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163 Il miglior blocco per gli appunti

My Tamagotchi Forever: 3.4

The updates keep coming! To celebrate the first anniversary of the My Tamagotchi Forever application, additional functionality and a whole new game & icon has been added!

Bandai is offering cake in the kitchen with a big XP boost to thank all of their loyal players for their support over the past year! In addition, there is a new arcade game, 2048 which is a super fun puzzle. The flower spinner in the living room has new rewards which align with other daily gifts.

Did you notice the new updated app icon? It’s super cute and continues to feature the beloved Mametchi! Lastly, the update contains small UI updates across the entire game, with more coming soon!


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You should be able to enjoy what your doing in your career! You shouldn’t hate what you do the energy you put off to your co workers or team will affect your day recognize your “Light” inside you! And take off!! Let’s go!!

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When your in your element! There is nothing that can stop you! And your supposed to be happy doing what you love to do!

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