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. , rassemblant les mélomanes à chaque année, revient du 1er au 5 mai pour cette édition 2019

Great project for ! We printed their new van liveries featuring the legendary Spitfire aircraft. Catch a glimpse of our guys wrapping: . We printed and installed their new plant signage too!

La gare d’ reste la plus fréquentée de la province de , surtout en semaine, selon les derniers chiffres de la

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Participation à l'opération de la Centrale de la ce matin sur le marché d'. La campagne milite pour un salaire minimum brut de 14€ de l’heure, soit 2.300€ bruts par mois.

Door de werkzaamheden vertraging op d van naar bij , reken oop +25 minuten

Van naar bij al weer bijna een uur vertraging door de werkzaamheden.

-15% sur la totalité* de votre ticket de caisse ce samedi 6 avril au Tom&co

Reken al weer op een half uur extra reistijd voor de -> bij door de werkzaamheden.

La gare d’ ne bénéficie pas du double statut belge et luxembourgeois. Il ne sera donc pas possible d'y prendre le gratuitement pour se rendre au

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Le front commun et reçus au Conseil provincial de pour y interpeller les chefs de groupes sur l'avenir de l'institution provinciale

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Nouvelle planche de flashs dispo au shop et sur le @arel_tattooshow de ce w-e!! Plus d’info et rdv en privé 😉
#areltattooshow #arlon #tattooconvention #tatouage #ink #mariobros #dafvador #geektattoo #dafvadortattooshop #mons #belgique🇧🇪 (à Daf Vador)

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Banak Cocinas©️ #flotilla #diseño Impresión alta resolución #Arlon #3M #asíquedó

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Pit would definitely improvise tea that way, just saying :P

((also I personally see Arlon and Viridi enjoying some teatime when they’re not busy~ ✨🍵
//I was originally gonna replace Gatorade with the Drink of the Gods but idk if it’s a cold or hot drink, lol))


Viridi does have parents and they are known as Kronos and Rhea whom are both Titans.

Her father Kronos was the Titan of the Harvest while her mother Rhea was the goddess of female fertility, motherhood and generation.

Viridi didn’t grow up with them thus she doesn’t know much about them besides their name, what roles they had and the fact they were titans. 

She also personally doesn’t want to know about them either as she finds it’s pointless to know them considering she practically grew up by herself and her forces of nature.

anonymous asked:

Viridi, how come your side has all the cool people? You have a wielder of thunder, a tall lawyer who no one angers, and an justifiably angry angel.

“Because I’m just that awesome.”

“Also it helps that I actually give them the respect they deserve.”

Today, I am angry.

I met this guy today, Kuya Ced. He is friends with the guy whose friendship I cut off. He told me about Arlon’s version of the falling out between Arlon and I.

I talked with him and apparently Arlon summarized my explanation to him as mere “drama” and not a valid reason for cutting him off. Toxic uuugh. But I talked about it all night. I explained it to my friend who is also close to Arlon somewhat. I said that it was not about drama I caused. It was about a myriad of experiences wherein I suffered and he benefited. It was about me getting tired of his shit because he never changed his bad habits throughout the course of our friendship. It was about him not being there when I needed him the most. It was about me feeling used by him in a lot of experiences. It was not about one thing. It was about a lot of things mounting to the realization that who he is is not good for me. It’s not about “drama”.

Anyway he left kuya Ced at the square with no money and no phone. It’s not my problem anymore, kuya Ced seemingly just evaporated into thin air after we drank in a local karaoke bar. #ManilaEncounters

I’m just angry that Arlon couldn’t even accept that my reasons for letting him go were valid. He is shit before and he is shit now.


En ce moment, j’écoute beaucoup de chansons québécoises. J’aime beaucoup celle-ci.

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My goddaughter Charlotte playing the Star Wars theme. May the Fourth be with you! #maythe4thbewithyou #starwars #starwarsday #arlon #belgium #jeunesfilles #mdgirlineurope #latergram

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