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‼️ Clefs en mains ‼️ Budget Averti ‼️ Villa au exclusif et à l' incurvée. Villa Praga 19 est une d'exception 😍 à Sierra Cortina ☀️ sur les hauteurs de sur la Costa Blanca en . ⛳️🏖

Magnifique installation présentée à la . L’artiste voulait permettre au public (no masculin) d’admirer l’architecture intérieure des lieux de culte.

Do we back to front? Is it right to start with and end with ? We look at how spaces interconnect with each other in terms of community, culture, proximity, size and brand. We call this inside out design.

Day 18 and 19 of . Continuing with my theme highlighting The first one is Nasir Ud Din Haider Karbala in and the second one is a bonedi Bari in

The beautiful gothic staircase inside Manchester Town Hall, England [OC][683x1024]

[ ] Une sélection 100% pour admirer l'art de ces visionnaires qui donnent le beau à voir! 😍

The first impression matters the most. Just a single glance and our premium uPVC windows will definitely impress you with elegance and finesse. Visit: Contact: 8447658883

Turning our initial designs into an awardwinning Reality 4R clients.Winner of Best UK Private Residence at the 2018-19 with & Best Global at the 2018 awards with

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I put this in like 3 different tabs, all playing at different times and lets just say that I got whiplash that hit me like a fucking truck.
This is the first time I felt absolute ahhhh


Naumburg Cathedral (The Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul)

Located in the eastern part of the Thuringian Basin, the Cathedral of Naumburg, whose construction began in 1028, is an outstanding testimony to medieval art and architecture. Its Romanesque structure, flanked by two Gothic choirs, demonstrates the stylistic transition from late Romanesque to early Gothic. The west choir, dating to the first half of the 13th century, reflects changes in religious practice and the appearance of science and nature in the figurative arts. The choir and life-size sculptures of the founders of the Cathedral are masterpieces of the workshop known as the ‘Naumburg Master’.


Margrave Ekkehard II and Uta, two of the 12 donor “portraits”.


Master of Naumburg, Rood screen at Naumburg Cathedral.