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Huevember Day 10: Vampire Lady I'm too tired to come up with a name, but I kinda like it :)

Her beautiful eyes have a thousand stories to tell She is a library Of a thousand Unwritten novels

sksk haven't drawn anything bnha related in a while, heres a honey bear uraraka ochaco(wo) ALSO I've heard that instagram is removing the ability to view other peoples likes, I might make twitter my main upload point. . Tags:

Around 1860 French impressionist artist Edgar Degas, who often portrayed relatives, painted his aunt Laura de Gas, his uncle Baron Gennaro Bellelli and his young cousins Giulia and Giovanna, who all lived in Naples. The painting is now at the Musée d’Orsay.

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I dont know what posessed me to re-create The Nightmare with Crowley and Aziraphale…I dont…


what is my purpose, in this moment? I am awake. maybe it is to simply breath deeply while I have breath. or to use this words as a gentle reminder to me about what is to come. I affirm and have faith that all God has in store for me is mine. You are claimed. I think sometimes maybe just maybe God wants us to show our level of trust and commitment to what God has promised us. You do not get what is yours by being filled with doubt. That in itself is a blockage. I am open to receive. I am open to give. I am open. In these moments where something is tugging me, it is my earnest prayers for the Holy Spirit to guide my mind and my thoughts. Guide my mind and my thoughts Holy Spirit and let them meditate on only what you know they need to be meditated upon. Gracious father in this night, another night that I am of flesh and breath, thats I want to express gratitude for my husband. For the king you chose for me. Let me be a woman of God and contribute back to the kingdom by being a submissive wife to a righteous man of God who is eager to please and serve you, who has turned his back on the world and picked up his cross. Let him guide me closer to the heavens, let me cover him with love and protection. For everything that is done by your power and your will is all that is to sustain in this lifetime. Lead us in holy matrimony and shield us from evil. In the mighty name of Jesus who died for us to have life and love, AMEN

I started playing league of legends and I don’t know why it took me so long. I  haven’t played as Ahri yet, but her fan art and character design is literally beautiful. 

cr: Eva Donado on art station