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The M.Arch 2 program’s commitment to independent thinking, research, and innovation through its rigorous course of study serves as a transition for students from graduate school to professional practice. Are you interested? Find out more

Wow, what an honour! Greystone Village by with eQ Homes wins the 2018 Housing Design Award for New Community (Planned) BIG thank you to !

We can't imagine how difficult it was for tonight's 🎉 👗 🏆 judges to keep the secret (much more, choose from the talent!) Bet they are excited about celebrating tonight's awards!

Students work together to explore and prototype responses to contemporary architectural issues that are grounded in the history, theory, and professional practice of architecture.

SCI-Arc’s accredited graduate programs offer students an alternative education that prioritizes collaboration between students, faculty, and leading professionals.

We can produce highly detailed model trees, string & wire trees and model palm trees to your specifications

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Chicago Bean. Beautiful day , perfect steel curve.[oc]



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