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Howdy! Im doing character commissions! Fully colored and shaded. I can do backgrounds but Im bad at them and it'll probably cost more. Paypal only! pls dm me! If you're not interested, retweets are appreciated❤️ thanks for all the help!

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Un dibujin que acabo de terminar. Es una modelo referencia, para un manga que se me ocurrió trabajar.🖌😋 A drawing that I just finished. It is a reference model, for a manga that I happened to work on.🖌😥

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My new OC: Froh the Frog. He's a nice and easy going boy who likes to see the bright side of things. RTs appreciated! Show him some love! 🐸 [Btw commissions are still open! hmu if you're interested!]

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Please don’t repost artwork. Someone reposted my drawing of Billie Eilish and it already has over 600 likes and it’s getting all this attention and praise, while my original post is at 30 likes. It sucks :( (my art Instagram is @/dannasdraws )

My mind is a hell

And I’m burning up inside

I can’t stop it

The flames just won’t die

I don’t know what to do

It’s killing me

In time it’ll kill me

But no one cares

They don’t see the flames

They don’t see the burns and scars

My mind is a hell

And I’m burning alive

I’m not sure what to do

So I run to you

Two days ago I started work on this draw and after today news I decided to dedicate it to KyoAni fire victims. What happened it’s heartbreaking… KyotoAnimation has given us a lot of masterpiece and sure a lot of talented artist has lose their life in this hideous massacre.

My condolescences goes to the victims’s relatives, friends and colleagues that sure will not be the same ever again. Stand up Japan, don’t let hate win.

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"Slow Dancing" art installation utilizes slow-motion HD

Here’s an interesting one. In a wild art installation destined to debut at the Lincoln Center Festival, David Michalek will be utilizing high-definition video and slow-motion effects “to show 43 dancers moving at less than one one-hundredth of their original speed.” The dancers were captured at 1,000 frames-per-second, and thanks to the additional slow down, an average five-second clip has been stretched into shorts that run between eight and twelve minutes. The project is slated to be projected on a trio of screens in uncompressed HD in the New York State Theater through July 29th, but if you’re a good ways from the Big Apple, feel free to sneak a peek at the (less momentous) video in the read link. Read more

Top 3 Things You Missed in the It Chapter Two Trailer