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Weekly Character #8: "Lyan Janzu"

И вот ещё мне понравилось Не уверена,кто художник, поэтому тег,как всегда All copyrights belong to the artists,I',m just a fan of asian arts/posters

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Amen 🙏🏽 ❤️ We remember when you blessed this powerful art, “Homeless Jesus " , which speaks to our hearts, about mercy and compassion. Sculpture by Artist . Story via

This is what I worked on with a partner at yesterday's workshop that was held at Paint Branch UU Church in Adelphi, Maryland. – at Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church

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ass collage (:)


So I’ve made a few prints recently and I have these 3 left over. Thought I’ll do a little give away for anyone that’s interested.

the post or share one of these photos on Instagram and tag me (jrdnvcmrn) and I’ll pick one at random next week and contact you to organise sending the prints

it feels SO GOOD to finally clean up these scans that have been sitting in my computer!!!!!!!!

Anyways: I recently had a brainwave that A) the Angel Islington from Neverwhere exists and B) it and Aziraphale (and Crowley by proxy) would absolutely hate each others’ guts.