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Attaboy, Happy birthday

Here’s the somewhat obscure character Dredmon. Not quite a mutant as he’s more of a made . But hey, it’s (it’s like I planned it or something).

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I vote really takes a page out of and kills Archie. Cause honestly I’m done with him....

Wait....I just noticed that Archie ain't a ginger no more, when did he dye his hair? – at Young And Panola

I've got a new story in Archie and Me Jumbo Comics Digest # 14, which is on sale starting today! Get it at your local comics shop!

I can’t wait for what Cheryl will do to get her place back in the family ... 🤗🤗🤗

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Finally I got today the Volume Three🤩♥️ Now I have the 3 of them♥️ I literally love this Comics😻

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1x12 and 2x22 | 1x11 and 1x13

So happy I got those! Cheryls Iconic Zara crop top and her zara choker! Cant wait to wear the choker with the topshop playsuit!


I just almost completed one of my favorite outfits of cheryl! The brooche has to arrive and I need to find shoes.

I also got two more items! I’ll post them later


Reading the first issue of Betty and Veronica of this brand new series from @archiecomics ! #archiecomics #archie #bettyandveronica #bookstagram #booklover #currentlyreading

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