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"Every thing that we do is centered to . It must be our ." - – at Radisson Blu Hotel - Santa Maria Ballroom

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: "university are not just merely repositories of records with enduring values, but also centers of research." – at Radisson Blu Hotel - Santa Maria Ballroom

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discuses Conway's Framework for user study (for ). She mentioned about the Archival Metrics Toolkit. – at Radisson Blu Hotel - Santa Maria Ballroom

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Paper Presenter #3: Ms. Andrea Denise Gapan () Topic: An Evaluation of the Ateneo de Manila Univ. Archives: a user study – at Radisson Blu Hotel - Santa Maria Ballroom

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Huge thanks to the amazing folks at for an fascinating tour of their spaces, collection material, and digital workflows as part of !

In LOVE with this photo: by the Japanese photographer Tamamura Kōzaburō, who made this photo somewhere around 1880 (via and their wonderful archival materials). No information on who the woman is.

Speaking of taxonomies & turtles , this 1872 work describes all known species for the 1st time.Lithographs by Edward Lear based on Sowerby’s sketches& hand-colored by Gabriel Bayfield.

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Rainstorm over the Grand Canyon, taken on this date in 2015. We drove across Arizona and got to the park just before sunset, and made it to the Mather Overlook and watched the storm cross the canyon.

Her caption...😂 📷: .photography (Instagram) / « - You’re so tiny. » « - You’re not that tall! ». | 5min’ w/ Oscar Isaac... ♥️

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This Saturday, discover the stories and history of the Los Angeles region at the 13th-annual Bazaar. 9am to 5pm in 's Doheny Library. Laughlin Park / Los Angeles Times 1915.

This Saturday, discover the stories and history of the Los Angeles region at the 13th-annual Bazaar. 9am to 5pm in 's Doheny Library. Gin Chow / Los Angeles Times 1931.

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Check out Nolas Sexy (18+) Profile HERE!!!

Undercover SS16 “The Greatest” Paperdoll Bomber. For the SS16 season Undercover revisited some of the more celebrated past seasons by designing new garments in spirit of the seasons labelled. Each piece is slapped with a label on the lining which references a past season’s name and year that Jun is paying tribute to. This Paperdoll bomber borrows the iconic reconstructed sweater pattern from FW03 as seen on the back side and arms of the bomber.

LIS 1090: Committee Meetings and the Never Ending Debates Over the Tiniest Details

It starts small but escalates quickly

And may be an ongoing argument from who knows when and about who knows what but is probably passive aggressive and, in the grand scheme of things, pointless.

Your best bet for survival is to nod, smile, and look for an opportunity to steer the conversation back to whatever the original topic of the meeting was

Quaere - Frolic & Detour: As many of you seemed to enjoy Murder Monday last week, with its content from the old UMN Law School Quaere student newspaper, we thought we’d give you more wit & creativity from 1978. This week we’ll be asking for, “Just the facts ma’am” as Madden and MacCormick work the night watch in the mean hallways of the Law School.

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“Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." 

American Archives Month 2018: What made you want to work at an archives?

By Rebecca Grandahl | Intern, Office of Public and Media Communications 

“The mystic chords of memory, stretch… from every… living heart and hearthstone across this broad land,” said Abraham Lincoln, as he delivered his first Inaugural Address from the steps of the unfinished Capitol building.. It was an early, yet powerful statement that relayed the importance of the past to the American people. For American Archives Month in October, we celebrate the work of preserving that past.

Staff and volunteers at the National Archives across the country pride themselves on helping to make history come to life through the use of archival documents and materials. Unlike a library, archives preserve and care for primary sources, providing historians and the public access to firsthand accounts, data, evidence, and more. In an archives, items are saved and preserved to show how an event occurred, keep financial records, or to remember important personal moments.

“[Archives] are what write history textbooks,” says Amber Kraft, National Archives Education Specialist. “I love working with the raw stuff.”

Before working in Washington, DC, Kraft  was based in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were originally debated. Now, she has moved to the National Archives on Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues, where the Declaration and Constitution are safely stored and sit on display in the famous Rotunda.

“It’s almost like they’re following me!” Kraft says of the two Charters of Freedom.

Read more about our staff on the Pieces of History blog

Dear Gus,

On this day nine years ago, Kaia and I were on a road trip in the Pacific Northwest. We watched the sunrise by ourselves on the beach. I was fascinated by the way the light and shadows hit that island on the right side of this photo. We walked over to it and Kaia swam in the tidepools, but I was too nervous to let her off the leash. 


Mora, Washington. 10.4.2009 - 7.49am.