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one more happy birthday to my lady i miss our shenanigans together & hope u had a wonderful day 💗🌟

PlayStation:Pilot your way to anti-gravity racing prowesswith WipEout Omega Collection, including HD, HD Fury, and 2048. 40% off at PS Store:

I really enjoy it a LOT when people send me photos of my artwork in their home! It makes me feel connected to them. A Limited Edition fine art glicée print of “Blue Diamonds” now resides in California. 😊

\5日目/ ★もののめ★ 後藤 佑介 ・ 佐々きみ菜 本日も12:00〜20:00オープン。 是非、お立ち寄りください😊 【明日は最終日で18:00まで】 作家のプロフィールはこちらより ↓↓     

Artists and Artisans of Granville Island Association Meet the artists and artisans whose skill and passion create a diverse culture that makes Granville Island an exciting and unique space.

Tried spray paint art for the first time. It was so much fun!!

A beautiful evening for the 28th Annual Against Hunger Art Auction! Thank you & the Alvarado family for including me in your special night.

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I've been trying really hard with my art lately and I think it's showing 😊

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Making a friend!
Another original piece no one asked for lol
(Might be better quality if you click?)

Up Next: NOiSE

by Tsutomu Nihei, perhaps best known for BLAME! and BIOMEGA 

Susono Musubi, a young police officer investigates recent child abductions and soon runs into a cult which turns humans into grotesque creatures.

NOiSE could be considered a prequel to Nihei’s later works since it explores the origins of “the city” as well as various factions and technologies seen in BLAME! and most other works by Nihei.


Only 20 bronze castings in the edition. $3,850.0 In my element. #instagram #insta #art #homesweethome #artistsoninstagram #sculpture #nofollow #luxury #australia #animals #marineartist #marinelife #graywhale #bronzecasting #artgallery #sea #ocean #style #realestate #homedecor #malibu #losangeles #maui #sanfranciscolife #fancy #chic #designer #architecture #beautiful (at Tiburon, California)

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