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During a class, the teacher will immediately see the answers from each student and will be able to grade them usung app “Our Minds AR”. During meetings or in teamwork, every students will be able ask questions and share ideas, without waiting:

¿Sabías que...? En el año 2020 más de 100 millones de consumidores harán sus compras utilizando realidad aumentada

RT : , & vous donnent RDV au avec des démos autour de l'usine connectée, du technicien augmenté et des produits connectés

An intriguing I saw at was WorkSpaces. I met them 10min before show closed, so caught their last demo. I will feature them in upcoming series ... For now, check out

Here we look at how you can leverage location-based , in-app advertisements, & into your advertising plan.

Today "Field Marshal Sir John Chapelle Education Center" inauguration at Central Zoo, which our team at Semantic Creation help built. So glad to see visitors enjoy it, especially British Ambassador to Nepal. And yes that is

If you missed out, feel free to check out the full list below. We talked about how our clients use ’s tools to make decisions daily. You should too.

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Google is testing a new feature for Google Maps which provides real-time directions from within users smartphone cameras. via

💭's new senior director of worldwide product marketing will fuel the development of the burgeoning field. 👀See how important AR is to the future of & other tech here 👇🏻 🔗

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AR Art – 2018


hội làng ngày nay đã khác xưa rất nhiều. 😎

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Bebop Beatniks at The Edge

We played a great show at The Edge on Saturday, February 16. Tyler was working so we enjoyed jamming with guest saxophonist, Chase Hoots.

On a sad note it was our last gig with our bassist, Paul Nunis. He has retired from the Beatniks. Both his academic career and his solo music career have been taking more of his time so he is dropping his side gig as our bassist.

Paul has been a joy to work with. Fantastic on the bass, very reliable, and a good communicator. Paul and I have a history, playing together and putting on shows together. I still look forward to working with him in the future.

Paul Nunis with Bebop Beatniks at the ASU Farmers Market


Limited to 8 student

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Magic Leap’s Mica is a human-like AI in augmented reality. In a Magic Leap blog post Mica states “I am so young right now, I haven’t even found my voice yet. We are at the very beginning. My future is big and flexible, brave and bold. I’ll meet you there, but remember - don’t go asking me for the directions.” ⠀
. ⠀
Keep updated with AI at Welcome.AI⠀
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“Most of us have had this experience, especially when you’re in a big city: you step off of public transit, take a peek at  Google Maps to figure out which way you’re supposed to go… and then somehow proceed to walk two blocks in the wrong direction.
Google Maps’ work-in-progress augmented reality mode wants to end that scenario, drawing arrows and signage onto your camera’s view of the real world to make extra, super sure you’re heading the right way.
The Maps team also learned that no one wants to hold their phone up very long. The whole experience has to be pretty quick, and is designed to be used in short bursts — in fact, if you hold up the camera for too long, the app will tell you to stop. The AR Maps feature is currently in alpha tasing and Google has not provided any further details on when its rolling out.

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Hey chums, This time we step a single square deeper into the Carapacians, also known as the Exiles–a whole race of beings in Homestuck’s universe, members of which are some of Homestuck’s most memorable and beloved characters.

We peek into the stories of WV, PM, Jack Noir, and their pals in the Betas session, and track the impacts each have on the narrative during Homestuck’s first half. We’ll talk about the stuff I find most interesting about them in Part 2 of this series, cause the Exiles got a lot cooler as I was actually making this video :)

Hope you look forward to it, and until then– Keep rising!

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Só mais um livro fechado, tomando poeira.

Eu tirei teu ar

E vi memórias que antes vinham acaloradas, rasgando o peito de saudade

Se acalmaram e indo embora do mesmo jeito que vieram

Suaves, quase que insignificantes.

Lembro de muitas preces para que esse momento chegasse

Mas lamentei.

Lamentei porque lembrei do que eu sempre quis levar de você

Do que eu sempre soube que pude

Mas como nunca dependeu só de mim, e você nunca foi bom em ajudar

Se foi.

Não só fisicamente, mas emocionalmente.

E agora tenho mais nomes na estante do “que pena, tinha tanto potencial”, bem ao lado do meu pai.

Conclusão engraçada, mas muito natural a Freud.