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Parking saturé. Bonne nouvelle pour les navetteurs la met à disposition 156 nouvelles places de parking gratuites pour les abonnés durant les travaux de l' 8h Lux

Une conférence d' à le 22 novembre, une soirée organisée par le . Entrée gratuite.

RT : , , et ont été évoqués lors du du Cercle européen Pierre Werner, organisé samedi à . Des projets ont également été abordés

« Relations entre syndicalisme et politique: je t’aime, moi non plus »: une formation pour délégués organisée par la et le à

18 citoyens pourront rencontrer et discuter avec 18 détenus de la d' ce 23 novembre et se poser la question :" À quoi sert la prison ? " 8h Lux

Un sur la gestion du ça vous tente ? Rendez-vous le vendredi 16 novembre, chez nous ! Infos & inscription :

Le chantier de l' entre et pas fini avant l'hiver (Sofico) Réparations supplémentaires et conséquentes à réaliser. Fin pas avant avril 2019.

Daniel Hussin, président du Cercle européen Pierre Werner s'est entretenu avec Paperjam sur le européen dédié aux qui aura lieu le 10 novembre au du Bois d’

Une formation grand public sur la le 15 novembre à ? C'est par ici que cela se passe. Inscrivez-vous.-!

Le magasin d’ dans son nouvel espace de la rue marché au beurre ✨🏠 Reportage bientôt sur 📺🎥

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Ce soir c’était la reprise pour @tesslaconfrerie , et premier concert de @mx_turboflamingo4000 et @fhsimouze avec l’équipe. Et c’était cool !

Chantier sur : la colère des enfle et pas seulement, les habitants aux alentours de sont aussi mécontents du gros trafic/bouchons journalier dans les petits villages. A quand des P+R en Belgique ? via

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untitled interlude 001

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My goddaughter Charlotte playing the Star Wars theme. May the Fourth be with you! #maythe4thbewithyou #starwars #starwarsday #arlon #belgium #jeunesfilles #mdgirlineurope #latergram

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Character aesthetic

“I’m a pacifist but believe me, I can destroy you”

Assal Ginebra Blach Langue


Meet Assal, the protagonist of the second book, Arlon’s twin, the prettiest cupcake you’ll ever see and my favorite character.

Character aesthetic

“I know I was a selfish bitch who deserves no forgiveness, but could you forgive me sis?”

- Arlon Dánae Blach Lange.


Meet Arlon Dánae Blach Lange, my beautiful protagonist (well at least from the first book)

20 years being a narcissistic bitch, with a dead fiancé and trapped in a new world she has to face the decisions she once made. Awesome Telepath and a great fighter.

I’ve been working on her for almost a year, but I swear this time I’ll finish your book girl!


Some more Clip Studio practice sketches/doodles (I’m experimenting with different brushes/pens, lmao)

Now, at the end of Chapter 12 where Viridi mentions her “to-kill list,” I sometimes wonder what her list is like. Personally, I think it’s either very long or very redundant. x’D

Also…I’ve seen quite a few artists who do this kind of coloring style in their doodles, and I just…I dunno if I’m doing it right??? //OTL

//also sorry for shitposting, pfft- Expect another doodle but with more colors eventually, ahahaha  //slapped

melanchollyman  asked:

Character of your choosing 1-20

I’ll do Arlon!

1. Does your character have siblings or family members in their age group? Which one are they closest with?
He’s the oldest nine other siblings and two cousins! He’s closest with Glados, though; he never actually met the others until they were all adults, and by then he’d already planned to destroy them. Oops.

2. What is/was your character’s relationship with their mother like?
Lots of bitter feelings between him and mum for her ‘letting’ his dad almost kill him, but they’re still civil enough. Arlon was always closer to his maternal uncle than Caroline herself.

3. What is/was your character’s relationship with their father like?
He can barely stand to look at Cave without attempting to kill him, and blames nearly everything wrong going on in his life (which is damn near everything) on him to some extent. The feeling is mutual.

4. Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know?
Not so much ‘witnessed’ as ‘brutally torn apart by magic more powerful than his own and forced to feel guilt for every bad thing he’d done in his life’.

5. On an average day, what can be found in your character’s pockets?
Usually nothing, or a dangerous magical artifact that could kill thousands that he has some sort of curiosity about. Doesn’t tend to vary much from that.

6. Does your character have recurring themes in their dreams?
Sunlight. Positive connotations there.

7. Does your character have recurring themes in their nightmares?
Cave is a near omnipresent aspect. Seeing the old him, the one who willingly and easily slaughtered thousands for some notion of ‘getting revenge’ and nearly killed his brother, among other things, is something new after his redemption.

8. Has your character ever fired a gun? If so, what was their first target?
No. Why use a gun when anyone he would possibly want to shoot be near-immune to an ordinary bullet anyway?

9. Is your character’s current socioeconomic status different than it was when they were growing up?
He doesn’t have much use for money, but he was pretty much destitute and homeless in those years following his maiming and during the War.

10. Does your character feel more comfortable with more clothing, or with less clothing?
Usually more. Barring his usual full suit attire, lately he tends to be seen in a sweater.
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