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day 3 of 7 b/w pictures no people no explanation challenged by I challenge for her take on

B&W photos of . No humans, no explanations. Someone new every day. I was nominated & Today I invite all who love to contribute as they wish. Thank you.

1968: Truppen des Warschauer Paktes besetzen innerhalb weniger Stunden alle strategisch wichtigen Positionen in der (Tschechoslowakische Sozialistische Republik) und beenden damit den so genannten .

From the : Contemplating a wall of colour, takes a moment to inspect his ‘Colored paper image’ series. Made with dyed paper pulp, Kelly often metal rulers to achieve the quality of line he desired. Photo: Betty Fiske, 1976.

1858: Kronprinz Rudolf, der einzige Sohn von Kaiser Franz Joseph I. von und Kaiserin Elisabeth, kommt auf Schloss bei zur Welt.

That really creepy moment when you get lost in archival , and realize the you are reading was written on the same date as today - 73 years ago.

This week! Come help us transcribe logbooks of the USS Jeannette, which sank in the Arctic in 1881. Details here:

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NEWS: Úrsula Corberó is on the cover of the September issue of GQ Italia.

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lovely visitors in my inbox !! 

     hello hello there, thank you vv much for the lil heart !! i’m assuming this isn’t a meme? unless it is and i’m a dumbs for thinking it’s a lil something to brighten up my inbox and my day kekek either way, thank you very much for the heart aaaa 

Autistic Kaladin

we all kno Renarin is autistic but autistic Kal is Very Important to me so heres so things I noticed re-reading; 

- Difficulty forming expressions, always told he looks broody, even when he’s just neutral

- Difficulty regulating emotion- angry outbursts especially escalate very quickly

- Trouble reading social rules/cues - as seen with him trying to fit in with the Wall Guard

- Thrives on routine

- Very black and white thought process- things either are or aren’t - the pashendi aren’t bad, the fused ARE bad, ect

- trouble understanding relationships - assumes Adolin is making fun of him when he’s trying to be friendly, assumes because he likes being around Shallan/his childhood friend i forget the name of, he must like them romantically

- Doesn’t understand verbal expressions

- Much better at technical work than most men in this universe- detail oriented

I have an internship in our local town archive and the owner is pretty famous in our town and it’s so nice because sometimes he’s like “hey what design do you like more 1 or 2” and a few days later there are posters with the design I liked more all over the town. Really makes me feel important even though it’s just a design I picked idk asdfghjkl

Out there, everyone pushed, ramble-scramble, up to the breakfast table. Rock had to shout at them – yet again – to organize themselves. Months in Bridge Four, now apprentice Knights Radiant, and the lot of them still couldn’t figure out how to line up properly. They wouldn’t last a day in Azir, where queuing in an orderly way wasn’t only expected, it was practically a mark of national pride.
—  Brandon Sanderson, Oathbringer: Chapter 35 – First Into the Sky

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The first season of TMA is just the "oh worm?" meme and I can't stop thinking about it

season one is just “oh worm”…….. season two is just “trust no one, not even yourself”……… season three is just “guess I’ll die”