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Quixel demonstrates animated scenes that look like landscape photos

Wer blickt da noch durch? Es gibt weltweit über 1 Million zur . Doch welche sind empfehlenswert? Wir haben eine kleine Auswahl zusammengestellt.

Know thyself! Install the free 'Qabalistic Tree of Life' app! The Tree of Life to be a diagrammatic representation of the process by which Man, the Universe, and God came into being.

Limitations on legal text : 1⃣ cannot read texts like lawyers can, 2⃣ yields answers but not explanations, 3⃣ Need for manual annotation for supervised learning. ~Prof. Kevin Ashley from the University of Pittsburgh

A guardian angel 👼in the data : Bosch's cloud-based wrong-way driver alert reaches millions of users via 15 , , and apps. The smartphone alert the wrong-way driver and nearby motorists in seconds flat.

Het DCC van en slaan de handen in elkaar om meer data te delen voor de boer. De strategische samenwerking start concreet met het aansluiten van op het machtigingenregister van JoinData.

Un estudio de la revela la existencia de un complejo sistema de desarrolladores y acuerdos comerciales donde preinstaladas tienen permisos privilegiados difíciles de desinstalar por un usuario medio.

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New app: Coin Rush! #Games #free


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So… Instagram is down well not down as in not working at all you can pull up the app but some people are unable to view posts or comment or even post. Facebook is also apparently affected since Facebook is actually linked to instagram. It’s been reported and they’re doing the best they can to resolve the issue. So if any of you have an instagram or facebook and have had issues you’re not alone.