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Time is money, and freemium apps make you spend one, the other, or both.


Menciones especiales de mis apps: - WebToon: para leer comics de creadores independientes de Internet. - Authenticator: app de autenticación de dos pasos para inicios de sesión. - Oculus y Samsung VR: realidad virtual. - ISS Detector: posición real de la ISS en tiempo real. - Expedia y Hopper: checar los precios de vuelos. - WiFi Analytics: para checar las redes wifi y sus frecuentas, etc. - Glasswire: monitorear el uso de red de mis apps (sorprendente encontrar que apps usan Internet).

Y creo que ni siquiera he mencionado la mitad… Apps de compras: Amazon, eBay, Wish, Newegg, Promo Descuentos (muy buena). De comida: Uber Eats, Sin Delantal, Rappi. De consolas: Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch. Nubes: Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA. De mi reloj: Galaxy Wereable, Facer. Y un largo etc…

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Jaja que locura ,voy a tener que entrar en el Play Store a darme una vuelta a ver que cosas encuentro, confieso que estoy muy desconectada de la tecnología.

Lo dicho, hazle una limpieza al pobre celu que se lo ha ganado 👍


Las conté mejor a mano y parece que también cuenta las base. Aún así al menos 120 son instaladas por mí. Obviamente no uso todas, ya que tengo algunas sólo para situaciones especiales (clientes de SSH, visores de código, descompresores, clientes de VPN etc.). Tengo algunas que bajo para probarlas y nunca las vuelvo abrir, como apps de dietas y ejercicios. Tengo apps que las odio por existir como la del IMSS o mi seguro médico, no aportan mucho pero las llego o llego a necesitar, son absurdas.

Entre las que más uso están las de de redes sociales o blogs: FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Discord, etc. Sin las que no puedo vivir: Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Notas, LastPass, Authenticator y la app de mi banco. La más absurda: zIPS y Hub, las tengo por mi trabajo ya que para poder ver mi agenda las necesito para que escaneen por problemas de seguridad en mi cel, solamente para tener mi calendario sincronizado 🙄. Menos uso: La radio y Domino’s Mx.

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OMG ,espero no pierdas tu cel o estás perdido 🙊

Yo solo tengo puestas Tumbkr - Fb, -Tv guía - Outlook - Spotify - Instagram - Megadede - Burger King - Snapchat - AliExpress - Twiiter - You Tube - Palabras en Cruz - Photo Lab - Falout Shelter - Pilas de Palabras - Play Books y una app de mi trabajo más todo lo que lleva de serie el celu.

Soy más de ir cargada con el portátil al trabajo pero con el pendrive ya ni eso, intento no depender del cel aunque hoy en día entiendo que es muy difícil por la comodidad que aporta.

Si lo uso mucho para leer y jugar, me gustan muchos los juegos de encontrar palabras.

Pues gracias por responder ,me gusta salir de vez en cuando del temario psicológico y hablar sobre otros temas.

Está claro que me ganas en Apps, esto te sirve ahora para que hagas limpieza y ganes espacio jaja

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88. Week 3, Pt. 2

After my less than satisfactory meeting with HR, I met with the recruiters’ manager.  He is attractive, so I was a bit nervous that I would be distracted by that and not be able to be as effective in the meeting, but stumbling upon his Facebook, randomly, (shout out to all the tech reading my mind, I didn’t even search for his profile, it was just suggested to me) and seeing the pictures he still had public from college when he was chubby and less attractive, eased my nerves a bit ;).  He didn’t accept the meeting, so I almost didn’t want to go, for fear he would just leave me sitting there.  I was not prepared emotionally to be let down again.  As the time of the meeting came, my mentor encouraged me to go. My mentor’s also offered to tell my manager on my behalf.  I didn’t want him to, because I didn’t want my manager thinking I would be a problem or more work for him.  Although I did not cause this, regardless, if I am dealing with HR and if he has to add this to his plate, there’s opportunity for him to translate it as a nuisance.  I shouldn’t feel bad about speaking up for myself, but it is the reality of how people feel.


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This is one of my favorite gifs, btw.  Miss you mid-00s Kanye.

Anyway, the manager was referring to one of the women I came to him about with a nickname and I tried so hard not to roll my eyes, because I thought, “Oh here we go…,” but he ended up being really receptive and responsive to what I had to say and told me exactly what I should have heard from HR: “That’s not okay.  We don’t tolerate that here.  She does not have an influence on your conversion.  Would you like me to speak to them separately?”  I tried so hard fighting back tears and he knew it.  I have been so tired and stressed with this.  One of the men I went to him about has already been rolling his eyes and looking me off and not acknowledging me after HE was the one that wronged me.  I don’t know what he knows, but I was so exhausted from that.  This is probably not the last I will hear of all of this, but I am sure they will all have to reflect on what they did and how they made me feel, which is not right at all, and hopefully they get it right the next time.  I do not care how they feel.  I care about succeeding and making things right for me and the people who follow me.  I have also been screwed over so many times before, that I am not allowing the same thing that happened to me last time happen again to me or anyone else.  No one deserves that.

