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秋晴れ。日差しが心地よい朝です。 紅葉が見頃になってきました。

I bet y'all forgot about this huh? (I love how I said I'd try not to do the thing 2 months later and here we are literally 3 months later)

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The left is the first Sonic head I drew in years. The right is what I could do after a week or so of on-and-off practice. I'm still a beginner, but seeing my abilities progress like this is just pure motivation for me.

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Tell me Mariaaaaaa why do I love frollo so much


So I decided to do proper commissions since my hours at work are super low rn! Since winter is coming up and I work at a family owned ice cream place, it was to be expected, but I still need money to commute to college.

Thought I’d open as the holidays are coming up, since my prices are pretty low and art is an amazingly personalized gift!

More pricing/commission info below!~

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