t as important at a first glance and by making them thinner it makes the lineart less muddled I guess? If that makes sense. I also add some variation in those lines, like making the bordering lines thicker around certain wrinkles or hair.

Also, I personally like to add the majority of my details through lineart instead of colors, so if you follow that in your style then detail that shit up bro. Add the little sewing details, the extra lines in the hair, lines under eyes, wrinkles, and shoelaces and such. If that’s not your style, then I’m prolly not the best person to go to for advice, ngl.

Anyways, hoped that helped

How to get a better technique

After many years of painting, drawing, et cetera, I have decided that one of the best things you can do to improve your artwork is to study the masters. Not only do you need to study them, meaning analyze what medium they are using, the style, their use of proportions, gesture, and props, but also you need to imitate them. Spend some time using their artwork as reference, trying to get that perfect brush stroke and chiaroscuro touch. 

The included image is my current WIP of a master copy. The thing I have learnt most from this image is how folds behave, as well as how to use brush strokes to define those folds and add to the gesture of the image. 

Throughout my education I have done master copies in many of my classes, and I always came away with some new information or a new approach to my technique. I seriously recommend for any beginning artists to find an artist you love, and to try to imitate them. Not always, but every once in a while, a master copy can do you a lot of good. 

talking-bout-you-not-to-you  asked:

I really look up to your art and I was thinking of posting my own but I'm kinda scared. Your art is great and I honestly love looking at it. Do you have any tips or such?

Awww, thank you so much! That’s so lovely of you to say!! 😭💖

I understand completely where you’re coming from. I still get extremely nervous every time I post up my art. It’s a scary thing, isn’t it?

If you’re asking for tips on getting over that fear, I guess I can only say one thing.

Be brave. Go for it! Post your art and share it with the world.

It’ll be hard at first, but don’t let it get you down. Especially if it doesn’t get much attention; the amount of notes you get does not indicate the quality of your art, I promise.

Good luck, and I hope to see you conquering those fears and posting your art soon!

I hope this was the answer you were looking for. I wasn’t sure if you were asking this or just for tips in general, so if I’ve answered the wrong thing let me know! You can talk to me any time, okay? I don’t bite, and my ask box is always open! Or you can send me a message if you like~

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Stay tuned…!


Some colouring tips! 

Disclaimer: This is just how I do it; some people out there prefer using darker shades of the base to colour, or they prefer using saturated colours to achieve a bright neon effect. It’s ultimately up to you!  Please don’t take it as me saying this is the only way, or the right way. Some supporters were just asking how I colour/choose colours, so I made this haha

rudasartblog  asked:

I'm curious. What art program do you use to do your art?

Oh! I currently use ibisPaint X on my Samsung Note 5 to do all my digital drawing. I’ve tried a lot of apps, but this one is my favorite by far.

It has features like clipping, the selection layer, and tons of different tools for coloring/lining that I couldn’t find in any other apps. There are adds, but only when you want to unlock an extra tool or paint brush that isn’t provided in default, as well as one small add at the top of the app. You can get rid of these by paying for the full app add free (which I did, and I’d recommend to anyone else who enjoys this app)

Here’s some screenshots to help you get an idea of what it offers:

Some things I’ve noticed while digitally editing traditional art !!

Idk, some people might find this helpful, i’ve still learning but i thought  i would share a few things with y’all.

1. contrast! i find above all else upping the contrast of your image instantly makes it look cleaner and makes it pop. Often cameras try and lighten dark areas the try and capture detail, whether it exists or not. Or, they darken light areas as not to get them blindingly bright, but that can make everything dull and dark. Correct your values! they! are! so! imporant!!!! Play around with the lights and darks of your drawing! (This doesn’t just apply to editing! while doing your art upping the  contrast adds lovely dimension and some realism. give it a whirl.)

2. saturation! This one is also very important to pay attention to. I use a ‘color deepen’ setting and turn it up. ‘Color deepen‘ and ‘Saturation’ controls both control saturation but they ARE DIFFERENT. I use color deepen tool because, it does exactly that. It deepens the saturation of the colors that are already the most saturated/darkest FIRST. Basically it takes values into account. The saturation tool will just take the color at its rawest form,  without regard to value (light and dark) and just intensify it. This can look really unatural, and obliterate your shading and depth. However, if i got the contrast right, and don’t want to mess it up with ‘color deepen‘, i play around with layer effect as well as the saturation tool. Both good tools, just for different uses.

Remember! Your eye is drawn to warm colors! put warm colors where you want the viewer to look. example, warming up the skin of the face. If your drawing is mostly cool colors, still maybe try this! or, just adding a small bit of warm, anywhere BUT your focus can invert the effect on your eye.

3. Fixing anatomical or compisition mistakes! Yes! you can do this! Finally, you can fix the other eye.  I’m going to use fixing the other eye as an example. So you’ve got your pencil drawing in your program, you invert/mirror it and realize. damn that eye fucked up. all tilted, wrong size,,, oh no!! it’s immortalized on paper now you cant fix it!!! never fear. you can. Take your lasso tool, select the eye,and a small area around it. Copy and paste that small selection onto a layer(100% opacity!) just above the original. Now, free deform, rotate, crop, resize said feature to your hearts content. usually i have to tilt and resize my left eyes, they always look off. Now, erase and blend out the edges of the small selection so it blends with the layer underneath. Do this without merging the layers please!!! i reccomend only erasing with a transparent eraser until you get it blended, instead of using a blurring brush. Blurring brushes tend to make things look plastic and weird. It could get rid of the grain of the paper or nuances in color in your drawing, being a dead giveaway that you edited there.This works for nose and lips too. pretty much anything! it’s just he blending the edges out that gets tricky, but it’s not too difficult.

4. Layer effects! I’ll make a separate post about this bc there’s sooooo many. but I recommend a few things:

Overlay- use a saturated orange-red color to add warmth and life to areas that are warm, or you want to draw attention to. Dear god is it a life saver.

Shade- use with a de-saturated blue/purple color on your shadows to help get those dark areas darker, or more saturated and less lifeless.

I also like LumiShade and Luminosity, but they are touchy and i use them less.

5. Layer Opacity! Play with your opacity! most of my effects are under 30% To blur out distracting background details my camera picked up i use layers. I take a copy of the original image, and put it on a layer above. i then erase the copy where i want the focus of the image to be, and blur the remaining picture and edges. Then i can mess with the opacity. so you’ve got a blurred frame around ur photo, of the same photo. make sense? there are definitely easier ways to do this that’s just what i do. Sometimes, i take a block of color over the whole photo, no effects, and turn down the opacity to like 2%-7% just to tie the whole image together.

I think that’s all for now……

If you’ve got any questions/comments/additions please don’t hesitate!!!


I’m trying to find the artist who did a speed-paint where she drew a veggie tale character over her selfie. I saw it on Instagram ages ago. This is the best I can do from memory but it looks something like that.

It had a really messed up shitty version of Mambo No.5. I want the title of this parody song and I can’t find it anywhere. If I can find this artist, it will give me a lead. Or you could just tell me the title. 

I just really want the song.