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From the "Kiss In The Rain"

Fascinating to think about how digital degradation (reuse, resampling) introduces value to these meme collectors. "Collecting and the age of memeing"

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Also found this on today’s desk. Brings back memories of the Mac Ed I had back in the day.

VIDEO: This is the Library of Alexandria 2.0 (A Visit to The Internet Archive, Interview with Brewster Kahle) From

Sometimes, we have too many new boxes and need to save space. Also, we got bored

185 New England States Photo Archives Updated (105 newly added) - Check out the new archives for each state!

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It’s exam time again. Good luck Jags! USA Collection, The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of South Alabama.


When alcohol and free time attack 😮lol 😂 Got sent this throwback vid of me packing up my last apartment 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 #WhereDidThisComeFrom #FunTimes #apartment #TrapLife #onepiece #privacy #filter #litty #archives #alcohol #freetime #friends #instalit

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Ao3 Invites

From a recent news post they made about Tumblr’s changes and the OTW:

Do you know someone who would like to share their works on AO3 but doesn’t have an account? No problem! We’ve given 8 invite codes to all users who have had an account for 6 months or more and have:

  • posted at least 1 work, or
  • left at least 5 comments, or
  • given at least 10 kudos

Since we’re generating a lot of invitations (over 7 million!), it might take a few days for them to arrive in your account, so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten them just yet! You can follow these instructions to access and share your invite codes with anyone who wants an account.

I have an account and should get codes eventually, and can let folks know when that happens, if interested. For the record, they DO allow posting of original works, with suchs tags, so it’s a thought.

Backup your Tumblrs (Please!)

Hey there everyone! First of all: I’m backing up every tumblr that will let me.

12/7/2018 is todays date, for referencing this later. 

For my legal protection: I NEED YOUR PERMISSION! TO DOWNLOAD YOUR BLOG FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES. I can get in a *lot* of trouble for pulling this much data *without your permission*.

With that in mind: I’ve got a google form that’s going to let me back up your data. Fill this out please? I’ve had less than 20 blogs ask for this. 


I don’t want to see our history die.


What can I back up: Everything that’s *published* on your tumblr. Drafts, asks unanswered, messages, communications between people that are behind a login screen, I can’t scrape. I’m using the tumblr python .utills scrape.

How much space do I have? ENOUGH. I’ve got 4tb now, and I’m compressing files and moving them onto it as we speak. I’ve got the capacity to do 5 blogs at a time. If you visit my paypal or ko-fi, I can get more storage for us.

It takes me eighty nine seconds to backup a blog with less than 5k posts. Seriously guys. Sides, mains, if you’ve got your content on it, I want to back it up.

If you include an email, when I have a chance, I’ll send you an archived copy of your blog. It will likely be a dropbox file, or a github file, behind a password.


this and tag your people. The more eyes on this the better.


Please. Even if it’s just in case. I need you to ask before I can download your blog.

And a side note: For *fucks* sakes my title was *not supposed to be prophetic*.

These North Carolina College for Women (now #UNCG) students had their snappy red leather class jackets to keep them warm, ca. 1931. The #FashionFriday Team especially admires the student who chose to accessorize with a beret!

Throwback Thursday

#ThrowbackThursday at Kanawha County Public Library! Check out this vintage photo from our collection of archives. Want to browse the collection or scan a photo? See the #referencedesk for assistance! #kcplwv #TBT #history #Charleston #BlossomDairy #QuarrierStreet #downtown #backintheday #vintagephoto #WestVirginia #meetmedowntown

Blossom Dairy, Quarrier Street

Reflective text on Group Presentation-Advanced Research Methods: Blog task for seminars:

Write a reflective passage on your own group’s presentation: think about questions such as, what went well; what would you improve; what did you learn from the process and the discussion; how will this assist you in your future work, including the essay for PDP3?

On Monday 3rd of December, Patty, Fern and I, had our Power Point, group presentation related to the Archives topic. 

