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42 61 70 74 69 73 74 65 = "Baptiste" in hex (rest of code is nonsensical)

This pic is from 1992, while the furniture/room represents 70 yrs before that. What a delightful share. Thanks to for keeping our collective alive!

One perk of the job here is that you will sometimes find an interesting record in an unexpected place. One of our technicians came across this 1941 letter from former FBI Director J Edgar Hoover while digitizing Forest Service records this morning.

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Les ergonomes au service des Archives avec Spark Ajantâ !!! Spark Ajantâ est tourné vers l’Utilisateur tout en apportant des réponses crédibles aux problèmes techniques du marché. Une réussite de groupe avec

You’re probably tired of seeing snow…so here’s a picture from the archive with no snow in sight. These 6 kids playing baseball were residents of the children’s home that was part of the Immanuel Deaconess Institute located in Omaha.

The latest additions to the Glasgow Motorway Archive! Rare finds indeed and filled with lots of information on both projects! 😍😀

« Écharpes tendues on va chanter, Monaco est notre fierté... » RDV DIMANCHE EN PESAGE !!!

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Excited to attend symposium ! So much richness lies in hearing directly from student activists on the panels in convo on . This panel features a student, PhD student & alum (now at my alma mater )

taken for and surveys require accurate focus. Without the automatic adjuster found in modern , early used the Heyde Foto Distance Meter to measure focal distance for sharper images.

Great picture of Wokingham from the archives for although we can't help feeling the photographer might have just admitted to being vegetarian!

Amazing architectural sketches of Byzantine Art from the 's collection, presented by enthusiastic scholars

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ALSO here's showing us the Book of Saint Albans, the first(?) attributed to a woman, Julianna Berners. Copy held at

Currently archiving your films digitally? By storing your film on 35mm, it will last up to 250 years* without being susceptible to any technical faults, such as corruption or hacking. Plus it's the equivalent price of a DCP.

London Hughes brought a new style to the series 17 end of show team photos #96

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#ThrowbackThursday from the JMM Collections: Addie Faye Mayer, who lived at North Ave. and Bolton St. The photo is dated February 21, 1901. Photographer identified as Day’s 1119 Light Street Baltimore, MD. Gift of Stella Gersuk, JMM 1997.124.9

Throwback Thursday

#ThrowbackThursday at Kanawha County Public Library! Check out this vintage photo from our collection of archives. Want to browse the collection or scan a photo? See the #referencedesk for assistance! #kcplwv #TBT #history #Charleston #GarnetHighSchool #NationalRegister #historicplace #history #backintheday #vintagephoto #WestVirginia #BlackHistory

Garnet High School listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Charleston, WV

Image of the interior of a dining hall at the Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina, circa 1935. This postcard was created by The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Wow my style has seen a lot of changes… but I wanted to reupload and share some of my old favorite Lysander + Misa art from the good ol’ days! They’re low quality bc they’re from my mcl profile and i’ve since deleted all of my old art off my computer (bad move 😔)

Anyway I love them and i’m never gonna stop loving them

Clenched-Fist Salute, limited edition print of original woodcut

Artist and civil rights worker Frank Cieciorka created this piece in the late 1960s. In 1964, Cieciorka, then a college student in California, came to Mississippi to register African American voters during Freedom Summer. He served as a field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and helped form the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. Upon returning to California, he designed the clenched-fist woodcut, inspired by his work in Mississippi and from seeing the salute at a rally in San Francisco. The emblem was picked up by Students for a Democratic Society, among others, and became the symbol of Leftist activism in the 1960s and 1970s.

Mikael Lind - Contingencies

Swedish artist Mikael Lind, is well known in the ambient scene for his works for Morr Music, Time Released Sound or more recently Polar Seas Recordings. ‘Contingencies’ is his first release on Archives, after an appearance on our last compilation 'Solstice’. The pieces on the album are part of his experimentation on live improvisations with different pianos.

Written and Produced by Mikael Lind
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Noll Studio (NY)
Photography by Alexander Kopatz


Naomi Campbell for Roberto Cavalli 2007


Miss Peter by Rob van den Berg

Peter, Miss Contributor Names C.M. Bell (Firm : Washington, D.C.), photographer Created / Published [between February 1901 and December 1903]