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「都会のオンナになれちゃった」 ar 7月号にてUNITEDTOKYOのアイテムを特集して頂いております。 これからに季節に活躍すること間違いなしのアイテムが勢ぞろい! 是非ご覧ください!

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Strong indicators suggest that after years of slow but steady adoption the has reached a major inflection point.

Come see us at as of tomorrow at Find us at stand -01, where we'll be demonstrating how Brainstorm’s and help broadcasters enhance production value and retain larger audiences

- Zoom in on the collaboration between & BIM&CO/ in the article " & , powerful partners" in number 282 of the (in French) ! ➡️ |

El día 22 celebramos nuestro 7º aniversario en nuestro MakerLab ¿has reservado tu plaza gratuita? Conoce nuestros proyectos de tecnología inclusiva

Another shot featuring art by @lilynovaart from our trade project at @aveonewstead by and @derlindesign with the help of superstar .mh. Stay tuned, we've got more coming!💙 ⠀ ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀

Déjà et toujours au taquet, après le , innovation numérique, après avoir été sur le pont , les équipes sont déjà vers les cieux invités sur le stand du , merci à pour leur accueil & leur confiance

Last week, showcased their TunnellSkills resource at CITB offices. £3.3m of will introduce and to industry, revolutionizing learning . And allow you to pretend you're in a Japanese monster movie. Obvs.

We are now stocking the ultra BMI270 smart IMU from which offers strongly improved accelerometer offset and sensitivity performance based on Bosch's MEMS process technology ideal for , , and applications

8️⃣🚀[] recréé des espaces physiques virtuels pour permettre à son de comprendre la vraie vie v/ 💬Avec , le géant veut accélérer sur la et l' ⚡️ pour donner du sens

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本社受付に Miniを設置しました。 2.1chスピーカー搭載なので、火山を噴火させると迫力あるサウンドが楽しめます。 是非、遊んでみてください😄

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Please reader, BE SAFE. Sometimes immersive experience leads to accidents. One of my volunteer testers was near to fall down the stairs in my dorm when he was walking towards one of the final versions of the AR cave.

Really impressive how easy is to use a video (in this case a mp4) in a augmented reality experience. Just a plane and drag and drop. Check different elements on the inspector and is done.I’m pretty sure that loop the video will something higly demanded and used. Problem is the audio can’t be perceived in a volumetric way; the volume is constant not depending on how far are you from the source.

Prebaked lightmaps didn’t look really nice on AR outcomes. Even, it was impossible to remove the silver lining that the sphere had. The colours where much darker than in Unity viewer, and of course, the texture and the material performace was totally ruined. Definetely not a good idea.

GPS and poor stream data provoked floating assets displacing in the x axis. Extreme cases happened, as an example this low poly tree which even been located with a value of -3 in the y axis, it appeared around +2 y axis value. This was the preamble to say goodbye to the GPS located 3D assets methods.

Testmg the capbilities of my old Iphone SE was one of my objectives. I must say that created hyperbolic assets even bigger than buildings was funny. All this joy suddenly vanished when I realized that I spent around 4GB of my mobile phone data prepaid plan in one afternoon.

Remember readers, WiFi or the the bankrupt.


Artist Zenka arise a really optimist angle about computer mediated realitys.Maybe only of the few talks about this field by an artist on TED.

CGPeers has been and increible spring of different kind of resources about CGI. Please reader, in a humble way, I suggest you to put and x on your calendar in the 1st of each month or in the 15th, due to these are the only days that you can sign up in this great forum.

Note: just not providing link here to avoid been reported by the bots Tumblr bots.Is a easy webpage to find though. Please remember to use VPN in countries as Australia.


In April of 2019, Ar FOundatio showed some really impressive upgrades of recognition and tranking surface possibilities. Feeling this hype, is not possible to not think about the idea of interacting with the totality of surfaces that surrounds you along the day.


Exmaple of how reflection and no contrast colors can affect to the plane detection. First image is a correct plane detection, on the other image software can’t measure properly where id the floor. In this case there is another factor, the decline of the real terrain, that usually causes problems for a proper calculation.

Using the AR GPS location package, install different basic models by the campus to test the accuracy you received through the network service. Usually, users use the MapBox platform and its API, but for this, it was a great time at the time of programming, having no basic knowledge of C ++. Many thanks to Daniel Fortes, the developer of this unity package, who gave me a key to have two months free of use.


Spotted in New York!

My art has been spotted in many places in New York. If you walk around and see one of my works, don’t be shy, engage its augmented reality with @artiviveapp .

Download, point to it and bring my art to life!

After this great show at the One World Trade Center, I’m planning new engaging shows in the big apple. More news coming in the next few months!

My unique concept of Art+Music+Augmented Reality has been published and archived in the university of Urbino, home of Raffaello.

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