That night, I was invited to a few gatherings: a dinner and a happy hour.  I chose the happy hour since I found out about it first.  I did not want to at first because it would be with a couple and I am tired of being a third wheel.  My colleague who invited me assured me other people from her team would be there.  Before I headed out, my teammate introduced me to her boyfriend.  I thought she was single since she trashed Valentine’s Day, but it was a reminder, I should never judge…even when I’m totally sure it’s okay to.     When I showed up to happy hour, I was greeted by my colleague’s other teammate…and his girlfriend.  So, I got my wish, I wasn’t a third wheel, I was a 5th!  The guy’s girlfriend was all over me at the company party last month, telling me how beautiful I was, asking for my number so she could introduce me to her NFL friend.  She didn’t, of course.  And she looked so guilty in the chair, even despite me being as warm and friendly, trying to send a message like, “Girl, chill.  I am not tripping off that.”  Both couples were awkward af.  The girl had a whole different voice and demeanor from the party, which made me uncomfortable af.  Her boyfriend kept trying to correct us, INSISTING that Asian people made fried chicken better.  Dude, I am not going to argue with you.  I DON’T GAF.  But it reminded me like damn, she looked like she needed to be rescued.  Where was the cigarette smoking-Miami native from the night.  What is this voice she’s throwing on?  Why is she being disgustingly submissive to this awkward dude.  I left feeling a bit lonely, but also hoping that whoever I end up getting with, I hope I feel absolutely comfortable with being myself…

That night, I suckered in, swallowed with loneliness, and hopped by on Bumble to update my profile.  Everyone has been recommending I get out there: parents, best friends, even my dad’s friends, mentors, pastor.  One of my pastor’s slyly introduced me to the choir director.  I thought, “Damn, I gotta move before this is my only option!”  


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I have been so against those apps since my first Bumble date ended in me getting my ass ate by a stranger, and since my second left me kissing a dude shorter than me who I was not that attracted to, made me split the bill with him, and smelled like a cigarette.  


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I took off the pictures I thought people would like, and added the ones I wanted up there.  I added “Celibate” as the first line in my description, so that dudes would know ahead of time.  No more dating dudes too far away.  No more dating non-Christians.  No disrespect against other religions, but I am looking for someone to build a family with, and I need us to agree on where we’re going on Sunday mornings, and have the same narrative of who God is and who Jesus is to our children, if that is in our future.  I am now looking at pictures with the thought of, “Could I do life with this?”  


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The truth is, the both of us won’t change much, and true, you cannot know how a person is by their occupation and description, but I know I don’t want someone tatted up, I know I want someone making around what I am or more, I know I want someone healthy/athletic, I know I don’t want someone who is not Christian.  I appreciate bumble for the profile template they offer.  I even took advantage of the trial for added app features.  I am always so intrigued by who I attract.  There is literally everything in my matches.  I appreciate the variation and quantity.  I was starting to think I was losing it…We’ll see how this goes!  Even if I don’t go out on a date, I’m fine knowing that at least people are swiping right on me, and no, I should not use this for gratification, but I have been feeling alone and unfit for companionship.  I still have never had a boyfriend.  

I really want to date one of my work crushes.  He lives nearby, skateboards, surfs, has hair similar to mine, is from CA, is Black, is athletic, went to a good college, came from a two-parent home, is about to be a manager, loves the kind of reggae music I grew up on.  He pinged, “I hear you!,” and congratulated me on forming the Black ENG group, telling me how impressed he was.  We talked for like 5 minutes one day at work.  I am always a ball of butterflies and smiles when I get in conversation with him.  We bond on our dreams of homeownership.  I still do not know if he is with anyone.  If he does like me and wants to date me as well, I appreciate him not making a move.  If he’s too eager to make a move at work, like the other dude I had a work relationship with, he either doesn’t respect my work, his work, or both, is what I tell myself.

Truth is, I know God has the best plan for me, whether that is single or with someone, and I need to be okay with waiting it out and focusing…

In other news, I’m feeling really distant from my family.  My mother no longer calls, and when I do call her, the conversations are always short and with no passion.  These are hard times I am going through and I just don’t share them anymore with my parents.  I remember getting in an argument with my mother about Kim Kardashian.  The prejudice and racism I see and experience, my mother wants to believe does not exist.  She just tries to shut me up every time instead of hearing my side.  It just frustrates me.  My father on the other hand is so pessimistic.  I still have a hard time forgiving the both of them for the mental sexual abuse I experienced as a child.  I slept in my parents bed until I was rather old.  One day, they were trying to get me to go back to my room.  When I did not and fell asleep, I woke up to them having sex next to me.  They stopped when I went up to go to my room and I suppressed this thought for YEARS until I brought it back up when I was exploring in New York why the relationship with my parents had gotten so bad.  

My family and I had never discussed it.  I only brought it up to my father last year in an argument.  His response, “Whatever.” Maybe he didn’t read the text and was just responding, “Whatever” to the block of text that came from me.  When I went home and expressed I wanted my brother to apologize for the hurt he caused me, my dad said, “You shouldn’t ask for that.  You should just want people to change their ways and that should be enough.”  This has been his narrative for all the things he did to my mother too.  I am standing firm in my belief that this is not okay.  It’s not up to the person who did the wrong to determine how the person wronged should be brought back whole.  One does not have to settle with whatever they get and make it easy on the person for them to continue the relationship.  If it is not healed and it still bothers me, something is wrong and it is not my fault for feeling this way.  

At the beginning of the month, my dad sent me a video of a man confronting his child rapist.  Although I wasn’t raped, I thought, “Damn, this is still so heavy on my mind.  Will he ever acknowledge it?  Is it worth bringing it up?  Everyone is going through something…”  My parents have done so much for me, and I want to continue honoring them, and feel like not bringing it up is a way of doing that, but there are real wounds there that are opened.  I do not know what other trauma this will lead to, but someone will have to receive that energy at some point.  I just hope it is not on anyone new I let into my life or need to be 100 for, like my future child or partner.