We explored the concept of archives from different points of view such as collective and private memories and how to represent an archival project. For this presentation, we individually explored many different artists to then talk to each other about them deciding either to keep them in the presentation or just skip them if the weren’t very well connected to the rest, but the good thing is that in any case we have done a very important work for each of us studying and exploring lot of artists. 

For the final presentation we brought artists such as Zoe Leonard, Gerhard Richter, Marcelo Brodsky, Larry Sultan, Mike Mendel and Robert Bickers presented by Patty. Then Susan Sontag, Annette Kuhn and Fiona Tan presented by Fern and finally Mohini Chandra, Yoshikatsu Fujii and Mayumi Suzuki presented by me.

I chose to talk about Mohini Chandra and her work Album Pacifica because I found her way of representing photographs only from the back descriptions very unique and interesting. It almost seems like she doesn’t allow us to see the actual scenes of her private family moments. 

Then I fell in love for the Japanese culture’s family archives, such as Yoshikatsu Fujii with the photo-book Red String and Mayumi Suzuki with her photo-book The Restoration Will. 

Red String is a collection of old photographs picturing family moment of the artist. Through this photographs Yoshikatsu Fujii tells us the story of his family, precisely the divorce process which his parents had to go through. In this album I could see lot of documentation and also feelings such as nostalgia and affection but also maybe curiosity of how things went that precise way.

Moving the attention towards The Restoration Will, I really liked the way the artist made of her suffering a piece of art and experimentation. She used material ruined by the 2011 Tsunami manifested in Japan which killed her parents. The purposes of her project is to create a sort of connection with her parents and also to document the ruins and rebuilding of her home town, so this Archival project is related to both private and collective memories.

We were the first group to present that day and honestly speaking I had a sort of small panic attack while I was discussing my part of the presentation. I believe that my brain just was reacting on the passion and sacrifices that I, as all of my course-mates, have experienced and still are experiencing this year. So I am not very happy of my communication performance during the final presentation to the class. I was hoping to give a more interesting input and urge about the Japanese archives which I really find interesting also from a personal point of view, as I felt very sensitively connected to the book Red String. So this is what I personally think I could improve, I guess next time I need to prepare myself psychologically on what is talking to a multitude of people about something I really care (which is a very important point to improve for the benefits of my career as a photographer).

Towards the group I believe we made a very good job,also I feel that the people I had to work with have been very stimulant, so from a general point of view I feel very satisfied of the work we’ve done,  although some small details that we could have manage better, as the way to connect different topics to each other, for instance the connection-relation between collective and private memories, or the fact that we took care of different amount of topics, which I think is better to distribute the work equally and from the beginning as that would be the purpose of a group project. But for the rest I am pretty sure that our presentation was very specific, well constructed and I feel I learnt a lot about different kind of archives which previously I had only the general knowledge of what was an archive or an archival project. I’m also writing about archives in the Advanced Research Methods module essay, so I feel more acknowledged and prepared to make another very good work.

It’s just so interesting how easily the things we connect with and attempt to archive (so that we might return to them) are lost. We must admit how much control we attempt to exert (and not for nothing). But in the end, memory and the archive can never really belong to one person and even among the whole of humanity, thoughts are lost and never recovered. Inside of us and out in the world, memory is so much less progressive than we imagine it, more fits and starts than a building up. We may see a fire looming outside the libraries of Alexandria. What do you do? Maybe you save a few books. And when the fire is over you grieve, for it’s sad to lose a word, a life, a history. Then, begin again and transform.

Interesting thing we found out during our archiving of NSFW for blogs: (Yes we attempt to archive all NSFW blogs of tumblr)

A minority of all blogs are reblogged the majority of the time. It looks very much like a pareto distribution. I cut of the long tail of the distribution at a few hunderd blogs. Less than 7% precent of all blogs were reblogged more than 5 times. This statistic is based on in complete data. To give us more data please fill in your favorite NSFW blogs in this form: